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Smoke starts rising from dashboard, nothing electrical on, no AC, no radio, nothing. Having paid $600 per month for 5 years on the only new vehicle ever purchased I am left with the notice from GMC that I am out of luck and I am left with a useless piece of junk.

Bought this van 6 weeks ago (used from a dealer - as is). Had it certified and emissions passed. Driven last at 5 PM on Friday. 1 AM Sunday it caught fire all by itself on our driveway. Thank goodness a neighbor saw it. Complete loss also fully destroyed our Ford Escape... Thank goodness it was not near the house or any neighbors property. Very, very upsetting...

Chevy Suburban 2008 k2500 - Today I was driving around my dad's house and when I took a complete turn to park my car (Suburban 2008), I smelled smoke. It seems like the power steering pump was dry and caught on fire? I'm going to take it to my local mechanic to figure out this issue. I got fortunate enough that all that seemed to be harmed was a bunch of wires. I don't know how much this ordeals is going to cost me.

Will not address repair for (recall) defect as per letter received. I just received a letter from GM about my 2007 Chevy Cobalt: This letter is intended to make you aware that some 2007 model year Chevrolet Cobalt vehicles may have a cracked fuel tank inlet control valve. Vehicles that have had a fuel tank removal procedure are especially at risk for this condition, as the tank removal process can damage the inlet control valve. This condition may cause fuel or fuel vapour to leak from the fuel tank. A vehicle with this condition may display an illuminated Service Engine Soon (SES) light, leak fuel onto the ground under the rear of the vehicle between the rear tires during or after fueling, or emit a strong fuel odour from the rear of the vehicle. Do not take your vehicle to your GM dealer as a result of this letter unless you believe that your vehicle has the condition as described above.

GM is providing owners with additional protection for the condition described above. If this condition occurs on your vehicle within 10 years of the date your vehicle was originally placed in service or 240,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first, the condition will be repaired for you at no charge. Diagnosis or repair for conditions other than the condition described above is not covered under this special coverage program.

I have been quite pleased with my car. It has been recalled for the ignition and the power steering pump issues. Is this notice a joke? Recently over the past few months my Service Engine Soon light will glow intermittently and within the past couple of weeks stays on. I was planning to get it looked at within the next couple of days. This letter describes my issue precisely. The car leaks fuel as described in the letter. Often there is an odour of fuel fumes inside the car. My car has high mileage over 240,000 kms. So I fear my car may go on fire. I believe this is an outrage, it appears that once again GM has built and sold cars with severe defects that can cost lives and shirks off responsibility to correct their shortcomings

Silverado fire - My son was driving home from work and smelled smoke. He was puking into his apartment complex and pulled over before reaching his apartment unit. Opened the hood and it was on fire. Complete loss.

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2012 Silverado less than 19k miles had something leaking from under the back part of the cab. Smelt smoke got out to look and the under carriage was in flames. My family had about 20 seconds to get out and run before the entire cab was engulfed in flames. The entire truck was totaled. GM would not take any responsibility even though it was completely under warranty.

It started with my left side catalytic converter going out. I was told by the auto repair technician that the passenger side was fine. So I went through the GMC dealership to have everything repaired regarding the catalyst converter to return two months later with the passenger side catalytic converter needing to be repaired. As I'm leaving after getting an estimate on the part and labor cost at the dealership, my Yukon began smoking from under the hood. I got out the truck unlock the hood to witness that my alternator was smoking very quickly, it caught a fire. My question is the dealership officials could not even explain to me what just happen. I was informed that the cost would now rise from $1400 dollars to $3056.

But I know better. There were no visible damages to any other parts of the truck because of my quick response to put it out with window washing fluid, which was all I had to put it out. But the fact that I had it towed home and then had someone professional to come out and look at it, he charged it up and stated that I needed a catalyst converter and that I might have overcharged my battery. But for $3056 that the dealership is requesting to repair is ridiculous. Could someone please point me in a good direction for a repair shop that is not trying to rip a single working mother of four off? I truly appreciate any help.

First, I would like to state that our family has been Chevy/GMC supporters for no small length of time, and over the years we have purchased over 30 high end Chevy/GMC vehicles. For the most part, we have been satisfied with every vehicle purchased (we have had some small issues but we understand that nothing is perfect). Up until recently, we had always felt comfortable and safe while driving our Chevy/GM vehicles. However, with my brother and myself just getting ready to start our own families, coupled with this recent incident that I will explain momentarily, our faith in Chevy/GM is diminishing.

I would like to bring to your attention that my brother's 2013 GMC Denali 2500 Truck (with less than 15,000 miles logged) burst into flame while he was driving down the highway on June 28th, 2014. Luckily, fellow commuters flagged him down as they saw the smoke and flames coming from the rear end of his truck.

Shortly after he was made aware that his truck was on fire, the truck lost all power, which forced my brother to pull into the middle median of the highway. As the GMC truck came to a stop my brother and our mutual friend got out of the truck just before the cab was engulfed in flames, however, our friend did not escape without burning his arm and singeing his hair on arm, eyelashes, and head. Luckily nobody was in the back seat (adult, or small child) for they would have been severely burned at best, and at worst would not have made it out alive.

I am writing this to all of you to ensure that GM is informed: There is a serious safety concern with your 2013 Denali Trucks.

On top of this, we are being told by the insurance company that they are only going to reimburse my brother (Chris **) for the depreciated cost of the vehicle. We strongly disagree with this decision. As I'm sure you are all aware vehicle value greatly depreciates as your drive them off the dealer's lot. My brother did his part to continue to support GM by purchasing a new $60,000 Denali, but because GM didn't build a defect free vehicle, it randomly caught on fire which completely totaled his vehicle. I feel that GM should step up and cover the difference in cost so my brother does not get financially punished for a mistake made by GM. I think this is the least GM could do to correct this issue. Our family has been loyal to the Chevy/GMC brand for entire lifetimes, and it would be good to know GM acts the same way.

My son's Camaro caught fire. My son was driving down the street with a friend when he saw flames coming from the back seat of his car. He quickly pulled over and got his friend and his self out. He had just purchased $4000 worth of equipment for work but had no way to retrieve it as it was in the back seat. Called fire dept to put out fire. Car was COMPLETELY BURNED UP IN 10-15 SECONDS. FIRE DEPT could not tell what started fire. If he had not reacted in seconds, he could have died. He contacted GM, and was told they would get back to him in a month. Car was taken to junkyard. So, now GM says they will give him $1000 for the car, after he gets from impound, which could be over $1000 by now! The KBB on the car is $4400, and he lost $4000 in equipment! What can he do? This is just wrong! Any help is appreciated.

I was in a local sports grill playing a city Billiards tournament. I go out to my 03 Suburban and as I walk up to my door, I notice that I can't see inside the vehicle through the window. So I stop and look around to make sure that I'm at the right vehicle because I thought my windows are not tinted that dark. As I look around for another white Suburban I notice my #1 gator fan license plate on front bumper, then realizing that in fact this was my vehicle. So I instantly began to panic and feel confused. So I carefully open the drivers side door, and as I do I am smothered by black, electric and plastic smoke. I back away from the truck for as smoke rolled outside. Once it cleared up a little I go back towards vehicle as to try to see what's going on and my center console was still smoking and smoldering. I run back inside the establishment and proceed to get water to extinguish anything that seemed to be still burning.

The vehicle had suffered SEVERE DAMAGE to the inside including center console, insides of both seats, headliner, dvd player that is mounted from factory on top of vehicle headliner area as well as heater system control panel and severe smoke damage to entire vehicle and contents. I am a single dad of two young children and have limited sources as income. I don't know if there is anything that can be done and I don't know how or why this happened. I do know if there is any help out there anywhere that I would be greatly appreciative of anything as to what I can do. This is a real kick in the teeth.

I loaned my truck (2012 GMC Sierra) to a friend one evening so he could haul some stuff off. I work for the Railroad and was on my way to Wellington, KS so I put key under the mat. Early next morning he called to tell me my truck suddenly shut down and everything went off. It would not start or nothing. Locked it up and left it for me to get when I got home. Went looking for my truck when I got back, couldn't find it so I called Police as they had also called to tell me I must move my truck within 48hrs. I couldn't find it so called the Police Department and was told it had been towed and where it was. I called them to say I was on my way to pick it up. The lady on the phone laughed and said, "Sir, your truck is burned (toast)." I took my dad and we went to see it and take pictures as there was nothing left. It had 2000 miles on it.

That was in early July 2013. Insurance Co. has been doing investigation since I notified them. They have made me give testimony, requested my phone records, had me call On-Star to see what info they had which was nothing. I still pay on a truck I don't have, and since burning to date, I have paid the bank about $9,000.00 on a truck I don't have plus payments on new truck. Nothing is being done and I think they feel I burned it. GM won't even comment. Be careful or you might look out in your driveway and see yours burning as several other owners have.

After all the recent Chevy recalls, decided to poke around on this again. Had a 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500 PU Truck that burned to the Ground in July 2010 with only 15,000 miles on it. Woke up @ 1AM to find truck on fire. Just putting it out there... Wondered then... Still wondering.

03/12/14, I was driving home with my 13 year old daughter and the dashboard started to smoke from the cracks of the radio / air conditioner panel (I had only been driving the car for less than 10 minutes). Within 3 minutes, the cabin was fully engulfed in flames ~ A total loss. The fire department couldn't believe something like this could happen and one fire fighter was concerned because he has a 2004 same truck.

I filed a claim with GMC and when I received a call back they basically told me there is nothing they can do. They were not even willing to investigate the incident and said the insurance company could pursue them if they like. I'm surprised that this company will not stand behind it's product, investigate the matter and be accountable. Just because someone wasn't hurt or killed does not mean it cannot happen and these reports should be taken seriously. We were diligent on the upkeep of this vehicle, oil changes, recalls and we all know the insurance company will not offer enough to replace or to obtain an equivalent vehicle. Over $35,000.00 in the garbage.

Truck burst into flames in the dash, no one was in it. GM said it was over 4 years old and would not do anything about it. My truck is still at my house looking for a class action attorney who is willing to fight for all of us who has lost our trucks and cars, all makes and models of GM Chevrolet.

I was the owner of the truck Chevy Silverado 2005. I was driving the truck. When I parked it in my drive way and it was there for 20 minutes, then in front of the windshield it started to come out lots of smoke, then fire started to burn the car and part of my house.

Nothing has happened yet... I came in and typed in a question as to why my heater fan won't run on high, then when I shut my truck off, the fan kept running, restarted my truck tried to shut the controls off and cannot do so. Shut the truck off again, the fan is still running even though I shut the controls to it and the truck off. Restarted the truck a second time, let it run for a while with the heater fan controls off, shut the truck off and the heater fan finally quit. But heck, after reading on here about all these fires, I am going back outside to move this truck well away from my house. Has anyone gotten GM to do anything about this??? I will be calling my dealer tomorrow.

My daughter's Chevy Silverado pickup truck 2011 caught on fire in the front yard destroying the truck, her brand-new Toyota Camry, and melted siding on the house next to them.

I have always owned Chevrolet pickups. My latest 2008 Silverado extended cab pickup was very nice. I loved the quiet ride and the luxury items that it had to offer. I was in disbelief on December 24th 2013 as I was driving along on the tollway in my four door red extended cab. I look in my rear view mirror and was shocked with what I saw - smoke coming from my truck. I pulled over immediately. When I came to a complete stop, smoke was coming from under the hood. I got out and raise my hood up. Fire raged from the passenger-side of the engine.

Without warning, not even so much as a miss, my truck burned to the ground. There was absolutely nothing I could do, but stand by and watch. I keep all of my vehicles in like new condition, always making certain that there no leaks of any kind. There was no reason for this pick up to catch fire let alone burn up. I would like know if there have been any defects in any of the wiring harnesses or problems with the transmissions or in short any defects that could possibly cause an engine compartment fire on the Silverado pickups.

The other night during the blizzard, my daughter called panicked because she was stuck off the side of the road in her Toyota Camry. My wife and I went out to rescue her in my all-wheel drive 2010 GMC Terrain. We got to my daughter and attempted to head back home. It was snowing at a rate of about 3 inches an hour. We got to about a mile from home and we weren't able to get up the hill, so we diverted to a flatter route. I turned the traction control off, but the dash light kept flashing anyway. All of a sudden, the interior of the car was filled with thick black smoke. We all managed to get out of the car. Thick black smoke and flames were billowing out from under the hood. We moved as quickly as we could to get as far away from the car as possible. The entire car was engulfed in flames in a matter of minutes. The blizzard winds just fueled the fire. We heard a series of small explosions. The fire truck was not able to make the hill to the car and had to wait for a plow escort. The car was already fully engulfed in fire. There was nothing left, but at least, we got out alive.

I e-mailed GMC and let them know what happened. They called me, put me on hold and made me listen to a bunch of advertisements for new GMC vehicles, got back on the phone and said no one was available to talk to me! They called me! I e-mailed again and told them that I felt that GMC was taking this too lightly and that I am aware of fatalities as a result of GM vehicles catching fire. I said one fatality is too many. As of today, I still did not get a call from them. I told them that I am going to seek legal advice and go to the media. Here I am on this forum - it's a start. I want to warn people of the potential fire hazards of these vehicles. My vehicle was well maintained and serviced only by the dealer. It's a shame when major corporations put money ahead of consumer safety.

Today, my son parked his truck (2006 GMC Sierra), and 2 minutes later, it was engulfed in flames! It burnt to the ground. Fire started under the hood! What to do?

Vehicle was parked in driveway. Had just been driven however the engine was off. 15-30 minutes later, heard loud bang and glass breaking. Front cabin of the vehicle was engulfed in flames. Opened doors and sprayed water on until fire department got there. If no one would have been outside to hear the glass break this would have been a very different story since the vehicle was parked in a very heavily wooded area with homes. Insurance company has requested that the vehicle remain at place of incident until adjuster can investigate. Fire Department best assumption at this point is that, this was an electrical fire that started somewhere in the dash between the console and the steering column.

We are the original owner. Bought the vehicle new. No aftermarket options. Other than tires and brakes, all original mftr equipment, all warranty work done at GMC dealership. We have extensive documentation with GMC for all warranty issues since it was purchased many of which have been electrical problems. Examples are steering column electronics, passenger A/C blowing hot air due to electrical, Radio / CD Player over heating replaced 2 times, DVD Player replaced numerous times. Sporadic incidents where DVD would just stop working requiring the vehicle to be turned completely off then back on for it to come back on. Fuel gauge showing empty when the tank was full. Car had to be turned off, key out, restart to correct. Electronic fuel pump issues - replaced. Load leveling electrical component replaced. Electronic shifting components on transmission, electronic window switch, etc.

We bought a new truck in 2003. We had to take it back to the dealer several times. The fuel gauge was weird; it would go from full to empty and everything in between in a matter of minutes. The passenger A/C unit only blew hot air. The CD player would constantly over heat, and stop playing CD’s. After several years of this, we finally just gave up. Well, during Memorial Day this 2011, we went camping with our family. I was driving about 35 mph, and I looked in the rear view mirror to see flames. I slammed on my breaks; I told my 17-year old daughter to get out and get one of my 4-year old boys out, and I got the other out. In about 20 seconds, the entire truck was engulfed in flames.

The next day, I received a recall notice from GM stating that the A/C unit can overheat, and possibly cause a fire. Anyway, I sent them everything. I called tons of times, and I was ignored. They finally sent a note yesterday that said they are not responsible! How are they not responsible? They sent no explanation. Everyone told me from the beginning to get an attorney. I thought surely a company like GM would do the right thing. I guess I am a sucker to think that people will do the right thing--a lesson learned! GM was the recipient of a huge bail out. My taxes paid for that! So, where is my help?

Own a well maintained 99' 2500 Chevy Silverado. I was awakened at 4am to the sound of a blaring horn, looked out my front window and saw my truck engulfed in flames. A tree nearby also was on fire. I called Fire Department and rushed outside to put fire out. My wife and son had to leave the house since fire was so close. We live in a rural, fire hazard, area, so very lucky fire did not spread to surrounding areas.

FD says fire appears to have started somewhere near radio, lighter area. The truck had not been driven in the last 12 hours before fire started. The truck is a total loss. I have no vehicle to drive and am probably out the value of the truck, plus will need to purchase new vehicle. A well maintained vehicle, no matter the age should simply burst into flames in the middle of the night.

The complaint is if I bought a truck from GM, that could catch fire. They should pay for it and it’s happening to other vehicles if they keep extra plugs on hand. I want my $175 .00 back and a safe vehicle with a heater and A/C blower. It’s a scam. I will not buy another General Motors vehicle. They robbed taxpayers and incidents like this. In my 2007 GMC Sierra, my heater fan started acting up, only one speed and then nothing and under passenger side it started to smoke. Well, the plug was bad. That’s $112.00 for the plug. Then, the resistor went bad. That was another $63.00. I talked to two of my friends and their trucks had done the same. I think GM should be responsible especially if the vehicle could catch fire and at dealer they said they keep a lot of these on stock for that reason.

On Wednesday, January 6, 2010, my GMC Sierra 2500 HD caught on fire. The fire came from behind the radio. The fire started for no apparent reason. The car had been sitting in a parking lot for about an hour. The fire started when I started the truck. I have been reading on the internet that others have had this same problem. All of the wiring is gone. The dash is melted, the window was broken and the console was melted.

2000 Dakota, Quad Cab, 67,000 miles. 11/14/09 approx. 1:30 am fire started in engine compartment. Reason: Not known. Still being investigated by insurance and fire dept. Total loss expected. Vehicle had not been started in 6 days. Will not be able to replace vehicle for insurance will pay. Possible cost to me about $20,000. Not good!

on september 3rd i was driving home from work, with both windows down in my 2006 GMC SIERRA 2500hd ext cab, and i noticed a smell of something wasnt sure what at that point, until i seen smoke coming from in between my dash and windshield on the passenger side, so i turned right on the next rd,and when i slowed down the inside of the my truck filled with smoke, so i pulled over shut the engine off i got out went to the passenger side to find the fuse panel, and did not see it, so i opened the glove compartment where the smoke was coming from and i seen wires burning underneath it, then within seconds the black plastic ductwork was melting on to my floor board,so i dialed 911 in the mean time, i got some of my stuff out of it, but did not get even close to what i needed out, the fire got so hot, so fast i had to get away. today is sept. 18 2009 GM said they would contact me in 7-10 bussiness days, and sept 22 2009 will b day 10 after looking on the internet at similar cases and seeing what GM is not doing, is very frustrating so if they dont do anything for there 2006 GMC 2500hd that caught on fire and is still under warranty then i think we should file a class action lawsuit against GM.

I was in a small accident in May 2008. My truck caught fire and burnt to the ground. The accident was very minor, so truck had no reason to have caught fire. My insurance company nor GMC wanted anything to do with finding out why.I am just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with fires in these trucks.

The rear of my 2006 Chevy Silverdo got stuck and then ignited dry grass under the truck on June 6, 2009. Now my truck is completely burned up. This was not a good experience.

I bought a new 2001 Grand Prix GT on Nov.5th of 2007. My wife came home, got out of the car and came in the house. Five minutes later, the car was ablaze in the engine compartment.

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