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I purchased a used Honda 2013 CRV on 10/12/2015 for roughly $25,000. The first day driving it home, I noticed every time I let off the accelerator, the car would jerk. I reported this to the dealership and they told me this was due to the new CVT transmission and that I would get used to it. I had to bring the vehicle in for repair a couple days later for the seat warmer not working properly and again complained about the vehicle jerking and got the same response. A few days later when I brought my vehicle in to get a protective product applied to my vehicle, I again complained about the car jerking and was told the same thing.

On 11/17/2015, when I started my vehicle, the car died within 3 seconds of being started. I started the vehicle again and it once again died in 3 seconds. Next I started the vehicle and pressed the gas all the way to the floor and keep it depressed and it kept going back and forth between 2,000-3,000 rpms, never going above 3,000. When I contacted the dealership, they scheduled me to bring the vehicle into the service department at 7am the next morning. When I went to my car to drive it up to the dealership, it wouldn't start at all. It took over half an hour just to get the vehicle started before I was able to slowly drive it up there because the engine wouldn't go above 3,000 rpm. The dealer inspected the vehicle and informed me it would cost $1500 to replace or $750 to repair the cable.

I contacted Honda Corporate and the dealership and district representative refused to budge on what they would offer for the repair. I was told during the purchase that my bumper to bumper warranty covered the engine specifically, but now it isn't. The sales, finance and service staff and management claim they stand behind their vehicles, but clearly do not!

After I filed a complaint to BBB on 4-1-13, next day, I received a phone call from John **, used car manager at McGrath City Honda. He explained the situation and made an offer which does not make any sense. Of course, I declined. Then on 4-5-13, I got another email and numerous phone calls from John **. He wanted to solve these problems and make me happy as a customer. They sent me few car options. I was never thinking of going back to McGrath dealership again in the first place but the deal was interesting. Unfortunately, it’s not true. It sounds too good to be true and it was just a waste of my time. They lured me back.

Few cars they offered of equal exchange evaporated in the air. Car stock # HPH3778 was offered to me and in phone conversation on Monday 4-15-13. I agreed to come on Tuesday 4-16-13. It was sold. Even JG said he held it for me. Other two cars from Florida were registered as commercial vehicle and one of them had an accident report. The other one had damages: front fender bent, rear fender dent. Then he offered me a HPH3845 Accord LX with 29000 miles at list price of $16,926 and next car to it was HPH3891 with list price $17,126. I drove both and like the HPH3891 more. There it goes again. After 5 long hours in brutal, crucial environment totally not professional handling, the deal is off. Also, I spent more than seven hours on the road plus 5 brutal hours inside the dealership.

John ** handled the situation unprofessionally. I was treated like a second class citizen. In the middle of our deal, he just made personal phone calls, sent me to sit down, and made me wait for a long time. The other salespersons just interrupt with stupid questions and ignored me. They don’t see me as if I do not exist. It is not a good dealership with lots of complaints. John ** started calling me at work with prolong conversations to resolve problems. He offered some cars and then backed off. Once again, after five long hours at the end of the day, he had help from Jeremy. I was mistreated and they canceled my extended warranty and promised to certify my car, but the car had some issues. First, they just reset oil and never change oil because it was very low and was black like tart. And now certify? I spent $16,300.30 and I want this car. Give it back and I want my money back.

They’re like vultures, mistreating you and when you’re tired then they take advantage of you. It looks like you’re in an interrogation room. I was after my work hours and according to JG, it was supposed to be a quick equal exchange, but it took so long. They even cancelled my extended warranty against my will. I signed the papers, explained differently and at the end of the day 9:00pm. Jeremy totally ignored and mistreated customers and showed up late after several calls around 8:00 pm, an hour before closing. Unprofessional Jeremy said he will certify my car bought two months ago. How? It looked suspicious and illegal to me. That car never was truly and carefully inspected and certify now? I spent $16,300.30 and I want this car. Give it back and I want my money back. It sounds too good to be true. People, do not go to McGrath City Honda, otherwise, you will be deeply disappointed. Cancellation of extended warranty is supposed to be after equal car exchange, swap or trade.

It was the worst dealer ever to me. Me and my sister wanted a Honda Hybrid or the Elantra 2012. Mr. ** showed us the Elantra 2012 limited that we wanted. He said Chase takes too long and other stuff, and they use Chase for finance. What a joke! What's up with that? They took too long they and did not get our information from our jobs when we came back from eating. They took a long time for everything, sweet talking us with good deal and their company name. They did not service us the best. I called O'Hare dealership to see if they could service us better. My sister works 3 jobs and goes to school so she didn't have time for this. We both where sick of the runaround. Mr. ** did try and he was good with us. The other employees have to have some more respect. We're not second class citizen, we are all equal. I will never give that dealership a good rating. Goodbye!

I negotiated for a 2010 Honda Insight with the online salesman, Chaplin T. The total he gave me on his email message with an itemized list of all costs is $22,769.81 "out the door". The sale was shifted from T to Darius S. The sales manager, Keith M was working with T and S on the sale at McGrath City Honda. Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009

By the time the deal was finished, the total was $26,000 something.
Much of the financial damage happened in the office of Tony B, Finance Manager. Careful! he has a shredder behind his chair.
These people should be fired on the spot. They are like carnival workers. Does Mr. McGrath go along with this?

McGrath City Honda has two laminated charts with all the components in a Hybrid car. It's extensive. On a zeroxed sheet there are three columns of warrantee choices. Tony B then presents this sheet as the extended warrantee. He's very talented at 'slick'. I'm a woman and a senior. Perfect prey for these guys.
I'm wondering,
IS There A Real Warrantee There at all?

I'm supposed to pick the car up at McGrath City Honda with its New Coat of Rustproofing and with a no theft tracking device installed, etc. and pay the balance, cash, Friday, Oct. 23.
I made a down payment of $4,000. on my Visa.

"Your new blue Insight will be parked on the roof," they said. I wonder if there's a ramp to the roof?

*** I'm relying on you Honda experts for help with this.
I never guessed that I would need legal and financial protection when buying a new Insight Hybrid from a Honda dealer.

I now own a '97 Accord Station Wagon.
I tell everybody about this terrific car. My wagon has been serviced at Muller Honda in Highland Park where I purchased it new. It is an excellent service department.

What a huge difference in the integrity of Honda dealers.

McGrath City Honda will give me the paperwork Friday when I pick up the car. I'm going to ask to go through the sales totals with them and the details of the extended warrantee and examine the rustproofing.
If someone from the Corporation will accompany me while I ask them the questions at McGrath, you will receive much necessary information.

*** I need Honda's help Friday. It will be a win/win for Honda and me.

I have all of the on-line correspondence between Chaplin T and me.

New Hyundai Sonata was purchased. within a week the ABS light came on while driving. Took it into Service. They identified it as Rear passenger speed sensor. Said they would order and call me. they did neither. The next day. The rear passenger tire went flat. Salesmen told me to bring it in for servicing the flat. Service said they didn't do tires. Took it to Cassidy Tire. They fixed a "loose' valve and sensor on rear tire. THIS WAS DANGEROUS, IF THE TIRE GOES FLAT ON HIGHWAY AT 60 MILES PER HOUR.

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