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I had recently purchased a car with Honda of Hollywood for the first time. My sales person, Mo, had pushed me on a 2009 Honda Civic LX.

He had done the usual car dealership procedure and went back and forth to his boss and waited for an approval from my bank, Chase. Mo, then offered for me to pay a monthly of $500. I told him that I had little finances and couldn't afford such a high payment. He then went from $500 to $375 for 60 month after I had put $8500 down at a sticker price of $17,995, although I was aware of how pricey my deal was, I agreed. At an urgency, Mo had rushed me over to my bank to take out the cash and while I was in transaction, Mo had spoken to my father telling him the agreement of $375 for $60 months. Mike, the finance person, and Mo had not gone over any details with me and just told me where to sign.

Two weeks later, Santander Consumer USA Inc had called me to reconfirm the information that they had from me and mentioned that I had a $380 a month payment, at a 72 month time frame (I had verbally agreed with Mo for a $375 at 60 month). I then went to the dealership to try to correct this and after one rude staff member after another trying everything in their power to avoid having me speak to a manager, I finally reached my sales person, Mo. He called me back and told me that I can just refinance in a few months, but again left out details and failed to mention that refinancing it in just a matter of months will only drop the price $10-20.

I took matters into my own hands and went to the dealership personally; they had me wait an hour when all they were doing in the manager's office was having coffee and laughing (knowing I was there waiting). So, I finally knocked on the door and demanded to speak to manager, Charles/Charlie. He explained the contract further and told me that whoever was involved should have at least explained my contract and all the details, that he will speak to everyone involved and can see what he can do, although it may be too late in terms of the $5 dollar difference and 60 not 72 month policy that I originally agreed to. I did not understand how it would be too late since I have not even made my first payment towards and how it was only less than a month since I've had the car. Charles told me that he would reach me by Monday, but I had no call back.

I then finally got a hold of him and he pretty much said that there was nothing he can do at this point unless I got a co-signer which is out of the question and for me to just refinance in a few months. When Charles had asked Mo of the conversation between my father and him, he had simply lied to his manager and said he didn't remember.

I had expressed with the manager, Charles, and everyone at Honda of Hollywood that I feel like I had been taken advantage of to have to pay a total of $35,883.76 for a $17,995 used Honda LX. They had shared no details and information about the contract and just simply ordered me to sign in a very rushed and pushy manner. My experience with following up with the matter was even worse. They were horrible to get in touch with and didn't tend to my matters in a timely manner and had just straight lied about our agreements. They knew my financial situation as well as me being a first time buyer, new driver in this situation which they took advantage of.

Same experience as Mae. When I authorized the body repair three weeks ago they said three weeks and I said that three weeks was very important because the driver needed to start school in Wisconsin after Labor Day. Now their three weeks are up and they have no clue as to when the car will be finished. This dealership is an embarassment to the Honda brand.

I was in an automobile accident in June 18,2008 and In June 20,2008 they towed the car to the dealer where I leased my car. They promise me that the car will be ready by July 28,2008 but when I called them they promise me again that It should be ready by first week of August. I called again and they said that the car is not ready yet and it should be ready by friday August 15,2008. That Friday I waited the whole day and at the end of the day I called and they said the car is not yet ready. They promised me again the car should be ready on Monday. I called them today Monday August 18,2008 and now they told me that they don't know when the car will be fixed.

I was in an accident about two months ago. The car was still drivable, but was leaking fluid, so I had to take it in to get repaired.

For a $6,000 repair, they gave a guaranteed 3 weeks repair time, which seemed slightly high to me since a friend of mine who has an older version of my car repaired for $9000 from a freeway accident in two weeks at another dealer. But I just assumed the extra week was so they could put in the guarantee part.

Four days before the three weeks was up, I called the dealer and asked whether they were done. He said it was going to the paint department that day and they would get it done by the end of the week and meet the guarantee. I called on Thursday and the repair guy, Mario, said he ordered a part that day and it hadn't come in, so they weren't done yet. He admitted they'd have to break their guarantee with my insurance company. I was very disappointed that they waited until one day before the deadline before they realized they didn't have all the replacement parts. He said it would take 3-4 days to get the part in and my car would be ready the middle of the next week.

Next week comes around and I call on Tuesday to see if it'll be ready Wednesday or Thrusday, since that's what I would consider the 'middle of the week'. Apparently, there was a delay in the paint department and they wouldn't get the car painted until Wednesday or Thursday and they'd still need to add fluids and do the final checkout of the vehicle. Mario then said Friday or Saturday at the very latest.

I heard nothing else so I call Friday morning to see if I should pick it up that afternoon or Saturday morning. Mario then reveals to me that just yesterday afternoon when they were adding fluids that they found a leak they didn't see earlier, and just forgot to call me about it. He said they did a rush order on the part and it would be here Monday. He also promised me that it'd be ready that day or at the very latest Tuesday.

I thought this was extremely suspicious since last time he rushed ordeered a part it took 3-4 days, and now he says he can get it in 2 and have the car ready for me that day? Also his story about getting it to the paint department didn't make sense since he said it was going there on Tuesday one week, but said there was a delay with the paint department the following Tuesday.

Sure enough, next week rolls around (going on two weeks past the 3 week guarantee), and I call on Monday afternoon. The part isn't in and he gives me a date of Wednesday morning. At this point, I start calling daily, and finally I got my car back that Friday.

This was five days over the 30 day rental support limit that State Farm has, so I had to pay the full amount for my rental for five extra days.

I don't know how a dealer body shop could be so completely incompetent. It seems unbelievable to me that they could be 2 weeks late on a 3 week guarantee. I was actually suspicious that maybe Mario was taking my car for joy rides on the weekends and he was making BS excuses to me. But according to the odometer, it wasn't moved more than about a mile.

I really think State Farm or someone should implement some penalties for them going over their guarantee. Also, Mario's demeanor could've been alot better. He never once apologized or said he was sorry for how long it was taking. He just kept making excuses.

Lost 9 days of possible rental under my auto insurance plan and had to pay the extra cost of a rental for 5 days.

I went to the dealership Saturday September 2, 2006 to look at a few cars I saw online. My intention was to buy a car by that Monday. Artur helped me that day. I asked him about a car I saw online and he stood there and looked around and said he didn't see it.

I asked him if he should check the computer to see if it was sold. So, he did and I looked around for a while. When he came back, he led me down the street to another lot. I tried to make conversation with him about the heat and he didn't reply at all. He showed me another car I saw online. The price of the car was much higher than the exact same car with similar miles, features, etc at other dealerships, so I asked him about the price. Very curtly he commented that those were the prices.

I asked about negotiating on the price and he said that the price I saw on the internet was the price of the vehicle. So, I said thanks and left. The overall treatment was cold, not helpfull, and minimalistic at best. I was insulted. I did see a car I wanted to inquire about, a two car civic, manual, that had a good price, but I was so insulted, that I left.

The next day, I thought, well, I'll get a different sales guy to help me look at that two door civic I was interested in. This time I brought my girlfriend. Artur saw me walk into the dealership and spoke with Tudor, who apprpoached us. He seemed friendly. But, then he asked to run my credit before I even told him what I was looking for. I said, no, right now, I want to look at the two door civic and test drive it because I didn't get to test drive a manual up to that point (I had been looking at automatics). His attitude quickly changed and he said I didn't know what I wanted. I disagreed and said I knew exactly what I wanted, but I was open to making compromises. He insisted that I didn't really know what I wanted. My girlfriend and I were shocked.

He asked me when I wanted to buy a car. I said when I find the right one, but I want to buy this weekend. I asked if I could just test drive the car. He told me that it was a busy day and that a lot of people wanted to buy cars, so I should come back Tuesday when its not so busy. I was really angry and insulted and I asked why should I come back. He didn't have an answer. So, I said, I'm not coming back and I'm going to buy my car somewhere else. And I did. I went to Robertson Honda, north Hollywood. They were great. As for Hollywood HOnda, I have never been treated so disrespectfully. I am 32 years old, science teacher who looks young, but is that a reason to be so rude?!

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