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Welcome to John Elway's Crown Toyota Scion, one of the Inland Empire's premier New Toyota & Used Car dealership located in the heart of Ontario, CA. As one of the largest Toyota dealerships in the world, John Elway's Crown Toyota is always working to provide our guests with a customer experience that is second to none. So when our guests told us that they wanted a large selection, we built up our selection so that it is the largest in the Inland Empire.

And when our customers told us they disliked the hassle of shopping for a car; the time, the frustration, and the back and forth of negotiation; We listened. We have changed the way we do business to meet our customers wants and expectations. Now we monitor the market and what each vehicle is actually selling for after all the games, then post one price, our best price, on every single vehicle upfront, ensuring that everybody gets the same fair market based price and a second to none customer experience.

Stop by John Elway's Crown Toyota and experience a better way to buy a vehicle. One price. Simple, No Games. Just what our customers ordered.

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Purchased a 2015 VW with 17K miles for my son several months ago. We were told the tires were new and they recommended that we buy a tire protection package for $800. We did as they suggested. With only 2,000 miles on the car the VW dealership advises us that we need new tires. The tread measurement the VW dealership gave us of 1/32 is below the minimum that the Toyota tire package mandates when selling a tire protection package.

Air conditioner of 2004 Toyota Sienna stopped working. Took car to dealer on 8/23 at 09:15 AM. Danny was told of past problems and he scheduled an inspection. He would call in the afternoon to let me know status. I called at 03:00 PM and he said he had to talk to the mechanic. Danny called back about 04:00 and stated they need to keep the car overnight since they could not determine the problem. He said supervisor and mechanic has been looking at it from 10:30 in the morning and could not find the problem. I asked if it was the compressor and he stated it was not and appears to be an electrical problem. He stated that they wanted to keep it so they can work on it first thing in the morning since the mechanic leaves at 04:30. He stated he would call me by 11:00 tomorrow (8/24) with an update.

8/24. Have not received a call as of 12:00. Called at 12:10 and left a voice mail with Mr. Danny stating that he had told me that he would call by 11:00 with an update and it is now past noon and I have not gotten a call. I left my cell number and requested a call back with the status. Danny called at 12:35. Still have not found problem. Will call when problem is determined. Told him I have plans tonight, so if it is not done by 04:30 I could not pick up today.

Called at 04:15 and left message that I would like an update. Mr. Danny called at 04:45 and said that they still could not find the problem. Said the shop foreman said he has not seen anything like this is his experience. They have been in touch with the factory people to find out what tests to run. Asked that they keep the van for another day and hopefully they can figure it out by tomorrow.

8/25. Received a call from Mr. Danny at 11:30. He stated that they found the problem and the internal electrical parts of the air compressor had burnt out. He stated they had already emailed the district manager of customer relations to find out what can be done. He does not know why the van has gone through so many compressors. I stated that I just spent over $3400 two years ago replacing two air compressors and I will not be happy if I have to pay for another one after only two years. He stated that he understood and that is why they had already sent the email to the district manager and they were waiting on her reply.

Called at 03:50 PM and left a message asking for the status of the email and any response. Mr. Danny called back at 03:55 PM and said district manager declined any request. He gave me a number that I can call to take it up further. 1-800-. Cost estimate is $1000. The district manager's name is Ester and is the DSPM (District Service and Parts Manager). Called the 800 number and talked with John, a National Customer Relations Representative. Explained the whole situation from when we purchased the vehicle to the problems we had two years ago replacing the compressor 3 times and spending $3400. He asked what relief I would be looking for and I stated that I would expect Toyota to stand by there vehicle and parts and fix the air compressor since it is a part that is only used part of the year and went out in two years.

I further told him that since the compressor went out in two years, I suspect that the part was defective, used, or an after-market part. He put me on hold and a few minute; later, he stated that there is nothing else that can be done. He stated that the decision had been made and cannot be overturned. I asked him if this number was the avenue that I had to pursue to reverse this one person's decision and he responded as yes, but the decision that the District Service and Parts manager made cannot be overturned. $1000 repair bill for a part that was supposed to be brand new 2 years ago.

In June of 2009, I was sold a DAMAGED new 2009 Toyota Tacoma Truck.I discovered and reported the damage to Crown Toyota within a two day period. The dealership needs to replace the truck,not try to repair this NEW truck for me. New car prep,service dept knew of the damage and DID NOT report it prior to delivery.

I brought my 2000 toy. corolla in because my regular mechanic said the computer was messed up causing it to die after about 20 miles- just stops dead.
1st they changed the spark plugs at $160 and said that would fix it. The car died again and i had it towed to dealer again. This time they said it was maybe the computer - 2,000 to fix. They then told me it was the fuel injectors, they changed them but in testing it, it still died. They had it about 2 more weeks and could not find why it kept dying.

They gave up and now want to charge me 900 - down from 1450 for NOT FIXING MY CAR. I could understand spending a couple hundred to diagnose without results, with them telling me hey we are up to 200 and cant find out what is wrong...but I didn't bring it in for new plugs or injectors, I brought it in to diagnose and then fix the problem if it didn't cost too much. They now have my car that does not work. They want me to pay them over $900 for not diagnosing my car. I want the car back without the new parts, to sell to get a new car.

I had a Scion XA 06 great condition, low miles. I tried many times to trade it in at the same place which is crown Toyota of Ontario cause the payments were to high. They said they couldn't help me. I spoke to a man from the Toyota customer service and he suggested that I gave it back because that would be the only way to get out of the payments which was 4 hundred and something. So I told him them they can come and get it, so when the man came and picked it up I asked him if they did take it for good. Do I owe anything he said no "if I gave up the car I wouldn't be responsible for it anymore. So I figured that was the best solution cause I couldn't afford it anymore. So a year or two goes by and I get a call at work from the law office of Pat. and Felix saying I owe i asked (as well as messages). How do I owe when I no longer have the car and the man said he cant give me that information at the time.

So another year goes by or a little less maybe and another call from the same law office and it was a lady named Anna requesting a payment for the car and I explained to her the situation but I got no where. So I asked her how much the car sold for so I can know because they were requesting 3,000 something and she said she cant give that info so my grandmother spoke to her and she said she will try to give me that info and I am still waiting for that. So to me if I was gonna end up owing in the end I would have just kept the car and struggled that way rather than pay for something that I don't even have. And I am trying to find out why I still owe when nobody told me I would have to pay back, what ever was left from what they sold the car for which I think that's their fault. They should of sold the car for more and then they wouldn't of been out any money. Now they want me to pay for them cleaning it and etc. It was already clean. So they want me to pay this LARGE amount of money that I don't have and they didn't even tell me any info. Oh why.

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I have an 06 Toyota Tacoma D-Cab, V6, Pre-Runner. Here's my angry history.

First 3 thousand to 33 thousand miles I had fairly regular checkups with the following dealerships: Toyota of Hollywood in Burbank, Power Toyota of Cerritos, and Crown Toyota (John Elway) in the city of Ontario California.

In each and every checkup there were a series of problems that I was encountering.
1. AC was making an intermittent ticking sound. It could never be replicated when it was serviced. It still makes noises off and on today.
2. Ticking noise was constantly heard from engine compartment. On the 2nd visit and second complaint it was fixed because of a Tech Service Bulletin Fix. The manifolds were replaced.
3. A clicking noise was and still is constantly heard from the engine compartment. It sounds like valves ticking even with high octane Shell, Chevron, or 76. All my claims are constantly being dismissed as "it's the same condition that exists with all Tacomas", therefor its normal. Ok, I bought it.

4. My rear end was constantly bottoming out and as a result it created a pretty harsh ride. What exactly does that mean? Well, every time I carried a full load of passengers / towed our 19' boat, / or hauled material in the bed it will bottom out. The slightest dip or speed bump even at 10mph is felt. Do I feel it when I'm by myself and the bed is empty, and there are no other passengers? Yes, but at higher speeds. Do I ever off-road my vehicle? NO. Oh, I also noticed that there's this traveling like effect while driving. It almost feels like the left and the right side are traveling at different speeds, but I only notice it on the 210 freeway, so it might just be road conditions.

Well, typically in the pre 35 thousand miles while under warranty Toyotas paper work would constantly state that they were unable to duplicate the problem, therefore there was nothing wrong with it. Hence, it was returned to me and I was left with no out or recourse. I was led to believe that it was probably my imagination.

I drive 120 to 200 miles a day giving estimates. Mileage adds up quick on me. I've also become very tuned into my vehicle as if we are one. Anyway, I hear and notice things all the time.

So, last week I'm reading through Tundra Solutions looking for Navigation solutions on Tacomas and Tundras, and I happen to stumble upon the article of another Tacoma owner complaining about his Tacoma bottoming out and the Technical Service Bulletin associated with it that was released back in July. So I call up my service adviser at Crown and ask about my eligibility for the fix. I was told that there should be no problem despite my high mileage. I called to make an appointment the second time and a girl answered and I asked about making an appointment and I told her about the issue that I was having, and she responded, telling me that my truck was beyond its warranty period. Oh, I have 66, thousand miles on it and purchased it in January of 06. Anyway, she gave me an 800 number to see if I was eligible.

I called the 800 number and spoke to the representative. The guy on the other end was extremely helpful, but ultimately couldn't understand why I was calling him more or less why he was dealing with me. He made note of the incident and contact a manager over there and she in turn followed up with me the following day regarding my appointment. I emphasized that this was documented by each dealership more than once before the 35k thousand miles.

Ok, I made the appointment and this time I loaded two 90 lbs bags of stucco in the bed and took it. I arrived and everything was hog wild in terms of why I was there. The service adviser "BRANDEN", whom made note of the issue in the past, was now playing the warranty game, since my truck was over the 35k warranty. -DIGRESSING - Good old Branden advised me in the past that he was making note of the specifics of my claims in the event that there was ever a fix. It appeared that he was trying to honor all of Toyotas products and associated warranties.

Well, a request was put in for one of the main mechanics to take a ride with me to witness the problem. A very short ride later after having hit a few small dips at 10, 20, and 30 miles per hour when he both heard and felt the bottoming out of the vehicle. He suggested that we go back to the service center. We got back and the first thing he did was look under the bed and he popped up and stated that the springs were flat on one side and off on the other side. WELL< HELL!


WELL, I know why Ford truck commercial always ends with "BUILT FORD TOUGH", and thats because you can't beat the build of the domestic truck. Their much like the Timex watch, they can "take a licking and keep on ticking". I've never heard of any other 1/2 ton pickup not being able to carry a load. They should just call the Tacoma a CRUCK because it's more car than truck.

I've never been more disappointed with anything as much as I am this truck. Oh, outside of my complaints it's a great truck. It just fails where it counts most.

I took my 2005 Prius to John Elways Crown Toyota for regular 5,000 mile service yesterday (August 29, 2007). This is the 9th or 10th time I brought my car there for service because the front line staff had always been friendly and offered good service. According to schedule, my car was supposed to get the 55,000 mile service. But the service advisor, Josh Reece, told me to do the major 60,000 mile service since I never got it done at 30,000 mile. I thought it was strange because I also had my 30,000 mile service done at Crown Toyota which they just did regular minor service and didnt mention to me that major service was needed. Josh said he didnt know about happened since he didnt handle it, but he strongly recommended me doing the major service which estimated cost is over $350. I thought its a bit pricy so I called my boyfriend to verify that. My boyfriend said major service is needed and its better to do major service at dealer. Therefore I left my car there for the whole day for major service. I picked up my car around 5:45PM and paid $386.40 for the service.

This morning when I drove my car to work, the triangle warning sign light went on when I was on the freeway, and I have only left my house for less than 10 minute. I switched to the far right lane and slowed down a little bit the problem didnt go away. I got off the freeway to a complete stop the light was still on. When I pull back onto the freeway, two more lights went on, the engine check light and the temperature light.

This has never happen to my Prius before so I was worried. I called Josh at Crown and told him the problem. At that time I was 30 miles away from Crown Toyota, so Josh told me to find the nearest dealer to get it checked and he will work it out with the dealer. Therefore I went to Longo Toyota. Longos service advisor Frank Lorusso talked to Josh on the phone to settle the diagnostic charge of over $90 and started checking me in. At that time its close to 9:00AM, and I had to call my office to tell them I will be late to work.

After waiting for two hours, Frank came to tell me that the warning signs were caused by a broken part, the water/coolant position level sensor in the radiator. I asked him was this related to the service I got yesterday, he told me no. He said, at first they thought it was an air pocket? problem, which is known for this model. But after diagnostic, Longo concluded there was no air pocket, the coolant level was fine, its the coolant level position sensor is broken and sticking to the wall. To replace this part, cost $491 and they have it in house can fix it right away.

Being a loyal Toyota customer for many years, I thought its very odd to have broken parts on a Toyota thats not even 3 years old. Plus the quote for the part sounded too expensive, I decided to seek second opinion. I asked Frank is my car okay to drive and he assured me yes. He said the lights will still be on because the broken part was not replaced yet. I asked him would my engine over heat? He answered, No, its okay, it shows overheat because the sensor is malfunctioning. Its just the heater would not be functioning, which you dont have to worry about under this weather.?

With professionals assurance, I drove my car away with 3 warning lights on to a independent Toyota certified auto shop (ToyoStar Auto) at Rowland Heights (about 20 miles away from El Monte) for second opinion. The ToyoStar mechanic, Dennis, listened to my problems, and immediate expressed that he think for that part to be broken is very unusual and this sounds more like the radiator is low in water/coolant instead. So he checked my engine in front of me. Together we saw the inverter coolant was not full visually. He checked the record in my car system and found the problem code is P1121. Then he used thermometer to check my engine temperature, which indicates the engine was over heating. I wanted to drive to Crown right away to show them the problem caused by them not performing the major service correctly and have Crown fix the problem. Dennis said I shouldnt drive without adding the coolant right away or my engine may burn, plus Crown was about 25 miles away. So he started adding coolant gradually into the radiator in front of me. He almost went through a full gallon of radiator.

Then Dennis told me the car should be okay to drive since the engine will not overheat now. But he did not touch anything in the system, so the lights may still be on. He wrote down the problem code and description for me and told me to go to Crown for a full check again. And he was so kind didnt even charge me for the coolant or the service.

By the time I left ToyoStar, it was pass 12:30PM and I hadnt had lunch. I was unhappy and shocked to find out the expensive dealership service that I trusted could have cause me an accident. Crown Toyota didnt even fill the inverter coolant to the desire level when they claim this service is done for the major maintenance. Longo Toyota failed to diagnostic a simple problem and wanted me to replace a part that was not even broken. Longo even told me the car was safe to drive when the engine could over heat. At that point, I had no trust in dealerships maintenance service anymore. I really dont know what they did with my car when I am not present.

When I got back to Crown Toyota for the full check again, I demanded to be with my car during the diagnostic and I requested refund. Josh, the service advisor who assisted me yesterday arranged me to go with technician Mike to check the problem together, but he said the refund Id have to talk the Service Director, Nancy. When we saw Nancy on the floor, Josh introduced her to me, but she expressed she was too busy to talk to me and ask Josh to find Jeff Wade, the assistant service manager. Jeff met with me and since I wanted to be with my car during the check up, we decided to meet later after Mike finish checking my car.

After explaining to Mike what happened earlier that day, he suspected its the air pocket? problem just like Longo suspicious earlier. Apparently, this is a well known problem due to the design of Prius having the radiator lower than the engine and heater. Mike used flash light to look into the inverter coolant level and found out even after ToyoStar filled almost a gallon, its still not at the full line. Then we went on a test drive together with engine monitor hooked to my car. During the test drive, Mike said he heard the air inside the engine. In order to get the air out, he had to turn the heater on and keep turning the car to shake the air pocket out. So I was seating in the back seat been swung around with heater on to max hot when the out side temperature is already over 105 degree for about 15 minutes. Although the process of fixing it was not that enjoyable, I didnt complain because I asked to be with my car. In fact, I appreciate Mike for explaining to me the details of what happen so I learned a lot about my car.

Basically, the problem originated from the design of this Prius model. (What a surprising disappointment! Never thought Toyota would have designing defect) In order to make the car shape more aerodynamic, the inverter coolant radiator which usually should be the higher point of the engine was positioned lower than other parts of the engine. So after draining the coolant then refilling it, it is easy to form air pocket inside the radiator or pipes if you dont fill it slowly and carefully. Once air pocket forms, newly added coolant would stay on top so you feel like its full but its not. I asked Mike since Crown service so many Prius, did this problem happen before? He told me yes, this problem has happened on some of the Prius they serviced and they are aware of the problem. This means, the person who serviced my car yesterday did not fill the coolant slowly, did not double check with flash light to make sure the coolant is at full line, did not use common sense to think that a regular size radiator would require close to 1 full gallon of coolant and stopped filling too soon, and didnt turn the heater on during test drive (6 miles for yesterdays service). To me, this means the major service was not done.

After we came back from the 20 mile test drive was already 3:00PM. Ive already lost a full day of work. Josh wanted me to talk to Nancy, but she again expressed to Josh that she was too busy to talk to me and told Josh to find Jeff. So I told Jeff that I would like to get a full refund since my service was incomplete and caused me a lot of trouble. He told me I was being unreasonable. He said they did part of the service right so he can only credit me the $91.00 labor of changing the inverter coolant. I told him I was being reasonable, I didnt even ask Crown to compensate me for my lost of missing work and possibly in a car accident due to over heat engine. He said he was sorry but the most he can credit me is the labor service, plus a voucher of a full tank gas and the next service free. I really didnt care for the voucher because I dont trust Crowns service anymore, and I dont want to waste more of my time negotiating with him. But at least I want credit back on the coolant since it was filled in another place. Crown didnt fill nearly enough to desire level.

Jeff insisted that Crown filled the coolant and he cant refund the parts charge. Then he left the room to ask the cashier to refund me $91.00 labor charge. I look at my invoice again and didnt feel it was right. When he came back to the room, I ask him to look at the invoice on the $11.95 charge for coolant that was not added to my car. So he said, Fine, I dont want to argue with you. I will just refund you that $11.95.? The way he said it was pretty insulting, like I am the unreasonable customer looking for freebies. But all I wanted was to be treated fairly. If Crown only can refund the part they messed up, they should also refund me my lost of missing a full day work, which I didnt even brought up how much itd be and Jeff already shut me down.

Few weeks ago, we came to Crown Toyota because we need to get a used car. When we arrived there, there was a car dealer came to us and asked what we need. He also asked "how much we wanted to spend for the car". We told him that we need a used car and the price was between $10,000-$12,000. After that, he brought us to the used car area and we started to look at those cars he showed us. We did like some cars, but each of them was over $12,000. I remembered he kept persuading us to buy those cars.

When we told him, "we liked those cars, but they were over our budet". Do you know how he responded to us? He said "if those cars are over your budget, then why do you look at them?" When he said those words, his attitude was impolite. (This is the first time) We didn't want to argue with him and we just thought maybe we should go to other places because we don't want to spend over our budget. So, we walked to the exit with the dealer. On the way to the exit, this dealer kept introducing other cars but we didn't like. At that time, this dealer said " you guys don't come here to buy a car today!!!" by using an impatient attitude(This is the second time).

Those words and bad attitude made us feel very strange and uncomfortable. However, we didn't say anything because we just want to leave. I remembered this dealer still kepting talking by using same bad attitude. Finally, you can't believe what happened. This dealer shout to us and said " there is no $10,000 and $12,000 used car in Toyota!!!"(this is the third time) When this dealer said those words, he was extreme impolite and rude. Gosh! We really feel mad and so strange. This car dealer treat us really bad and impolite. We really don't want to come again. We'll also tell our classmates, friends, colleagues, teachers,family,and relative the worst services we had in this place.

I financed a new truck with bad credit from crown toyota. They lied and said it was mandatory that tehy ad Gap Insurance and $1400 for three years of oil changes as well as the 6 year extended warranty and low jack. Anyway, I signed all the financing paperwork figuring the deal was set since I signed the contract. One week later, which was today, they called me and said that they couldnt get the financingf to go through and to bring the car back to them. I havent done so yet and dont plan on it , thats theyre problem isnt it ?Its my only vehicle and need it to get to work everyday, what should I do?Do I have to take it back? Thanks

Went to the dealership to look at cars. A Hispanic salesperson approached, told him I'm only looking and not buying today. He wouldn't leave me alone, told me to come back after 11pm if I wanted to look at the cars alone. I asked him for his business card or give me his name and he tells me to give him my business card. I told him I am the customer not him and why he was being such a jerk. He told me to leave if I didn't like it, so I did.

I traded in my 2004 Matrix for a 2004 C230 Mercedes, was told when I came to do the lo jack that i could have my amp and speaker box, and video camera left under the seat back , I fell ill couldn't make the appointment called and left messages to reschedule and get my things back and I haven't heard from anyone in months. I just want my stuff back.

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