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Found a vehicle I wanted to purchase through an advertisement on craigslist. Got to the dealership and was greeted by Lucas who told me the vehicle I wanted had been sold but that he had other vehicles in my price range. I told him straight out that I only wanted to spend around $1500 for a vehicle. I wound up purchasing a 2000 Dodge Caravan from Lucas on 02/03/10. I had to give him $500 to "hold" the vehicle and he said I needed to pay another $800 to pick it up, cash only, of course, and that he would finance the rest of the money with weekly payments from me. I returned on 02/04 with another $800 in cash to pick up the vehicle. He had me sign paperwork on the car stating that I was financing $1535 but out of that there was a $95 documentation fee and a $295 fee if I paid the vehicle and he didn't have to repossess it then I would not have to pay the ast $295 on the vehicle.

I made regular payments until March then left a message with "Chris" in the office asking what my balance was because I wanted to pay the rest off. Assuming it was only another $330, figured I would pay it in one lump sum and get my title. Chris said that he did not have that information in front of him but that someone would call me back. In the meantime I have had multiple issues with the vehicle that they promised to fix and never did, one being the driver's side window does not roll down. I even bought the part myself but they never had time to fix it, brake fluid leaking issues, power steering leaking issues, and transmission issues. They did look at the transmission but claim that I must have been imagining it not kicking into gear because they couldn't find anything wrong with it.

In the meantime, after not receiving a call back from them on my balance, I drove down there, the business has since been closed. Nobody answers the telephone numbers given to me so I have no way to track these people down and get my title nor make payment on my last $330. Well, about a week ago, I get a call from a "Clyde" saying that Priced Rite has been shut down and he took over "the books" and that I owe another $1735 that I need to make payment on or "the next sounds you are going to hear are the chains clanging together as they repo the car".

Not sure what to do at this point. He threatens that if he doesn't receive payment he will repo the vehicle. I disagree with the amount of money owed. I asked if I could come down and speak with him but he does not have an address to go to. Says I should just mail my payment to the Temple Street address of Priced Rite and the payment will be forwarded to him. Sent out a payment last week, and it came back. Not sure at this point what I am supposed to do.

On 1/26/10, I purchased a car at Priced Right Auto in Whitman, MA. The following day, I had the proper paperwork done to pick it up, plates, registration and insurance. I live in the North Shore about 1 hour away from the dealership. On 1/28, my son, 17, picked up the car. Not even 1 hour later, the car started shaking and broke down on third lane. We had to have somebody help move it to breakdown lane and then had it towed up to my place. Needless to say, my son was extremely shaken by this experience. I tried to get in touch with Lucas and explained what happened. He told me he was going to make arrangements to have it towed down to Whitman and fix it. I never heard from him again.

I tried to contact him by phone, but no answer and no chance to leave a message being mailbox always full. I had the car towed to my mechanic to figure out what happened and paid for diagnostics. The car broke down because the fuel gauge was erroneously reading full, service engine light was on, and front coil springs broken. I have made several attempts to contact the dealer because the car was a hazard driven like that and would fail the state inspection. Somehow Lucas was only occasionally communicating with my son via text messaging. My son repeatedly asked him to communicate with me. I found this very inappropriate to speak to a minor about this issue. The dealer told him to return the car and he would fix it. The car was towed back at my expense on 2/2 because it could not be driven with broken springs, it was too dangerous.

I tried every day to check on the status of the repair, but absolutely never was able to talk to anybody. My son texted him the list of repairs. It took the dealer 9 days to let my son know that the car was fixed and that he was going to have somebody deliver it to us the next day on 2/11. We waited all day. Lucas kept saying it was on its way. It never arrived. I went down the next day on 2/12. He did not want to release the car to me until I paid $200 out of the $500 he claimed cost him. He assured me he changed the fuel pump, fixed the fuel gauge, and replaced the coil springs.

I agreed on paying only the $100 deductible that's in the contract because I never authorized him to do any work at all. No estimate was ever discussed. I explained to him that we didn't even communicate once. Why would he go ahead and do a job that I didn't approve of? He told me he put a mechanic's lien on the car and would not release it to me and would charge me a storage fee. Police was called to explain me that I could not take the car. By the time the officer arrived, he took my $100 and told me to take the car.

Guess what? As I am driving on 93N again, the car ran out of gas. The fuel gauge was indicating full when I picked up the car. The gauge was clearly still defective. I am 6 months pregnant and found myself stranded at 9 pm in a heavy traffic I93. Again, I had it towed up north. The next day, my mechanic confirmed to me that no work has been done at all. The dealer had me drive a dangerous car and asked me for money for a job that he never did. The car obviously failed the inspection for safety reasons. I tried to contact the dealer to inform him the results of the inspection, but got no answer. It was a horrible experience.

I purchased a vehicle from said company on December 12, they were supposed to fix a few things and said the car should be ready on the 14/15th. I tried to contact them on the 14th and the phone went right to voicemail. The mailbox was full so I was unable to leave a message. I had no way of getting there, so I kept trying to call. Getting nervous, as I kept seeing my car reposted on Craigslist. I tried to put a stop payment on my check.

I sent the dealership a letter saying I wanted to cancel the contract (which had many errors), and I sent back the title with my information crossed out. Needless to say, they cashed the check before I put the stop payment on it. I was finally able to get to the dealership on 12/23, and was told that the salesman was out for the day, and he would not be back until 12/28. I went back to the dealership on 12/30, and told them I wanted my money back. They said they would not do that and told me to take them to court. After I left, they called me and said I needed to remove the vehicle off of their lot, or they would start charging me storage fees. So, I went and got the vehicle.

They also made me fill out a new contract (because they knew there were errors on the original), but they left the date as 12/11 (which was wrong, it was purchased on 12/12). They told me they would contact me when they had the title. After many calls, they finally came up with the title on 1/6/10. I registered and insured the car, and took it to a garage to have it checked out. They gave me a list of things wrong with the car, and I was told it would not pass inspection until they were fixed.

I brought the car back to them on 1/13, and they told me to go get a rejection sticker and bring it back to them and they would fix it. I got the rejection sticker, and brought the car back to them. They assured me they would take care of the necessary repairs. After a week, I called them to see what the status was and the General Manager, Clyde, screamed at me that I needed to get the car off of his lot, that they were not going to repair it. When I asked why, he stated that he was not obligated to.

He said because I did not get it registered and inspected within 7 days, that he didn't have to do anything. When I told him I couldn't do anything without the title, he said that wasn't his fault. So, now it’s going on almost 2 months since I purchased the car, and I can't drive it. Please stop this business from burning other customers! I am now looking into taking them to small claims court. I would be interested to know if other people have been burnt by them.

On Dec. 17, 2009, I went to Priced Right Auto and test drove a 2000 Lincoln LS. There was a noise in the front. I came back and told the salesperson (Chris). He said he would have it looked at and take care of everything and it would be ready the next day for me to pick it up. I came up on Dec.18, 2009 to pick up the car and registered and insured it. I came back to the dealership and brought a tech on a ride in the car with me because I still heard the noise in the front. Chris said that I could bring it in on Monday at 10:00 am and it would be fixed.

I brought the car home, went to Boston the next day and had the car inspected. Later that night, I went to the store. The heat didn't work. I called Chris; he said they would take care of that too on Monday. I went to AutoZone to see if it needed antifreeze. On the way home, it started getting hot. It went to 3/4 on the thermostat. I shut the car off; it started smoking. I called Chris and he said he would have a tow truck come and get it and fix everything on Monday at 9:25 am. The tow truck came and got it. They had it until Thursday. Chris said at 3:30 pm that the car was done. I went and got it at 4:30 pm; the front still wasn't fixed.

I went to Boston; on the way home, the heat wasn't working. I called Chris and didn't get through until Dec. 26, 2009. He said to bring the car in on Monday, Dec. 27, and he would have everything fixed and give me a loaner car while they were fixing mine. I left my house and the car started running hot. I stopped, parked, called Chris at 10:00 am and he said he would have a tow truck pick it up and get me a loaner car. They didn't have the tow truck come and get it until 9:30 pm. I spoke to the owner's cousin, Lukis, and he said that I couldn't have a loaner car and he would have everything taken care of and if they couldn't fix it, I could have my money back. I have been calling since Dec. 28, 2009 and nobody has answered my calls or called me back to tell me the status on the car.

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