Westboro Mitsubishi

Westboro, MA

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I drove to Westborough Mitsubishi to purchase a Chryselr 300 Touring they had listed on the internet. I test drove the car, which was a 2007 Black 300, filled out the application paperwork, got pre-approved, and was set, so I thought. It took my wife and I a couple of days to decide on buying this car, due to our credit being poor, and the interest rate so high. In the end, after several trips out there, which is a long way from Lexington, where I live, I called them from work, and told them I was coming down to sign the paperwork, and would be there in an hour. I arrived at the dealership, and my salesperson, Sue, informs me that she is very sorry, but there was a mix-up with VINs, and that the car I had been approved on was a base model 300, that was a year older, more miles, less features, a different color, and was never even on the lot when I test drove the Black one. They had in fact brought the inferior (bait and switch) car over to their dealership from one of their other dealerships in the hour it took me to get there.

I complained, and told them that this was wrong. I mean everyone in there knew which car I had test driven, the sales manager, the finance manager, the salesgirl, even the lot boy who had pulled it around. The salesgirl saw I was getting agitated, and went and got the sales manager. This little cocky twerp comes walking up to me with this scowl on his face and said, "look, this isn't the car you were approved on. There's nothing we can do about it. Do you want the car or not?" I guess this guy was supposed to be the muscle. Anyway, I said "you're going to look me square in the eye and stick with the story that you guys went through the entire finance process, using the wrong car as a basis? I don't buy it". He stood his ground, and told me that I can probably buy the black car, but it would cost me $3,000 more than the quoted price, and drive my payment up almost $100 a month!

I noticed that the price he is trying to charge me for the Clack 300 is $17,999. The internet listed the car at $16,999. When I asked him why he was charging me a base price of $1,000 more than was listed online, he replied "well, we have a $1,000 dealer acquisition fee. I have to absorb somewhere". So not only did they do a bait and switch, but they also conducted false advertising. I believe that the reason they thought they could get away with all of this, is because my credit was poor, and they thought because I had few other options, I would jump at it. It was terrible, horrible, and predatory!

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Westboro Mitsubishi
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