Lokey Kia

Clearwater, FL

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I bought a car from Lokey Kia 3 years ago and it broke down just a few months after I bought it BRAND NEW. Now recently a piece came flying off the front of my car and they are unwilling to take ownership of a clearly faulty part (2 of their employees assured me it was a freak occurrence and it would be covered under warranty). I was later told it would not be covered and I would need to pay out of pocket.Their associates are uneducated and uninformed. I encourage everyone in the market to stay AS FAR AWAY FROM LOKEY KIA AS YOU CAN! There are plenty of other dealers that can help you that have integrity and value their customers (two things that Lokey lacks). I received terrible service from them two separate times 3 years apart. It would cost mere dollars for this large dealership to replace this piece and maintain their integrity but they are unwilling. Unbelievably bad experience.

I brought my Kia Optima in for work: No brake lights, no working cigarette lighters both places and my key fob wasn't working. This is a problem that keeps recurring. The key fob problem had been reprogrammed multiple times and never stayed fixed past 3 months. Here's my big complaint. Aside from them not honoring that these issues were never fixed (since it was awhile since I last had it there), I agreed to buying a "new key fob" since I was told the one I had was not available any longer. I had them once again fix the brake lights, aux power sources in car, added back brake job, that I needed, and that new key fob.

Oh, yes, and the weather stripping on my windshield was flapping in the breeze. So I needed a windshield guy to take out the entire window and replace the stripping. I paid close to $800.00 but was told the key fob part wasn't available. I paid the bill and on it next to the key fob was "customer paid in full" $179.+. I got in my car and the aux power sources never did work. A couple days later, my part came in and I took it over for installation. I added an oil change for $29. After two hours, my car was ready and I got another bill for $141. I had a fit. I was told at checkout the part had not been included even though it said paid in full. So what was the charge of $179 for? My key fob is the same old beat up fob I handed to them. I thought I was getting a new one. They said it was a memory card. I find it hard to believe labor was that $179. I went online and there's a Kia ask-a-mechanic but that cost another $18. I'm done giving them my hard earned money. This is something that should have been fixed the first time.

I purchased a new vehicle on Oct. 9, 1999. The second Saturday which was Oct. 16, 1999. I had to bring my new car in for service on the front brakes.

I had also brought my grandfather in to purchase a vehicle while mine was being serviced. I was paged over the intercom at the dealership to go to the service department. I assumed my vehicle was fixed and I could leave. However when approached by the service manager at the time, he stated we fixed your problem, however we have another problem.

He took me to where my vehicle was parked. On the way over to my vehicle he stated that there was an incident. We reached my car and he took me to the passengers side. Both doors on the passengers side were crushed in. He stated that the mechanic who was bringing my car back accidentally hit the concrete pillar when rounding the corner.

The manager stated that the back passenger door would have to be replaced, and the front passenger door hopefully fixed. They did provide me with a loaner.

Also, that same day, my grandfather purchased a emerald green Dodge Neon, which he drove home thinking that he now owned the vehicle.

On Thursday the 21st he was to bring the vehicle back in for some paint touch-up and a cleaning and oil change.

On that Thursday the dealership took the vehicle away from my grandfather and told him he would have to find another vehicle that they could not allow him to keep the car because they found out that the vehicle had a lien on it. This vehicle was a trade-in.

I talked to Ed Burback and Mr. Paul Lokey. They both have brushed off the fact that their employee made a major mistake. They will not allow me to get another vehicle off the lot. I received attitudes from employees there involved. The manager of the service department the day of the incident thanked me for not cursing or ranting and raving. But it has caused me emotional upset because now my vehicle is no longer a new vehicle because it has been wrecked.

Also reference my grandfather's incident, they did give him a ride home however did not provide him with another vehicle. I did not find this out until the night of the incident Thursday Oct 21st. My grandfather was very distraught, had to cancel any doctors appointments for that Friday and he cried for a while.

I do not feel that this dealership has been professional, courteous, or people oriented.

Can't argue with that assessment. The dealership is obligated to fix your car and refund your grandfather's money. You should then flee to another dealership before some other misfortune befalls you.

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