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Recently I was at your dealership and I purchased 2012 Toyota Corolla. My salesperson was Mr. **. He gave me the excellent customer service very pleased with him. I would definitely recommend you guys to my friends.

I was driving home from a seminar on the freeway and as I exited, the lights on my dash for checking the engine and VSR Trac went on. It felt like the power to my car gave out, and I safely pulled over to the side and made sure my engine was off. The service advisor Aaron, was very nice and I decided to leave my vehicle so he could check out what the diagnostics with their computer. I alerted him of the other services I wanted to have taken care of as well. At the end of the day, Aaron had indicated that they weren't sure, but they ran the diagnostic test for the lights and he said that there was concern that I may have to replace my throttle body.

Having no idea what a throttle body was, I also investigated what it's function was. Aaron also said that it's a rather expensive part and just for purchasing the part, it could cost $1200. Well, that shocked me, especially since my vehicle was ALWAYS well maintained and had only 84,000 miles on it. He said that before he would make that recommendation, he wanted to be sure and that he was going to have the diagnostic done again and make sure that there was agreement that it needed to be done.

The next day, low and behold, Aaron said that the throttle body was the sensor in the throttle body was the problem and that without it working correctly, it most likely would impact the fuel system. He said that the problem was the sensor, and that the sensor was built into the throttle body. So, with my faith and trust in my service advisor, I agreed to allow him to replace my throttle body.

In addition, he said that I might want to replace my timing belt, because due to the miles an age of my vehicle, that service would be coming up soon. Later on, Aaron also alerted me that I might want to replace my water pump. Not that it was working poorly, but it showed indications of wear that would shortly bring me back into the dealer for it's replacement. That part was $269. So, after a $2400 service bill, I called Aaron the other day to tell him my car was idling strange, not the usual feel.

During the time my vehicle was serviced, it was to be checked out and also have the tires rotated. I had complained about the feel of the road, as I recently had a blow out and replaced one of my tires with a new one. I noticed that when I brake from high speeds that there is vibration, and from what I know, that is an indicator that I may need an alignment, yet there was NO recommendation to have that done.

I feel that I was ultimately coerced into services that I probably didn't need. Since I am a single woman, I am always cautious and need to be on my social worker salary. I did ask for all the parts to be given to me, but whether they truly came from my vehicle is another story. In addition, I received an email from Toyota with a $136 special to clean the throttle body and fuel injection. I asked about having that done because the sensor could have been dirty or the throttle body could have triggered the sensor. Aaron did not encourage an alternative solution that may have saved me from spending so much money.

Over the past couple months, I've had to pay house taxes, homeowners insurance and car insurance. With the holidays almost here, I am sick to think that the additional $2400 could have been avoided.

I do not have the financial means to be flagrantly spending money on services that I don't need. I am unable to pay my bills without liquidating some of my personal property or using money that was intended for other purposes. This is just so stressful and in hindsight, it feels like Aaron was trying to make his monthly goals by selling me a load of bull. In addition, I dont have the resources to do anything about this.

The friend, the woman leasing the car, myself and my husband all arrived at the dealership at 2pm on April 3rd and proceeded with the papers. My husband and I asked if, instead of assuming the lease, we could buy the car outright. We had pre-approval for well over the amount for the lease buyout through Lockheed Federal Credit Union. The dealership said that would be no problem. When the papers started getting filled out, Eli tried very vigorously to insist that my husband and I submit to a credit check because, quote, banks bounce checks all the time.

Our credit union loan agent had warned us they would do this, and assured us it was not necessary. We again told Eli that we had a pre-approval letter from a reputable credit union and we did not want our credit dinged again. Finally we succeeded in getting the paperwork started without a credit check. After about an hour and a half, we finally were invited to sit with a finance officer to sign papers. The wife signed all her papers first.

We then signed a Retail Sales Installment Contract listing the lease buyout cash price of the car, plus document fee, smog inspection fee, smog certificate fee, taxes, and registration. The RSIC listed an APR of 20% over 6 months; they assured us that was standard procedure and it didn't matter since we were paying with a check the next day. They faxed the RSIC to our credit union in order to begin the check processing. They then informed us that they had to keep the car for smog inspection the next day (we signed the RSIC on Sunday April 3rd) and the wife gave them the keys.

We went home, confident that we would get to pick up our new car the next day. Problems arose when, the next morning, I was contacted by Eli, who said that he took the car in to their service department to get smog checked and was informed that the car needed to be inspected. He said it would not be much, only about $400 and the car wouldn't be ready until the next day.

I informed him we had already signed a sales contract and that we were not going to pay any more for the car. He said he would get back to me. I had not heard back from him by 2pm, when we left to pick up the credit union check. I also called the DMV and was informed that a smog check was not even required for this car since it is less than 4 model years old. At that point, we felt like we had been misled in the reasons for not taking immediate possession of the car.

We picked up our check and went to the dealership to collect our car. When we arrived at the dealership they again insisted that we pay $400 for the inspection, and that the car would not be ready until the next day. We disagreed, insisting that the RSIC represented a binding contract and that it did not list any additional fees and indeed incorrectly charged us for a smog inspection that was not required. We demanded they turn over the car. They refused. During this argument they said a number of things:

That sales agreement is meaningless because you didn't take delivery of the car If you don't cooperate we will just keep the car You can take the car but you have to accept the 20% loan because we won't accept your check We've called the owner and told her you are not cooperative and she has to come get her car (remember, this is a grieving, near-widow) We have to inspect the car because we are required to warrantee it for 30 days after you buy it; it is for your own protection We called the previous owner and asked if she had been contacted.

She had not, but was clearly very upset by what was happening. We were very upset that she had been involved in any dispute over this very emotional transaction. We called her husband's friend, who had arranged for the sale, and told him what was happening. He tried to talk to the Keyes employees but was getting nowhere. We called the police and asked them to come mediate the dispute. Finally the top manager came to talk with us, and explained that they have to inspect the car but he would work with us.

He said he would walk over to the service department personally to see if it could be done right away. He said he would try to arrange for an employee discount for the inspection. At this point we had been at the dealership for nearly two hours with our two-year-old son. We conceeded and the car was taken in for inspection. We called the police and cancelled the request for assistance. After an hour and a half of waiting, the dealership manager came out and said good news; it only cost $189. We went (again) to sign the paperwork.

A new RSIC was drawn up including the $189 and removing the smog check fee. We were presented with another document that declared the first sales contract cancelled by mutual consent and which declared we had not been put under any pressure to change it and were not under duress. My husband signed it; as far as he could tell, it was the only way to finalize the deal. I did not sign it. The added safety inspection fee ended up costing us $216, as it was also subject to tax. The emotional distress of the entire experience was very costly.

We are tried-and-true Toyota fans, but we will need to seriously reconsider this stance in the face of this experience. We would very much like to know if the actions of this car dealership were legal. We know they were seriously questionable and would never deal with this organization again.

Heres the short version: my roommate very kindly offered to go with me one weekend to look for a car. Having either purchased or helped purchase eight cars to date, she felt pretty comfortable on a car lot. Her experience balanced my lack thereof. I decided to go to Keyes Toyota in Van Nuys based on a TV ad they were running and, as a result of the ad, a telephone conversation with their used car manager in which I was very frank about my dismal credit rating: no down payment, no co-signer, a $350 monthly payment ability and only my nearly inoperable Ford Explorer as a trade-in.

He told me to come on downhed be able to help me. After several hours of being there, being pushed from one department to another, the humiliating experience of filling out an application for a new car at the insistence of a sales person when I knew I was going to be turned down, filling out another application in the used car area (only to be told again the I didnt qualify), and told that they just didnt think they could get it to work without a co-signer, we decided to leave.

My roommate suggested that we go and check out the Jeep Dealership since she had a current loan with them at 1.9% financing. As we thanked the sales manager for his time, he suggested to my roommate that she might qualify as a co-signer. My roommate stated quite clearly that she did not need another car and did not want to be the primary on a loan. They assured us that she would only be the co-signer and that after I made six months of payments and established a good payment history with them then we would be able to remove her as the co-signer and I could bring the car in and trade up for the car I wanted.

I had stated many times during the hours we were there that I had no down payment, needed to keep my payments to $350 a month and would use my Ford as a trade in. Also that I needed the payments to be on a schedule after the 15th of each month to coincide with my employment pay cycle. We were told all of this was fineno problemand that my first payment wouldnt even be due until about 55 days after the purchase.

We were eventually shown into the office of the loan processor. As he pulled out paper after paper, he kept indicating that my roommate should sign on the top line and/or where it read primary and that I was to sign below her name and/or where it read co-signer. Each time we signed a document, both I and my roommate independently voiced our confusion at signing in such manner. We kept reminding him that I was the primary and she was the co-signer. That she did not want to be the primary. His response was that it was just an internal thing, that when the information was sent out (I assumed to the lenders) that I would be on the contract as the primary.

Last month my roommate applied to buy a condo. During the normal credit check she was informed by the loan officer that her credit report indicated she was the primary on not one, but two car loans. When my roommate called to discuss this with Keyes she was told that she was put on as the primary because I would not have qualified for the loan. She was livid.

She told them she had agreed to be the co-signer, not the primaryin fact, she had emphatically stated that she would not be the primaryand they had fraudulently represented one thing and done another. She wanted her name removed, immediately, as the primary. The representative said they could not do that without rewriting the contract and that they would be in touch with her. Suddenly a six month commitment with her in a co-signing position turned into a 5 year (or it may be 6!) year commitment with her as the primary. That was the last we heard from Keyes. They will not return our calls nor have they contacted us by mail.

in the same way that another complaint stated, we were lied to about the purchase price of the vehicle, a 1998 4-dr Rav-4. The sticker price was 11,000.00 we talked price for about an hour and agreed that if we could bring the price down to 10,000 we would do it. It was agreed, and then we were escorted into Wolfgang's office (finance Mgr), the time was aprox 11:45 and he said that he had to get all of the info into the computer before 12:oo, we did purchase an extended warranty (basic) and lowjack which would have brought the price up aprx 1,300.00.

In the rush of it all we sighned the contract, the prices looked high but we were told that it was taxes and liceanse that caused it to seem so much higher. Stupidly we sighned, again we were so rushed. Later at closer inspection we realized that we had agreed to a purchase the car for close to 15,000! As soon as I could I went down to the office and spoke with a finance manager, who accused me of lying to him!!!! He said that we had no recourse and that there wasn't anything that we could do. Iam so upset by this experience that I have vowed to never do business with a toyota dealership again.

About 2 mos ago this car was stolen, and recovered. My insurance covered every repair and were very helpful. However 4 days after picking the car up from Keyes service, the car would not start, we called a tow truck and the driver got the car to start somehow. Then when we brought the car back to Keyes, we were treated rudely and told that they would be charging us $80.00 for the inspection. I don't know what will happen after we pick up the car, but I do know that I intend to tell every person I know not to buy from Keyes.

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I went to Keyes Toyota last May 9,2004(Mothers Day)together with my fiancee Ernie to see if we could have trade-in my 2002 Nissan Sentra to a 2004 toyota Rav 4.We were met by saleman and showed us all the available model they have and everything and after we picked one we like the saleman introduces us to one his manager Pompeii. We told him that we want to know if we could have our car trade-in with a new Rav4 with no money down.came up with a computation that we can not really afford.

He told that is because of the car that I am trying trade-in with them.He suggested that let us have sombody takeover the payment or sell the car.We did not agree with that.Mr. Lising told us we wait and he will try to come up with another computation and he left.After a couple of minutes he came back with another sales manager which he introduces to us as. and he hands as another set of computation with a trade-in,the amount of down payment and how much will be the monthly payment and without trade-in amount of down payment and will be the monthly payment.

We told him that we can not afford all the computation that they came up with.Mr.G told us to wait and he is going to talk to his boss and came back with another computation with a lower amount compare to his first sets of computations he came up with, but he told us that it is without trading in my car because I still have a $9,000.00 upside down on my car.He suggested us to just return the nissan sentra to the dealler where I bought it.We are very hesitant at first when we heard that.He told that is no big deal because that is the so called voluntary repossession and it will only affect your credit very little and he said that We can even do return the car to nissan for you.

My fiancee even told him that it is the first time he heard that a dealer can do such thing(taking care of returning the car to a dealer in behalf of the customer).So we agreed to that notion and I sign the contract without knowing exactly the total amount of the car that I am buying(the amount of the Rav4 base on the window price is $23,272.80 and it turn out that total amount is $27,242.00 after all additional charges and taxes and another $10,785.15 residual value if we intend to buy the car after the year end lease).

After we got the key,Mr.L approaches us congratulated us and we told him the about the deal. I went out of the building together with my fiancee and waited for the Rav4(it was being clean and wash at that time)and I am preparing to transfer my stuff from my nissan car to the new car,Mr. G approaches us and telling us that we can not leave the car in their compound because they do not as a car dealer returning cars to another car dealer.I was stunned by that I told him that he told us the they(Keyes Toyota)will take care of that,he said no we don't do that so we have to bring the car(nissan)home just take to nissan to have it reposses and it will only affect my credit just a niche.

We took both cars home and surrender the nissan to the dealer where I bought it the next couple of days.After several days I recieved a call from Keyes Toyota if I am satisfied with my car and how I was handled by my car salesman, I complained about how we treated and tricked by Mr.G.The next couple of days Mr. G called me and denied having said that he or they will help us return the nissan car to where I bought it. After several days of discussing this thing to my fiancee and my friends I realized that this is a clear indication of malpraticed of some crook salesman by giving me ill advice and it is consider a fraud.

Reliazing that it will defenitely affect my credit standing not only by a niche as per Mr. G told me,We went back to Keyes Toyota last june 5th and we were told by Mr.L to come back on Monday because the Bank were close on that day because they have to full out the contract in order to redo the paper work.We went back on the 7th of June and we were told by their Boss that we need to come up with at least $2,000.00-3,000.00 as down payment to be able for them to take the nissan as a trade-in.

I just purchased my first financed car, a 2001 toyota echo from Keyes Toyota. The car is a toyota certified car, meaning it has undergone a rigorous point-check and comes with an additional warranty. I asked no fewer than 5 times if the warranty 'was included in the sticker price' and the answer I received from my salesman, the manager, and the finance guy was Yes.

As I was signing the forms, the finance guy-Wolfgang-quickly pointed to all the places I was to sign and I did. I noticed that the contract read that I was paying for a warranty-so I said, wait, this says I'm paying for the warranty and Wolfgang replied no, no, the warranty is included in the purchase price, you are financing more because of the taxes and license fees etc. I had already been reassured that this great warranty was included in the asking price and did not question it further.

This is the very first time I have financed a car and I was very nervous. I got home and upon closer inspection of the contract (which, of course I should have done at the dealership) it sure enough says I've agreed to purchase a $1500 warranty. As things stand, they are holding my $2500 down payment check until May 30. I would like to go back and cancel the entire deal.

On 6/3/01, I went to Keyes Toyota looking to buy a car. I was there with the intention to buy a car - a 2002 Corolla CE. Mr. was very nice but I feel he was deceptive in the way he presented the option to lease. I ended up leaving there after $1500 plus fist month payment of $296 (amount which will be the monthly lease payment). After I went through with the process I realized that what he had portrayed as the best option, was the best option for their business, not mine.

I thought I was going to be saving and getting a good deal but in the end I realized how inflated and misrepresented that deal was. He said that if I leased the vehicle, it would be to my advantage instead of buying it (which was my intention) because by buying we paid so much more interest to the bank than in the lease situation. He said that by leasing the car I would be paying 40% of the cars value in 3 years and the remaining 60% would be paid after. I understood that since I was getting the car for $13000 then the $8000 he said would be paid at the end was the 60% that remained and that by that .

However the numbers changed by the end of the transaction (by that time I have to admit I was numb from the stress of trying to figure there on the spot if I was doing the right decision). When I took the time to review the lease it showed that at the end of lease I would have the of the lease you have the option to purchase the vehicle for $7711. So I end up paying the $296 for 36 months for a total of $10783 + $1796 and additionally at end of lease add $7711(add financing to that).

My complaint is that he misrepresented. How does anybody get a better deal paying almost double the value of the car. Can you see my point? I hope you can help me. I have faxed a copy of the lease to your organization.

First let me address the fact I do not at this time have a problem with Keyes Toyota
On December 14, 2000, I purchased a 2001 Toyota Rav-4 from Keyes everything I thought was fine. On January 20th, 2001 I took my vehicle into Toyota of Hollywood, CA for the reason of noise coming out of my dash, and my brakes were squeeking and grinding. The person to whom I dealt with (whose name I will not mention) was very kind and I too have no problem with him.. They said that these are new kind of brakes and you will be hereing
this kind of noise. Let me just say, while other customers were complaining, they finally agreed that the brakes were bad, I received new pads, & rotors, plus they too heard the awful tapping inside my dash, which was fixed for a moment.

The brakes still squeek really bad, they grind and now the car vibrates from fixing the dash. I have been in and out of Toyota of Hollywood 5 times. My patience are running thin, my car due to the fact brakes are bad when putting slight pressure on my brakes pedal the car shimmies, which scares me for my two small children. Upon waiting another month too receive these new PADS being approved by the manufacturer, In the meantime my car is getting worse, I only have 2500 mileage on it, it is not driven alot, for a new car this SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING!!!!!

I have now asked for the forms for arbitration instead of waiting another 3months for new PADS for my car, I am worried about the safety of my children. So I spoke with a woman who works for the technical department (customer relations) and told her I may try Arbitration.

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