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They determine when your car needs a tune up or a malfunction because THEY CONTROL IT. IS ALL COMPUTERIZED and they could easily do it but not to everyone. Only elders and single women. Be careful.

Satisfaction Rating

I've dealt with Honda (Downey) since 2009. Just recently up until 2014 I've had the worst help with issues, miscommunication not acceptable. I waited for a car part for 5 months and my car is Fairly new.


I am very upset because they lied to me about buying a new 2010 Honda Accord EX 4-door automatic. They told me that they would beat the price of $23,800.00 out the door, and just got get me drive about 1 and half hour for nothing, and also when I got there, they didn't have the car. They promise me, white, EX, that I wanted. Instead, they try to sell me silver color and the price was different from the promised. So please don't go to that dealer, Downey Honda, for anything because they are liars, cheaters, etc. So please don't do business with them.


what was i had something fixed on my car that the service adviser told me was under warranty then at the end of the day i was billed 200 dollars which was a very big inconvenience to me be cause i didnt have the money because i was never informed i would had to pay so i had to speak to the manager Oscar which was no help but said to me he will have to take everything off

200 dollars


I bought a car about three years ago and lost my job. The car was then repossessed and I thought I would never have to deal with that car anymore. I felt relieved but four months later I get a phone call from sra associates about how the car was auctioned off and I will have to pay the $8000 difference. They said it was in my contract. I've read my contract and it says I was suppose to be notified about the sell to give me options to either redeem the car or pay off the difference. I never got a letter. I have a different address than that of what I had when I bought the car but Honda knows about it and the towing company as well.

The contract states that:

"We will provide you all notices required by law to tell you when and how much to pay and/or what action you must take to redeem the vehicle"

If I knew I had the chance to buy back the car I would have done so. Especially if I knew I would have to pay $8000 for a car that I only owed $9000 for. Everyone knows that, at the moment, this economy is bad. I am a broke student who had to switch to a community college from a Ca University because I cannot afford tuition. Can someone please help me!

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Both Honda World of Downey & Norm Reeves of Huntington Beach do not thoroughly do their jobs, do not inform their customers, and waste the consumers time & money at their own expense. Not only did Norm Reeves not comply by giving me a copy of my warranty at the time of purchase for my vehicle, they denied I had a warranty when asked by Honda World of Downey-which I could have saved money.

Secondly, Honda of Downey is working on my car for the 3rd time because they failed to fully check the car, which I paid for a diagnostic $95 fee when the car was first brought in to them back on 6/27/07. They returned the car to me $1313 (+) later for a new water pump, radiator, timing belt, etc. Then the car broke down 2 days after I picked it up -leaving me stranded

on the freeway. I demanded they fix the car & tow it back.

They called to verify a warranty to norm reeves (which they denied). It was bad coils (spark plugs) which no, they did not catch with the diagnostic on 6/27. So, they fix the car on 7/2/07. Then 7/19 & 7/20 the car has a gurgling noise. I called them back, and Norm reeves to complain about the warranty I paid for & have no info on. they laughed about it., and gave me info. the warranty people told me i could not be refunded the money because i had not followed their procedures. I told them I didn't know about it because Norm Reeves didn't give me any info. I have been in contact with norm reeves for the whole ordeal-they could have told me. Both agencies are false advertising, they are not thorough.


I have been a loyal customer since I bought my car with Honda World. I only take my car for schedule maintance with them. I have a 96 Honda Accord and I have made minor adjustments to it when advised to be the Honda advisors. I first felt lied to and cheated when I was told I needed a new oil pan and brakes replaced. I couldnt afford both so I decided to get the oil pan first. He told me that It wasnt safe to keep going with those brakes but thats all I could afford.

Three month I returned for an oil change and asked to have my brakes checked. I was shocked when I was told I can go on with the same brakes for another 3 to 6 months. I left it alone but made sure I will not deal with that Advisor anymore. This past month I returned to Honda World because my car was over heating. I had a minor service done and was told a new radiator was needed, cost $400.00 dollars. The service for the minor service was $156.00 dollars and was broke and couldnt take my car out without borrowing money from a friend.

Two days past and the my car kept over heating so I went to a friend and fixed it for me. I paid him 125.00 and was told all I needed was a new termostat. I am very upset and stress to the point I went to the doctors office complaining of dizzness and difficulty in keeping my balance. It was all due to stress and worries on getting money to have my car fixed and how many times other than the two mentioned was I lied and cheated.

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