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AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP!!! My 19-year-old daughter purchased a car here in good faith, without my approval. From the start there were problems with the car and it's never run correctly. My wife and I have been out of the country since October and our daughter has been unable to drive this 2001 VW Jetta because it absolutely cannot pass inspection. We've had the vehicle to Tires Plus, G&S Auto & Muffler, Nalley VW of Alpharetta. All of them say that the computers would not registered in car after driving about 500 miles therefore no one can figure out what the problem is. Yet after nearly 15 times of trying to get the emission inspection accomplished, she still cannot pass the inspection. I've written several friendly emails today, have called the dealership and Keith has not returned my call. THERE WERE NO REPLIES TO EMAILS, REPEATED PHONE CALLS, ETC. THIS SAYS IT ALL!!!

I would seriously caution you from buying a car here. I am greatly disappointed in the ethical standards held by this company. I went here knowing that the car of interest would have some issues. I mean, it was a used car, after all. We checked out the standard parts, we noted the areas that had issues (again used car, so not many surprises there). Where I was surprised, however, was that once a mechanic was able to lift it up, it was rusted so bad it was LITERALLY (and I am not saying this the way people on the internet sometimes do) falling apart to the touch. I don't mean rough tug, I mean to a - within normal pressure - human touch.

I know used car salesmen have a reputation to be slime balls, but to convince someone to buy a car that would most certainly cause a major accident or fatality with the slightest incident is beyond low. Do not be fooled by the seeming family atmosphere (the cute babies of the workers that hang out in the lobby). The folks are not to be trusted. It's not worth it; there are far better options for buying a car. Look elsewhere.

I have already posted my review, but I feel the need to update since the owner threatened to repossess my car and ruin my credit even though the car was completely paid for and I owed him nothing. Why did he threaten to ruin my credit? Because I had the nerve to post a negative review!! I know that I am not the first person he has mistreated just for providing an honest description of a negative experience with JDS. I personally don't trust any of the positive reviews. The owner of this place will not comply even with promises he has made in writing. This guy was so abusive that I actually put a freeze on my credit in case he decided to retaliate by stealing my identity and I did not sleep well for a couple of weeks after he made his threats. He was THAT abusive.

I bought my first car from JDS Auto last month. It was a 2002 Pontiac Aztek, my dream car. It has now turned into a nightmare. We paid $3,852 for the car. We got it home and that night, it started overheating. We have changed the thermostat, all the hoses and the radiator cap twice. Now, we have it in the shop waiting to find out what is wrong with it. I understand I bought the car as is, but this is a problem that they had to have known about and in that case, their prices that they do not haggle over should have been lower considering that I am now going to have to put in a good deal of money to fix it.

In Dec. 2012, I purchased a 2004 Suzuki Verona from JDS Auto. I paid $4,000 cash for the car. The manager (?), Mr. **, grossly misrepresented the condition of the car. Taking him at his word, I bought what has turned out to be a disaster of a used car. The second day at home, the battery went dead. I replaced it with an expensive new one. This battery also went completely dead two days later. I called JDS and told them the car had a major electrical problem. I ended up making six trips to the JDS repair dept., and nothing was ever repaired. No principal from JDS would take my calls. In total, the car was at JDS 32 days undergoing "repairs".

I just got an estimate of over $1,000 to fix the electrical problem. JDS sold me this car fully aware that it had electrical problems that would be expensive repair. In addition, on the third day I had the car, the "check engine" and "airbag" lights came on and stayed on. These repairs will no doubt be expensive, also. Contacting anyone in authority at JDS is near impossible. They do not respond to phone calls or email - they hope I'll just go away. Actually, I'm just getting started! If anyone else has been ripped off by these people, I can be contacted. Whatever you do, do not do business with JDS Auto.

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The price for a Mazda MPV was advertised for a month at $2,799. After seeing the car and starting the paperwork, they were writing $3,999. I called the salesperson who showed me the car. He told me it needed repair but they ordered the part. He said the car had been sitting and no one was going to fix it anytime soon because they were moving. So he suggested after seeing the car, I put a small down payment so they can know I was serous and fix the car; and if I did not like it, they would refund my money. When I saw the car, it was dingy and broken; he said it would be clean and fixed in a few days. I agreed to purchase and starting the paperwork.

As he was calculating the sales tax, I saw the price being written for $3,999. I showed him the ad posted that morning. He took it to the owner’s wife who said, “We can’t sell it for that price.” I showed the salesperson several ads dating back to 1/27 stating that same price. He told me to call the owner. I called the owner Keith who told me he would not honor that price. When I told him it was false advertisement, he told me companies change their prices all the time like Walmart or McDonalds. And he told me he was changing the prices on the ads (as we spoke). I have printed copies from 1/27-2/23 stating $2,799 was the price. This was a bait and switch by changing the price as I was doing the paperwork.

I purchased a 2003 Ford Taurus on 10/6/2012. On 10/17/2012, I was on my way to work and out of nowhere, my car started to roll backwards as I tried to accelerate turning on Mt. Vernon highway. I put the car in park so I would not cause an accident. I called my parents, and then called JDS to let them know I was having issues with my car. Craig proceeded to tell me that I needed to lower my voice and he didn't have to help me. I calmed down and tried to be reasonable but I was stuck on the side of the road, late for work, and nobody could help me. A police officer had to push my car with his vehicle to clear me off the road. I continued to stay in contact with JDS and Craig, who sold me the car, had a disgusting attitude. He hung up on me several times. My car had to be towed which they are charging me for and are also charging me storage fees. William the general manager, who was also very rude, told me that they would be willing to replace the transmission (the car gave no indication that something was wrong) for $1,700. I had put down $1800 and the vehicle in total was $2500 even though I didn't purchase a warranty (I had no additional funds, the money I put down was my last).

I should not be experiencing transmission trouble after not even two full weeks. I asked if there was any way I could get something else for the same value. They were unwilling to help and told me they didn't do that there. I then proceeded to tell William that I wouldn't pay on a car that didn't run. He then said, "We will repossess your car and we will still have your money." I was dumb-founded. I told my mother everything that had happened and she went to the lot to speak on my behalf. William told her, "If she was raised better, she wouldn't be going through this." They disrespected my mother. They won't refund my money or give me another vehicle for the same value. I still don't have a car and they are still unwilling to assist me. I have never experienced this before in my life and if I can prevent anyone else from doing so, then I have accomplished something. Please, please, please do not purchase anything from them! You will regret it and they will screw you!

Nobody should ever, I repeat, ever shop at this dealership. They will cheat you out of your money. They will sell you a car and then it will break down no longer than months of having it. They have poor customer service and they are very rude.

I purchased a vehicle in October 2011. It’s a nice vehicle, although it has high mileage. The check engine light came on immediately and I was told it needed a catalytic converter. Since I work out of town, the repair had to wait a few weeks. The dealership did cover the repair, even though it took 3 days to do a 3-hour job. My issue is shortly after I lost my job I was able to maintain payments or satisfactory arrangements. As I got a new job and unemployment stopped, I fell behind 2 payments. I made an arrangement with Keith to pay the entire past due plus the current payment on the next Friday. My car was repossessed the Thursday prior. I was not home, but my wife said the drivers were rude, dragged the car from the driveway and one shut the door on my daughter’s foot while she was getting important things from the car. The next day I went to see Keith and he pushed me off on his wife who is extremely rude.

My question was what do I need to pay to get the car back? Now, since I have money coming in, let's do auto draft. He said I owed an additional $200 repo fee. That was not in the budget. If he had said pay $100 and pay the other $100 next payment, there’s no problem. Instead, he sent me to get my belongings out of the car. The towing company said I had to pay $50 cash to remove my items. I was so dumbfounded then. I was like forget it. But when I went back in and told Keith, he said they would waive the fee. Overall, my experience was okay. It’s just that when you make arrangements with Keith, his rude wife does whatever and as a husband he has to back her up. I liked the car and it ran well. Keith overall was not bad to deal with, but his wife on the other hand... I would consider buying another vehicle from him. I'd even buy the same vehicle back.

So, I fell into the trap as well. I went with a $1,000, nice-looking 2000 Lincoln Towncar Signature Series that was a lemon six months ago. The night I got the car, they set my insurance up with their independent agent. I ended up leaving in another car because the title wasn't clear on the Lincoln. I wanted a cheaper insurance and I was tired of the improper treatment by the agent. So my payment was due on June 19th. On June 18th, I called a different agent and got a cheaper rate with the same insurance company. The owner called on June 20th and asked why didn't I have insurance. I tried to explain that I did. I gave him the new policy number and had proof faxed over. I woke up this morning and my car is gone.

I got a call from a company that has bought my contract from JDS. The lady proceeded to tell me that my payments are to be made to them now and not to JDS - and that my contract is still the same. I told her that my car was taken last night by JDS. She was dumbfounded. She asked if my payments were behind and the answer is no! I'm not behind, I have insurance. So why did he take my car illegally?

Update 06/12/2012: So once the owner found out about my reviews, he gave me a phone call. I was busy at work and was unable to talk, but he left me a nice voice message that said "If I do not take down my false reviews, I would hear from his attorney". I then had to go to the bank where my new Jeep is financed through to fill out some paperwork and whatnot. Then I saw their bright white/black repo truck came by. I knew they were there for my car because the bank manager had told me that she needed to get the bill of sale from JDS Auto. Once they missed the place, I went and stood behind my car because they had no right to repossess the car. My loan is with a bank now and not JDS Auto.

The bank manager and many other people came out and forced them to leave. They informed them that they had no right to repossess the car. I got the Jeep on May 23rd or so. It is now June 13th and I need a new starter. When I went to leave the bank that day, the car would not start. I tapped the starter with a hammer and the cranked up, I thought that the car cranked funny when I bought it, but I don't know much about car. Their website says they do a 21-point inspection. I don't see how that they would miss a bad starter. It lasted for two and a half weeks after I bought the car. To top it all off, the repo man (who works at JDS Auto) pushed me trying to get me to move from behind the car. Knowing his name, I am now looking into making a police report of this and pressing charges.

The bank said that they have cameras; that's why they saw what was going on and came outside. I also had 2-3 people with me outside who saw this happened. My cousin was a repo man in Georgia for 10+ years and told me they are not allowed to put their hands on the clients. He also told me if I would have not stopped them from taking the car, I could have made JDS Autos a CIS Autos once I owned the company. He worked for a company that repossessed the wrong car and they had to shut down because of everything they lost in the lawsuit. I am going to try to add this to my many other reviews.

Please do not go here! I understand that you might be in a tight spot and trying to get a car for $500 down, but please go elsewhere with your money. I was in the same situation. I have a new it job because I just finished college. The car I owned had broken down and I only had $500 saved up. So, I searched around and went here. I got approved and got a pretty nice 1998 Cutlass. The Cutlass had no light on or anything. Once I signed all the paperwork and left with the car (I was maybe 2 miles away), the check engine light came on. The next day, it was leaking antifreeze. I took it to their repair shop. I didn't fix anything. I sat there for 3 hours and the check engine light came right back on. What's funny is all of my radio stations are gone. Meaning, they unhooked the battery for 30 minutes to reset everything.

The next day, the antifreeze was leaking again. I am pretty sure they just put stop leak in the antifreeze. So I took it back again. It leaked for a few days and then randomly stopped. 2 weeks later, the antifreeze was leaking into the engine. So after 6 weeks or so of owning the car, it needed a new engine. So then they financed me through the bank and put me in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The question is, what happened to the $500 I put down on the Cutlass and the 3 payments of $150 that I made? That money just disappeared and then I had to pay another $500 down for the Cutlass that I borrowed from a family member and now owe.

This car has ran good, so far, other than the fact that none of the windows would roll down. So they had to fix that and sometimes, the car hesitates when cranking. I have had the Jeep all for 10 days maybe. I know you might only have $500 down, but look somewhere else! There are plenty of dealers that take $500 for sure when it's not tax time.

I recently purchased a vehicle from JDS and everything seems to be okay for now. At the time of purchase, the owner noticed the vehicle needed a little work and stated he would correct it before I pick up the vehicle, he did. He also told me that he would fix this minor interior component once I get it and they would install it free of charge. The car was given a nice exterior detail, the service and treatment was respectable also and as all human beings, we are not made perfect so things can be overlooked at times in life.

So, my main concern with doing business with anyone is their integrity, standing behind the product or service being sold and keeping your word. I haven’t had the vehicle very long at all so I can’t speak yet of its reliability, but I can say so far JDS has kept their word. If this kind of relationship can continue then it would be no question that I will continue to do business with JDS. I also would like to say that I do not plan on giving them any reason to shut off my vehicle either. Silver MB '98, thanks Keith.

They never work with customers when it comes to financing. They have poor customer service. I would rather do trade with Osama bin Laden than to go to this place. They are rated F in the Better Business Bureau. There are more complaints about this place than they are good. If I had a son or daughter who was getting their first car, I would not recommend this place by any means.

The owner is rude for a reason, he wants your car back so he can make another profit in down payments and first week payments. They will not give you any kind of warning about repossession and they will GPS your car and shut it down on the freeway just to pick it up. Believe me, I'm a third generation truck driver and any car that dies out on a road due to an owner flipping a shutdown switch is considered a murderer in my eyes, because that's encroaching traffic.

The salesman will lie to you and their owner is the biggest crook in America. I am issuing a boycott on this business so future customers will not purchase any vehicle from these people. Consumer Report and Youtube will be getting record on this business, because no car industry should treat their customers like trash when they've made a commitment to pay for their car.

I purchased a 2006 Town and Country van from JDS in January 2012. I went to get my new tag for the vehicle after receiving a phone call that the title had been transferred. The emissions expired a couple of days before and in going to the tag office, my engine light had come on. I called JDS and spoke with Keith. I told him about the expired emissions and that the engine light had come on. He said to bring the car in and they would take care of it. After waiting for a couple of hours, George told me that the car needed a new catalytic converter. I went over and spoke to JDS and Keith said that he would take care of everything. He did just what he said he would do. I now have a vehicle that passed emissions and I have my new tag! I cannot express how much of a delight it was to deal with them! Craig was great in dealing with when I purchased the car. Keith gave me a great price for my car that I traded in and then he had my van repaired and George got the repairs done! I highly recommend them.

I purchased a car from JDS in January, for my daughter. The car was fairly priced, and appeared to be in great condition. I took the car on a test drive, and agreed to purchase the vehicle. After taking possession of the car, I noticed a banging within the transmission, and called Keith immediately. Even though I purchased the car "as is", no warranty, when I called Keith, the owner, he told me to bring the vehicle back, so his service team could take a look. They worked on the car, and determined that it needed to go to a transmission shop. To sum up, JDS stood behind the vehicle, and fixed the transmission at their own expense. The car continues to run great, and I am a satisfied customer!

I notice that all of the good reviews are in caps. That’s how you know that it is actually JDS posting these good reviews. I went to look at a car I saw online. Little did I know I was going to a junk yard? This is the most unorganized car lot I have ever been to. Do not waste time!

I don't know where to begin. I purchased a Honda Civic on 10/30/2011. I paid my down payment and my first installment. The day after that I received a call from the owner Keith saying that I did not have car insurance. I told him that I did and that I would contact my insurance company. My insurance company called JDS on three-way and informed them that my insurance was intact. The owner then asked for them to fax proof. I had Geico fax proof three times and I have email confirmation. When I called back, I was told that they had received nothing and that I was a stupid liar. I then raised my voice and told Keith that he could not talk to me that way, and that I was a paid customer. He then cut my car off and told me that I needed to learn that I was a fool. He proceeded to hang up the phone on me.

I called Geico back and they placed another three-way call and sent an email. Keith then looked at the email and said he did not want the letter and that he was repossessing my vehicle. I then had no way home or to get my children. I missed the next day at work because I had no car. I went to JDS on the next day (12/14/2011) with my dad and he proceeded to insult me and tell me he would never give me my car back. I called the police and filed a police report. He and his wife are totally disrespectful. They use the GPS as a weapon to control people. Now they have taken my down payment and won't return my vehicle. He called my out of my name on many occasions and he is arrogant. We are going to court.

They sold me a car with failed emissions (emissions failed earlier on the day of the sale). They gave the lien to a new lien holder, but repossessed the car saying I was late on my payments (no one ever called me). I could not register the vehicle, so JDS made me an appointment to get the vehicle up to code. But when I arrived, they claimed to not know what I was talking about once they recalled I was there for they still couldn't do anything, because they did not have a technician on duty that day. I asked for a loaner car, and did not get one so I had to drive home (Lawrenceville 50 miles away) without any resolution.

Today (12/10/11) I went back and there were 4 people there having similar issues as myself. And a new customer was there trying to purchase a vehicle. She was advised not to by me and others because of the issues we were dealing with. She mentioned it to the sales woman Vickie and she refused to give me a loaner vehicle while my car was being prepared. So, I had no choice but to leave in my vehicle!

I bought a 1997 Toyota RAV 4 from JDS Auto Clearance. I was initially given the price of $3999. However, since I was doing in house financing, the price tripled. Additionally, I was told that the down payment was $1000. Then, at the time the transaction was being made, it was then I noticed that the down payment was changed from$1000 to $1300. The partial down payment I left was $500. There were two other partial payments at $400 each.

On or about the 20th, I received a letter from Vehicle Auto Finance company which indicated that my account was now transferred. It was stated that I was to make payments to them directly. However, I was going to be a bit late with the last $400 payment. I called JDS Auto and spoke to Keith, the owner. I told him that the account had been transferred but I had one final partial payment to make. I asked whether it needed to be paid to JDS or VAC because I was going to be a little late. Keith started to yell. He went on and on about his responsibilities and rambled on and on that he could not make an exception. I explained my circumstances once again. He said to bring in whatever cash I had and postdate a check for the remainder. He said he would hold it until the 31st of October. I mentioned to him that I was afraid to do that but he indicated that there was no other way.

On the morning of the 22nd of October, I went to JDS Auto and paid $100 and wrote a postdated check for $300 to be presented on Oct. 31. However, JDS broke their agreement and presented the check to my bank. The check came up against my insurance check and both bounced. I called JDS Auto to complain and his wife said that I needed to speak with the "owner". I left a message for him to call, he did not call me back. I called the next Saturday and spoke to someone else in the office (a female) who gave me his cell number. I called Keith and told him of the issue. He indicated that they can not be responsible for a postdated check if they were not aware of it. I told him that he had been aware since it was an agreement between he and I. I asked if he could consider the $100 in fees I received that would lower the amount of the $300 check. The line disconnected. I called back and no one answered. I called the office back and left a message. A week later his wife called. I was unable to complete the conversation as I was not in the position to discuss the matter. I called back that same afternoon, and the day after and left a message. No response to either of the calls.

On Thanksgiving Day, the car would not start at 8:30p. The next morning I called JDS and left a message. I received a return call from Keith, the owner, for the first time. He was yelling and extremely rude. He indicated that the car was disabled because I had bounced a check for $400. I corrected him and reminded him of the circumstances. I asked once again if he could consider the $100 in fees that I incurred and he said that he did not have the information in front of him to make a decision.

My daughter called me to say that someone came by her home and picked up the car. I called JDS Auto and left two messages, no return call. I am going to my attorney Monday morning. I can't do anything about the nasty way that they speak to their clients but I believe that there was no effort on their part to resolve the matter (mediate).

I have had this car for one month and I am very dissatisfied. I was not told of the warranty. The Auto Finance company has no grace period and speaks to customers in a very unprofessional way. I had to pay to have the car repaired and only had the car for 2 weeks. I just want my money back. And someone needs to look into used car sales at this dealership. I will be filing a motion with the state of Consumer Affairs regarding their unfair selling tactics. Thanks.

Purchased a Volvo; I was told the car had a new battery, and would not pass emissions until it had been "cycled" for a couple of hours. A couple of hours turned into three days. During this time I was given two loaner cars, both of which broke down before I even got home.

I was told first that the car wouldn't pass emissions because of the battery. Then they said it needed a new gas cap. Then it needed a valve. Finally, they said it was a sensor (or maybe 2 sensors).

I called the owner, Keith. I told him that he had failed to comply with the written agreement, and I wanted to cancel the deal. He became very abusive, calling me stupid and taunting me about buyer’s remorse.

The car was delivered to my home 30 minutes later with a clean emissions report printed out from their facility. The first time I started up the car, I noticed that the "check engine" light was on. I had it checked out; learned that the catalytic converter was faulty and a repair costing over $1500!

I don't believe for one minute that the catalytic converter randomly failed after they delivered the car to my driveway.

You folks took great care of us! I just wanted to take a few minutes this morning to say how wonderful my experience so far with JDS Auto Clearance Outlet has been. I needed a good used van for dependable transportation; looks was not too important but I did not want something that looked like it had traveled across the Outback of Australia either.

Andy showed me a couple and I finally decided on a gold 1999 Chrysler Town and Country. It was extremely clean inside and out and so far (knock on wood) that old girl is running like a charm! It rides better than my Sebring convertible! I have already mentioned to an out-of-state friend of mine about my experience and have given her all of Andy's contact numbers. She will need a van for her group home as well. I asked Andy if you guys would do short-term financing as my friend would need to do that. I told Sandra to call Andy and get some details so hopefully she will be doing that.

I went to JDS Auto in September 2009 and financed a vehicle through their buy here pay here program. Around July or August 2010, Vehicle Acceptance Corp. contacted me and advised me that they were going to handle my account. I contacted JDS Auto and it was confirmed that VAC would become the lien holder for the vehicle. VAC would handle all payment, insurance, and all other terms of my contract. In February 2011, I changed vehicle insurance companies and listed VAC as the lien holder. On February 28th, JDS Auto called, but did not leave a message.

I went out to my vehicle during my lunch break and tried to start the vehicle, but it wouldn't. I called VAC and asked if my account is okay and was told yes, I'm perfect (which is what they always say because I always pay on time and have never had a lapse in insurance coverage). I called JDS Auto and the owner's wife told me that she disabled the vehicle because of the notice from my previous insurance carrier about the cancellation of insurance. I told her that I changed insurance companies and listed VAC as the lien holder per my conversations and the letters I received from JDS and VAC.

I called my insurance company and had them list JDS Auto as the second lien holder and had it faxed over to JDS per the owner's wife to have my vehicle enabled. When I called back about the receipt of the insurance information, I asked how long it would take to enable my vehicle. She started with this long rant about how much other stuff she had to do.

I told her that she should have left a message and allowed me time to get them any documentation that they needed before disabling the vehicle. I told her that I would complain to the state. Her husband (the owner) got on the phone and told me to shut my mouth, told me that he was hanging up and would repossess my vehicle for not adhering to the terms of the contract. He called back 5-10 minutes later and said that they got upset when I talked over them and it would be a shame if I had my vehicle repossessed since I make my payments. He then said I wasn't abiding by the terms of the contract because I had a $1,000 insurance deductible instead of $500. He also said that I should not have VAC listed as the lien holder because on the title, it still shows JDS Auto.

I've had $1,000 deductible since the beginning per his agreement, but he was using it as justification to repossess the vehicle because I pissed them off by talking over them and threatening to complain to the state. They turned the vehicle on. I had my insurance company update the lien holder to solely show JDS Auto. I went home and reviewed my contract and under insurance, it says that I should have a $500 deductible and that they have the right to secure insurance for me if I don't have the proper insurance. It doesn't say anything about repossession. I called VAC the following Monday and was told again that they are the lien holders and handle all forms of the agreement. I also had my insurance deductible lowered to $500 because I am sure that JDS Auto will attempt to retaliate because of the complaints I make about them.

The bottom line: I have had the vehicle for over one year and a half and have not had any payment defaults. JDS Auto has an account with VAC to handle all payments, insurance, and contract terms, but interferes with that process during any arbitrary situation they see fit. JDS Auto disabled my vehicle without notice or justification. JDS Auto's owner told me to shut my mouth and threatened to repossess my vehicle because I spoke over the owner and his wife and told them that I would complain to the state about them.

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