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I purchased a 2016 Street Glide. That has turned into a lemon. Clutch issues that they did repair finally after the second failure. Still have a stalling out issue they cannot fix. Service department says it's normal with the newer bikes. The older models did not have the issue. Funny a $25,000 motorcycle can do that and if it's a Harley it's normal. Sales dept are great and very nice and generally do care until it gets to the service department lack of communication. Technicians are not very good. Buy the bike there, get your service elsewhere.

When you spend 25,000 for a Harley Davidson you expect to get more than 30,000 miles on your bike before you have to change out the cam tensioners. Harley Davidson should have came out with a recall on all their 2000 to 2007 twin cams engines. They say it only happens to 1 percent of the twin cams but I know of 6 people that I ride with that needed this repair. I am 56 yrs old, always owned a Harley but they suck and I hope they go under. That repair cost 3000 dollars should had been a recall. Shame on you Harley Davidson and if GEICO insurance knew about this they would not use that bike in their commercial. Next time I will buy a crotch rocket.

50,000 miles of great riding and excellent reliability. I have the stock twin cam 96ci engine with stage one. The only thing needed outside of regular maintenance was the replacement of the front wheel bearings at 26,000 miles. No leaks, still looks like new.

I now have 36,000 miles on a 2006 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe. I love this bike and have been all over the United States (California to North Carolina, South Dakota down to Texas) Always dependable, no major repairs, I do regular oil changes, tires and brakes. Chrome is holding up great after a year left outside near the Ocean and Sun in California. For a 10 year old motorcycle it looks almost like the day I got it from the dealer.

About 7 years ago I bought a 2002 Road King from Hot Rod Harley in Muskegon MI. I also bought the extended warranty and had my bike in Hot Rod Harley for the intermittent miss for the whole life of my warranty contract at $50.00 a pop. I also was on several road trips and had it into Dimondale Harley Davidson shop for this same miss. After that warranty ended I was able to purchase another extended warranty and my deductible was at $50.00 and the Bike was never fixed. They talked me into putting a Tuner on it, it never helped. So here I am out several hundred dollars and that bike was never fixed.

I traded a bike in for a 2003 Ultra Classic with 26,000 miles on it and having the same intermittent miss. Nobody seems to know what is wrong with it and I do not have the money to take it in again and again, with probably no answers. I am very disappointed in Harley Davidson. Not only that I am out several hundred dollars paying for repairs and parts unneeded that never worked.

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I have been going to Wausau Harley-Davidson service department for the past 3-4 years and have received nothing but extremely poor attitudes and service. The summer of 2015 I had an air-ride suspension system put onto my 2004 Electra Glide and had nothing but problems. I had to take it back being that there was a crimped air line. In addition, I ordered a new air pressure gauge from the parts department who never told me when it came in. I finally called after 2 weeks. Upon additional service to my Electra Glide, my air-ride system, for a lack of better terms, worked like crap. Not only was I not getting a smooth ride in the rear end, but it seemed as though my front forks were slamming hard on every little bump. I didn't ride my Electra Glide for the rest of the summer. My final cost was around $1800.

Because of the terrible ride, I decided to trade in my 2004 Electra Glide for a 2008 Custom Softail at Wausau Harley-Davidson in spring 2016. The ride was a whole hell of a lot better. However, I started having new problems with my new bike. Upon purchasing the bike, I had the handlebars replaced by Wausau Harley-Davidson service department and for two months everything was fine. Until one day I noticed the mirrors were pointing straight up to the sky and I realized my handlebars had shifted a great deal. So as normal I called Wausau Harley-Davidson service department to have this problem looked at. The service person said we may have to pin the handlebars and I was okay with that.

Two days after picking up my 2008 Softail Custom, the mirrors were now pointing in a downward direction, at which time I decided to take off the riser covers and noticed not only were the handlebars 'not' pinned, the bars themselves did not have knurling. Most bikers know without proper knurling on the handlebars, the bars won't stay in place on the risers. Looking back at my service receipt, they also made a comment that the knurling looked good and everything looked fine. Not sure how the knurling could have looked good when it was non-existent! But only by the grace of God, I did not end up in a ditch somewhere with handlebars wrapped around my butt. So take this as a warning if you're serious about safety when it comes to your Harley-Davidson, DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT go to Wausau Harley-Davidson service department.

I have a brand new HD Softail Heritage. This motorcycle has overheated twice in the first 10K. During the last oil change I was told that there was excess metal in the oil. I contacted HD only to be told that HD would be happy to install a heat deflector at my cost. They didn't address the oil factor at all. Save your money and buy anything else.

I purchased a new 2014 Street Glide Special almost two years ago. Numerous and continual problems have cost me much time and money out of my pocket. I have experienced clutch problems from the very beginning. The chrome gas cap continuously needs to be adjusted in order to open. The clutch reservoir was recalled then hard bag connectors. I had the recall fix done for the fasteners but the bag still fell off. I had $200 worth of gear in the box. The dealership refused to offer me any store credit for my loss. I called Harley's consumer department and finally convinced them to do the right thing. To their credit they called the dealership and arranged for me to receive a credit.

I have complained since buying this bike about the difficulty of getting the bike into neutral. That can only happen about half the time. Often I'm sitting in 2nd or third at a stop light and can't get it into 1st. I have taken it numerous times to the dealership and they cannot duplicate the problem. I was originally told it would loosen up over time. Then three weeks ago on a trip to Montana the clutch goes out. I have to get the bike to Billings only to be told they don't carry the part. So, I have to get a hotel room while they fly in the clutch. On top of the room I have to pay a $100 shipping charge.

Two weeks after getting back I'm traveling along the interstate and the shifter goes completely out. I had to cruise at 15 miles per hour to the shop. I'm stuck in 1st gear. Currently the bike is sitting again in the shop. Everyone agrees I should not be having this many problems with a new bike but, I can't seem to get this problem resolved. At this point a consumer would think the dealerships would go over this bike with a fine tooth comb. That is not the case. When I suggest checking out the transmission they always balk. "We will test drive it after installing the new part and if that doesn't resolve the issue we will investigate further." I find this corporate mentality very frustrating. This isn't customer support. This is bottom dollar policy. I thought HD would reflect the polar opposite image.

I paid a premium price for a Harley. I expected professional support from this company that brands itself "Top American Quality." I have owned many bikes and have never had this kind of persistent problems. I hesitated for several years before buying a Harley because of the steeper prices and reliability issues. Now, should I get rid of this Street Glide for a loss and trade it in on an Indian or ride it out and hope there are no more issues? Just because you pay more doesn't necessarily mean you get more.

2015 Blue Street Glide from Houston Texas. After seeing so many reviews on bad HD bikes I have to jump in and say I have had a great experience so far with my SG. I purchased it in May of 2015 and now in Aug of 2016 I just rolled 18,500 miles on the bike and have had no issues. Yes I replaced the tires and front brakes so far but that is it. I think San Jacinto, Stubbs, Republic Harley and Geo Harley are the good places to go but then again they are within 30 min of my house. I had a Honda for 20 years and had very little issues with that bike and so far I feel the same with the HD...except now I can afford the repairs is needed and all the nice button down shirts I now own.

I'm the owner of a 2004 hd low rider with 8,783 miles on it, that has had a catastrophic engine failure. The failure is due to a well known (amongst dealers and hd mechanics), problem with the cam chain sliders. They are made of a plastic material that disintegrates, falls apart then lodges in the oil pump gears causing immediate engine failure without the oil light even coming on. To add insult to injury my hd dealer (Bergen Harley Davidson, n.j.) told me it was my fault. Now mind you that at 7,500 miles my bike was at this very dealer for service and new tires. I dropped it off before going on vacation. Of course while on vacation Bergen Harley called and told me that my bike with 7,500 miles on it needed new front and rear pulleys and a new belt. Then they called me back to tell me I needed a new front wheel. $ 2,700 later I got my bike back without any mention of replacing cam chain sliders which cost $15 bucks.

See how they operate, sell you thousands of dollars of unnecessary bolt on items that the 12 dollar an hr shop helper can install and ignore the important, potentially catastrophic issues, which require a mechanic, that are not as profitable. This bike was 10 years old when brought to Bergen Harley and no one there (so called mechanics, thought this was anything worth mentioning. They were perfectly happy selling me $ 2,700 of stuff I probably didn't need, but in their total failure as an advocate for the consumer did not fix or even mention the known twin cam 88 problems. Harley Davidson actually makes a repair to prevent this converting the cam tensioners to gear driven ones. Why wouldn't the dealer tell you of this? The kit is around $ 450 parts only. NO RECALL? Why?

If this was a car this problem would have been recalled. Harley Davidson doesn't even have the decency to inform owners of this problem. Now 2 years later Bergen Harley, not only has the nerve to tell me that this is something I should have known about, but won't even look at the bike, citing that it is now too old! They were all too willing to take my $ 2,700 two years ago for mostly unnecessary items, but 1,300 miles later they don't want to know me. Harley Davidson's customer service is no better.

It's no coincidence that they have no email address to forward your complaints to. They have a phone number where you call and tell them your problem, then they give you a number for your case. The reason they give you that number is so they can identify you when you call back, then promptly put you on permanent hold or just disconnect you all together. My case # is **, go ahead call hd customer service and give them that # and wait! See what happens! Just so we are all clear about the bike in question here, it's a 2004 low rider e.f.i. The bike has been stored in my living room and driven about 700 miles a year, and cosmetically in brand new condition. A bike that took many years of hard work to acquire but now sits useless like a 700 lb paperweight.

I have a 2014 Street Glide Special. When I purchased this bike right from the first week I started hearing noise coming from the top end lifters etc. When I start the motor after about one minute the sound goes away! From time to time the noise gets louder. I have taken the bike in about 4 times for the same issue. The prior times they could not reproduce the noise so I would get it back every time. So I started to record with my cell phone every time I start the motor. I was fortunate to catch the noise so I produced the video to the service manager. They were forced to look into the issue and document that there is something wrong with the motor.

I am upset to say the least with Harley Davidson because they are wasting my time. My bike is in the shop now. My local shop here in El Paso has had my bike now for almost 3 weeks. What about my payment? They have my primary vehicle. My motorbike is not a luxury vehicle. I had a fat boy with that same engine and never had any issues. I will file for lemon law protection if the issue continues. I have to take it in 3 times within 12 month period one more to go!!!

My first bad experience with a Harley dealer was in 1979. I was looking for a FXE Lowrider 80". Finding only one in my area at that time, I was forced to purchase

from cycle barn of Seattle. When I went to buy the bike (cash) $5500, the young man I was dealing with approached his Mgr. with my money in his hand. The Mgr. promptly took my money and threw it over his shoulder. Second bad experience 2006, the wife and I had decided to get a Trike. So we promptly went down to our local Harley dealer to start our adventure. As at that time HD didn't make trikes.

We spoke with the management to arrange a combo deal with the local Leman dist. where we also paid in cash. I went back to show my nephew my new bike. Shazam they had sold the bike I had bought, I thought. This experience was a horrible one I was to get a 103 kit and true dual exhaust. Well no 103 but I got my pipes. Then at the first maint. check I was informed NO Warranty. I will never trust a Harley Dealer again. I would recommend buying Indian if you are just starting out on American.

On pulling into a parking lot, I drove over a small pothole in pavement And plastic lens of tail light broke loose and was now dangling and only attached by connection wires. The replacement light assembly costs $140 (not installed). Although I enjoy riding my Harley, I expected a better built part and NOT plastic!

I bought an iron motorcycle for my fiancé as a present. I set up easy payments with Harley to pay the monthly bill. Harley sent me emails with a confirmation of the payment only to find out that the payment did not actually go through. Instead of contacting me, the same way they contacted me to indicate that payment went through, they allegedly contacted my fiancé. As a result, my credit was affected as well as my fiancé and Harley took no responsibility. Harley stated that this was my fault and I should be more responsible. I will never ever buy any Harley products because they have the worse service ever. They do not care about the customers at all. While the products are okay, they are not worth dealing with Harley customer service. STAY AWAY.

The Dealership has fixed this problem with no dramas.

Original Review

My Dyna Lowrider has shut off while going around a sharp corner on a narrow road and a faulty wire was to blame. Now the front disc brakes are not releasing properly which has brought my bike to a quick stop.

Last year in August of 2015 I had purchased a 2009 Harley Davidson 883 XL Sportster motorcycle. It was my 1st motorcycle that I was proud to buy being a US made on with only 1250 miles. I have used it to my enjoyment until I started having issues at 4000 miles. The oil light came up and it started stalling when I upshifted and picked up speed. Unfortunately in Illinois there are no lemon laws for buying pre-owned motorcycles so if you have an engine failure or breakdown you are screwed. I have to spend to replace the motor so prematurely and Harley Davidson does not honor it. I am disappointed at the dealers and the Harley Davidson motor company itself for how they treat customers when they buy their motorcycles.

I recently purchased a 2016 Street Glide and had a boom 2 audio system installed. I have had NOTHING BUT problems, blowing speakers after speaker as soon as they put new ones in they blow again. The dealership has notified HD corp. about the problem and they do nothing about it but tell the dealership to figure it out. It's not the dealership problem to figure it out. It's the headquarters to solve the problem. I've already been through 4 sets of speakers. I just want my money back or HD to figure out what is wrong.

I have a question. I had a 99 Fat Boy I rode for 18,000 miles but my wife wasn't comfortable. So, I got a 2002 Electraglide Classic. I rode this machine for 14 years almost to the date. I had no mechanical Problems. It was extremely dependable and trouble free. So I figure I'm mid 60s and want one more bike before I go. The problem I am having is I bought the 2015 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Low at the end of August so I only rode about 1200 trouble free miles before having to put it up for the winter. (Ohio Blues) Since then I had a 02 sensor go out and replaced, fine. But now I have ridden about 1000 miles and have had the engine die as I pull from a stop sign turning right. This has happened twice now and the dealer has said he hasn't been able to duplicate the problem. I'm very concerned that this will happen again while pulling onto a highway or into traffic and I could be killed. Has anyone had a similar issue?

Thinking of buying a Harley Davidson? Buy a Harley Davidson, you are only buying the name. Be prepared to spend a lot of money for upgrades, repairs and service or have the know how to repair your bike yourself and still end up paying way too much. I will never purchase another Harley Davidson. I own a 2013 FLHTK and owned a 2011 Fat Bob. Harley Davidson does not care about their customers. They only care about their bottom line. Harley Davidson manufactures some of the worst bikes. The only way to get Harley Davidson to change is to stop buying their products. Affect their bottom line and they will have to change their manufacturing, engineering and so on.

Recently I purchased my second Harley in two years consecutively. Thinking that I may be treated as a valued customer was a mistake. Once the salesman had received his deposit, he reverted to being pushy on insisting that I pay the full amount before the end of the month so that he could get his commission. I paid the full amount within 6 weeks which I would otherwise have thought to be a reasonable time frame for the sum of $18000.

Still I have been given the cold shoulder and parts that I requested to be fitted onto the bike are not on, even though I have paid for parts and fitting. My experience with this company has been a letdown, and I will definitely not be going there again. Useless, egotistical, no customer service are words I will use in describing the sales team at Dandenong. My recommendations would be to look for another occupation other than customer service.

Adamec Regency Harley Davidson, Jacksonville FL. Scammy! This is our second time coming in to look at a used bike and the price quoted was not the price offered due to a "glitch in the system." My boyfriend went in looking at a YFZ. They had for sale and had text messages from the sales agent saying he would like to be between $3000 and $3500. When the paperwork came back, they had a "glitch" and poof the price was not $8000. EXCUSE ME? We have multiple text messages going back and forth and my boyfriend wasted an hour and a half of his work day on these jokers. Do not trust anything these people say.

Purchased a 2016 Road King in Feb. 2016. During first 1000 mile service, requested warranty fix on saddle bags. Pin striping was not applied properly. Warranty response was that shoddy application of pin stripping was a proper representation of their build process. Wow! Never heard a company admit they were screwed up before. Then I read Consumer Affairs. Stay away from this sorry company. They would rather lose customers, than pay the 20 dollars to make things right.

2013 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 custom. Hi from England. 3 years ago I bought a brand new Sportster 1200, 10th wedding anniversary and I wanted the Harley Experience. I took the bike back 2 days ago, rather than pay the last instalment of £4200 for a rusting pile I junk, I decided to cut my losses. Battery always flat after just 2-3 weeks of idleness, bad handlebar vibration but by far the very worst thing was chrome rust all across the bike. Badly pitted right fork leg, both back springs, push rods and the black primary case coating was white in places with mouldy substance that would not come off. I had Vance and Hines short pipes put on and a stage one. The black pipe covers were rusted right through. I had my Harley experience but never again, there are much better bikes around at a lower price. Oh yeah, and the headlight was like an old BSA 6 volt, very dangerous to ride at night.

Great dealer service.

Original Review

So I'm 70 now and have been riding for 55 years. All types of bikes from vintage European classic-Jap classics and HDs. For most likely my last machine I thought I'd go for something more relaxed but not uncool. I bought a 2013 Fat Bob in Denim black from Danbury HD in CT. I hated those twin headlights and fitted a BIG-ass single HL and a vintage tank badge among other touches (no loud pipes). The sale went flawlessly. I do my own routine maintenance. I now have 18000 trouble free miles. Ride w/ confidence and counter-steer and the bike is just fine and lots of fun. Just wish the DYNA rear brake had more bite.

Just purchased a Harley Street Glide November 7th, 2015. Was riding home from work on December, when the clutch cable snapped... No free tow and warranty was not honored, due to aftermarket bars being on the bike. I explained that these bars where on the bike already when I purchased but nevertheless had to pay for the new clutch cable, and riser bushings out of pocket (400.00). Although the people there were very nice, they still would not honor an extended warranty that THEY sold me! Needless to say, I wasn't very happy about that at all!

If you want to pay more for your Harley gear then buy at Liberty Harley in Rahway, NJ! If you want to buy the same Harley apparel cheaper then go online and buy it at House of Harley in Milwaukee! I just had a unpleasant experience, was looking for a Harley backpack as birthday present for friend. Did my homework and found a good price for the Harley-Davidson Bar and Shield Deluxe Backpack - BP1900S-ORG BLK with House of Harley, for $74. 99 with shipping ($88) thinking that Liberty Harley would price match or at least do something. Liberty wanted $95 plus sales tax, makes $102.00 for a backpack... Yeah a backpack that should only cost $40!

I asked the sales associate about the big price difference with other Harley dealers and she said that they are independently owned and can set their own pricing. Than asked for a manager, she was on her lunch break and left over an hour ago and should be back any moment, so decided to hang around for a while wanting to ask the manager but after 1/2 hour I gave up and paid the $102. As I needed it for a birthday and was late I paid through the nose.

I asked the sales associate to ask the manager to give me a call, and her response was "we don't do that in these cases, we don't make those calls." Anyhow I left my number and 30 min later Katie called and explained to me in polite words that they cannot compete, "We only sell at MSRP, we don't do price matches," or in other words we prefer to screw the customer over. SO LIBERTY HARLEY IN RAHWAY WILL NOT COMPETE. AVOID THEM WHEN POSSIBLE. Buy your stuff online from House of Harley and save yourself some money.

My FIRST AMENDMENT rights protect my free speech and opinion here! Bought my Ultra in Nov with 7734 miles. Ran pretty good when purchased but after 6 hour ride to get it home it started in with noise from the top end and the primary just a few weeks later. Have ext. warranty but not a Harley ESP. NO ONE WILL HONOR IT. Pay attention folks, I didn't do my homework like usual. Had a 100th Deuce shoulda kept it. Now on to my nightmare. Harley Davidson KNOWS about all their defects with the 88ci engine and up and KNOWS about the parts failure in the motors and trans. and has NOT BEEN MADE TO RECALL THIS GARBAGE.

The unsuspecting consumer buys their newer (96-up) JUNK motorcycles as I did and expects us to pay the mechanic to make sure it doesn't break down by paying for inspections of the faulty components and if you don't it voids your warranty. I don't EVER remember having to take in my new car every 10-15K miles and pay to have it inspected so it wouldn't break down. Why is this company allowed to screw the consumer like this with NO RECOURSE? Don't even think that an extended service plan NOT HDs will be any kind of safeguard to repair your bike if it breaks. Been to 2 Harley dealerships and have it in writing. A FLAT OUT LIE to me and Corp. to cover their ** about the problems with my rattling motor problems that they say is "normal operation" to get out of fixing it.

My extended service plan doesn't cover brakes. My ABS is broken and Lord help me if I get in a jamb. I have already had to slam my shifter down without the clutch to stop the bike. But again that's "normal operation" as they told me at the Harley dealership today and stood there with a tech telling him about them NOT repairing my bike, standing there listening to my motor RATTLE and then in a programmed response says "trade it in on a new one". My response was "Why would I spend 30k on a new touring bike when I bought a 2 yr old for less than trade in and lose my arse even more and be upside down in it still wondering if I had to address the SAME problems all over again that they refuse or make excuses not to fix now?

My question is -- Why is an $8 billion corp not being made to answer or repair the defects THEY KNOW THEY HAVE? And sell and install "performance parts" that ARE the fixes for some of the problems that they continue to churn out. Then again Joe consumer gets screwed again. I have seen MASSIVE auto recalls for less. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DON'T GET SCREWED. Don't get me wrong, I have owned – built - painted - stroked motors of Harleys for over 40 years but this is just plain SCREWIN’ THE POOCH HERE! And unless something drastic happens by Harley Davidson which I don't see on the horizon (They got a good thing here... Screw you on both ends) or I find another old shovel to build I’ll never buy another one. THESE ARE MY OPINIONS.

On 10/30/15, I purchased a 2016 HD Forty-Eight. I noticed the bike sputtered a couple of times, but thought nothing of it until I took into the service dept to have an upgrade done to the bike. When they had it apart I looked inside tank. RUST all over! The techs told me, "we'll just wipe it down." No way! I want a brand new rust free tank or I want it completely cleaned and sealed at your expense! Rust in Brand New Gas Tank? Not even 90 days old!

I purchased a 2015 Harley Davidson Low Rider on June 29, 2015. As I rode it I noticed when I touched the front brake the front end would nose dive. On July 18, 2015 I went to meet my friends in H.O.G. for a breakfast run. As I pulled into the parking lot at about 30mph my front brake locked. I was thrown to the ground causing lots of road rash and the bike landed on my left ankle crushing it. The bike was facing the other direction. I was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. My ankle was set in the E.R. And later that day I had surgery to put a plate and screws in my ankle. I missed 4.5 months of work. The bike sustained 6800.00 worth of damage. I am not a novice. I have ridden for years, and been a H.O.G. member for 10 years. I have logged thousands of miles! Has this happened to others?

Harley Davidson 2014 Ultra Limited linkage, from the foot levers connecting to the transmission, are designed to fail. This failure left my bike stuck in 5. It's pitch black at night, 24" shoulder to pull off on a 70 mph freeway, my wife is with me...of course the clutch gets burnt out because we can't stay parked here and try to move to an off ramp. None of this is under warranty, no free tow job either...hmmm. The next day I find out the replacement part is the exact same piece of metal garbage as the original...no improvement. I bought a Victory today for myself. I might buy an Indian to replace my Ultra. I probably will never buy another HD.

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