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Buena Park, CA

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We were in the market for a Ford Explorer and saw an advertised special for a 2016 with only 1,000 miles for $29,999 at the Carlsbad location. We thought at first that the ad was too good to be true and called to confirm the vehicle. When we arrived at the dealership they in fact had the car - we test drove it and were told the car was being sold as new but was priced so low because it had been previously sold to a customer that failed to qualify for a loan.

Once we began discussing the purchase price - lo and behold it was going to be more than the advertised price - magically they had added in costs for extended warranty, and several other items which added in about $7000 in cost - oh and it was being sold "as is" - should have walked out right then! But I simply told them I wanted to buy the car for the price they advertised - didn't even ask to negotiate on it - just straight up advertised price. And they were going to have to confirm the status of the car - sold as new with the original warranty or as is--- OK, so now we began the dance over financing - they wanted 6.99% when I showed them I could get 2.65 from my bank.

Then it turned into "we can't be sure the car will be here when you get back with the bank check". We would have to finance the car through them and then refinance after making the first payment. But we held firm and went to the bank. At 8:30 P.M. the salesperson called and said the car was all ready for us, detailed and looked great and he would see us in the morning when we came back with the bank check. So the next morning we get a call from the sales manager telling us someone else came in night before and they sold them the car - NOTE - this is after they emailed the sales agreement to our bank the previous night. Interestingly, a second salesperson had told us that the car was a teaser just for their ad - which makes sense when we were repeatedly told that if we wanted something with better features or a different color they had plenty of other car on the lot to choose from.

Bottom line - the worst car buying experience of my life - which is saying a lot - giving them any "star" on the rating scale would be unjustified. These folks give new meaning to the horror stories about car salesmen having no integrity and a lower than normal character quality. Our experience says deceptive sales, switch and bait tactics are the standard for this dealership. Buyer beware! Avoid this place at all costs.

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2006 Ford Ranger pickup with 43300 low miles. Well we got a recall on our 06 Ranger pickup for the air bag replacement so we dropped it off on our scheduled appointment. All went well with the replacement, but when we picked up the truck the service department wrote up a service check list and pointed out that out truck needed some major work and we were advised that we really should leave it to get it repaired. Mind you we bought this truck new and it has only 43K easy miles. The suggested work needed on their list was, 1 leaky oil pan 2 low on coolant 3 air conditioner needs recharging. 4 front disc brakes needed to be done. Now since this was brought in for a recall they were not going to be making any revenue. So to try to drum up work they came up with these issues.

Well I am very sure that they had no service tech. pull the two front tires off to properly inspect the brake pads. Or pull out their air conditioning gauges to properly check the level of R134 freon. As far as the low on coolant. Two weeks ago we just had the coolant system flushed out and the coolant replaced to the recommended levels. And we have yet to see any spots on my driveway or running down my engine. Why does Ken Grody Ford have to lower themselves to this type of conduct and practices. Is it because my wife and I are in our golden years. They certainly don't have our best interest in mind only our wallet. It sad to think how many people get taken advantage of by this service department. And all we did is purchased an American Automobile that was made in the USA. KEN GRODY CLEAN UP YOUR ACT AND PLEASE STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS OK. SHAME ON YOU?

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Hi My name is Daron. I am a repeat Ford customer having purchased my first Ford from Bob Baker Ford. I had a very disappointing and unprofessional experience with Ken Grody Ford on Saturday 09/05/15. I saw a few 2015 Mustangs on Ken Grody's website that I was interested in. I called the dealership and spoke with a salesperson named Ian (very polite) about the purchase of a 2015 Mustang V6. He verified that there were some 2015 Mustangs on the lot. I hadn't been to the dealership, however I did provide Ian with my information and my fiancee's information to pull credit reports and seek approval. Our communication consisted of phone conversations and text messages for about 2 weeks.

Ian told me we were approved and presented 2 options. The first was to trade in my 2013 Hyundai, put $1000 down, with a payment of about $560 per month. The second was to keep the Hyundai, put $500 down, with a payment of about 460 per month. He said he had a Magnetic V6 and a magnetic EcoBoost for us to choose from. We scheduled an appointment to meet on Saturday 09/05/15 at 12;45 pm with the understanding we would purchase one of the vehicles and choose a purchase option. I texted Ian on Saturday morning a few hours prior to the appointment to confirm we were still meeting and the vehicles were there for me to purchase. He told me we were still scheduled to meet and the vehicles were there.

During my drive to pick up my fiancee for the appointment I received a call from Ian stating the deal was off. He mentioned something about the sales manager said we weren't approved after all. It would be an understatement to express the frustration and disappointment I felt in the moment. After 2 weeks of communication, the sharing of personal information, being told you're approved, carving out time for an appointment, and then told at the 11th hour when traveling to the appointment you're not approved after all. I can live without being approved, however being told an hour before your purchase time is unacceptable. My first Ford experience years ago was great and set the bar for this experience. This experience was very surprisingly unprofessional and stopped short of the bar. I expected a more professional and customer oriented experience from Ford.

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Yes. After they sell you a car then you have to go see this guy called Frank **. The guy is a total crook then he offers warranty for you 3995 and gap for 1995, maintenance 2495. So these real crook man wants to slam you about 8400. If you do not his game he could rip you out by 8400. MY Mexican buddy went out there. They sold him all kind of junks and he did not even give him his contract. 6 month later found he jam him with 6300. The car he bought was 11500. You are walking to El Chapo Den. Mostly Mexican With Mexican Gm, Sales manager Carls **. They only need El Chapo to be completed Mexican Mafia.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a car from this dealer and they told me I was approved for the financing. I drove off with the car and 4 days later, they called to tell me I was not approved. They had also added 2 extended warranties on the contract that I did not see when I signed the contract. I agreed to only purchase one extended warranty. I was told I needed a co-signor or would need to return the car. I asked if they could remove the 2 warranties and this would be the price down by $5000 and maybe the bank would then approve the loan. Robert ** said that he didn't think they could take the 2 extended warranties off the contract as the bank requires them to ensure the owner maintains the car. I know this not to be true and this is against the law for a bank or finance company to require a purchaser pay for an extended warranty.

They did not want to help me get the financing worked out and I returned the car. They lied to me stating I was approved when I had not been and then tried to make me purchase 2 extended warranties adding $5000 to my purchase price, stating the bank required them which is not only false but an illegal practice. I returned the car at their request and told them what day I would be there and asked them to have a check ready for me for my original $4072 deposit. I returned the car on a Saturday as promised and they did not have a check for me. They said I would have to come back Monday to get the check as they could not cut checks on a weekend. I told them they knew I was coming a couple days before and should have had the check ready. So they now have their car, but I do not have my money in hand. Again, against the law I believe. I have to go make another trip to this dealer to pick up my check.

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I called Mr. P on March 26, 2009 that I would like to change my Expedition 2007 for a smaller car an he suggested that I come on March 31st., 2009 that he was going to talk to his bank to finance the new car. I went and he asked a new salesman to assist me on choosing a new FOCUS 2009, after he send me to the Finance Dpt. to process the sale. Before I left I gave him the keys of the Expedition and I thank him for all his assistance.

On July I started receiving phone calls from Ford Credit, when I was in the hospital and letters that I owed $9281.50, I spoke to Cheri P, and she referred me back to Ken Grody. I spoked to Carlos on the phone and I asked to see the Manager he gave the run around for days and denied that the new Manager was in the Office. I decided to approach Mr. Ken Grody and tried to explain to him but he hardly to take time and he wanted to speak in the lobby and called a salesman to assist me. THe Manager and the Salesman are no longer there after the sale. He never told me of any negative outcome.

Ken Grody Ford location at:
6211 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90621


appears to be violating California's Car Buyer's Bill of Rights.

I was a Ford customer for 21 years and currently own 3 Fords and was planning on purchasing a 4th Ford vehicle. I applied for financing on an advertised car and was offered a 10.9% interest rate even though I have a 794 auto fico score and was going to put 30% down. My credit union offers 4.49% for 60 months with 20% down.

The sales manager proceeded to tell me that they needed to give me such a
high interest rate as they were taking such a large hit on the front end
that they needed to make it up on the back end with the "kick back" from

FMCC of around $1000 by giving me a 10.9% rate.

California law limits the amount of the "kick back" the dealer can receive
from the lending institution to 2.5% for loan terms less than 60 months and

2% for loan terms greater than 60 months per the Car Buyer's Bill of Rights mentioned previously.

He went on to tell me that I could not use my credit union through CUDL to
finance the vehicle because of the $1000 FMCC bonus cash which was an

incorrect statement. Their ad incorrectly listed the wrong incentives for the 2009 fusion of $2500 customer cash, $1000 FMCC bonus cash when the current incentive is $3500 customer cash.

I went back on a subsequent day as I had forgotten to receive a copy of my

finance application and my fico as well as to discuss the sale further with my assigned salesperson. I produced evidence of the current incentives with printouts from Ford's web site and their own web site and they insisted that what they advertised were the correct incentives.

I showed the sales person a printout of the Car Buyer's Bill of Rights and
the limits on "kick backs" and he went to the sales manager who apparently
relented in letting me purchase the car with financing from my credit union. I asked the salesperson to provide me an out the door price from the sales manager. Upon reviewing the out the door price, I noticed that it

incorrectly reflected the wrong customer cash rebate of $2500 when it should have been $3500.

Apparently the dealer uses these incorrect rebates to leverage the
negotiations so that the customer finances through FMCC at unusually high rates. Remember, I have a 794 auto fico. They also apparently use these misrepresentations in the event that the customer obtains their own
financing to credit the customer with a lower rebate amount and pocket the

rest. In this case, they only credited the out the door price with a $2500 rebate and apparently intended to process the $3500 rebate for an additional gain of $1000 on the transaction.

FYI, I checked 4 other local dealer ads, and they all listed the correct
incentives for the Ford Fusion. Also, the dealer's ads reflected the

incorrect incentives for multiple weeks which leads me to believe that the advertising director is extremely incompetent or they knowingly engaged in such practices to maximize their profit.


I purchased two trucks for my business. A F450 Superduty and a F650 Superduty crew cab. They ordered the wrong truck for the F650, took a month to fix it and then would not take back the wrong truck because it had over 170 miles on it. They made me pay over $3,000.00 because they said it was being taken back as a used truck. The the F650 has been in the shop for a total of over 90 days in the last 18 months. The F450 close to 30 days. The F650 has broken down many times with customers riding in it. One breakdown was over 250 miles away.

The dealership and Ford will not assist me in any way and refuses to reimburse me for the lost revenues. I have over $100,000.00 invested in these trucks. This was the first time I had ever purchased a Ford product but wanted to Place money in our economy not another countries. I will NEVER buy a Ford product again. As we speak my F650 is in the shop again, this time it has been 12 days so far and counting.


Ken Grody Ford Dealer in Orange County,California; from whom I leased the vehicle, installed an alarm system on the aforementioned vehicle. The tech went to my home and performed the installation there. This is what happened: the amplifier on my Eddie Bauer 2005 Exp. got fried, along with subwoofer. I took it back to the dealer and they replaced the amp with an used amp from a Mazda 2001 vehicle and downgraded the quality of the subwoofer. In addition, in order to fit the amplifier connectors, the dealer clipped the factory installed wires. Now, this is what I want: I do not want this vehicle. I paid for a new FORD.

The dealer tampered with original equipment without my consent. Needless to say that the replaced parts are not the ones on the vehicle spec per Visteon, the sound systems supplier for this model. I am escalating this matter through an attorney if necessary. Again, I do not want to keep this vehicle. It is the dealer duty to be truthful and honest. This is a fraudulent action by the dealer Ken Grody. I did not expect such a dirty job from FORD. I have purchased or leased FORD vehicles since 1992, to mention, Taurus(sedan and Sta Wagon), Windstar, 2002 Expedition. This is a very dissapointing experience. Last time, I am not willing to keep this vehicle. I will take legal action if needed. This FORD dealer is at fault.


In June 2003 I purchased a used 1997 Ford Mustang GT at Ken Grody Ford, in Carlsbad CA. The day I purchased to vehicle I was not able to take the car home, because they said that the car needed to go through a complete inspection to ensure it will meet Ford Motor Company standards, to include inspection of the brakes, tires, motor, fluids, and complete detail of the car in and out. About a week later I was able to pick up the car that was not clean at all, both in and out. Had stains on the seats still and dirt and dust all over the place. On the way home that day the brakes went out and I had to turn around and take the car back. They gave me a rental car and repaired the brakes, witch took two days.

The day I picked up the car I had to take it back the next day because something was wrong with the exhaust, it was rattling on the frame of the car. They gave me another rental car, and this repair took two days. From the day I purchased the vehicle and the time I actually got to bring it home was about two weeks, witch I think is unreal. Two weeks later one of my tires went flat, and I ended up replacing all four tires because they were worn down to the metal belts on the inside edge of all four tires, witch cost me $270. At this point I came to believe that this car ether wasnt inspected like it should have or Ken Grody Ford is trying to get over on me. I talked to the manager of the store about my problems, and if I was going to be reimbursed for the tires. I was told that I got the car for a good deal, and everything that needed to be done to the car was done prior to me taking it home, and that they could not reimburse me for the tires. Which was hard to believe. I was told that the tires would be replaced the day I bought the car if they needed to be replaced, witch obviously they needed to be replaced.

After about two months on the way to work one morning I was stuck on the side of the highway because the clutch went out, and I ended up missing the entire day of work. When I got to Ford that morning I talked to the service manager, witch was familiar with me because Ive been there so many times already, which said to me that he better not find any signs of drag racing my car witch made me very upset, and caused a argument between us. Very unprofessional. These repairs took over a week, and I was promised that nothing else would go wrong with the car because they did another inspection on the car, and everything was looking good. Not even a week later on a Saturday morning on the way to work my transmissions blew up, witch resulted in another day missed from work because Ford could not give me a rental car because it was a weekend. I ended up taking a Taxi home that day. After another week I picked up my car and it would pop out of forth gear on occasion. Once the problem worsened the took the car to North County Ford for my repairs. These repairs took two weeks, and I got charged $279.78 for a problem that Ford should have fixed right the first time. Since the day I picked up the car it has not been running good and the check engine light has come on.

For the amount of money that I spent on this car I should not be going through all the problems that Im going through with both the car and the people of Ford. Im in the military and I cant afford to lose any more time or money to this problem. I am hoping to get someone to help me out and give me some information on what I can do to put a end to this.

Thank you.

Michael Largen


My Husband and I had been looking for a car for 3 weeks. My car was about to die and it didn't fit him. We needed a family car. We both don't have the best credit but we were willing to put down a good chunk and pay a high APR%. We got talked into a $9,000 Focus. It was better then what I had so we took it. My Husband had bought 3 cars prior from this dealership and had paid everyone off but 1. We were in the process of doing that. We waited for 3 weeks before signing our agreement with our bank for the amount to cover the other car we were buying out. Of course a week later, after it was too late to add anymore to our private loan, we got a call to bring back the car because we didn't get financed. We weren't even asked for extra down. We asked if we could have some more info to see if there was a way we could get a loan on our own but they refused to answer our questions unless we had an attorney call their attorney. They called and harrassed us the rest of the week on our home, work, and cell phones. When we weren't working went took the car in to see if there was some way we could still get a loan.

Before I could even get out of The car a man walked up asked for the keys and told us to go talk to Patrick in Finance. They made me get everything out of the car including my daughters carseat before husband could even pull up. We went in to finance and they barely gave us our down back and said that was all they could do for us. Now I have no car and we can't do anything because we haven't even made our first payment on our private loan. I will never buy another car from them again and neither will my husband.

In January of 1999 I went to Ken Grody Ford in Buena Park to order my new ford truck. At the time, I was still leasing a 1997 Acura Integra. My Acura lease was to end in June of 1999, and part of the negotiations included that Ken Grody Ford would "roll" me out of the Acura Finance lease and into a new truck lease.

On March 31 of 1999, my new Ford truck arrived on schedule and I drove down to pick it up. We handled the necesary paperwork, dotting the I's and crossing the T's, I handed over the keys to my Acura and I happily drove home in my new Ford Truck.

Since the Acura lease was due in June, the dealer had about three months to either sell my Acura on their lot, sell it at an auction or return it to the local Acura dealer. The three payments I still owed were built in to my new lease. Basically, Ken Grody Ford was now responsible for the Acura and for making sure that my lease was properly terminated when the time came (i.e.- the Acura was either returned or paid for).

Around Thanksgiving of that same year I began to get letters from Acura Finance asking me "where is the Acura? You are in default of your you plan to buy the car? If you fail to respond, your credit rating will be negatively effected, etc., etc.

I called Ken Grody Ford, and they said that the car had been taken back to Anaheim Hills Acura and that there was nothing to worry about. I called Anaheim Hills Acura, and they had no record of my Acura ever being returned. I asked Ken Grody Ford General Manager (Mr. Miletich sp?) to please call Acura Finance and quickly handle the situation, because my fiancee and I had a house in escrow, and we didn't want any trouble to come of this.


I have a 2000 ford explorer XLT. while accelerating at about40 mph, the car suddenly loses power and feels as if the transmission had slipped or upshifted to a higher gear to soon and will not speed up. I have to let off on the gas pedal and then depress on the gas pedal to get the power back.

I have taken the vehicle back to the dealership twice and both times they say that their compters do not see any problems and that they can not duplicate the problem. As soon as i drive it off the lot, the problem is obviously there. has anybody else had this problem? what can I do? my warranty will run out in a year. Do I have a chance with the Lemon Law? any help would be appreciated, since the dealers are worthless.

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