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Brooklyn, NY

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I am a single mom of 2 children. On March 11, 2014, I went to the dealer on 86th Street, I knew the car that I wanted but the prices was so high, nothing I saw in the advertisement on tv. Did a test drive on an Optima One of the fully loaded ones. Couldn't afford the price for the lease so I decided to leave, that is when the young man dealing with me became vulture like insisting if I get the LX, he would give me a good price, $299.00 per month. Didn't find the car was worth $299.00 and didn't have time to make that decision as I had to go pick up my daughter from school. The young man followed me all the way to get my daughter, all the while insisting he would give me a good deal. I told him I was not going back and realize they kept my license. The young man drove me back there to the dealer.

I repeatedly said to them I need to think about this overnight. Anyways got there he offered me the optima lx for $250 per month, I still thought that was a bit expensive but I said ok. Went in the office to do paperwork with the top person, who then explained to me how I could drive off with nothing down. Also offer me a maintenance plan and explained how that would be beneficial to me, $40.00 a month. He then went on to calculate the taxes and fees and the dmv fees as well. The lease is a 36 months lease so he now explains to that in 2 years, I could get a new car so why pay the down payment up front of the taxes and and other fees. If you bring the car back in 2 years you, meaning "I" would lose out. So now he continued to explain $60. A month for taxes and dmv fees and $40.00 per month for maintenence fee. That brought my monthly payments to $350.00.

As a woman I don't know much about cars and maintenance, I just need a car to get around mainly on weekend with my daughter. The middle of March 2015, I decided to call the service center to take the car in for maintenence, no one would answer after weeks of trying. I called the dealer to get information only to find out a new car dealership is at that location and Giuffre Kia was no longer there. I looked up on line and got Nemet Kia, I called them up and took the car in for inspection and maintenance. At the appointment I learned I do not have maintenance on the car. The lady ask me for a maintenance contract, of course I didnt have one and didn't know I was supposed to get one. Thought everything was written up in the leasing contract. So informed I had to pay For maintenance and oil change.

The next I called up Kia finance and explained to them that I have paid $40 a month for 1 yr already for maintenance and that I should be refunded if I don't have the service. They explained to me that they have no control over what the dealer does. I called the early termination department and someone explain some options selling or trading the car. Or take it in to their dealer to get something that cost less.

Took the car in to Plaza Kia. There I learned that Giuffre was shut down for scamming people and the market value of my car now is about a little over $14 thousand, and if I would owe Kia 21 thousand because I was over charge for the car. The dealer there also told me I should have been paying $199.00 for that car per month. So I'm stuck with a high monthly payment. How can they do this to people and continue to do business. It's really not fair. It hurts to find out that even Kia finance just said to me they are sorry but there is nothing they could do.

Satisfaction Rating

ON Sept 9th I went in to Giuffre Kia | Kia Dealer | New York City located on 86th street and 16th ave. I told the Manager ** and the salesman ** I was there just to look at the car I had already knew I wanted. When asked what Car, I told them I wanted a 4-wheel drive Kia Sorento 2015 with a third row. All I was unsure of was the color. We talked about how my father would be so happy I was getting Rid of my Soul cause he has to drive the beat up jeep that we have upstate all winter and he can't fit the dogs in my little Soul.

Having four-wheel drive was the main point of this convo. I would never put my kids in a truck so big without four-wheel drive in the snow or ice. Never. It is so unsafe, we discussed this too. And how my little Soul was so good in the snow cause as a front-wheel drive it was so tiny and compact. Well they offer me a deal on the car I wanted but still was unsure of the color. I picked my color and told them to go ahead and order my car.

Well on Sept 11th I go in to sign papers and pick up my car. Now I look at the sticker from the window and didn't notice FWD meant Front-wheel drive. Now to be fair that may be my fault but I am a Jeep girl so I am use to seeing 4X4.. Still that is not the car I ordered, at this point I don't notice it. I look over the papers see the numbers make sure they are all right. Now I already look over my car, check out doors, windows, locks, seats, etc. I sign papers. ** calls my auto insurance to add my car to the policy and answer all the questions the agent at Gieco had.

I know that I must have certain insurance on a new leased car so I tell ** make sure I have what the lease required because I was financing my last car. He yells to ** the Finance Manager how much insurance do I have to have which she replies 50/100. I hear him say yes I am sure. I go start my car and notice my car is at 50 miles and ask Marvin why which he reply's they had to drive it here. Ok I go home notice I am always getting sick cause I feel like I am driving on ice.

TO sum it up I find out my car is a front-wheel drive and I am pissed but also realize as I was given the wrong car I did sign the papers so I kept my mouth shut and learned a lesson for next time. WELLLL then my brand new radio system goes out and now I am mad. I call ** and tell him this all which he did not care and said I would have to call ** and speak to him cause he makes all decisions about changing my car.

I call the next morning when ** tells me to stick a pin in my radio and reset it and that he don't remember me asking for an all-wheel drive and tells me "Well honey, you signed the papers. You stuck with the car." So nasty and disrespectful he was. I asked him to have the owner ** the owner call me which still I have not gotten a call. Now mad cause I seen that not only was I given the wrong car but a prob was given it on purpose and they did not care at all.

Fine. I make a few calls and now I am getting more information Like I should have a paper in my car telling all about my car has had any issues with it before or if owned by someone prior to me buying it. Yea that was not in my car. So I review my lease and the first thing I notice is that I do not have the proper insurance on my car. I call the insurance company right away to change my insurance and tell them the story. The lady tells me I am so lucky I seen that because if I had an accident or a loss of my car I would be fully responsible for all costs. Well NOW I am on fire why would they lie to my insurance company I am footing my insurance bill every month.

SO I call a lawyer who tells me that the OWNER IGGY That owns OTHER Dealerships has had many cases against him. I find out that the owner mainly works out of the Jeep Dealership by me on 88th Street and 5th Ave. I call and speak to a very nice girl name ** who I explain all of the above to and ask that she has him call me back. That was yesterday at 11am. It is now 11 am and it has been a full 24 hours and IGGY the owner has not called me, so I will now go viral on every possible site I can think of LETTING YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I HAVE LEARNED AND EXPERIENCED.

Giuffre Kia | Kia Dealer | New York City on 86th Street and 16th Ave will soon be closing so you do not want to go there. They had many Fraud cases against them. Also were known not only for selling the wrong cars but for changing the VIN numbers. The owner IGGY OWNS OTHER Dealerships so I would keep far away from them as well being as tho he does not stop what is happening in his dealerships which means he is allowing it or hey he is the only one making this all happen. Remember FOR all that have brought your cars, check your insurance. Make sure you have 100/300 in the state of NY. Other states may require 300/500. Now I will be reporting them to every car insurance company I can think of as well and finance companies as well.

Satisfaction Rating

I saw that another person was humiliated by those thugs at Giuffre, I believe and all of you should as well. They have a mafia mentality, I told the manager that his math was wrong and he went berserk, and I got and said you think I'm gonna buy a car from her now, he replied: "Get out showroom dirt bag," and proceeded out the door, and this ** with a MOB mentality came out after me with 6 guys telling me to hurry up and get away from his place of business. SECRET, THEY ARE MAFIA, BUT THAT'S THE PAST. WE CALLED THEM HAS BEENS AND NEVER WILL BE AGAIN. I'm Italian I know..

Don't go to this dealership, believe me. They recently lost Giuffre Hyundai and they lose this franchise as well. The Old Man was the best, but we all know what happens to Second Generation Businesses, 70% FAIL...Look it up.

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I was quoted one price and when I went from one desk to another the price went up $100. I changed my mind and they said I cannot walk away. The have lost my driver's license and say I threatened them when said this was an issue. They refuse or are taking their time refunding my money. They also tried a bait and switch with me. My car was not on the lot. I cannot go back to the dealership because they say I threatened them. I fear retaliation. They should be shut down.

Satisfaction Rating

Got a Hyundai three-year lease from this rat hole. As I was discussing the items on the contract, I asked if it covers 12k a year or 15k. He said "We can do 15k." This was a key factor in making the decision if I should get the lease from them. Now that the lease is coming up to its term, turns out they wrote up the contract with 12k. When I asked for a copy of my contract, they said they don't keep them on premise (really, no computers? How would you know what is being repaired or returned???). They are shady and very dishonest! Once you sign the dotted line and drive out, they will NEVER help you again! BEWARE, GO ANYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE!!!

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Satisfaction Rating

I came for a NY inspection, and it took them 4 hours (!) to let me know that it will take a lot of work and over 2 thousand dollars to make the inspection pass. I took my car but not before they charged me over 100 dollars for the hard work of checking my car.


Giuffre Kia Management Personnel is reticent to cancel and refund the monies from an extended service contract or warranty. The extended service contract was purchased with and for a 2009 Kia Rio 5. Moreover, Management Personnel is presenting seemingly fraudulent and forged documentation to protract the cancellation and refund process.

Quickly, on Saturday, 13 March 2010, I made a demonstrable effort to initiate the processes for cancellation of and refund of the monies from the extended service contract. Specifically, I provided Management Personnel with documentation confirming the trade-in and mileage at the time-of-sale of the 2009 Kia Rio 5. A myriad of follow-up phone calls have been placed with and voice messages left for Giuffre Kia Management Personnel.

Unfortunately, each phone call is quickly dismissed; each voice messages remains without a response. Interestingly, several Automobile Dealers in and around the Tri-State area, as well as the electronic, or online, literature have confirmed that once requested, a dealer must cancel and refund the monies from an extended service contract.


On January 30,2010 I was sold a used car (White 2006 Mercedes-Benz R350 with 43,000miles for amount financed $28,260 after a $2000 cash down payment from my part which included a Compass, bumper to bumper warranty for 3years or 36,000miles) by Giuffre Kia believing it was equipped with navigation and all it was missing was the navigation CD. Yet, the car was missing the whole navigation unit since even after I was given the nav CD, navigation was not available in the vehicle at which point I was promised a vehicle replacement of the same model/type with navi. One week later, my tire blew out due to bad tires on the entire vehicle. I brought it up to the dealer's attention and I was told by the sales manager himself who promised me that I was getting a replacement vehicle anyhow and to continue driving on a spare until my new vehicle would be acquired.

Two weeks passed by. I called to check on the status and I was told that It was on the way and that it was just a matter of time. A few days later, I noticed the car was shaking and wobbling while driving and could not drive it more than 15mph. I took it to a tire repair shop and I was told that since the car had aftermarket wheels, the lug nuts that were on the wheels were not the proper ones (they were short and the offset was not right and the right front rim was cracked in two places which also explained the loss of air which was constantly triggering the tire pressure monitoring system on the car's display after several repeated air fill-ups). I brought the car to the dealer to have it inspected since I couldn't drive it in that condition and explained them the problem with the rear right wheel that shakes and the one broken lug nut even though I was waiting for a new car. Dealer kept car in the shop for 2 days since they couldn't remove the wheel at first I was told. On Friday, Feb 19 at around 11 am, I called by the Service Department and was told that the car was repaired and ready to be picked up which I did at around 5:30 pm.

Only 5 hours later, my whole rear right wheel completely detached from the car as I took the exit of 34st FDR after noticing severe shaking and wobbling of the car. At the time the wheel fell from the car, I was only doing about 5-10mph and no damage was done and I was safe off the highway and did not lose control as the wheel separated from the car. Three of the lug nuts of the wheel were broken inside and the other two had flown away while leaving the studs of the car damaged. NYPD highway patrol responded since I had blocked one exit lane of the 34st exit of FDR and requested a flatbed tow truck which cost me $200 to have the car towed back to the Brooklyn dealership where the car was purchased and I had it dropped off across the street from the Service Department. After contacting the dealer, I was told that this is my car and I was not getting a replacement car. If it were to happen, it was going to be a favor and that it was not happening. I dropped the keys off to the dealer early Monday morning ( at 9 am) and I was told to take the keys and get out of the place. Instead, I left the keys there, demanded my money back and walked out when they refused to do so but left the car keys there.

The car has been parked by the Service Department dealer address on 89th St between 4th and 5th Avenue in Brooklyn since Friday night, February 19th and as of Monday it received a ticket for street cleaning violation. Since the bank has released the funds to the dealer, they are not cooperating in what they promised and instead leaving me in possession of the car. I was devastated by this act of dishonesty and manner of business ship by the reputable dealer to the point where I do not believe I can ever be satisfied by this dealership ever again and I ask your help together with an attorney's help to further investigate this matter and reimburse me back for this vehicle price.


I bought my 2008 KIA Sorento at the above named dealership. I unwittingly bought an extended warranty, that cost $2000.00. The Portfolio Contract said I had 60 days to cancel without a penalty. I called Portfolio which is a subsidiary of First Extended Service Corp. and was told that no contract was ever activated for my vehicle.

On March 19, 2009 I met with the Manager Mr. J. ChaCha and was told the fee of $2000.00 would be taken off my loan with KIA Motors Finance Corp. (KMFC). No Payment has been made to this date. I have spoken to Mr. ChaCha numerous times and have been told the check was in the mail over and over again. The last time I was told this was on July 21, 2009 and guess what, nobody knows where the check is.

I have given this company the benefit of the doubt but it seems there is no conscience on their part. Interest is being accumulated on this $2000.00 as well. I have made numerous complaints with KMFC but they have no power to make the dealership pay off the debt. Please help me. I have been trying to find a company to refinance the vehicle since I am paying a Very High rate @ 13.5%. I cannot do this until I have a true amount to refinance. I cant even begin until this is taken care of.


I purchased a 2008 Kia Spectra on 6/28/2008. I traded in a 2006 Kia SPectra that I only owed $6000 on. The dealership claimed to have given me $6600 for my vehicle and I gave $3000 cash deposit and there was a $2000 rebate. When I went the finance department they were very abrubt and insisted that I just sign the papers. They told me that my payments would be $375 for 72 months for a $15000 vehicle. I asked how this was possible and Freddy the finace manager just kept telling me that it is correct.

After making 72 payements at $375 per month the total amount payed for the vehicle is $27000 this does not include the $5000 deposit and rebate making the total amount paid for this vehicle over $32000. This is impossible. Upon confronting Freddy the finance manager he keeps saying that he is right and everyone else is wrong including my attorney. After doing the numbers it appears that the dealership gave me nothing for my trade in yet tacked on the money owed to the vehicle price. I feel that this may be haapening alot.

I have gone to the dealership twice already to have this straightened out and Freddy has just kept telling me its correct and that I need to stop having people call him for explainations. He also advised me that I better not register any complaints against them because I will lose. This is leading me to believe that this may be common practice for this dealership. On my bill of sale Freddy made the price of the vehicle the money owed on my trade plus the amount of the new car. he insisted that this had to be done because I had to pay tax on the money that was owed on my trade which I told him I already paid tax on that when I purchased the vehicle. He then added the money owed on my trade into the deal again on the bottom. I have already been to the District attorneys office and they told me that I had to begin my complaint with Consumer Affairs first. I have copies of all my paper work showing the fraudulant activity. Thank you so much for your help and understanding in this matter.

I am a single widow surving on a fixed income and having my carpayment increase by more than double is an economic hardship. I tried to not go through with the deal because of the payment but Freddy then insisted that it was to late and in 6 months I could refinance which made no sense to me but he wzas vewry persistant. He told me that there was a customer already waiting to buy my car.


My 2000 Kia Sportage has the airbag light blinking. Had sensor change, costs $145.00 Light is still blinking and won't reset. Kia dealership can't reset it either, they said just pray it does not open up while your driving ma'am.

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