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Have had multiple issues with vehicle requiring it to be in shop. Newest issue, Yukon dies while driving, and power steering stops working. Flashes on dash "service power steering" and "service hybrid system". Since my warranty has expired due to age, not mileage I have to pay for repairs. The service department has put many miles on vehicle and this third time in the shop they think they have duplicated problem. So they want $700 plus to replace wiring harness on transmission to see if that helps. No guarantees that is problem.

Received letter from GMC in 2014 that APM issue could result in loss of power steering and message will appear service power steering, service hybrid system, or service battery charging system. Dealership couldn't find any codes first two times this happened. Now they want to work on transmission and say it's not related to AMP issue even though they had no codes. I was glad I was on straight road when it died last time. Almost ended up in ditch trying to get out of traffic without much steering.

I have a 2009 Yukon XL whose transmission burnt up at 102,972 miles, in El Paso, TX half way from our home to Yuma, AZ!! What makes it bad was our week of Spring Break vacation was spent under the Yukon, after we hauled it from El Paso to AZ. What makes it worse is that our vacation fund was spent on transmission and labor, but luckily we found Team Ramco, in Yuma, AZ to fix the situation with the other transmission I had nought.

This GMC dealership could not reset the TCM on transmission and would have charged me for a new one whether it worked or not. Thank God for Team Ramco, they figured out problem, fixed it and had me in my Yukon as they had promised to get me back to Central Texas safely with my family. What I'm pissed about is that GMC knows that the 6L80E transmission is a bad design and does not take responsibility for it!!! Six gears on one clutch!!!

Every transmission shop I asked about it says it's a bad design and GMC knows it. I think GMC should refund me my $4000 I paid for transmission and labor at Team Ramco!!! But of course, they won't take responsibility! I want to stay with Chevy/GMC but they make it hard to when their dealerships can't get their heads out of their asses and fix problems!!!

I purchased a new GMC 2005 Yukon for over $34k for my wife. She only using the vehicle around town and local trips. We've always keep up with required routine services. The current mileage is 87,523 and the transmission is now failing, not to mention other past poor quality issues. I spoke with General Motors on two separate occasions and they were not willing to take care of this matter. I understand auto warranties but this is clearly an "Isolated Defected Matter". This is a high end truck for this to occurred is unreal. GM representatives were very unprofessional and didn't care if I never purchase another GM vehicle. I had plans to purchase a 2014 Chevy Cruz in a few weeks, but now we've decided never... ever to purchase another GM vehicle. As for our experience we strongly don't recommend any GM vehicle to anyone.

Loss of breaks very close call! Also bought 1500 Silverado in 2000 and was not notified of engine problem. I have knock problem .

In August of 2002, I purchased a new 2002 GMC Yukon from the Scholfield Dealership in Wichita, Kansas. Within a day or two I noticed a knocking noise coming from the engine. I was at the dealership signing some papers and told the business manager, Chris, about it. He went to the back and had a service tech meet with me. I cannot remember his name, but I would recognize him.
The service tech told me that the knocking noise was normal for the 2002 engines and that it did not affect the performance in anyway. He gave me some kind of technical explanation and said it should get a little quieter with time. I waited a while and it actually started to get louder.
I still had a form I received in the mail from GMC (a GMC Purchase Satisfaction Survey). On December 8, 2002, I called the GMC Customer Assistance Center at: 800-462-8782. I spoke with a lady named Kimberly Chin (?) about the knocking noise. She said I should call Mark Mitchell, Scholfields Service Director. On December 26, 2002, I called Scholfield and spoke with Mitchell. I told him the knocking noise was louder and that I was concerned. He gave me a 5-minute description over the phone about the 2002 engines and why they knocked. He also said that there was nothing for me to worry about theyre all like that.
He then told me to ask if there were any new solutions to the problem the next time I was in for service. On my next service appointment, I asked Graig McIntosh, the Service Manager, about the knocking noise. He said nothing new had been done. He explained that this was a problem with the 2002 engines and drew a picture of the pistons to explain why the noise occurs.
I was very happy with my sales person, Tammy Howell, but she did not mention the engine noise problem to me. This is especially troublesome when it seems like everyone at Scholfield and GMC know about the engine noise. Everyone I have been in contact with at Scholfield have been very nice and helpful, except for the curious silence about the engine noise.
I have three major objections with all of this:
1. The problem (engine knocking) should have been explained to me so that I could decide whether or not to purchase the vehicle?
2. Why is this my problem and not GMCs & Scholfields?
3. I cannot believe that GMC or Scholfield would allow one of its Yukons to be on the road sounding like it has got a rod going out. I really enjoy the Yukon but absolutely hate the knocking of the engine. Almost everyone that hears it says something is definitely wrong and mentions a rod going out.
Yesterday, my neighbor told me I had better check my oil. He said it sounded like it was low. I am actually embarrassed for anyone to hear my Yukon. Furthermore, I am equally worried about the mechanical soundness of it. I cannot be more unhappy about driving a $45,000.00 vehicle that sounds like it has a bad engine, not to mention the fact that I owe almost $35,000.00 on a vehicle that I bet I couldnt sell or trade-in without taking a huge loss! I can hear a car dealer saying, Oh, you have one of those knocking GMC engines.

At this point, GMC and the dealer are saying that they will TRY and fix the problem. However, the vehicle is brand new and they are wanting to remove the engine (completely) and replace the pistons, which are essential mechanical parts. This would be ok in a different situation (e.g., an older vehicle, or a newer vehicle that required non-essential work). Anyway, my confidence in this vehicle has been seriously diminished and I am very worried about possible resale problems.

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