Holler Hyundai

Winter Park, FL

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I purchased a new vehicle and they agreed to buy my Ford Explorer to sell on their lot. The Ford was a lease. I had 4 payments left. They agreed to the payoff given to them by Ford Motor Credit. However, the payoff was only good for a couple of days. When they finally sent in their payment to Ford, Ford now said they missed the deadline and now the payoff was $5000 more than the first quote. Holler decided they no longer wanted this trade-in after a full contract agreement had been made 3 weeks earlier.

My options given to me were to payoff my lease with Ford and I could keep the car or reverse the deal. That was the only options I was given by Holler. Ford was already wanting payments from me and I was not going to throw away $2000, so I said reverse the deal. I doubt this was actually legal on their part. I have this Ford back and after 36 days, I still have no legal registration on my car. I'm sure the Hyundai was titled in my name and then they sold it to someone else and now it’s a mess trying to get legal tags on my present Ford vehicle. I lost $160 for window tinting on the car I returned. Hyundai Motor threatened to turn me over to collections for not paying for the car I no longer had. I'm driving around illegally with no registered tags on my present vehicle.

My 2009 Genesis was great in the beginning. But after hitting 20,000 miles around February of 2010, I noticed it lurching or trying to go forward when my foot was on the brake and idling high or fluctuating high, then low. It happened when it was cold; after I had driven it a while, it was random. In early March, I was on my way home on I-4 with family in the car when all the dash lights lit up and the gas would not work (car still on). Luckily, I was in the right lane and was able to pull off the highway. I turned off the car and sat there a few minutes before turning it back on. The "check engine icon" light stayed on for 2 days until I was able to get it to the dealership. They asked where I got my gas and I asked if the gas was bad. Supposedly, I had a clog. I told them Exxon/Mobile. I was told all was fixed and picked it up.

Two weeks later, it did the same thing--this time while going through a stop sign in busy afternoon traffic. Again, I pulled over and turned it off. I took it back. Chris claimed it was a software update this time and had to wait on the software. He also said it was normal to idle at 2000 RPMS! I might be a woman, but I'm not that ignorant. I picked up when it was updated. Mid April, it started again with the lurching, idling high when first started, etc., which are all precursors to stopping while driving! I took it back and was given a loaner for 3 days over the Memorial Day weekend. Chris called and left a message that no one could find a problem. It was idling fine, yada, yada, yada. He said the new service manager would be in Saturday morning and he would go out with me to start it cold when I came to pick it up.

When my husband and I arrived to pick up, the service runner who checks in your vehicle and brings it to you, runs out to start the car and brought it to me. He gave me the keys and said I was ready to go. No service manager spoke to us. When I asked the ladies at the cashier to get the new service manager, she looked at me confused and said he was off on Saturdays. I told her Chris said he would be there and she just shrugged her shoulders, said I'm sorry, and handed me the service invoice.

I was so upset! They could care less about my car problems or customer service. Everyone is so nice and polite, but the bottom line is they want you out of there. They don't know what they are doing. It’s "smile and get them in their cars". Everything is normal; it’s supposed to do that; it’s not doing it now so we don't know. I wonder who will be the first to say, "I knew there were issues all along" when my car just stops on the highway going highway speeds and I am run over by a truck or another car because I can't get to the side of the road? I could kick myself for buying this car. This was the most expensive vehicle I have ever purchased and I am afraid of it. I don't trust it. My fault for not following my gut about the purchase. I wish Hyundai would educate the folks that sell them and own up to its problems. So what if you have to have a recall?

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Holler Hyundai
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