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I bought a used 2008 bow x5 3.0 from Tom Wood out right (cash). They gave me 4 complimentary oil changes or 24 months which ever comes first. First Time I took for service they put regular conventional oil BMW manufacture specified full synthetic clearly states on front of engine compartment. Then they checked the air pressure and rotated wheels and alignment was way off. Tire pressure sensor they could not reset. Second time they used part synthetic and did something to the radiator which eventually start leaking that cost me 1500 to repair. Third time got home and noticed the underbody cover guard to engine holding together by one electrical green grounding screw.

In October they finally used the correct synthetic oil but during tire pressure check they broke the valve stem. I have never waited 5 Hour for an oil change in the time I have own a car and been driving since 1985. BMW is one of the easiest cars to work on. I work on my three other cars and an SUV, it's lot more complicated. 11/13/2015 @ 1900 HR I just happen to check windshield wiper fluid and notice the covers of the (angle eyes) head light covers on both lights were tampered with! I have pictures of every insistent! I will prosecute.

I had my 2007 Lexus RX 400h do the 15,000 mile service when the odometer is 13.471 at Tom Wood Lexus last 12/06/08. They suggested that I do the "computer checking," which was said to be the perfect checking for vehicle and would find out every every problem that you might have. So I believed them and paid $217.25 to have it checked even I was under warranty.

The report showed, "brakes 8mm 70% remain tires 8/9/32, good tread." A week after, I noticed my vehicle making noise when it was moving (usually, it was quiet). I took it back to Lexus, and after it was test drove by an expert, I was told that the noise came from my tires. After checking, they said that my tires were out of balance, the surface touching the ground was out of shape, it was dangerous and has been like that for a long. I was shocked, and asked why. They said it could be the road that I was driving was always not smooth, or I had too much emergency stop.

I took the vehicle to Firestone and had someone else to check it out. I told them that I just had my 15,000 mile service done a week ago. They were surprised that the brake was really good, but the tire damages were not possible to be happen like that in the week. Also, the "perfect computer checking" never found out the tires problem.

After negotiating with the customer service at the 1-800 number, they said that Lexus will provide me two tires, I had to buy another two and spend $700 at Tom Wood Lexus to get them changed. Have you ever heard that the tires was bad and had to be changed at odometer 13.471 to stop making noise? It's ridiculous and not making any sense to me--and Tom Wood Lexus never ever take the responsibility to the issue.

I really doubt that if they had ever done the "perfect computer checking" for my vehicle or not, and where did I spend my $217.25 for? They just took my money and didn't do anything. What's worse is they ask you to pay more money to cover their mistakes! How can a dealer do business like that? How can they still be there getting everybody's money?

On 05/21/09, I had my iPod kit installed at Tom Wood Lexus and require to program my rear hatch. A few days later, we picked It up at the dealer. The server opened the invoice and marked everything. He said to me, "The rear hatch was programed, the iPod kit was Installed, everything was perfect. Now, pay for it and you are ready to go!" There was a big smile on his face. We paid a total of $753.74. But while looking at the paper, I found that I was overcharged for the iPod kit installed. There was about $105 difference from the price that they told me before this service.

I went back to the office and told him about it. He said, "Oh, sorry. We'll refund you!" No more smile--and refunded the money immediately. I stopped my car at a parking lot outside the dealer and touched the rear hatch to see if they programmed it or not. What a big disappoint--the door would not open. I drove back to the dealer and asked them if they programmed it. He said, "Yes, it says here." I asked them to touch the hatch. They did so, and I asked them, "Did it open?" "No!"

Don't you think it's ridiculous? Afterwards, they programmed it right in front of me, and it only took about three minutes. Do you feel security when you have service at this kind of dealer? They say that they will do you service, take your money, and left the problem for yourself! Did they really do what you're paying for them to do?

By the way, a few weeks later, the woods inside the car around the stereo (the part they have to take off when they installed my iPod kit and put it back after) was off the stereo. So I had it serviced at Tom Wood Lexus (I have no choice because they're the only one at Indianapolis). After I got home, I found my front license plate gone and a lot of big or small scratches on my front hook and the doors on both side.

I called the server office and ask how did that happen. He explained that it might have happened while the vehicle was being washed. He told me to bring it back and they would take care it. The big question is, how much power does it need to wash a license plate off the vehicle when it was screwed tightly? And that's the power they use at their washing machine at Tom Wood Lexus? Besides, what kinds of washing machine are they using to make those scratches on my vehicle?

Finally, they replaced my license plate and fixed the scratches. But when I saw my car, some big, long scratches were still there, and they said that it was the best that they can do. They said they were sorry. Well, bring your car to me, I will scratch it and tell you I'm sorry, what will you feel? I feel like I'm stupid to pay money and get pain.

My some parts of my back trunk became loose, I took it to Tom Wood Lexus and they pushed the trunk back. When I got home, I opened it to check and I found out that the bolt was hanging there. They didn't even screw it tightly. What a quality of the Lexus vehicle, and what a service from a Lexus dealer! I don't know anyone who has RH 400h but I have it for a long time. I feel that it's extremely dangerous, but Tom Wood Lexus keeps telling me it's normal because it's a hybrid.

While I'm driving, when I put my foot on the brake panel and press it, I can still feel the vehicle push itself forward and then slow down. I asked about that so many times but they keep saying it's normal and that I have to get used to it! It's funny whenever they said that. Their product has a problem but they still sell it to you. When you found out the problem, they would just tell you to get used to it. Are they risking my life and my family's life? How can we get Tom Wood Lexus out of Indianapolis and get a better one to open to us here?

We purchased our 2007 Lexus RX400H approximately 3 years ago and recently my wife got in an accident. While the car my wife hit had minimal/no damage, I was surprised at the amount of damage the Lexus sustained but happy everyone was okay and no one got hurt. It happened November 20th at which point we called Tom Wood Lexus who recommended that we take it to Tom Wood Collision Center. A few days after, we were told the car would be ready around December 22nd right before the holidays.

Communications from Tom Wood has been poor at best, pitiful to be truthful. After finally calling them on/about Dec 16th, we were told the car now wouldn't be ready until January 13th. Again, not hearing from Tom Wood in early January, we called to find out about the status and were told they would have it done in just a couple days after they moved it from Tom Wood Collision Center to Tom Wood Lexus. They said they finally took it for the initial drive and found a problem with the Hybrid system. To this date, they are still trying to figure out the problem with the Hybrid system and while my wife has to call almost every other day to find out where they are with it, they still do not understand what the problem is.

It is now January 25th, more than two months since we first brought our car in for service. This leads me to believe Tom Wood or Lexus does not understand the cars they sell or our car is just not a priority for Tom Wood Lexus to fix. We have always had good service with Lexus when we take it in for our scheduled maintenance. However, this recent event has completely changed our opinion of Lexus, their competence in training their dealers, and their genuine care of your customers. There has been little to no pro-active communications, no offer of a loaner car during this two month time period (as I continue to incur costs since we are without one car) and they have not lived up to one commitment in terms of delivering our vehicle when they said they would.

As a first time Lexus owner/buyer,I can tell you this whole event has been a complete disappointment/disaster and I will take my business elsewhere. I will not buy another Lexus nor would I recommend Lexus to any buyer looking for a car that is easily maintained.

I purchased my 2001 Lexus 300 at Performance Lexus, because Tom Wood would not work with me on an employee discount. I have had my Lexus serviced at Tom Wood. I took my vehicle in during the last week in March. I told Rusty that I needed a wheel alignment. He took care of that for me. I had a business trip that following week. When I was on the highway and reached the 65mph my car had a terrible shake. I called Rusty about this and I have not herd from him. I called today becuase I had a flat tire and was unable to locate my special lug nut to get the tire off! I have not herd from Lexus as of yet! I asaked the receptionist if their was someone in the Service and the reply was sometime they have someone and sometimes they do not!

I called Performance Lexus and spoke with Bryan and he told me that their is a master lug remover and why did they not send a tech to do it. But instead Tom Wood Lexus representative Dan and the other person that I would need to have my car towed to have that removed. I do not live very far from Tom Wood Lexus not one time did they ask me if they could send a Tech to assist me. They are the only dealership in Indy and they are horrible on Customer Service. I am sorry that I ever bought a Lexus.

I have no transportation to get me to and from work all because of a wheel lug that I can not find. Bryan form Performance Lexus was excellent help! If they were willing to go the extra mile why wasn't Tom Wood Lexus. If you look to see how many from the Indianapolis area has went to Ohio to purcase Lexus you should be surprise.

All I want to know is why Tom Wood Lexus will not offer the same service that Performance Lexus was offering to do. To Wood Lexus said that I need to have the car towed and then they would take the lug off. Towing is a huge expense for a flat tire.

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