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Dodge Ram 2010 diesel, problems: doesn't run & engine light on. Charges: $210,00 to update, $140.00 for diagnostic. I paid that and they said needs replace egr valve. To turn off engine light cost $1,100.00. I took to home and same problem. Now they said needs to replace ignition switch $830.00 and I decide to replace EGR valve 1,100.00. Next day engine light on again they are asking now for $2,700.00 to fix it. My question do they are guessing the problem?

I met Gurnee Dodge, Gurnee, Illinois around June 2015 and just for doing undercoating service to a 2015 Jeep I bought in Texas for my wife, they took care of me and never ever ask me if I am buying a car.. They just took great care of my needs at that time. Well, I decided later that I need a new vehicle and visit Gurnee Dodge again.. It was a good experience as for services offered/provided. They have lot of options for customers when times comes for financing, deals etc. YES! We the customers want to have the best ever deal, but the dealer will do business/profit too, won't you? However, courtesy, professionalism and respect is what you will get from Gurnee Dodge every time you step in their location unless you "the customer come in with the idea that you will get the lowest price and the dealer will lose money and eventually close business." Thank you.

We purchased a Certified Used 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan. We negotiated a price and was offered financing. Well we went back to dealership a week later and the finance lady ** came out of her office and said to me "Did you bring me your bank information?" I said, "Excuse me." She said, "You were supposed to give us bank information for your financing". Mind you she gave us a rate of 3.9% and a due date for our first payment. The sales guy ** at this point acted like he did not know us and said to me, "Yes you said you had your own bank". Then the manager ** got involved and he was yelling and swearing at my husband and I. We have purchased many vehicles and I will NEVER, NEVER do business with Gurnee Dodge again. To top it off the vehicle we purchased that is Certified, has a bad transmission. Gurnee Dodge is not worthy of any star ratings in my opinion.

I purchased a used car from Gurnee Dodge and the car is fine but the entire experience of working with this dealership was the typical used car hustle mentality. I found the car I wanted online in their inventory. I did my research on the vehicle and bought the car fax report for it in advance. After test driving the car we sat down with our salesman Justin who was very polite and helpful. When it came time to talk price the matter went straight to the sales manager Mitch. I have read other very negative reviews about Mitch and he lives up to all of them. He was about as useful as a fencepost when it came to helping us with the deal. In all of 2 or 3 minutes his attitude was "I'm done, I'm all in, take it or leave it." He offered nothing to help make the deal. Had it not been for the research and price checking I did on the car in advance I would have walked away. But the car we were looking at was a bit hard to find and this one was an average price and equipped the way we wanted. We purchased the car despite the less than professional attitude of Mitch.

I have no plans of ever walking back into Gurnee Dodge for any reason. After reading the other bad reviews about Mitch I realized that the only reason he's there is because he is exactly the kind of hard nosed and rude attack dog the owners want in that position. It's a shame because the dealership was nice and clean, in a convenient location, offers a large selection of vehicles and has a large service department. But the whole buying experience was really unsettling. I figure that if I'm spending 18 thousand plus on a used car, the least you could do is treat me like you appreciate the business. But at Gurnee Dodge it was more like take it or leave it and don't let the door hit you as you leave. I have purchased new and used cars from several dealers, generally walked away satisfied and in a few cases happy to have done business with them. Gurnee Dodge managed to be the least pleasant purchase I ever made.

I 'tried' to buy a new vehicle from Gurnee Dodge. They were unhelpful, and to me only seemed interested in making you be in the showroom to negotiate or make a decision, I guess so they could apply pressure? I couldn't believe how unhelpful and rude they were, at one point blaming me (the customer) saying I didn't understand 'the process' of buying a new vehicle. I do understand that I should not pay more than the Chrysler list price though!. Extremely un-customer oriented. Truly awful. I went to Antioch Chrysler instead, and they were just fantastic.

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I purchased a used vehicle, a 'summer' car, from Gurnee Dodge and the salesman was wonderful. While completing the paperwork, the GM told me that any minor problems ('just write a list') would be repaired and they would paint the vehicle. I was informed to bring the vehicle in the following week and everything would be taken care of. Only ONE issue was repaired. The GM told me that since it was raining, the painters weren't in and to bring it back the FOLLOWING week, which I did. This went on for a couple of weeks and I was finally told by the salesperson that the GM said that the car would not be painted. Lesson learned - get it in writing and call me a sucker no more.

I showed up at 8:30; the guy I was supposed to see was late 30 minutes. Nobody even thought of greeting and saying hello. I guess with the way that I was dressed, they thought I didn't have money. It was 8 a.m.; I didn't feel like getting dressed. But in reality, I had $10,000 in my pocket, ready to buy the car I came there to get. I didn't want to keep paying cash for everything because I do want to build some kind of credit. I asked if they could check to see how much it would be to finance. "The boss" told me, $9,000 cash and $209 a month for 5 years? Oh and the car only costs $11,000. Excuse me? Yeah, okay, good luck. "The boss" came over to talk and he was the biggest jerk. He wasn't trying to sell the car. He treated us like we were below him, which is not even the case. I'm super disappointed. I really wanted to buy a car today. Never go to Gurnee Dodge. I warned up.

They do not stand by their work. Scam artists! I had to have multiple visits to fix one problem. I bought a battery that had warranty, but they wanted $70 to test the battery I got from them. It was free at Napa Pep Boys, AutoZone, etc.

I took my Chrysler 300 Touring in for an oil change. Which should have cost me $24.99. My oil change was about 3 months over the last oil change I had in November of last year. The man comes out and tells me that I have to much carbine in my car. I, being a female felt like he was targeting me because I did not know what he was talking about. He explained it to me again. I put my husband on the phone and he said I had to spend $225 dollars. I was so upset. But he said I had used the wrong gas. He told me I should not use Amaco gas nor BP gas etc. But I should use Mobile, Shell, Citgo and Thornton Gas. I told him I didn't like Thornton Gas because they had water in there gas one time I went to them.

I called my dealer where I purchased my car at Liberty Chrysler in Libertyville IL and they said I didn't have to have the service that was given to me at this time. My car was at 16,000 miles and they gave me a brochure that showed 16,000 mile service for $199.00. Well, I was told I could have waited for 30,000 miles. So why did these people tell me that I needed that service right now? My car was not having any problems before I took my car in. I felt like because I was an African American Women/female, that they took advantage of me and they had the upper hand by telling me anything and I was very upset about it. I want to know what can be done about the unfaithful and unfair service and situation that I had to encounter. I hope I have explained my situation. Please help me out.

I bought a 2010 Jeep Liberty about 2 months ago. In the time that this vehicle has been under my ownership, it has been in the shop 4 times now. This truck is a piece of junk! I should have known better than to go with a Chrysler product, especially a company just coming out of bankruptcy. After about 3 weeks, I started hearing a strange vibrating noise. And then I lost total control of the temperature in the vehicle. I brought it in. I was told that it just needed to be re-synced to the computer system. Nope, that didn't fix it. I asked to return the car, and was told there was no return policy. I left the car there, and ended up in my first rental.

I picked up the car the next day. A part needed to be ordered and was on back order. Therefore this issue was already known, yet no one told me about it. So they put a temporary fix on the car, temporary being a key word, because I believe it's Gurnee Jeep's motto. The part came in, and now I'm in my second rental. Throughout this time though, everyone who worked in Service swore they couldn't hear the vibrating noise. Yet, I was able to record it several times. I got a call back that my car was fixed. Oh and it was ... for about a week. I brought it back, and now I'm in my third rental. This time they swore they knew what the issue was.

After about a week, they tell me it's finally fixed. The only thing that was offered to me was an extended warranty. Mind you, I live in downtown Chicago, and the dealership is about an hour and a half drive away. I got my car back, and the heat is working, oh, but only for about 3 days. It is now broken again and the vibrating noise is still there.

Gurnee Dodge is the worst dealership ever. Their customer service is horrible. They lied to me about who the GM of the dealership was, and always found ways around giving me a contact at the corporate office. I will never do business with Jeep again!

On My 1999 Dodge Durango

Needed to Replace Fuel Pump
Needed to Replace Oil Pump

Needed to Replace Transmission

All Happened Between 60 and 80 Thousand Miles.

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