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Purchase a use vehicle at a very competitive market price. After agreeing on a purchasing price I end up in the finance department were I was given three monthly payment options including some type of extended warranty program. Nowhere in the sheet of paper presented to me was my payment without the inclusion of the warranty packages. The paper had the APR% rate and the length of the loan. The cheapest of the options would it cost me $12,000 more of the agreed vehicle price. The car was $29,795. I had already calculated my monthly payment before I walked into his office so when he presented this prices I almost felt off my chair.

I played dumb and I let this go. Then he presented the final paperwork which included the outrageous $599 processing fee, which had another fee of $799. I ask "What the hell is this?" He nervously answer that it had something to do with taking the car to BMW for some checking etc. I told him I wasn't paying that. A manager came and reduce the mystery fee to $450. After being away for three weeks with the family for vacation I got to take the car for MD inspection, so I can get my tags. The car didn't pass because of the conditions of 2 tires. I called to let them know and basically told me that it's on me and they are not paying for the replacement of the tires.

Don't waste your time and get screwed like I did. There's lots of other Ford Dealerships. This location has terrible business methods that I fell for. I bought a used truck that ended up needing thousands in repairs right away. What a big set back for me. Safety issues, time missed from work, headaches and a bigger dent in my wallet. I wonder if they even complete safety inspections?? Buying a car shouldn't be this difficult. But they got paid and I'm stuck with a truck I don't want. Just beware of these guys. They can be sneaky.

Two different times: November 4, 2010 and January 3, 2012, I had to take my 2010 Ford Ranger to Koons Ford Annapolis, Maryland for the same problem. The driver's door window is not going down properly, which still is not fixed. When attempting to contact the dealer (Koons Ford Annapolis, Maryland) by email, there is no answer, or if by phone, you are left on hold with no answer.

I bought a new Ford Usion(12-31-08) actually took delivert 01-01-09. I had 135 miles on the car when I drove over a very small pile of snow and both my tires went flat. Car was towed back to dealership. I was told it was road hazard and then it was vandalism. I saw the tires and there were two slits about three or four inch long and about inch or two apart on the side wall of both tires. The slits were in about the same spot on side wall of both tires(driver side). I replaced the tire at a cost of $256. and the same tires have been on the car. I dirve two around with two small children and I am very apprehensive as to how safte these tires are.

Prior to 9 August 2006 I initiated a web assisted search for purchase of a new Ford vehicle. On 9 August 2006 I received an email letter from the internet sales manager of Koons Ford of Annapolis offering 500. off my best price quote either from Koons or any other dealer. The letter had no end date for stated offer. I continued to shop for a Ford van and have continued communications saved from the search. These email communications were principly with Mike Wolyn of koons ford. On 28 October 2006 I entered Koons with the understanding that i was going to finalize the transaction.

I had made arrangements to sell my used vehicle to an outside party. When i requested the 500. reduction they acknowledged that it had no end date but that their intent was not openended. The salesman Mike Wolyn stated to me that he in fact has numerous customers shop for 3 months. I requested my 500. discount that date numerous times and stated that i was disatisfied, and was not going to drop the withdrawn offer. I sent the initator of the letter, Julie Wooden: internet sales, a certified letter requesting them to honor their offer along with a copy to the salesman Mike Wolyn. The certified letters were sent in November of 2006 and the return notification demonstrates receipt by Koons on November 29 2006. I received no response as of this date.

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I bought a new 2005 Ford Escape approx 2 weeks ago. There appears to be an engine noise abnormality that developed when driving at or above 65mph. Took the car to Apple Ford. Apple Ford indicated there's a problem, but the problem cause is unknown. Took the car to Koons Ford (where I bought it). Koons has no idea what the problem is.

No car. No 4WD when needed it. Frustrated after spending $24K two weeks ago. I want an immediate refund or replacement.

the left front coil on our leased windstar snapped when thankfully we weren't moving. the tow truck driver said that we would have been killed if we had been driving. the dealership agreed to fix the car for free minus a new tire. however this took abot 2 weeks to negotiate and we incurred 2 weeks of rental fees. after having the car one week the brakes went and now the dealership will not return our telephone calls. we are requesting a loaner while the brakes are being repaired. but most importantly we want out of our lease as we don't have any confidence in the vehicle and the dealership is not allowing us to do that.

I have a 1997 Expedition with 40,000 miles. I have a Ford Extended Service Plan (premium) that covers the vehicle for 6 years/60,000 miles.

The engine knocks when started cold. I took the vehicle to Koons (where I purchased it) to have the problem addressed under the Extended Service Plan. Koon tried to tell me that the problem was lack of maintenance until I supplied a copy of all my service records. Then, they said they would bring in an adjuster to see if they can honor my ESP. They said it would take 10 days. I argued that my ESP should be honored by Koons without the need for an adjuster. Later that day I called to ask if I could be present whent the adjuster comes. I was then informed that the repair I needed was an oil change and the addition of Marvel Mystery oil to the crankcase oil. I am supposed to drive the vehicle now for 1500 miles, then return to Koons.

I think this is a scam. The problem is still there, but now is intermittent. I am worried that Marvel Mystery Oil will further damage the engine.

My vehicle is not being repaired per the ESP contract.

I took my car in to Ford because my antilock breaking system light and service brake lights were lighting up on my dashboard. When I cut my car off a humming noise was coming from the engine area. My battery was being drained. As a result my car would not start because something was draining the juice from my battery. My antilock breaking system light and service brake lights on the dashboard would light when I would be driving my car. When I would cut my car off I would still her this noise as if something was still on running under my hood. I would get in my car the next day and my battery would be dead. This is causing my battery to be drained so I took this problem to Ford Dealership.

The battery installed in my car was purchased 8/99 and was still under warranty. I replaced my battery under warranty with a new battery and I am still having the same problem. The battery has been replaced and Ford replaced the alternator and it still did not fix my problem.

On 1/4/01 Ford put a new alternator on my vehcicle and they charged me 626.05. I took my car home.

A fews days later I go to get in my car and the battery is dead again. I take my battery which was still under warranty back to Trak Auto and they gave me a new battery. I put the battery in and the same noise accurs again.

I drove my car back to Ford to speak with Mr. Beaver and was told that he was not working this past weekend 1/20/01. So I told John that I am very upset because I spent all this money and I am still having the same problem. He suggested that I wait until Monday to speak with the Service Advisor. I then asked why didn't I receive the defective part and I was told that I had to ask for the part. The alternator did not solve my problem. I paid them to fix my problem not replace a part that did not solve the problem. I feel that as a woman I am being taking advantage of here and I need some help.

In early 1999 I Purchased a used 1996 chevrolet corvette from this dealership. Two days later when I was cleaning to vehicle and going over the paperwork I discovered a 7000 mile discrepency in the odometer readings (rollback). I promptly took the vehicle back to the dealership and demanded a refund. I was convinced to take another vehicke since they had already sold my trade. The vehicle I was convinced to take instead is the vehicle I currently have and is also the vehicle of issue.

Two months ago, approximately March 2000, I attempted to trade this vehicle out as I usually do every tax return time. The dealership informed me that they could only give me $3000 on my Vehicle which was tradin valued by edmunds.com at $17900. when I inquired as to why the rediculous offer, I was informed that the vehicle was, at some time, in an accident that was serious enough to bend the subfame and puncture the firewall.

I was then informed that such a vehicle should have been declared SCRAP and sold as such with the appropriate disclosures. Needless to say this was all news to me. When I contacted the Koons management I was promptly told that used cars are sold as is and I was my responsibility to disern this alledged damage before I made the purchase. I heard nothing further.

Forgive me for being neive or maby even stupid but I would expect a company as large as the Koons Chain of stores to be at lease HONEST in their transactions with their customers, customest ther say they cherish so much. But i guess not. Maby this is why Its always a GREAT DAY at koons.

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