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Indianapolis, IN

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I went to the Tom Wood Nissan on E 96th St with an open mind. I had a service light on the dash and I needed a diagnostic service to know what was causing the light to come on. I agreed to pay the $130 for the diagnosis. I was told by another mechanic that the O2 sensor was not hooked up. He recommended that I tell the dealer service, which I did. The service dealer said they hooked up the O2 sensor, however the service light came back on before I drove 10 miles. I took it back and the dealer said I would have to pay another $130 fee to check again. HUH???? Does this seem reasonable to anyone else?

In addition, the Dealer tacked on a 17% shop and supplies fee of $49.95 to a $271 invoice. Does this fee sound reasonable? I have not had this experience with other dealers. Shameful tactics to increase profit. Arrogant service managers would not correct either of these complaints. We had good interaction with this dealer on the front end when we purchased two new Nissans (Altima and Xterra) from this dealer. We had a terrible experience in the service area. Will not return to this dealer to buy or service vehicles in the future.

Satisfaction Rating

I had an extremely disappointing FIVE HOUR experience at one of your dealers Saturday, 10/24. My friend was searching for a used Wrangler. This dealer, Tom Wood Nissan, had one in stock, so we went to check it out. When we arrived, we were greeted and was able to take a test drive. My friend loved the Jeep and we entered into a salesman's office, Scott **. Scott was extremely helpful in our search. This is when things started to go downhill...

The first issue was that my friend had no credit history so he would was not able to get a loan by himself. I was willing to cosign for him, so he could get his Jeep. We wanted them to hold the Jeep for us until Monday when he could talk to his father first about cosigning a loan. Scott kept going back and forth to the manager with questions we had to make sure we could buy the Jeep. Scott confirmed that the Jeep was ours and we could wait until Monday to sign the papers. Then a guy and his son came in and looked at the same Jeep and had a check in had to pay for it. We were assured that we would have first dibs on the vehicle because we were there first. Scott then had come back to say we needed to cosign for the Jeep that day.

We then began a series of questions that Scott had to go run by the manager every time. Cliff **, the used car manager, was always too busy to come talk to us. Cliff never once talked to us during our ordeal, until the end. We were offering that I cosign the loan that saturday and finish the paperwork up on Monday. They then told us that we couldn't do that either and whomever had the money first on monday morning would get the vehicle. We had not left the dealer for 5 HOURS that day, and near the end of our exhausting time there, Cliff ** sold the vehicle to the man with the check. Without telling us that if we did not cosign a loan on saturday, we wouldn't get the vehicle.

At the end of our extended visit to this dealer Cliff made Scott **, Mark **, a finance guy, my friend, and me come into a closed office. Told us that there "Seemed to be a communication problem today". He was not pleasant and was extremely unprofessional in the way he handled the situation. He placed blame on me and my friend and the Scott (our salesman) for miscommunication. I have never been treated so poorly by a company I thought I was going to give my business to. He kept telling us "I don't see a cosigner", and I told him I was there to cosign for my friend every time.

The entire time Cliff was talking felt confrontational and felt like he was talking down to us. He last told us that he didn't care we wanted to finance the car and was told by the GM to take the check, instead of the two guys that had been waiting 5 hours to get answers and close a deal. That is extremely dishonest and a terrible business model for a "reputable dealer". Cliff continued to talk down to us for at least 10 minutes until my friend and I got fed up with him and left. Cliff was completely unapologetic and unwilling to listen and acknowledge to any points we had to say.


I bought a "Nissan Certified" titan truck, purchased the "Bumper to Bumper" warranty. I have had the truck in for transmission trouble (not covered), cruise control (not covered), ball joints (not covered), and now the exhaust system has failed (not covered). The service people say they always have problems with the salespeople not explaining the "warranty". Now, I will have to come up with 600 for Meineke to replace the exhaust system.


Regarding a 2008 Nissan Xterra SE. I purchased the vehicle (brand new) in February 2008. I noticed in October 2009 that the spare tire mounted underneath the vehicle was missing. I figured it might have been stolen so I purchased a new rim and tire (approximately $240). I had approximately 40,000 miles on the vehicle at this time (Nissan factory warranty ended at 36,000 miles or four years, which ever comes first). When I went to mount the replacement spare tire under the vehicle, that is when I discovered that the mounting hook that secures the tire was broken and had failed. The failure of the hook caused the spare tire to fall off.

I took the vehicle to the original dealership where I purchased the vehicle (brand new) to notify them of the issue and to see about getting a replacement hook. Not only did the dealership (Tom Wood Nissan 96th St., Indianapolis, Indiana) refused to replace the hook or reimburse me for the cost of the tire/rim, they informed me I would need to buy the whole tire mounting unit at $166.60, not including labor. I should inform you at this time, when I purchased the brand new vehicle, I also purchased an extended 100,000 mile warranty for $1,500. I was told at the time of purchase that this would cover me bumper to bumper, beyond 36,000 miles. Also, the two service managers who I've dealt with were uncooperative and extremely rude. The only cooperation I received from Tom Wood Nissan Indianapolis, IN was the phone number to the Nissan Headquarters to take the matter up with them.

I did take the matter up with the Nissan Corporation and I was just informed that they as well will not cover the failure of the part. Again, Nissan will not cover any of my losses - tire, rim, mounting hook or any mounting hardware. I find this decision to be extremely disappointing and wrong by both the dealership and Nissan. By the way, this has been a month long process.

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