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I purchased a Lexus GX 470 on July 23, 2009 and the warranty was 1,000 miles or 30 days. And after 4 days, I detected a problem with the brake and I left the car on of July 27, 2009. They checked the car for 2 days, but they didn’t check any problem. So they told as to take the car to the Lexus dealer and I did so. They fixed it and they replaced the brake pads, resurfaced the rotors and lubed the caliper slides. And now they won’t answer the call and they don’t want to pay nothing. So, I paid $1006.94.


On May 19, 2007 I purchased a Toyota Sienna XLE Limited at Koons Tysons Toyota in Vienna, Virginia with 56 initial miles. Although I did my home work by contacting and getting information from a previous Toyota dealership, although I had a clear understanding of how much I was willing to pay for that van, I can honestly say, as you might imagine, I was ripped off.

While I thought I was negociating for $32,000.00 plus my trade-in of a given value of $2,400.00, for an initial price of $39,900.00 van, I anded up paying $37,000.00+ for that van. How did that happen? I really don't know. All I can say is that, in addition to my trade-in, they added $3,000.00 as down payment, which I never say that I would give, and which I believed was going to be deducted from the amount I was willing to be billed for. That was not the case. When did I find out, two days later.

The main reason for my complaint is not necessarily for the negociation; it is because of series of problems that I have been experiencing with the van; which Toyota Company is now considering through arbitration via National Center for Dispute Settlement. What problems have I been experiencing, you may ask?

Well, on the next day after accepting delivery of that van, I began to experience a series of intermittent problems with the remote control. At times, I was unable to use it to enter the van. I had to open the van manually, using the key. When that happens, once starting the van, I have noticed that the VSC, Tract Off, and the Airbags light indicators stayed on. The A/C system, Radio, CD, inside lights, and the Clock are completely out of service. It took me a while to understand that these signs are potential problems. Upon taking the van to another Toyota dealership, which saw exactly the problems as previously described, I was told that these problems are common to both Toyota Sienna and Toyota Camry Solara. I was also told that they are minor problems that can fixed at Toyota cost and at any Toyota dealership nationwide, since the van is covered with a 36K miles or 3 years factory warranty.

I did informed the dealer immediately and requested either another van or a full refund of my trade-in and my $3,000.00. As you might imagine, they refused. Instead, they reffered me to Toyota Costumer for Arbitration, after keeping the van for two days to have it checked by a Toyota specialist. they forced me to take it back, stating that it is mine. Their report shows that they were unable to find anything wrong with the van. So I end up with a defective van, which was supposed to be a New one, and a trouble free one for at least the duration of the factory warranty and also with a huge bill for 48 months.

Upon receiving today, June 29, 2007 a letter from National Center for Dispute Settlement, I notice that I am given two options as to how I want to proceed with that dispute. I have to choose either to have a oral hearing or a document only process , during which, the case will be presented and discuss and a final decision will be rendered either to settle or deny the case 10 days after the presentation.

That situation has been very painful and stressful for me and my family. It has been affecting my job performance to the point that I am afraid that the worse might happen. I definitely would appreciate any support and advice that might help me go through this situation and solve these problems in a timely and legal manner.

I am emmotionally, psychologically, and financially affected by this situation. My work production has been reducing significantly, due to the facts I can not sleep as I am supposed to. I become very anxious, not knowing what to expect. I am totally ignorant about arbitration. All I wanted to do was to buy myself a new van and have some peace of mind.


I took my Toyota Solara Conv. to Koons Tysons Toyota for the 60K service. This car is under extended warranty with only 57K miles. It has been serviced only by Koons since I purchased it there in 2001 (new). At no time in the past has anyone identified issues. On this particular visit, I was called with a list of repairs needed totalling $2,365 on top of the $500 scheduled service.

I pointed out to the customer service rep, Brian Foster, that the car was under warranty and asked if any of the repairs were covered. He stated they were not. I did not believe him so I approved only the scheduled service. When I picked up the car, I again questioned the list of items and was finally told that the power steering leak was indeed covered under warranty.

I asked Brian to call me when the part was in which he estimate would be Tuesday (this happened on Saturday). I did not hear from Brian so I called him on Thursday and he said that the part had not arrived. He called back 5 minutes later and said thaat it had arrived. I scheduled the repair for Monday (today). When I picked up the car, the total repair on the print out was $383.37 which is half of the $795 I had been quoted. In addition, the steering fluid had not been flushed as this was not part of the warranty work. However, I was led to believe that this would, in fact, be included as part of the repair. I asked to speak with a Manager and was given no satisfaction about this issue.

Bottom line - I was lied to about the repairs being under warranty and only when I continued to question this was it acquiesced. I was misled about what would and would not be included. And, since this car has only been serviced by Koons, I should have been given notice about some of these issues during prior visits.

Finally, the Manager did nothing to rectify the situation.

At this point in time, I will never take my car back to Koons nor will I purchase another vehicle from any Koons dealership.


The business practices of the auto dealership listed below needs to be investigated Koons Toyota 8610 Leesburg Pike Vienna , VA 22182 703 790 5920.

These are the facts ; 1. I purchased a car from the dealership in January 2007 and was advised by my salesperson Sonnie that due to my credit score the dealership had to pay the bank to accept my application ... I have since learned that was a FALSE statement 2. Koons was paid $1,000.00 ( one thousand dollars ) on February 23, 2007 for tax and tag ( deduction is clearly listed on my account statement with Chevy Chase Bank) ,but I have received 3(three) voice messages from employees at Koons that the dealership NEVER received the money 3.The temporary plates expired February 12,2007 ...per employees at Koons Toyota the plates were NEVER issued from MVA 4.I received a letter from JP Morgan Chase on January 30,2007 that my credit was APPROVED for the auto loan,but not the terms requested .... the terms were submitted by Koons Toyota and I was NEVER advised of the terms from Koons Toyota ...

I can assure you if I had submitted terms to JP Morgan Chase it would be $100.00 per month if customers could build their own payments 5.Since the employees at Koons Toyota are determined to practice and participate in questionable business practices and DISHONEST regarding the $1,000.00 ( one thousand dollars ) for tax and tag ...

I filed a complaint against Chevy Chase Bank with the Federal Reserve Governors Board to investigate the transaction . 6. If the auto loan was NEVER accepted ... why has Koons Toyota NEVER refunded my money ???? This has been a TOTAL nightmare and I'm certain if I'm having this problem...

Koons Toyota has particpated in this type of activity before due to the level of comfort with their phone contact / messages and a investigation is needed to help other consumers and make them aware of Koons Toyota and Toyota ( the corporation ) true business practices .

I have supporting documents and tapes of the voice mesaages from Koons Toyota employees . Your immediate attention is requested and appreciated . Sincerely, Ms Jessie Scroggins 4708 185 Copley Lane Upper Marlboro,MD 20772 443 975 9431


My wife has decided to replace her 1994 Toyota Camry with a new one. On July 4, we went to Koon's Tysons Toyota, where she has had her old car serviced for the past 5 years. We picked out a 2007 Camry XLE we liked. We then spent the next 2 hours haggling over the price with our salesman (Hassan) and his supervisor before agreeing to buy the car.

At that point, we were asked to sign (and signed) a paper that listed the vehicle ID numbers and the price we had agreed on. We were then taken to the finance department office where another gentleman (Hussein?) printed out a stack of papers which we proceeded to sign. While we were doing so, we asked to be shown the costs of extended warranties. Hussein brought them up on his computer screen and turned it to face us. On the screen below the line identifying the car we were in process of buying was a line that read damaged $2773. I asked what that was all about, and that's when things got very exciting.

Hussein said he didn't know what that was about, as there was no disclosure document in his portfolio and no damage had ever been mentioned to us, before or after agreeing on the price of the car. Hussein then excused himself and left the room. He returned with someone who introduced himself as Tom Walsh, the sales manager, who said that with so many cars in inventory, they often suffer lot damage. I said that almost $3000 seemed like a lot of money for scratches or dings, and that we no longer wanted that particular car. Both the finance manager and sales manager agreed that they wouldn't want it either.

Hussein then said he was going to shred all of the papers we had signed, and Tom Walsh told my wife that they would find us another car and compensate us for our trouble. At that point we were (very politely) escorted from the showroom. One week later, we hadn't heard anything from the sales manager. We had one call from Hassan, the original salesman, offering us a different color car at the same price, or another one with more options for more money.

We declined both of these offers. We called the dealership's customer service department and were told that we have no complaint, despite having been misled and having our time wasted, as we never actually bought the damaged car. Finally, after 10 days, an assistant to the sales manager called and told us that a car identical to the one we had selected would not be available for at least 2 months, and possibly not until the 2008 model year. Should we expect them to find us a similar car and honor the offer to make it worth our while to wait, or should we forget the whole bad experience and go find another dealer? Is it believable that an identical car (XLE, V-6, Aloe Green/Bisque Leather interior) will not be available for almost a year?

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My dad has a 2000 Toyota 4Runner with 76,000 miles on it. While they were driving on the interstate the engine blew. They say that the car started to shake and then an explosion happened and when they pulled alongside the road they saw that the oil was splattered everywhere. There was a hole in the engine.

He had it towed to the house and then to the Toyota dealership. They are estimating the damages to be around $7,000. The car is no longer under the Toyota warranty of 60,0000 miles or 5 years but to me this seems like a factory defect. How can an engine after 4 years just blow up?

The car has been serviced at that toyota dealer since they bought it there. It has gone through all the service maintenances. They don't want to cover the costs and I have opened a case up with Toyota Corporate but I don't believe they will do anything about it. I have been reading other articles on this site and have seen that some other people are experiencing the same things that my dad is going through now.

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