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Alexandria, KY

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In 2004 I purchased a brand new Chevrolet Suburban. I am not sure but it had approximately 15 miles on it. I have had the vehicle 12 years now. About 6 or 7 years ago I notice the driver side back quarter panel rusting. The other side was perfect with no rust. We have an excellent body man that we know and we called him. He took a look at it. Even then he said things look a little odd about the panel. We had him take the vehicle to fix the rust. What he found was horrific. Took the panel off and the black fin on the top driver side back. There was so much Bondo around the inside. Trim over the wheel well did not match the quarter panel exactly. We found out then that we had purchased a wrecked brand new vehicle and it was repaired. Things were not replace correctly in repair therefore allowing water to leak down inside creating rusty side panel. Cost us $3,000 to get it fixed. New panel had to be purchased.

I had let them know about the situation and they never got back to me. I am now in the market to purchase another vehicle. Better believe I will not be going back to Kerry Chevrolet. Any vehicle I look out I am taking my body person with us to look over the vehicle. At Kerry it is buyer beware. Photos attached show the rust inside the quarter panel. Prefer not to add receipts as they have our names on them. If you need proof we can contact our body person. He was plenty upset when he saw the damage.

The salesman lie to my wife about a defect on the car, then they talk in to buy the extended warranty on the car. I wouldn't trust none of them. All they worry about is the sale nothing else.

During the deal process the used car salesman Jeb ** made a deal on a car that he said nothing was wrong with. That turned out to be a big lie. As part of the deal I requested floor mats with the word Impala printed on them sent to my residence, as part of the deal it was a due Bill. Said to be specific by Jeb **. The car has since been in the shop twice for repairs. Just purchased in January. When I received the mats they were generic without the print I wanted and made the deal for.

Contacted the company only for a guy named Bill to get on the phone and get very rude and jumpy. This company has a major issue with honesty. Bad business for sure. Their response to the repairs were a chuckle and a statement of "Your car, your problem." Response to the wrong mats was this Bill guy yelling about how not honest he is and a hang up. Proud to do bad business I guess. I strongly urge everyone to shop somewhere else as they do not honor trust or honesty.

I recently purchased a vehicle in Dec. 2015 and asked 3 different people if I would have to renew the tag in January (birth month). I was told by these 3 people that it would all be included and I would renew the tag in Jan. 2017. Received my registration and it expires in April, 2016. I understand KY renewal laws which is why I asked this question 3 different times. I was LIED to by all 3 people on this issue. The General MGR acted like I was an idiot and didn't understand the KY renewal laws, which I do. If they had said, "No, it would need to be renewed sooner," I would have waited and renewed the tags on my trade-in as it would have been 1/2 the price and purchased a vehicle after the 1st of the year.

I also had a couple of issues that need to be addressed on the car itself and no one will return a phone call from the dealership. I left 3 messages with the sales person and did not receive 1 phone call back from him. I also spoke a few times with the Sales MGR and did not get return phone calls from him either. I also stopped in personally at the dealership and spoke with the salesman and the Sales MGR about these issues and was assured someone would contact me the next day.

I did not receive a phone call the next day and had to contact them again before anyone called me to set up a time to bring the car in. This was my 1st experience with Kerry Chevrolet and will be my last. I traded my 2011 Ford Taurus in (which I purchased across the street from Kerry Chevrolet, as well as 3 other vehicles). At this point I am sorry I did not go back to Ford and purchase from them as I have never had any problems with them. Very dissatisfied customer!

I took my car to Kerry Chevrolet service to be diagnosed and repaired and instead they tore my car apart - kept it for over a month. Wouldn't give it back until l gave them $200 and then gave it back to me destroyed. It was a nightmare!!!

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DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY IN KERRY CHEVROLET SERVICE DEPARTMENT! I had a horrible experience in the Kerry Chevrolet Service Department in Alexandria. I took my car in for a simple unjamming of a cup holder door, and they broke the arm off of it while there. They refused to fix it at their expense and told me, "It's your car, your responsibility". I was not happy with their service and more importantly the treatment I received. I was belittled, more or less called stupid and had the service manager's finger in my face saying, "You are just upset that I won't lie down and give you what you want."

** was the most unprofessional, rude, sarcastic “manager” I have ever come in contact with. Not to mention on a personal level, I have never been talked to by a man like I was him. When I asked to speak to someone higher, he said "This is it. You are looking at him." He said there was no 800 number for GM or the Kerry Automotive Group. He said, "If there is a number, good luck finding it." I see out on the internet that they have several very low ratings on service. I only wished I had known that previously. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

On 1/21, we purchased a 2009 Chevy Silverado from Kerry Chevrolet in Alexandria, KY. The sticker price of the truck was $29,505.00. We had a 2002 Silverado with $10,500.00 left to pay. The dealer agreed to pay off this loan and from our understanding, not add anything to the new loan. We negotiated payments and came to an agreement of $425.00/month. The day after we purchased, 1/22, I had the chance to really read the paperwork. It turns out that Kerry raised the sticker price of the new truck to $33,309.93. They did this without telling us. On paper, it looks like we got $10,500.00 for the trade in but according to the paperwork, they added $3,500.00 due to net equity.

This part of the paperwork can hardly be read with the print not being lined up correctly. It took me several minutes to figure out what the dollar amount in this box was. In reality, $3,804 was added to the price of the truck. Again, at no time did anyone explain that this was being done. Also, prior to us purchasing the vehicle, Kerry had been advertising on the radio $7,000 in incentives. We only got $5500 in incentives. I even communicated with a person named Kelly ** via email about the $7,000. We tried to resolve this with Shea **. From the beginning, he had his facts wrong and was very defensive. He said we were told the trade in was only worth $3,800. Not true. No one told us what the trade in was worth.

I arrived as the salesperson, John **, was leaving with a service person in our trade in. When he came back, he never said a word about the trade in was valued at. As a matter of fact, KBB said $6800.00 in good condition. He lied, saying my husband threw a fit when they told him that. That never happened. He told me that paperwork was signed and deals discussed before I got there. Again, not true. My credit had to be added to get the loan to go through and at no time did anyone discuss with me what was being done to get us at our payment. He said that everything was on the negotiation sheet. Again, not true. The only thing we signed prior to the official paperwork was a sheet with a lot of handwriting on the back and we signed next to the payment amount of $425.00.

I asked him to send me a copy of anything I signed, other than the official paperwork, with info about raising the truck price or the value of the trade in. He would not. It may be worth mentioning that the particular piece of paper that we signed with the payment amount had been folded many times and the only part we got to see was the payment amount of $425.00. He tried to say we bought the truck 2 weeks ago. We just purchased it on 1/21 and I called the next day on 1/22 with the questions about the price.

He was supposed to call me on Monday, 1/25. He did not so I sent an email to him, the financial person and both salespeople we spoke to. Kerry Chevy/Shea Barth does not have their facts straight, cannot explain why they did not tell us anything about this and says that everything is correct on their end. Not true. If there is something with my signature on it, other than what I mentioned it, then it is a fraudulent document. I have all documents that we were given.

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