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I am answering the complaint from Biyu of Hammond.

The vehicle was an older model when it was purchased with almost 100,000 miles on it. We allowed the customer to take it to a mechanic of her choice to look over the vehicle before she signed the papers. We sold it as is - no warranty with the customer's signature. We do a used vehicle inspection on every vehicle that comes in to verify that it is safe to drive and has no major signs of damage. We have no way of knowing if or when a vehicle will break down when we are selling it; we can only tell if something is wrong with it at the time we receive it.

The car had almost 100,000 miles when the customer purchased it and it ran for over a month without a problem, with her personal mechanic checking it out, so there was no major issue when the vehicle was sold.

When I was contacted with this situation, I had our service manager do a quote at cost to do the repairs on the vehicle and offered to pay to have it towed to the Nissan dealership at our expense to help her out. While it is unfortunate that her car broke down after her purchase from us, we do have warranties and other options available at the time of purchase that this customer did not want.


We travelled to Hammond 40m. I thought we were purchasing an advertised truck. The salesperson was great but the manager is rude. I had knee surgery and need running boards, Rudy stated that he would try to help bring the price down. However, as we begin to look at the truck, we noticed that the tires were different and the ad model showed fog lights; the one we tested didn't. The manager, Mr. Tony or Troy, told me that they do enough advertisement to get us at the door and if I thought he was gonna give me a $650. Running board for free, it wasn't gonna happen. We stated we didn't ask for it for free, but the ad was deceptive. We had cash and were ready to buy.

We had looked at another one of their dealers and they only had one truck when they ran the ad. It wasn't white in the ad but he told us that's all he could sell at that price. I wasted time and money for traveling.


I bought a Sienna van 2011. I was told we had a 6 player CD system, but it only had single CD. The salesman is on vacation and evidently did not come back to work. Now we are told that this van cannot have a 6player CD because of wiring from manufacturer. How can this be? This is the 4th Toyota we have owned, but we're very disappointed this time. This may not be the dealers' fault, but the manufacturer's.


I bought the car (Nissan Sentra 2003) on December 30, 2009 from TOYOTA dealer in Hammond. I paid $4,260. (Check) First time repair: 2/13/2010, the car couldn't start, Mileage: 97,980, change four spark plugs cost: 60$. Second time repair: 3/14/2010 the car couldn't start, Mileage: 98,078 change four spark plugs cost: 50$. The mechanic told me that I should bring the car to the dealer to completely check it.

March 15: brought the car to the dealer, sales manager Bobby told me to bring the car tomorrow and ask service manager to check it. March 16: Brought the car to the dealer for check, March 17: got the call from service manager said: The car is misfired, but they don't know the reason behind it, the car need to be sent to the Nissan dealer to diagnose it.

March 18: call sales manager and tell him to send the car to the dealer to diagnose and estimate the cost, but he said he will use TOYOTA machine to diagnose it and called me back. March 22, since I haven't received the call from sales manager, I called the sales manger twice but didn't reach him. First at around 10:00 am, the second is at around 1:15pm, and I left a message to his voice phone. I contacted the service manager; he said the car is still at their place. Only TOYOTA man checked the car before. March 24: Hunter ** went with me to the dealer and talked with sales manager Mr. Bobby. Bobby said that he would check the car tomorrow. March 31: received the call from Mr. Bobby said that the car is fixed.

April 2: brought the car back with. On the invoice stated that: Bobby ** denied any repairs, car needs to go to Nissan for further diag. April 6: received the call from Nissan center, (1-866- ) told me to bring the car to Bill ** for inspection. Next appointment will be April 12. They told me how they got my personal information: either I bought the car from Nissan dealer or they provided the service to me before April 12: In the afternoon, when I started the car at around 5:40pm, the car started to shake and the service engine light is on again. April 14: Make an appointment to Bill ** Nissan service to diagnose the car on Friday. April 16: Brought the car to Nissan dealer Bill ** to diagnose.

April 17: Pick up the receipt of $97.40 from Bill ** Nissan dealer and asked for options. The diagnose report: Found multiple fail codes indicating misfire and overheating issues. Found head and gasket failure between #2 and #3 cylinders. Found coolant residue on the two spark plugs, and coolant stain where fluid has begun to leak from between cylinder head and block. Replacement of long block assembly. Estimate issued to customer @$ 4,296.50 (Tax included).

After that, Hunter and I went to see Bobby ** to ask for a solution. Bobby ** said: "The car sold as it was. I am out". We asked for the owner's name, number and address. He gave us Allen ** in Nissan Slidell. April 19: Car could not start. In the afternoon went to Bill H. asking for the break down price of the Engine. April 21: Hunter called Allen ** in Nissan Slidell and left the message. April 22: One person called Hunter back and said customer service department will look into it April 26: Hunter asked me to fax 2 pages from Nissan Bill **: Diagnosis report and price break down list, Attention: Danielle. I faxed it immediately. Danielle offers new engine for $3,561. ($2,000 deposit) will tow the car to Slidell.

May 10: Hunter spoke to Allen, requested documents to be sent by email. He will look at them and get back to us by Thursday. May 15: Since I didn't hear anything from Allen, I send another reminding email to him and ask for an appointment to meet him. May 19: Hunter contacted Allen’s office and his cell phone and left messages. Mileage difference: when I bought the car, the mileage was about 97,700. However, on the sales receipt, it stated that the mileage: 101,286.

The car can't start. The diagnose report from Bill ** in Hammond is as follows: Found multiple fail codes indicating misfire and overheating issues. Found head and gasket failure between #2 and #3 cylinders. Found coolant residue on the two spark plugs, and coolant stain where fluid has begun to leak from between cylinder head and block. Replacement of long block assembly. Estimate issued to customer $4,296.50 (Tax included).

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