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I was entering the back of my 2004 Chevrolet Super Sport pickup, and the tailgate cables snapped, causing damage to my tailgate and bumper. I had purchased the vehicle from a dealer in March 2008 and did not know of the recall, and the vehicle only had 25,000 miles. The damage done to the vehicle was $868.68. I was told by the gentleman at the body shop when I had the cables replaced that the damages were "my baby," and he asked if I knew that General Motors was filing bankruptcy. I just feel that the damages were not done by any neglect or negligence of mine and that the damages were a direct result of the faulty tailgate supports. I have been told by the dealership and General Motors that it is not their responsibility to repair the damages and that they were very sorry.


i was traveling down the road with a load of lumber,when my tailgate let go.the lumber was all over the road.this was all do to the straps on my 2001 silverado 1500 tailgate.i cannot wait untill april to get new ones from the company.i would like to know where,i can get a set right now?i thought about buying a new truck,but i also put a rack,on this 01,and the rear quarter of the panel,near the lights cracked.american auto makers better go back to making trucks ,like back in the 80s,and stop skimpimg to make more money,and produce a better truck,or forein imports,will put them out of business.this is the second set replaced scince,i purchased this truck new.


I took the rear wheels my 2003 Silverado truck because I thought I heard a noise in the back. I found the rotors/brakes were rusted beyond belief. Apparently this is not something unordinary; there are plenty of web articles about, 2003s Silverado rotors. The scary part is that the vanes? rust down to paper thin pieces, if one the rotors collapses, the brake could be gone totaly due to lack of pressure, even the parking wont help at this point, due to the corrosion on the inside of the drum otor. A quick easy test is the parking brake, if it goes to the floor, there may be a problem, other than a slight cable adjustment. Its a scary thought. I got lucky and caught them in time, replaced everything with aftermarket parts for about $200. On the flip side, our 2002 Tahoe with the same mileage (about 70k), the brakes are in great condition, only 15% - 20% worn down.


I was having anti-lock brake problems. I took the truck to my regular mechanic, he read the diagnostic readout and informed me that the wheel speed sensors needed replacement. He also informed me that there was a recall for that problem from GM, and to take the truck to the dealer. I did that and the dealer informed me that the recall was for trucks manufactured thru the 2002 model year. My truck was manufactured in Sept. 2002 but the dealer told me that the manufacture date was after the cut off date for the recall. I returned to my mechanic to have the work done. He started the work Monday morning, March 19th. When he got to the front brakes, he called me and told me that the rotors were so badly rusted and pitted that they would have to be replaced as well as the brake pads. This $350.00 job turned into a $690.00 job. I asked him to check the rear brakes. He called back and gave me the same report for the rear. My concern is when you purchase a $38,000 vehicle, and it has only been driven 44,000 miles why are the original parts of such an inferior quality. Prior to this vehicle I had a 1993 1/2 ton GMC pickup that I drove 75,000 miles, had only one complete brake replacement with the rotors turned and not replaced. I am just upset that GM will accept no responsibility for their product. They seem to shrug it off as oh well, and they would fix it for half again what my mechanic repaired it for.


I brought my 2002 Chevy Silvarado into into my local chevy dealer to have a recall for the wheel speed sensor, The dealership later called me and told me the bad news, that they had discovered the brake lines were rusted through and that they were now leeking, They offered to fix the problem and quoted me $1000.00 now I'm wondering where the recall on the brake lines is? the fuel lines only one inch away from the brake lines are in perfect condition. seems like a 5 yearold truck with only 72,000 miles on it should not need a $1000.00 fix.

I'm out $1,000.00

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2003 silverado 1500. rear brakes and rotors replaced at 9000 miles after fighting with the dealership. front brakes and rotors replaced at 19,000 miles out of pocket not covered. told off the record gm was having a problem with the metals. also steering shaft rattles. repacked 3x's now after warranty is up a new one is available for 109.00. convienient. now the 2003 trailblazer ext. brakes and rotors 22,000 miles rotors have been trouble since i bought it. out of round and rusted to all h@ll. windows scratch from the weather stripping on the bottom holds the dirt and dust, wind noise even after i added window gaurds. replaces the steering linkage at 12000 warrented, but he brake rotors are my biggest issue. junk i sold thr wrong vehicle 1989 chevy cheyenne 248,000 miles original rotors no problems at all.


This past week end I was helping a friend move, while unloading items both tailgate cables on my 2000 Chevy S10 2X4 snapped at the same time. Thankfully no one was injured. Chevy needs to include the S10's in the recall.

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