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Ok, please bear with me as this is going to get pretty lengthy, but my goal is to help as many people possible avoid the headache we just encountered. This review is all encompassing relating to Ford Motor Company & their 3.5 V6 engine/water pump design nightmare, as well as Lincolns service department & how they handled my situation. So...Let's begin??? A few weeks ago, I was driving my 2010 Lincoln MKZ to work when my coolant warning light came on & my temp gauge was in the red. Take note that the car was running perfect & had that light not popped I would have never know any different. Anywho, I immediately pulled over (less than a minute) & shut the car off. Popped the hood, & TA-DA...coolant is in fact low.

Actually, to be precise, it was bone dry & yes I check fluids on the regular for all you smarties out there??? Meanwhile I'm searching for obvious leaks, milky oil, etc & see nothing. First things first, I knew I needed to get the car to the shop, so I added water rather than wasting money on coolant because there was clearly a leak somewhere...but where??? Got it to the shop & they tell me my water pump is bad, & suggest I take it to the dealer??? Just what I didn't want to hear. We tow it to Lincoln and they say that my water pump is in fact bad, & caused & internal leak of coolant into my oil which wore out my bearings & suggested I replace my engine with an estimated cost of $10000?? So, once I calmed down and got myself together, I started researching & to my surprise what they were telling me was true regarding the internal water pumps design.

I simply could not believe that Ford designed a water pump that allowed coolant to leak into the engine. I also refused to believe my engine was shot considering it ran perfect & had no signs of failing. Lincoln charged me $189 for a diagnostics fee and they did nothing. We had the car towed to our house and went to work on this water pump. Full disclosure, it is in hell! No wonder Lincoln didn't want to change it??? Changed the pump, did a couple oil changes to get things cleaned out, new power steering fluid, etc & my car drives better than it did before this nightmare.

Total cost, about $500 in parts and about 10 hours of labor??? So, the purpose of this review is to say I'm disappointed in Ford Motor Company for their design that would allow a water pump to leak coolant into engine oil & potentially damage an engine while showing no obvious signs until it's potentially too late, & then have the audacity to stand behind this product. More importantly I'm livid with Lincoln's service department for quoting me $10000 and telling me my engine was bad. Well, I guess it would be easier/cost effective to replace an engine as opposed to replacing a water pump that's a nightmare to get to & have the ability to charge me more for less work. So I say this as a warning & by writing this I'm hoping to save anyone from this ticking time bomb. Luckily I know enough to not let the dealership screw me over, but Ford really needs to step up in these type situations & take care of their customers.

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