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Lincoln brand overview:

Lincoln was founded in 1917 by Henry Leland, the same man who founded Cadillac, and the company is named after Abraham Lincoln. The Ford Motor Company acquired Lincoln in 1922, and Lincoln remains a division of Ford. The brand has a tradition of providing luxury cars to the American market. Lincoln currently manufactures sedans, crossovers and SUVs.

  • Audio: Lincoln models offer a variety of audio systems and is the only brand to have Reveal® audio systems. Each model has their own unique Reveal® system that is optimized for the best sound in the car’s cabin.
  • Technology: Lincoln focuses on the “human side of engineering,” which means their vehicles have appealing tactile features and customizable options. Their interiors have the same premium features in the back row as the front row and insulated storage areas in the cabin. They also have adjustable height stops for hatch backs and rear doors.
  • Finance tools: Interested consumers can visit the Lincoln website to explore pricing and financing options. They can apply for financing from Lincoln, estimate their payments and learn about leasing options.
  • Owner tools: The company provides Lincoln owners with several tools. They can view how-to videos on the website to help them set up their Lincoln’s features. They can also view their service history and get reminders to follow a maintenance schedule.
  • SYNC®: The onboard navigation and entertainment system available on Lincolns, SYNC®, has voice-control technology so drivers can use technology without taking their hands off the wheel. SYNC® connects to smartphones for hands-free calling, links to Siri and SiriusXM, offers free 911 Assist® and provides navigation assistance.
  • Best for Lincoln is an American brand that makes luxury vehicles.

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