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I'm not forgetting the company's other good traits and good services before (buying four cars for the last 20 yrs.), but it just forced me to write this review and hoping they won't make their customer service to get worst but instead get better. My unpleasant experience was that, although they offer complimentary drop off and pick up, they did not call me back and made a pick up after several calls and voice messages to different departments. It took another day to pick up my car. For a RAV4 recall fix that took 5 hours to do.

I bought a 2009 Toyota Camry 5 mo. ago. I've had 2 issues - a rattle noise and now an oil leak. Toyota manager refused to fix. First problem was within warranty. They said it wasn't covered. The oil leak I just noticed it July 14, 2016. The manager was not even willing to help. He said if I have more money to put down I can get a newer car and trade the 2009. I had put down 1500, when I bought the 2009. Longo Toyota's customer service is horrible. They don't care about the consumer just the $. I do not recommend them to anyone!

I bought a Toyota Camry hybrid in 2008, new, from Longo Toyota. At 70,000 miles all four struts started leaking to a degree that they had to be replaced. All FOUR at the SAME TIME! This does not make sense. If there is a rare mechanical problem, probabilistically you'd expect one, at most, such mechanical device to break. The fact that all four broke at the same time is very fishy to me. I had them replaced at a $2,000 charge to myself. After 65,000 more miles, when the car had 135,000 miles on it, all FOUR struts began leaking again, to a degree they needed replacement, and again, all four broke at the same time!!

After complaining bitterly Longo claimed that the struts are covered under a lifetime warranty and changed all four, again, though this time at no charge to me. However, four months later, with supposedly new struts, the front two struts again, began leaking and needed to be changed. Longo is doing this, at their cost, but clearly this makes no sense. Something is not right here and I've lost confidence that LONGO is honest with me in their repairs. How could it be that two new front struts broke again, in just four months? I should add that I religiously bring my car in to service every 5,000 miles and am a very gentle driving doing almost only freeway driving.

Now, at 140,000 miles, all of a sudden my electronic door lock system stopped working. I brought it in to Longo Toyota and they claim that three of my door lock actuators are broken and need to be changed, for a cost of roughly $550 per actuator. Actuators are mechanical devices. How could it be that three would break at the same time? And why would they break at all. Such devices should work fine for the lifetime of the car. Longo is willing to guarantee the new actuators for only one year. Really? Is that how much confidence they have in Toyota parts and their labor? I really feel I'm being scammed here by a combination of Longo and bad engineering by Toyota. A really great disappointment. Is anyone else having similar issue?

I would like to thank all the individuals who have taken the time to write their personal experiences when dealing with Longo Toyota. I visited Longo Toyota about 20 years ago to purchase an automobile and was told by a sales rep that if I didn't purchase the vehicle at the sticker price then someone else would. No sweat off their backs. Well, needless to say, I've never been back to Longo. I've purchased many new automobiles from other dealerships but I refuse to go back to Longo. Reading the reviews only confirms my dislike for dealerships that pride themselves on "POOR" customer service. To be fair, I've also had a horrible experience at the West Covina Toyota dealership and haven't been back.

What these dealerships forget is that not only do they lose the customer they wronged but they also lose all the potential customers they could have had otherwise. I know that I've told over 75 people, including all my coworkers about my horrible experiences at Longo and West Covina Toyota. Unfortunate, these type of jobs (Car sale man) spawns a culture of dishonesty and shameful behavior. I used to think that it was a lack of formal education that created such honesty but it's actually a character flaw. These people are inherently flawed and have no problem ripping people off. Sad, that you have to make a living being dishonest each and every day of your miserable life. Thank God for the Internet!!! Having access to these reviews is a game changer. Well, just wanted to say "THANK YOU' to all who take the time to "WARN" others.

It was on June 3, 2015 when I purchased the 2008 Lexus RX400h with 90 days up to 3,000 miles warranty. The car look really good and it was presented with no problems and the sales dept. confirmed that the car inspection report was completed. However, after 2-3 weeks the air-conditioning stopped working. I called service and told them about it. They asked me to take the car in for checking. They confirmed that there was a problem but they told me that there was no leak or anything. I don't remember exactly what they did but it was fixed so I'm happy for that.

After another week or so the service maintenance alert turned on. I called service again and they fixed the problem. Then weekend of Aug 7, 2015, we drove the car to Vegas and the car was shaking a bit breaking downhill between 40-50 miles on a moving traffic on 15 freeway. And the weekend of Aug. 7, we drove the car to Vegas and the car was shaking when braking downhill on 15 fwy. I called Alexandra ** that following week to report the issue. She asked again to take the car in for checking. She indicated that this could be the brake system, that the car needs to be diagnose and I will be charge for that.

I said why am I responsible if I bought the car less than 3,000 miles and less than 3 months ago. She told me that wear and tear of the brakes is not normally covered under the warranty. I go, “that's not fair coz' Longo Lexus should make sure that the used car is in good running condition.” Anyway, I made an appointment for service that Saturday at 10am but I was called like around 10:40am and I went to see Alexandra **. I told her that the brake system is covered 100% parts and labor. I have to show the written warranty letter to her.

I don't understand why she didn't review the file before making a comment that brake system is not covered and she said she won't be able to waive the diagnose fee and that I will be charge for it. She doesn't seem to be knowledgeable of what she's doing. So we left the car at the shop but at the end of the day they were not able to check it as they were so busy.

Alex gave me a loaner car that same day. That following Monday she text me saying they check my car and test drive it and it wasn't shaking. And I didn't believed it so she suggested to ride along with the guy that test drive the car. I said I would like to do that so she set another appointment that following Saturday at 10am. So I have to drop off the loaner car and pick up my car. She asked me to sign the service report docs and as I read it did not indicate that they perform brake check in my car and I asked her why.

That made me upset. She called service and confirm they check the brakes. Why would she confirm with me that brake was inspected and not write it up on the report docs that she wants me to sign. That's not right. Anyways, I was introduced to the foreman Albert ** finally at 10:40 am to test drive the car. That was 40 mins wait. He confirmed that the car was indeed shaking even in the flat road. I felt that myself too. They end up fixing the brake rotors! I appreciate Albert ** for his assistance. It is very much appreciated. Great job Albert!!! I want Longo Lexus customer service to call me in this regard. Thank you!

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On 02/13/2015 at approximately 14:00 PST, I contacted Longo Toyota and spoke to a sales representative by the name of **. I saw an advertisement on their website and advised them the particular stock number for the eligible advertised price. She confirmed that the vehicle was available and scheduled for me to come to the car dealer at 16:00 the same day. She said to fill out the credit financing online which I need under pretense that the car was available for lease. In addition, I told her I would only fill it out if the car was available and she placed me on hold and confirmed that it was.

I went ahead and submitted the application and came down to the dealer. Once arrived, she was not available and the internet sales manager by the name of ** then assisted us. After 45 minutes, Mr. ** finally explained that the car was never available as it was previously sold but the system was not flagged as "sold." Mr. ** then tried to sell us a more expensive vehicle which is a classic of bait and switch. I requested the dealer to remove the credit inquiry, which they pull through Experian, as I only applied under the pretense that the vehicle was available when in fact it never was. Please remove the credit inquiry as this was a blatant lie and false advertisement.

On 3/13/10 at around 7:30 am, I sent to Longo Toyata Lexus service to do the recall service and oil change and brake check, etc. By 4:00pm, I got back to get my car. I paid for the service, but when I went to take over the car from the driver, I found it was not washed as they promised. So I requested it to be washed. In less than 5 minutes, it was returned back to me saying it had been washed now, which I can see clearly not a good wash. I took over the car and drove home.

On my way home, I found the old sticker for the change of oil thing is still on the front window, so I immediately called the service consultant (at around 4:45pm), explaining to her my doubt of the service done. She promised to do the follow up. Then I found out that the oil change service is not done. I called around 5:30pm again to the service consultant, leaving her a message informing her of my concern and ask her to call me back ASAP.

I called the service consultant again on Monday around 7:30am. The service consultant informed me that the technician won't be in after 8:00am. By about 9:30am, the service consultant called me, and informed me that none of the service was done to my car, not even the recall service, the oil change, brake check etc. I paid for the service which was never done.

With all this happening with Toyota, I find it disheartening that we were so eagerly sold a Toyota Tundra (2010) which is one of the recalled cars and not told of any problems that are going on with the vehicles. At this point we are now an owner, and feel that our vehicle is unsafe and worry about the safety of the vehicle. We have not been notified of how they will handle any recall situation and feel we are stuck with a car that loses its value and is no longer trustworthy. We cant give it back and unable to sell as no one now wants a Toyota. If this was a problem that was known, it should have been put out there and inform customers. I am so very disappointed in Toyota. I have two sons and are frightened to use the Toyota and take our other vehicle whenever we can. Why did we buy the truck?

On 06/14/2006, I went into Longo Toyota to purchase a new car for $16,000. I paid with cash. I have taken my cars always for general checkups. On May 5 of 2006, I took my car in when it was at 41,167 miles to complain that I had been having trouble with my passenger front door lock. At this point, I filed a complaint to Toyota and they requested proof that it was under warranty which I provided to them. At the time, they suggested I pay everything upfront and that they were not able to guarantee payment. I did not have money to pay over $1000 for repairs which should have been taken care of since it was under warranty.

Since then, I have been trying to get Toyota to help me. I was not able to pay for the repairs up front so I did not get the car fixed. Since then, my other door went bad, the radio went bad and everything electrical went bad. I tried to walk in another Toyota dealer being that where I purchased the car did not help me. I walked into Sierra Toyota and spoke to the service manager, **. He mentioned to try to file another claim and that he would help me. I filed another claim and got the same response. So this time being that the car was broken down, I had to pay for all the fixings. The total came out to over $1200 in which I had to use my credit card because I was laid off from work and have no money.

Toyota still refuses to help me even though they know they sold me a defective vehicle. Once they reviewed my documents, they only offered to pay half. This was done on 06/17/09 and I still have not received any reimbursement even after the dealer told them they sold me a defective car. Please help me. I feel I have been taken advantage of. It is not fair to pay so much money for a car and they sold me a defective car. I reported this incident to the Better Business Bureau but did not receive a response.

feb 21, 09 - my car (2005 Scion xA)died on freeway, towed to Longo Toyota. feb 23, 09 - they called, suggesting replace fuel tube and hose (my friends suggested me to file a complain at that moment, coz fuel tube and hose rarely need to be replaced. the car malfunction was obviously caused by manufacture defects). Michelle said it'll be done on the next day. at 6pm, she called and said parts back order, repair expected to be finished the next tuesday.

mar 4, 09 - i called to check on the status of my car. Michelle's day off, someone named Dan answered. parts still back order. coz it's their fault. i asked for a free car rental, they refused coz my car's warranty expired. mar 5, 09 - Michelle called. there's a chance i can get my car back on this weekend. but no call ever since. mar 12, 09 - i'm still waiting.

i lost my part time job. i manage to carpool with someone to my full time job, but not for the part time job. at first i told my boss i took a couple days off, but now it's been almost 3 weeks. i've been taking bus to work and back home. my time is wasted and i caught a bad cold and migraine attacked from standing at the bus station in the cold (and rain). i got knee pain from all the walking. not to mention i have to stand alone in the dark, risking my safety just to wait for a bus.

i used to go to gym at least 3-4 times per week. because of my bad knee, i have to do my cardio on elliptical machine and by taking low impact aerobic classes. so running on the street is not an option for me. now i haven't been exercise for 3 weeks, and i feel really weak and fatigue. this is the first car i bought using my own money. i love it like it's my own baby. 3 weeks without it, the stress and the worrying drag me down. the incident too worry my friends and family. they have to spare time to give me a ride here and there.

I have been servicing my car there every 5000 miles. My car is now at its 17,000 mark, so I have been there three times. After I last serviced my car, within weeks, I noticed that my tire warning signals were on. To my horror, my tire pressure was LOW and I suddenly realized that my tires were not rotated nor checked when I have been paying for them to be! I finally took noticed of this, because I made a mark on my tires, and if they were rotated, the tire and the mark would be at the front of my car, not at the back. I also noticed that my parents car was also not rotated when we all paid $60 each! They DO NOT DO THE SERVICE we pay for!

If my pressure was dangerously low, I could have been in an accident and not only damage to my vehicle, but also the possibility of injuring myself and other drivers. Longo Toyota would be responsible for all of this!

Friday January 26, my 1997 Toyota Tacoma Pick up began to miss. It felt like the tires were flat and began getting worse. I pulled off the freeway and my check engine light came on. It was really missing badly and I thought it was going to cut off. I pampered it by going less than 15 MPH all the way to Longo Toyota which was about 8 miles. The Service department said they would take care of the problem when Technicians came in the next morning because they had to run a diagonostics check to determine what the problem was.

They called the next day about noon and told me the spark plug wires were bad and the cost to replace them was $200. I told them to go ahead and they called back later and told me it was ready for pick up. I picked it up and got about 5 miles away and the same thing began to happen. The truck began to miss badly and the check engine light came on. I managed to get to back to dealership again but again, I had to baby it back in. When I returned no one would wait on me until my wife threatened to speak with the Manager.

Finally after about a half hour, Paul LeBlanc said rudely, I'll help you as soon as I'm finished. He passed us on to Frank Lorusso and I told him the truck was still doing the same thing as I paid $200 to get fixed. I told him I was getting frustrated as this ordeal has taken my whole day. He gave me a slip for a rental car that I didn't ask for but the rental car counter was closed. I went back to Frank and he completed the paperwork himself. He asked if I wanted the insurance and I said no because it was their fault my truck wasn't ready and I'd already spent $200 for repairs and still have the same problem. I took the car to the gym as I do every Sunday morning.

About 9:30am I was paged by the front counter at the gym. I went up and the police were there and asked if I was Don and had a white Corolla rental. I said yes and they told me it had been broken into in the parking lot. Someone smashed the rear window out and stole my briefcase containing about $800 worth of materials in it. They still have my truck and when I asked what was wrong with it they said they didn't know but would charge me $700 to take it apart and then give me a price to fix it.

called about toyota engine that says toyota will replace head gasket one no matter how old or how many miles. this is still on interenet but toyota says it's not.
i did not receive notice ever about this.

i would like mine repaired.

We just recently purchased a new vehicle from Longo , 2002 Toyota Sienna, and we have had to take it in for an alignment a total of 3 times. Their solution have been to replace the all four tires on two different occasions. We feel that by purchasing a new car this problem should not be happening. We have been on a retal car since ladt week, June 4th 2003 and today is June 10th, 2003. We would like to get a different vehicle becaue we believe that this car is defective. The alignment on a vehicle is very important, especially when driving on the highways. It can cause the driver to swirve onto the next lane. It is very dangerous and I do ot feel safe nor safe that my wife drive our children around in it.

The consequences of this could result in a accident and causing much damage.



My son went to Longo Toyota to trade in his Leased vehicle and buy a vehicle. He signed the contract and I called him on his cell phone while he was at the dealership waiting to recieve the vehicle. I told him to cancel the deal and I would by his lease. The dealership refused to let him back out of the deal and said there is no 3 day cooling off period involved in car purchases. Is that true? Is it too late?

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