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Last updated: Nov. 21, 2017

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Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

No problems. Had a transmission repair done by Lee Myles of Allentown 3 years ago. Have 34000 miles on transmission in my 2007 Chevrolet Uplander. Spent almost 30 percent less than all other shops that I called and had twice as much warranty.

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Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

I originally went to the shop after purchasing a used car. I was told by one of the workers that it would cost about $1000 of work to fix, after looking over the financing options the amount was re-estimated to be around $1800. I was all right with that, this included getting a new timing belt and lots of fluids and things replaced. After the work was completed my car started to vibrate. I called many times and have bought the car in to try to figure out why the car is vibrating. I was told that the car was vibrating because whenever a new timing belt is replace all the bolts and rubbers get out of line or something like that and that would cause a vibration.

This would normally be fine except for now I am expected to pay an additional $300 for the cost to fix the vibration. My question is why would I pay you to fix the vibration that was not there before I paid you $1800 to do the work? Overall I feel like I do not want them to touch my car and I feel like this is just bad business and plain dishonesty about a possibly simple mistake. However I do not know anyone who would buy the story that replacing a new part would cause damage to another part causing me to pay them more! Either way damage happened on their watch! I don't understand why they are trying to get me to pay for a problem they ** caused!

Updated on 09/22/2017: OK so I'm back with a midpoint review. The vibration in my car started to get worse a lot worse and now my car kind of started to stutter. I just felt like I was losing my mind and decided to go ahead and take it to the Hyundai dealer for a diagnostics. The Hyundai dealer explained to me that my timing belt was off, this is the same belt I paid to replace as part of the work. I'm gonna leave room for human error and hope that this will be resolved soon. I know it takes time and labor to change a timing belt but since I've already paid for one, I'm hoping they will fix their mistake. No amount of wording will stop my car from vibrating so hopefully they can repair my belt correctly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2016

We bought a used car recently from someone who unknowingly passed on a vehicle with a problem caused by a mechanic at Lee Myles Autocare and Transmission (LMAT). The owner of the Boulder and Lakewood locations, Kon **, was given the opportunity to make an honest mistake made at his shop right; to do the right thing. He has chosen not to do so. There was faulty workmanship when LMAT replaced the timing belt. The bolt that holds the crank shaft pulley was cross threaded and installed crooked by LMAT. Not sure how a trained mechanic doesn't know when he's putting a bolt in crooked, but apparently the mechanic didn't know, or just as likely, didn't care. Doesn't sound like much of a problem, right? Wrong! This mistake made by LMAT could have cost us the expense of replacing the entire engine. The full depth of the problem is still being determined.

So far, we have spent $1,855 out of pocket to fix their mistake. Keep in mind that this repair by LMAT was completed less than 900 miles ago on a vehicle with less than 69K miles. The previous owner sold it right after the work was done. I took the car to Branch Automotive in Highlands Ranch and they were able to determine that a mechanical mistake had been made and told me I should give the repair shop (LMAT) the chance to make it right before they proceeded with any repairs. We got in touch with the owner of LMAT, Kon ** and explained the problem about their mistake and got this pat response, the warranty isn't transferable. It says right at the top of the work order (which of course, I don't have), the warranty isn't transferable.

Normally, I get this, consumer beware and all, BUT does the warranty really apply to FAULTY WORKMANSHIP and NEGLIGENCE? As a reputable business, don't you stand BEHIND YOUR WORK and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR MISTAKES? Again, the same response, over and over and over; the warranty isn't transferable. Kon ** and LMAT, you and people/businesses like you are why consumers complain about the lack of customer service in this country. You don't take responsibility for your mistakes; you don't stand by your work. Now, as a consumer, I have to question why a warranty on parts and labor on a vehicle would not transfer with the vehicle rather than stay with the owner. It's not like I'm going to remove the parts and keep them when I sell a car, right? You don't care about the consumer, just your bottom line. You have every right to use your pat line but ethically, you know that you should have done the right thing.

You should have stood up as a reputable business and businessman. You don't get it. You have no problem cheating your customers. Let me make one more point. The previous owner got screwed as well. She spent $1300 on this timing belt repair and she didn't get what she paid for either, did she? So if she has the warranty, LMAT should at least refund her money because she was cheated out of her hard earned cash as well by a disreputable business owner, Kon **. But alas, you won't do the right thing for her either, will you? There is little I can do about you and other business owners like you except spread the word. Don't take your vehicle repairs to this dishonest business owner and shop. LEE MYLES AUTOCARE AND TRANSMISSION in Boulder and Lakewood doesn't care about you, your vehicle or making sure that your repair is done correctly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2016

On August 22, 2016, I had my car towed to Lee Myles Transmission in Allentown, PA. The timing belt broke and was supposedly replaced. The owner, Bill, gave me different dates when the car would be repaired. That was five weeks ago on September 26. Repeated calls, texts and emails were to no avail. Very miniscule communication with the owner of the shop. Kept on giving me dates when it would be repaired. I would ask for quotes, etc. He failed to give me a quote in writing, would avoid me when I would call or come out to the shop. And, he kept on changing the quote needed to repair the vehicle. And, never gave it to me in writing.

I spoke to his Dad and worker more than I did to him. He never was around. And, when he was he would avoid the customer. I called one day, told him I would wait for him to finish up with the customer and he hung up the phone on me. I have since removed my car from that shop and had it taken elsewhere. Don't take your car there at all. You will be avoided by the shop owner and your car will be sitting there until they decide to repair it!

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Original review: March 29, 2016

In June of 2015 I went to Lee Myles on Union Blvd in Allentown, PA to have my transmission repaired and subsequently replaced on my Silverado SS pickup truck. I paid $3,215.07 for a rebuilt replacement transmission. Along with the job I received a 2 year in center only warranty or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. Soon after the vehicle was delivered, the transmission failed! That was 9 MONTHS ago! I took the vehicle back to Lee Myles, at which time they told me it was covered, and they would replace the transmission! They have YET to do that.

I am at my wits end with Lee Myles and do NOT recommend them to ANYONE! I called daily for months while the owner and shop manager avoided my phone calls and when did speak with me, were short and with attitude attempted to blame me, and still I am waiting on the fix. I am consulting with several attorneys and if this issue isn't fixed soon, I will be filed suit against the auto shop. All I want is for Lee Myles to follow through with their promise to replace the malfunctioning transmission in which they installed into my truck.

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2015

A little over a year ago I decided to fix my car at a Lee Myles location because I thought they were a place I can trust. A year from date of fixing the transmission it's giving me problems again. The location is closed. Every other location tells me I need to call corporate. No return call from them either. I paid over 2300 to get screwed from a place I thought I can trust.

Original review: May 6, 2015

About a month ago my car had a transmission problem. They replaced a U-joint, transmission tail shaft, shift linkage and a few other minor cost me $2700. Two weeks later my clutch went out on my car. Considering I had decent service, I went back. The clutch cost me $1400 with changing the transmission fluid. And now two weeks later my car is another problem. It won't go and now two weeks later, my car is another problem. It won't go into 5th gear. I thought it was the linkage...the shop says it's a bearing on my tranny and it will cost $3500... Well a different shop says it will cost less.

While picking up my car, I asked what a grinding sound was. Well the tech called me a idiot, cussed me out and threatened me. The shop manager saw the whole thing and didn't care. The shop owner isn't doing anything. I've spent over $3500 with the shop, all focusing around my transmission. It's funny to me but now my transmission is broken and they still are not accepting any blame. They won't even except the blame for their tech that tried to fight me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 14, 2015

Don't go there. BEWARE. Don't go there. I agree with all of these people that had nightmares with this business. I would not be surprised if they go out of business. Don't give them a nickel of your hard earned money.... You will be sorry.

Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: June 23, 2014

owner Jason is taking care of us and apologized to us personally for our experience. he is taking care of us.

Original review: June 19, 2014

Worst experience of my life took place at this transmission shop.

My dad was having trouble with his CRV's transmission and was referred to this place by a friend. He brought his car in and they said that it would cost close to $900 to pull out the transmission and diagnose the problem. My dad was pretty desperate to get his car fixed (he drives his car every day for his job). This is where we made the mistake. We should have asked around other transmission places how much they charge to pull and diagnose the transmission (fyi - autozone charges a 100 something). Anyways, after they pulled out the transmission they told us that his old transmission was garbage and they would have to put in a new one. We contemplated for a few hours whether to put in a new transmission because it cost about 3,600. They said they would count the 900 towards the 3,600. THIS IS HOW THEY GET YOU!! Charge you a ridiculous amount to pull out diagnose so they can get YOUR business IF you need a new transmission.

But my dad really wanted to keep his CRV for as long as he can AND the guy who works here ** advised that if we put in a new transmission he thinks my dad could get about 100,000 MORE MILES on it. With **'s "reassuring" words, we decided to put in a new transmission. It would've been fine if everything ended well from here but this is when the nightmare actually began. I get a phone call from ** saying the CRV needs some other parts which costs about 1,000. So in total, we owe them ABOUT 4,600 in total. They put in the new transmission, we paid them and left.

5 days after the new transmission went in my dad's car STOPPED in the middle of new jersey on a Saturday. We live in Queens, NY. Now there is a 50,000 mile guarantee on a new transmission which is nice. ** apologized and told us that they don't work on cars on the weekends so we would have to wait until Monday to have anyone look at the car. We took it in first thing Monday. By Tuesday they told us there was a defect in the new transmission (BTW they don't have new transmissions. It's re-manufactured) and they would have to put in a new one. My dad and I were pretty upset because at this point he had missed 3-4 days of work which was hurting our family A LOT.

** guaranteed that our 2nd "new" transmission would be put in by Wednesday. I waited and waited for **'s phone call but he didn't call so Wednesday afternoon I call him and he said he was SO SORRY but the transmission hasn't been delivered yet so we would have to wait till Thursday. This is when I lost it. I told him this is completely unacceptable especially because he guaranteed it would be done by today. We got into a screaming fight on the phone and ** HUNG UP ON ME.

Now, I don't know what their business model is but hanging up on a customer is just plain RUDE. After going back and forth and going in person to see him he got my dad's car back to me by Thursday morning. Now it's been a few days since the 2nd transmission went in and it's giving us TROUBLE AGAIN! At this point, my dad is so fed up with this place and their LACK of respect and customer service that he doesn't even want to bring it in for the 3rd time. I REALLY hope that you can find another place to take care of your car because this place really ruined our lives and hurt our family finances so much. They don't care about you. All they care about is selling a transmission and making money off of you.

Oh BTW, the manager ** who is VERY nice offered us some free oil changes because of all the trouble but I'm sorry oil changes don't help a man who has missed 5 days of work because of all the transmission fuss!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 2, 2014

I drove my car into LEE MYLES TRANSMISSIONS in Flushing, New York because my transmission oil was leaking. I said I wanted them to see what was the problem and to give me an estimate of what it would cost to fix it. The service manager ** called me back and said it would be $690 to fix but it can be $200 higher if the bolts are broken ($890). I told him I get my social security check the 2nd Wednesday, plus I work part time so I would be able to pay him the $690 if that would be the cost because I live paycheck to paycheck and I'm a senior.

He had asked for my driver’s license and registration for the car. He only gave me back my license and kept the registration. Next day he calls me to tell me the transmission needs much more work than he thought. He said it would be $2,700. I said I don't have that kind of money. The only options he gave me was to pay $800 to get my car back NOT FIXED or go through his ''finance dept.'' and pay them $400 to be ''pre-approved'' for a $2700 loan! I told him I can't come up with all that and I went to go there and tell him I really need my car back just the way it is anyway. He says, “The work is all done and you owe me $2,700.” I told him I did NOT give him the authority to fix my car and he said, “BY GIVING ME YOUR LICENSE, THAT WAS THE AUTHORITY.” I NEVER SIGNED ANY PAPERS OR AGREED TO HIS FIXING MY CAR AND NOW HE WILL NOT GIVE ME MY CAR BACK UNLESS I PAY HIM $2,700. I’m without a car with my bad knee and having to take buses and cabs to my jobs. I’m helpless!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 3, 2013

We were recommended to go here by our trusted mechanic who had been badgered by them to send them customers. Unfortunately for us we were the first to experience this "bait & switch" operation! I drove my 12-year-old car to their shop, waited two days for them to call me back. They told me it would cost $650 to diagnose the transmission problem but that money would go to fixing the car. Being a naturally trusting person, I said okay. They took the transmission out and called me 3 days later to tell me it would cost $5,500 to buy a "factory rebuilt" transmission or they could do the job for a bargain of $3,600 with a 1 year or 12K mile warranty!

At that point I was surprised and I did my own shopping around. The going rate for a factory-rebuilt transmission is actually $2,600 and the job could be done for under $3,000 with unlimited mileage for 3 yrs or 100K mile warranty at a Ford Dealership... BIG difference! When I told them I didn't want them to do the job, they wouldn't put the transmission back in my car, told me to tow my car out of there, wanted to charge me $45 per day for storage, and I had to pay $650 for a car I could no longer drive. I can't tell you how angry I was. At that point they had had my car for nearly two weeks. All I wanted was my car back but I didn't want to pay for storage which was ridiculous as they dragged their heels through this entire process.

When I told them I had a tow truck to get my car that afternoon, they told me I couldn't come get it because the mechanic hadn't put all the pieces of the transmission in my trunk. We both had to get our lawyers involved for me to remove my car from their premises. Finally the greasy, dripping transmission was put into the trunk of my SUV. I paid them $425 for their time and not a nickel for storage. Unbelievable that I had to get a lawyer to get my car back. I have a new transmission place now that will replace the transmission in one day for $1,500.

I highly recommend shopping around and get recommendations. This place is as crooked as they come! Oh, by the way, they sent my AAA tow truck away because he arrived there about a minute before I did. They were closing up shop 15 minutes early even though they knew I was coming to pay for and tow my car. Luckily I arrived as they were locking the doors. Unbelievably bad business!! Even the tow truck driver said the owner has a bad reputation and that he tows cars out of there all the time. Don't even consider going here.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 27, 2013

My wife's Honda Odyssey broke down in Reading, PA on Valentine's Day. Lee Myles was nearby so that's where she took it. What a mistake! They had it for 5 weeks and she still has to take it back. It runs like crap. If it's not fully warmed up and she puts it into gear, it stalls. Apparently, these bozos rebuild transmissions themselves instead of replacing with already built. We are ages 55+ and we've never had such a botched repair job. On top of that, when she brought it home, the engine splash guard was hanging in the driveway.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 15, 2013

These guys are complete crooks. They put in a used transfer case in my car and told me it was new. When I asked for the info on where they got the part, they refused to give it to me, saying the warranty was up and the receipt they gave me was all I was going to get. Yes, because you put in a used part and lied to me and charged me $1500 to do it! How much did you save putting in the used part? Crooks!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 3, 2013

I wrote a previous review about how our car wasn't repaired correctly and also with the shop removing money from the vehicle (of which you really had to search to find). Well I was able to take our car to another Lee Myles location, but once again, after days of leaving it with them, the problem is still there. I would never take any vehicle to Lee Myles unless you have time to waste and don't care if the work is properly done.

Original review: Sept. 14, 2012

My van, which is a 2000 Olds minivan, started acting funny after I hit a piece of log. I drove the van to Lee Myles, because the lady told me to bring it Monday and they would look at it. So I did. Two weeks later, they haven't looked at it. Finally, I called down there and they told me the tranny needed total rebuild. Then they said it would be $395 to drop the tranny before they can figure it out. I thought this was a ripoff. So I went over and got my van. I drove it off the lot and went to Cottman, and it ended to be a pressure sensor. Never trust Lee Myles. They don't know what they are doing.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2012

I am writing this in the hope that something can be done about this shop and the experience that I have had trying to get my car’s transmission fixed for the last month. This started with my transmission winning in gears and me bringing it to my local repairman (a great group and I have no problems with them). I was then told that Lee Myles Transmissions at 929 Middle Country Road, St. James, NY 11780 (631-724-4242) would be the one that he would send my car, too. This is where the nightmare begins.

The car, which is a 2003 Honda CRV, went in for the transmission work and stayed there for approximately one week. I received the car back on a Friday afternoon and after test-driving it around the neighborhood, I discovered that the transmission was locking and skipping in first gear. I also discovered that my car’s interior had been gone through and dollar bills that were given to my wife as good luck and that had been in the car for six years and through many different repair stations and services were now missing. When the owner of this Lee Myles was contacted and informed about the transmission and missing money, he called my repairman back and stated that the that a worker admitted putting together the transmission shoddily and that the money was taken by one of his other workers to put gas in the car (which had gas in it when I dropped it off) during a test drive on the car. He then went on to say that he fired the repairman and the person that took the money from my vehicle. He also went on to say that the transmission would be totally replaced.

Well, if that wasn’t enough, I have now been waiting two weeks to get my car back. These were the excuses that were used. They were awaiting parts from Honda and then received the parts twice, but what was in the box was not what was on the outside label. It was followed by two days of excuses that it will be there in the morning. I now feel that it has been held back from delivery because of the complaints to the owner from me and my regular repairman.

The saga continues. I received the car back and when starting from cold there is a little hesitation going into first gear. I thought that it was minor and that it would work itself out since it did not happen again with the car now warmed up. The next morning again there’s the same hesitation when starting from cold, which is also very minor and also not repeating itself after the car warmed up. But on the third morning my wife went to drive the car to work, but returned immediately saying that the car jolted on her in first gear. I let the car set for approximately an hour and attempted to drive it myself. I was jolted strongly twice on start-up and then the car drove normally through gears. When contacted, the Lee Myles owner Mario stated that there must be something wrong with the parts and that he would replace the transmission totally, which was the same statement as previously given.

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Original review: July 27, 2012

This company is terrible! They supposedly put a re-conditioned transmission in my car. It never ran right. I brought it back 4 times. They put 2 more torque converters in and still it didn't run right. It kept leaking and slipping. I finally brought it to another repair shop and they said it was a mess inside. Stay away from these hacks, even if it costs more money to go somewhere else.

Original review: Sept. 21, 2009
I brought my vehicle in for repair of my transmission on December 2008. My vehicle was fully repaired with a brand new Transmission and or rebuilt,new axles, hubs and all new parts. I picked up my vehicle in February 2009 because every week they are looking for a part that they cant locate. Not even a week from the time i picked up my vehicle did i have to bring my vehicle back because of a slip in the transmission and i was told by Steve it must have sprung a leak somewhere. they fixed the problem and added another charge on. I didn't mind at the time, but i had to bring my vehicle back three times more after that for the same reason and i was told all three times that a band had to be properly adjusted. I started to get frustrated because now they have robbed me of $2,700.00 so far plus the rental expenses for the days they had my vehicle. I made several attempts to have tem in small claims court but they keep changing the name of the business, now its called Hi- miles transmission.
Original review: Feb. 19, 2009
Within 8 years, this Lee Myles location has put in 4 transmissions in my GMC Yukon. They are obviously not repairing them correctly. They are actually stating they have no record of my vehicle ever being repaired there. That is just ludacris.
Original review: Dec. 17, 2007

Dec 8th I brought my car into Lee Myles for a noise coming from the front end. I spoke to a man by the name of Bill. He informed that he will take it for a test drive to see where the noise was coming from. He said that he will give me a call after the test drive. I rcvd a call from him on Mon, he stated that they need to drop the transmission to see what was wrong. He never told me about the prob I brought it there for in the 1st place nor did he tell me that my transmission was driving funny. He advised that it will cost $395 to do so. I advised that it was ok because he is the expert not me.

On Tues I received a call from a man advising me that my transmission needs to be rebuilt, never telling me the reason why & it will cost me $2700. I advised him that was too much for me. After speaking with him for almost an hour he said that he would take $250 off by putting a used "Converter". I then asked if he can just put a new converter in but still take $250 off, he agreed. He said if I pay cash he would not charge me sales tax, I agreed. He advised that the shop was closing. On Weds I called and spoke with Bill to advised him to put all of my parts that where taken out of my vehicle to the side so that I can inspect them. He told me they dont do that & they were already in the garbage & he is not telling his worker to search for them. He said he can put whatever was left on the side, it did not make sense to me, they just started working on my car.

On Friday I received a phone call from a man, advising me that my vehicle was ready to be picked up and that he had taken it on a test drive and "he heard a noise" in the front end. I asked him for a print out of all the new parts along with the prices? He said they dont do that, Bill will have to do that. He told me Bill was not in the shop and he will not be back until the end of the day, so you would have to wait until tomorrow & Bill will have it for you then. On Sat I never received a call so I called them. Bill answered the phone & I asked why didn't you call me? He said I thought the other man told you it was ready. I said,no he told me you were going to call me once the printout was ready. He said its ready. I walked into the shop & asked Bill,can I take my car for a drive so I can hear if my car is still making that noise, he said in a scared, angry way, no Im not having that because if you get into an accident then you can sue. So I said then you drive, he still said no. I asked if I can see the print out of all the parts, he gave me a hand written receipt that did not specify what I asked for. I then asked if I can see the old parts to my vehicle, he brought me to the back and showed me only a few parts, but not all. I had no idea if those parts came from my vehicle.

So I had no other option but to pay him $2446 cash in order to get my car back. As soon as I pulled out the parking lot my car was still making the same noise that I brought it there for. So I called Bill right away and asked him why did you guys tell me that my car was still making the same noise after all the work was done? Why didn't you tell me that my car was making that noise when you did the 1st test drive before any work was done & it was not coming from the transmission. I told him that he knew that noise was not from my transmission & he still charged me for something that did not need to be fixed. I got no answer. Finally after 30 min of aggravation, the only response I got from him was "I am not going to jail for fraud over a few hundred bucks. If you want to bring the car in 1st thing Mon morning, I will fix it for free." I proceeded to go back to the shop with my father. When I asked who drove my car the 1st time everyone in the shop started pointing fingers. The point Im trying to make is that he robbed me for $2446 knowing that my transmission was not the problem.

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Original review: March 17, 2006

on 9/02/04 the owner convinced to have our transmission completely rebuilt by them for $1884.15. They said it would last a life time. On good faith we let them rebuild the transmission. Now after only one year the transmission is doing exactly what we brought it to get fixed the first tiem. They will not return calls or e-mails.

Original review: Sept. 19, 2005

I was experiencing problems with my Hyundai Accent in July, 2005. The car had been shifting in and out of overdrive while driving. It would go from 2500 rpms up to 4500 rpms and back, then stay at 4500 until you came to a complete stop. The problem was mostly noticed on the Garden State Parkway in the morning hours. The service center couldnt find the problem, so on the 14 of July, 2005, I was referred to Lee Myles at 3244 State Hwy. No 35, Hazlet, NJ 07730.

I took my car there to have them look at it. Ryan Shim, Central Manager, called the morning of July 15, 2005 and told me he had to pull the pan to see if he could locate the problem. The cost would be $181.00. He advised me that if he couldnt find the problem, then he would have to pull the transmission. He called back about 2 hours later and advised that he would have to pull the transmission. The cost would be anywhere from $1200 to $ 1800 depending on the problem. I needed my car, so I authorized them to fix it. Ryan requested that I make a $500.00 down payment, and gave me a receipt on the back of his business card.

On Monday, July 18, 2005, Ryan Shim called me and stated, WE FOUND THE PROBLEM. Your car should be ready by Wednesday.

On July 20, 2005, I went to pick up the car. Ryan Shim wrote up the invoice, and proceeded to explain the problem. He first asked me, DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CARS. I responded No. He went on to say that when the dealer replaced the transmission in June 2003, the bolts they used to secure the transmission were too long, and they sheared off into the transmission causing it to shift in and out of gear. So they rebuilt and replaced the transmission. Ryan gave me the invoice for the work done.

I asked him where was the $500.00 deposit. He took me outside and said Remember I told you if you paid cash that Id reduce the bill so I dont have to pay the 6% franchise fee to Lee Myles. He also mentioned that he redid the electrical wiring(which he said was $90) for free. I thanked him.

I took the car, and it seemed to work well. On July 21, 2005, I went on the Parkway to go to work. As soon as I entered the highway, the car did the exact same thing. So I called Ryan very upset, and told him the car wasnt fixed. He said to bring the car back. The car stopped doing it, so I didnt bring it in. On the morning of Monday, July 25th, the car started slipping again, and was now leaking transmission fluid.

I called Ryan and told him I was bringing the car in on Tues.I had to rent another car, and took the car to Lee Myles on Tuesday, July 26. We test drove the car together with the transmission monitor, and it checked out OK.

Lee Myles kept the car to fix the leak, and run more tests. I went to Lee Myles the morning of Wednesday, July 27th to do a morning test drive since thats when the problem usually occurred. I went on a test drive with the chief technician who had been on vacation the previous week. On the test drive, he was testing the overdrive ON/OFF button on the shift lever. I asked him if he could take it on the Parkway since thats where the problem usually occurred. He said he was going to run some tests at the shop. They put the car on the lift, said they were going to work on it, and test drive it again in the morning.

Thursday, July 28th, I received a call from Ryan. He said he test drove the car, and experienced the problem I had continually complained about. He said they needed a day to fix the problem. Friday July 29th, I called and said that I needed the car by noon. Ryan said they just received the part, and would let me know. He called me @ 11:30, and said the car was ready.

I went to pick the car up. Ryan asked me if anyone had ever did any work to the shift lever wiring. He said the overdrive wiring was burnt out, and that it needed to be replaced. THE CAR HAS HAD NO PROBLEMS SINCE.

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2005

I brought my truck in because of the following reasons: 1-I thought something was wrong with my transmission because when I start the car and I pull off my truck sounds like it's going 70 miles and hr when it is barely moving at 10 miles an hr. 2- my 4wd was not working correctly. Lee myles charged me approximately $3000.00 to correct these problems. Not even a month later I was having the same problems.

Took my car back I would say about 10 times since January 04 and I was told they cleaned this and changed that every time buy I continue to still have the same problem. The second to last time I took the truck back Ron told me I needed a new battery so I bought a new battery same problems kept happening. Took the truck back again on Jan 24th 2005 and the story that was told to my husband was that they couldn't find anything wrong because they could not experience the problems I was having. I called on 1/26/05 and spoke with Ron this time the story was he could find anything. I told him to take my car on the highway maybe he could see for himself what the truck was doing. He said he wouldn't. He then proceeded to tell me that it was an electrical problem. I then said to him that obviously he doesn't really know what the problem is since he has given me so many different reasons and excuses what was wrong with my truck but yet you told me you fixed the problem.

He said I need to take it to the dealer...I said I cannot take it to the dealer because my truck is no longer under warranty and I would have to pay again for what I already paid you for and is still under warranty with you. He then said to me well I am not going to fix it for free. Which leads me to believe all this time he was trying to mislead and decieve me as long as he could so my warranty would run out by the time I figured out what he was trying to do. I really feel that I was totally ripped off and robbed of $3000.00 and Ron the owner of Lee Myles refuse to do anything about my car.

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Original review: Aug. 5, 2002

Suppose to have repair the transmission on 12/31 ,took vehicle back in 2/02 repairs wasn't complete,back to them on 4/02 claim new tranmission was installed,vehicle went back 7/02,kept car for 10 days for repairs,received back on 7/11/02 and returned to them on 7/15/02,kept for 3 days returned and still wasn't working properly. Took car to Ford dealer,got some results as to where Lee Myles couldn't fix the problem but charged me anyway and therefore cause me to rent a car each time that my car was in their shop.

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