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I went to Hustedt Chevrolet in 2004 and leased a brand new Tahoe. The day my husband and I picked the truck up, it stalled as we were about to drive away. They had to take it and we had to go home without the truck. Several days later, we were called to pick up the truck and we were so excited. The first month owning it, it was in shop every other week. The speedometer always read 120 mph even when I was doing 10, 20, 30, etc. The back left tire kept losing air.

After that being said and done, the next couple of months were okay until I was driving with my two children and the brakes went. I drew the line then. I brought the truck to the dealer and I was told they were not responsible. I was told to leave or they would call police. I then called Consumer Affairs regarding the lemon law. I was sent paperwork to fill out and to explain everything in detail, etc. I did. With that being said, the truck was taken from us for non-payment but I have to say Consumer Affairs was told I was not going to pay for defective truck. I made several attempts to call corporate office of GMAC. I never got anywhere with anyone. I documented every phone call and date of whom I spoke with that day. Now I come to find out that I can't buy a house or car because GMAC hits my credit every so often. Last hit was in June 2012.

I started calling beginning of this week and was told managers are in meetings all day. I called and finally got Cherise on phone and she stated after I explained the truck was deemed a lemon and I don't have it since 2004/2005, so I am not responsible for the balance. I was put on hold and she came back and I quote, "My manager stated she will not take off credit report," and for me to do what I have to do and hung up on me. My God! I can’t believe companies are allowed to touch your credit and hurt you personally. There were so many other things wrong with this lemon but we are going back in 2004. I do have a lot of paperwork somewhere and if I have to for you to stand by me I will try and find it. Please help me. I can't do anything with GMAC doing whatever they want when they want with my credit. Also lo and behold, the company I bought the truck originally from is out of business. Go figure. Please help!

I returned the vehicle to purchase something new before the Smart-Buy contract with GMAC ends the following month. I re-financed outside of GMAC with another issuing bank. Funds were released from new bank to dealership before doors closed to public in November 2008 and it re-opened under Hyundai across the street with the same staff. Problem arises approximately eight months later from GMAC with a question of an $11k debt of the buyout. My question with GMAC, why does it take that long for the original lien holder to realize a title discrepancy, and why did the dealership under the new "alias" have no record of my purchase? The new bank released the check on October 27th to Hustedt. Where did the funds go?

After finally calling three different parties in frustration over a three-month period, I have decided to file here and with the Attorney General's office of New York in Albany. I am grateful for this site and for those individuals that have also posted here. I understand their frustration, have had other leases in my life, and never had to deal with anything as crooked as this in my life. The general manager of the new Hustedt dealership claims to have cut a check of $11k to GMAC because of this morning's outcries to the general public. Another question to ask, how are you even able to get $11k to GMAC if you have no records of any your Chevrolet customers?

I leased (SmartBuy) a 2005 Chevy Cobalt from Hustedt Chevrolet back in '05. I was contacted by their sales rep months in advance, before the end of the lease agreement, with an offer to return the Cobalt for a new Chevy. They told me that if I was interested in leasing another Chevy vehicle, they would pay GMAC the remaining lease payments and I could drive out with a new vehicle. Well, being that our family is expanding and the Cobalt wouldn't sustain another child, we decided to take the offer. Returning a leased vehicle is always a concern for me and there are all these stipulations on the condition of the vehicle. I expressed my concern about that and insisted that they would inspect the vehicle. That wasn't a concern to them. Their response was, "Don't worry. We'll take the vehicle in whatever condition it is in. You are in the GM family now and GMAC overlooks that for repeat customers."

We handed in the Cobalt, as is, and drove out the same day with a 2008 Chevy Malibu back in April '08. Four months later, I received a letter from GMAC saying that I owe them $694.22 for damages on the Cobalt. Damages? Hustedt Chevrolet had possession of the vehicle in April '08. What did they do to it from April '08 to August '08? I refuse to pay damages on a vehicle that was out of my possession for 5 months. I decided to contact Hustedt Chevrolet about this matter. The same sales rep that acted like my buddy during the time of the sale is now telling me that any pending damages incurred on the vehicle is my responsibility. Thanks, Hustedt. This is how both Hustedt and GMAC take care of their so-called GMAC family? Well, guess what, Hustedt Chevrolet is out of business and I'm stuck fighting GMAC about this. I will never lease or purchase another vehicle from any Hustedt dealer. Maybe, this is why GM is posting losses from quarter to quarter.

I purchased a used 2007 Honda Pilot. I traded in my 2006 Saturn. I was given $8000 on the trade in. I still owed $6185 on the loan to Chase. This amount was reflected in my purchase and I was told that Husted Chevrolet would pay off the loan on the traded in Saturn. The purchase was 9/20/2008. to date no satisfaction of this loan has occured. I have been in contact with the dealership on several occasions as well as the people at Chase Bank. The bank has also spoken with the dealership and we were told the check is in the mail.

My credit is being adversely effected and I still owe $6185 plus interest and late fees on a car I no longer own. I payed Husted Chevrolet in cash for the car I purchased. I would have paid the loan off myself but they explained this is how it is done. This has been very frustrating and they continue to lie about payment.

went out of business, but my contract states the contract is between me and Hustedt, it doesn't say between me and Smart choice.

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and other fees. This was not the agreement through the internet or over the phone. The sales representative insisted that this was a different car. However, the VIN# matched the car at the dealership from the web site.

I left disgusted, angry, and disatisfied. I went to Arnold Chevrolet and got the car they quoted at the price agreed on through the internet without additional fees or jacking up the price. It was not scratched either. I am not sure, but I think Hustedt practices are at the least bordering on illegal.

th day after purchase the parts department at Hustedt refused to take back the piece and refused to give me an exchange or refund. They told me im now stuck with it. They said I can not return interior trim pieces. No where on the reciept does it stat that you cannot return intereior trim pieces.
dollars and have a part I cannot use. This needs to be resolved. I tried to return it within the time period allowed and I was told I could not.

to buy the right part. All because the parts department refused to honor there return policy.

AM that's when I really hit the roof and started to scream at him and he said well then you can take me court. At that point I really lost my cool and grabbed a newspaper off the desk and threw it on the floor and left.

for a repair that wasnt covered. MY question : Isnt the dealership supposed to tell you when something will be charged not covered by the warrenty?

We called the car dealership and they told me that it was OUR responsibility to know what was covered by warrenty.

but that was not good enough!

less and thats using MSRP of the plan!!! These guys are real dirtbags!!!

This is my first stop... Will be writing
BBB, NYS Consumer Affairs, GM, GMPP

GMPP states I can cancel the plan for a full refund however I can not purchase another plan from them for that vehicle.

(plan w/ tax)

seperate times for this problem. I am running out of patience. They treat me like its my fault that they sold me a lemon.

Well its a inconvience for me because each time I had to leave work just to take the car in for them to tell me theres nothing they can do right now. I can't drive to fast because i'm afraid the car is going to fall apart.

setting things up with the mechanic and the dealer and they made an appointment to bring it in the next day.

day warantee. The agreement was signed by us and the salesman and made out by them. I told him thta htey were unethical and didn't have a legal leg to stand on, butI would not take the car under these circumstances. We then bought another car we saw elsewhere. I still have to get my deposit back and it is less than a week since all occurred.

This dealership is the epitome of a stereotyped car salespeople. A bad deal is a bad deal and they shou;d have to eat any loss when their people make an error. If I agreed to buy it at a much higher price because I was tupid and paid more , they wouldn't just lower ther price. It has to be a two way street and as business people, they should be made to honor signed agreements even if the salesman sold it for too little.


Cavalier with absolutely no options. Paul told me that this car came with a spoiler. We filled out the paperwork and I signed what i had to. While I was looking over, Paul was implying that it was getting late, looking at his watch, yet, he kept interrupting me. I noticed half way through signing everything that he put the wrong address on all of my paperwork. I made him aware of this and he grunted, but got up to go reprint everything with the right address. He told me to sign everything again.

% interest rate. I accepted the loan because I didn't have any other choice. A couple of days later I came in to pick up my car. Paul Leman gave me another stack of papers to sign and told me that he has to get out of here soon so we'll have to hurry. When i went outside to see the car, i noticed that there was no sticker on the window and he told me they took it off for me. I also mentioned that there was no spoiler. He said, oh no? well come on now, I cut you a break, I threw in the extended warranty and you would have never been able to get a loan anywhere else. I decided that having a car was more important than having a spoiler, so I accepted the vehicle and left.

. Paul proceeded to tell me that I am at fault because I signed the paperwork. He also mentioned that salesmen live on comissions, so of course they're going to charge me for whatever they can. I demanded that they reimburse me for these unwanted expenses.
about reimbursing me for the VIN etching. He also said he would bring this to the bank himself and personally make sure that I was refinanced. He said he'd call me in the morning.
I didn't hear from him the next day.

days later, and was told by Frank, There's nothing we can do for you. I don't believe that Paul told you any of this, and not to be rude, but you are wrong.

On 06/19/02 I purchased a vehicle from the above mentioned dealership.Their has been a problem with the purchase contracts from the dealership since the date of purchase.After purchasing the vehicle the dealership rewrote the purchase contract the next day and forgered my signature on the contract. The forgered contract sumitted by the dealership is for a additional 50.00 a month.I received copies of the purchase contracts from GMAC only to find that someone signed my name.

I have been trying since i purchased this vehicle on the above mentioned date to resolve this matter. I have contacted General Motors and Chevy Consumer Hotline both with no results. Both have stated that the dealerships are independely own and operated and as a result the have no authority in intervene.

I have been the victim of a crime( Forgery 2nd Degree). I have been making payment on a vehicle that was sold with a forged contract.GMAC states whenever the matter is resolved they will credit my account. I can not understand how a dealership can get away with putting a customers signature on a contract for whatever amount they want.

Purchased a new vehicle 6/19/02, when above sales manager forced me to take the extended warranty.After agreeing to take warranty,a second sale manager stated i didnt need it and re wrote the purchase contract.This time reducing the monthly payment from 669.00 to 619.00. This was reflecting the vehicle purchased without the extended warranty. I signed the second contract the next day. Three weeks later the billing statement comes in mail and it is for the amount of 669.00.

I contact the dealer and the above salesman states there was a problem with my contract.I ask the dealership to send me copies of the contract in the mail. When i got the copies of the contract I saw someone from the dealership had signed my name to yet another contract. This time for the orginal amount of 669.00. this time without the extended warranty.

Open case with the Suffolk County Police Department, repeated attempts and letters to GMAC and to Chevy Headquarters have gone with no corrective action taken

I was recently contacted in regards to my end of lease options. When I started reviewing my lease with a friend, I realized I was overcharged $1500 over the MSRP. I was also told I would be given money for my 1990 Ford Escort trade-in, which I was not. I went to Hustedt Chevrolet and spoke to Mr. Dell who agreed I paid too much, however that's my problem. He said as much that it was my error for not reading the contract.

I'm sorry, but I felt Hustedt was being honest and open with me and they just told me to sign which I did. Now I feel I was being setup (A single mother buying a 1st car for her 19yo daughter)she doesn't know anything ! It offends me.

My financial loss is about $3600, and I now have an emotional lack of trust for the auto industry. I will never my another Chevrolet and I would like other parents to know how dishonest the car industry is, especially now when children are graduating school and parents are ready to buy them a new car.

There was a Rebate that was supposed to be given to me when I purchased my New Camaro that I was not told about and the dealership took the rebate for them selves. I did not know of the rebate until I saw it on the internet. It is a special rebate given to buyers of Camaros only and you must get a coupon from the Legends Tour which comes to certain Dealerships in the US.

They took a rebate that was mean't for the consumer and put it in their pocket and none would be the wiser. Except that I saw it on the internet they refuse to give it to me saying it was put in the car price?? They are vampires

I purchased a brand new Chevrolet van from Hustedt Chevrolet on December 20, 1999. It needed some things done (visor missing; no heat in rear of van, etc.)but on the promise they would be attended to at the next visit, I took possession of the van. While walking towards the vehicle on January 3, 2000 I noticed that there appeared to be damage to the rear fender that had been painted over. I called Hustedt immediately. Upon bringing the vehicle to Hustedt on January 28, 2000, Hustedt acknowledged the damage and said they would fix those things STILL not done since purchase and would work to resolve the pre-purchase damage through a settlement or other arrangement at a subsequent visit.

They had the van again on the 2-7-2000 and 2-27-2000 - the last time I've had the vehicle. I have never been called once - other than 4-18-2000 - when I was asked to return the loaner car which I DID. I have not had this damaged-at-sale vehicle since 2-21 of this year. I have never been called by Hustedt once except as stated. I have in good faith paid GMAC for this vehicle each month without having it to this day. My calls to Hustedt (3-10;3-24;4-17;5-1;5-15;5-26;6-1) have been a runaround with the end result the Van (which I do not want to except since damaged before my possession) is STILL not ready - even if I did want it. I have no vehicle and Hustedt has been egregious in their behavior. So has GM whose representative I have had involved since the start.

The GM Regional rep had told me in mid-May that they wre looking at a repurchase so I could get my money back - didn't seem phased that I had no vehicle and has since (5-31) indicated that it has always been ready, they can't buy it back and the delay and problem has been of my making!!!! The call yesterday to Hustedt confirmed that the vehicle is not ready under any circumstances anyhow and some really inane pap about talking with the owner about a repurchase. I have had enough; the owner should have been involved three months ago. I have also involved the Attorney General of NY by filing all the forms and documents re: the lemon law. The assistant to the AG has not responded to my many recent calls after telling me they would investigate furthur.

I am a Nassau County NY Police Officer. I have never been exposed to such business misdoings; high handed dealing and misrepresentation (the vehicle was damaged and sold as new). HELP in any way would be appreciated. I have continued payments in good faith while Husted has lied to the office of the AG (the vehicle was ready - which is not the issue anyhow)to their customer and to the regional GM rep (who has been amazingly callous. Help

Economically, I have been without a vehicle for over three (3) months while paying for one; I have had a daughter born on May 12 with only one vehicle and I sure can take the flak in my job and in life but emotionally I feel beaten by a callous and egregious business opportunist.

I purchased a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier in Nov of 1999. However, I was lied to. They told me the car was $13,500 I ended up paying a lotmmore $18,000 and they said they added extra stuff for free when in reality they are killing me with the interest rate.

Economic damage is that I am paying high monthly payments, payments of $360 a month with an interest rate of 14%. Emotional damage in that I am losing sleep over this because they took advantage of me. I am a female and in my early twenties. I went with my friend to the dealer and we are around the same age. I am very upset.

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