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On June 18th I took my 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee in because the front end was vibrating and shaking when I turned. Dan the service man told me I needed new tires. I questioned that because 2 of my tires were only 2 years old and every time I get my oil changes and inspections I was told my tires were fine with good tread. Dan insisted that this was my problem and spoke rudely to me. I went with his recommendation and brought a complete set of tires. IT DID NOT FIX THE PROBLEM!

My car still vibrates and rubs with turning. When I called back I asked if they could give me a loaner car to look at my car because I could not miss work and they said no. I asked the service manager Randy to call me back to work out this problem on 2 occasions - June 20th and June 21st. He never did. I feel my car is unsafe. This was an act of fraud. They sold me a service that I did not need claiming that this would fix my car and it did not! I wonder if I were a man if I would have gotten a respectable, safe, honest service. This is fraudulent and unsafe practice. They should be more accountable for their impact on public road safety.

Satisfaction Rating

Our 2005 Chrysler 300 Limited is at South Oak Dodge because it died out on I57. We had it towed to dealership. They want $1100 to repair fuel pump and sensor. They replaced our.fuel pump not more than 1500 miles ago back in the spring of 2011 . Are they using generic parts and if so why do they cost so much? Fuel pumps should've not gone bad so quickly and why.


I have had a persistent leak from the screw hole in the handle by the door on the driver's side. It happens when there is a heavy rain. I have had it into the dealership at least 4 times, and they have tried various things, including replacing the rubber seals around the door. But the leak still keeps coming back. I have it in the dealership right now, and I have told them to keep it until it is fixed.


I bought a brand new 2007 Dodge Dakota from this dealership. I have had this vehicle for at least 3 times when a water started leaking out of the screw hole in the driver's side handle. It used to happen only in the warm weather when it rained. I had it the last time, and they replaced the rubber molding around the upper door opening. Now, it is leaking again in the winter when it snows. They said they could not repair it anymore. My warranty is almost up and I am concerned that when it happens again, they will not honor this problem.


I have a problem which I hope that you can assist and resolve for me. On Monday, November 11, 2006, I thought I had completed paperwork on the sale and purchase of a black 2007 Dodge Charger at South Oak Dodge Chrysler Jeep located at West Lincoln Highway in Matteson, IL 60461. I had also brought in my 2002 Chevrolet Impala as a trade-in for the Charger. On that same day, I had also purchased a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer for my daughter. The salesman in both of these transactions was Mr. Marvin ** who is still employed at South Oak Dodge. Since Mr. ** was still assisting me in locating financing, I was allowed to drive off the lot with the 2007 Charger. I came back on Friday, November 17, 2006 and completed the transaction by signing the final paper work for what I thought was the purchase of a new 2007 Dodge Charger.

After three years of paying $525 a month on time and as I was getting close to paying off on what I thought were the last few payments on the purchase of the car, I received a notice approximately three months ago and started receiving calls from the Chrysler Corporation stating that the lease agreement on my car was to end on February 13, 2010. I located the original paperwork and discovered that I had signed paperwork for a lease agreement on the car and not an ownership purchase agreement. I also discovered that the 2002 Chevrolet Impala that I thought was being used as a trade-in for the 2007 Charger was applied to the 2004 Mitsubishi which was not my intention. I was so happy with my "purchase" that I just signed the paperwork and assumed that everything was in order and did not read the fine print because Mr. *** knew that I came there to purchase the car not to lease.

Over my lifetime and before this particular situation, I have purchased five (5) new cars and I have never leased a car because to me, it is not economically feasible and sensible to lease a car when you are in the position to purchase it. I felt that I was misled by South Oak Dodge because no one there informed me that the final paperwork I was signing was a lease agreement and not a purchase agreement but I know I can't prove that because the paperwork does state that it was a lease agreement and I can't claim ignorance as a reason in this matter.

My regrets are that I didn't discover it until three (3) years later and that I did not take my husband back with me when I signed the final paperwork on November 17, 2006 because I knew he would have caught the error. When I recently went back to South Oak Dodge in an attempt to purchase (not lease) the 2007 Charger, I again turned to Mr. ** because he was the salesman that had prior knowledge of the original transaction. I told him the situation and he attempted to find financing for me after I was informed by Chrysler that my credit score of 454 was not sufficient enough to purchase the car. I don't understand why my credit was good enough to lease the car and paying the company $525 per month for three (3) years basically but not good enough to purchase the same car.

It just defies logic to me in this situation. Am I the only one that sees this just doesn't make any sense? In this case, my payment history on this account should outweigh my credit score. During these hard economic times, everyone's credit or personal financial situation has taken a hit of some kind. I thank God that I am one of the lucky few that I am in a profession (I am a nurse) that I will always have steady employment. I can't let go the fact that I am trying to purchase the same car I have been paying on for three (3) years and I can't because of my credit score.

I don't understand why your company will offer me a new twelve (12) month lease extension from February 2010 to February 2011 on the same car for $530.89 and will not allow me to purchase the same car for the offering price of $14,315.60 and would cost me $325 per month to pay for a car that I technically have already paid for and has over 83,000 miles on it. In addition, I was told by one of the agents that this was to be my monthly payment on the car if it was financed and I purchased it. It is as if I am being forced to pay the company an extra $200 per month just because I want to keep the car.

In addition, I spoke to a customer service representative named Leticia (I did not get her last name) in Remarketing Operations Department and requested to speak with a supervisor to see if they could be of any assistance but not only did she say that there was no supervisor available after having me wait on the phone for several minutes while she searched for one (I assume), but she also told me that there was nothing more I could do even if I did speak with a supervisor. She said this to me in what I feel was a very unprofessional manner. In any scenario, Chrysler Corporation comes out on top and it seems as if I am getting **. That is why I am pleading for help in this matter. I just want to purchase the car. Any assistance you can provide to clear up this matter would be greatly appreciated. May God bless you.

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