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    Generation KIA

    Medford, NY

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    Here at generation Kia our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction at all times. After moving from our Medford location to our current location at 4825 sunrise hwy Bohemia in July of 2013 our customer satisfaction has improved tremendously. Our new location is a state of the art 37,000 square foot facility on 8 acres with an enclosed service drive which allows our customers to pull in out of the elements, great feature during rain or snow. 3 flat screen TV's in all our waiting areas, 2 customer lounges, coffee bar, Internet bar, 20 car state of the art showroom, accessories corner and most importantly the nicest employees you will ever meet. So come on down, browse our huge inventory while your children enjoy our play room. No pressure, no hassle, just great hospitality by all our employees. Come on in and let us roll out the red carpet for you!

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    36 Generation KIA Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 26, 2018

    Wouldn't show me car I came to see. Told me car was sold but one month later still on site for less money. Call to see car. Told it's in shop? Ask to speak to manager who told me car was available and to come down and look at it but told that manager doesn't work there anymore but he is still there. When stating I would buy car outright for price listed, the car price went up because I'm not financing? Don't go to this dealer.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 1, 2018

    Generation Kia has lied, scammed, and robbed me for a full year. I bought a used VW Rabbit from them last February. The salesperson who sold me the car dismissed my concerns about the slight transmission issues on the test drive. I fell for the lies and bought the car. Within one week of having the car I had to bring it back to them to be fixed. No rental cars available for me, I missed out on work. They "fixed" the issue. Issue resurfaced again not too long after and I brought it back. Still no rentals available (promised when I bought the car). Another BS fix to try to go around the warranty/spending money on fixing the issue. What do you know? The issue gets WORSE.

    Third time bringing the car in for the same transmission issue and they do another BS fix (after this many attempts all you do is fix a leak in the tranny seal? That should be the first check) they tell me it's all fixed and I get the car weeks later and as I drive it three exits down it's at the worst it's ever been. Worse than when I dropped it off. I turn right around and brought it back. It has now been almost two months exactly since I brought it in. They sent it to VW to be fixed and the people at VW said that they were waiting for an OK from Kia to fix an issue to get to the real main fix of the problem. I guess Kia never fixed those issues because I just got a call my car's ready and all they did was flush the tranny fluid this time. Two months to flush tranny fluid? DO NOT SHOP HERE. IT'S A NIGHTMARE. Their service techs are getting fired left and right and they do not communicate with you at all. No phone calls, no updates, no care.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 23, 2017

    Both the sales staff, Patty ** and service, LuAnn... Treated us with not only professionalism, but respect and compassion for our unique situation. I can't thank them enough! They made a difficult situation have a happy ending!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 28, 2017

    Kia refused to cover the engine of my 2015 Forte, after 4 months we took them to a BBB arbitration. We won and they had to cover the engine. The whole time dealing with Kia was the worst experience we ever had. The customer service was deplorable. Don't buy Kia. That's my advice.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

    My son was looking for his first car, and we had been to about a dozen places over the last month or so. At first, I didn’t want to come here, frankly because of the bad reviews I read on this site. We decided to “chance” it. We were greeted by Mark, who listened carefully as we described what we were looking for and our budget. Mark found us several vehicles that were just as we described, and we decided to purchase. From start to finish, it was a pleasant, professional, NO PRESSURE experience, and I’m glad we came here! You should too!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

    I initially did a superior 5 star rating on this dealership but after 2 months of purchasing a car and not getting the use of my car after 4 days of having it, I have to take my BRILLIANT, PRAISING REVIEW back! As many others have said, this dealership is very unorganized, dishonest and flat out **! I purchased the car in July. 4 days after, the car started to malfunction, would not start, would not go into reverse. I called them. They put on the "Oh Im sorry dramatic tone." Like they cared. They sent a tow truck for my car 2 days after I initially called. Then told me I should take out a rental car and they will pay for it. (OH THANK YOU BABY JESUS I DIDN'T DO THAT ). But oh baby from that day it's been all downhill...

    If I do not call, no one calls to update me and when I call, I am given the nastiest attitudes ever and on top of that, every time I call, I hear. "Oh the person that was working with you, they no longer work here" and that has been what I have been hearing for 2 months straight up until today, Sept 20, 2017. Like seriously!!! So within these long 2 months, I called the third week saying my car was ready... now. I live 50 miles from the dealership. I told them "please make sure" because with the traffic and all to get to them I do not want to waste my time. I get there and after waiting 1 hour, guy comes out smiling saying "oh Shannique, you are going to be furious, the car is doing the same thing it was doing so we cannot release the vehicle."

    At this point my BLOOD was boiling because this dealership was seriously playing with me and my time and to laugh in my face was very rude. So fast forward to the next 3 weeks of me calling, they finally felt sorry and gave me their piece of ** loaner car and told me they would be in touch. Wrong againnn! I had to keep calling them to try to smoothen my aggression. George (the new GM) took over and told me to call him "Uncle Georgie" and he is on top of this. He gave me his personal number and of course he ignores the hell out of my phone calls or does not take my messages so I decided to drive there to see what the hell was happening.

    Lo and behold, my car was there and they started saying now they aren't releasing the car because there is another issue and it has to be sent to Ford. Annoyed and frustrated, I said ok because I knew at this point either I just leave or I would be heading to jail for the night because I feel like they are playing the ** out of me. So now from that day, I have been calling everyday religiously and I don't care if they think I am annoying but you can see my frustration! They have now put me on to Carol, their receptionist who seems to be clueless every time who slipped and told me where the car was and then says, "oh you shouldn't call them because they will not answer you, they only deal with us. (HA! yea right.)

    I called Sayville Ford who told me all the information I needed and even told me that they would give me a courtesy call when the car was done, Now this was Monday 09/18 @ 10 am... At Monday 09/18 @ 5 pm... I got a call that my car was done, On Tuesday, 09/19 @ 11 am Kenyah (the service writer at Ford) told me my car was done from the day before and they are waiting for Generation Kia to get it so I called them and told them I knew my car was ready, Carol tells me "oh, now we have to do a process and you cant have your car today." I was like WHAT, ARE YOU ** KIDDING ME? LIKE C'MON! So I hung up and this morning I called and spoke to James from Generation Kia, who sounded surprised that I knew my car was ready. He then proceeds to tell me **. That he is going to call Kenyah then call me back... It's been 4 hours and still no callback. I called him back 20 mins ago and he is on lunch... lol like really...

    This dealership plays with people's emotions and do not value people after you drive off their lot. I am pretty sure after this is posted, I will get calls from them begging me to take this post down but I WILL NOT because people need to know what they will be getting themselves into at this place. Let's see how long it will take to get my car that has been fixed now... Generation Kia you have seriously let me down and I feel so bad for the 3 good people you have there and hope they leave just like most of the staff did! You guys are the worst dealership I have ever dealt with.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 13, 2017

    Not only did they try to convince me my credit was terrible in order to get me to do financing with them, which was a lie and I obtained my own financing at less than half of the interest rate. When I notified them of this the finance "gentleman" proceeded to yell at me that he was sick of dealing with me. I ended up purchasing the car once I had them remove all of the "extras" that were non-existent and removed the unnecessary warranty since the car was certified. The story doesn't end there. Sitting at a red light two months later, was hit and my car was totaled. I go to sign my newly received title to have my claim settled and there are two lien holders on my title! The one was my bank and the other was their finance company who I never took a loan with!

    Was told by that finance company that the dealership needed to contact them in order to get lien release letter even though I never had a loan with them. So I went to the dealership over two weeks ago and have called every day for the past week to be told that the letter has not arrived. Called the finance company and they stated that the letter was sent to the dealership a week ago. The dealership still claims they don't have the letter. So I'm out a car and my claim cannot be finalized until this letter is received. So in close I have to say this is a horrific dealership, from trying to rip me off with an insane interest rate, to yelling at customers, screwing up paperwork and apparently being too incompetent to work a phone and call when they say they are going to. Guess I won't be buying my new car there!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 2, 2017

    Henry was my salesman. He was a pleasure to do business with. He treated me very well and we were able to come to a fair price for the vehicle. The financing manager Ashley was also great. I highly recommend Generation Kia.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 30, 2017

    WARNING CROCKS. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PEOPLE. THEY ARE EXTREMELY DISHONEST. Just bought a 38,000 dollar vehicle (Subaru STI) three months ago there... took it in for clicking noise on the brakes. Charged me 200 just to put it on the lift and see what's wrong... then tell me that I need new brakes and rotors and it was going to cost me 800 dollars!!! **. After arguing with the service manager... I ended up just paying 100 for NOTHING!!

    I took it to SUBARU dealer in Riverhead, they checked everything... They even took me to the service bay to show me that there was nothing wrong with the brakes... The brakes are new and rotors are good... NO NEED TO DO ANYTHING. And guess how much was their bill. $0 DOLLARS.... THEY DIDN'T CHARGE ANYTHING... and I didn't even bought the car from them. GENERATION KIA ARE CROCKS. They tried to get me to spend $1000 in fixing something that was no need to and still charged for "SERVICE". Crocks. Oh and by the way just found out that they have their friends and family members to put fake 5 star reviews... misleading people.

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    8 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 24, 2017

    Worst experience ever!!! Let me explain... First off I went in there people are very friendly but customer service dept is the worst I've ever seen in my life. I went in there on Feb 20 with the intention of buying a truck, made the DMV deposit, fine no problem. After thinking about my financial situation it wasn't possible to get it. So I contacted them, after being on hold for a good 20 minutes or more they said come in and fill out a refund form. That was on the 21.

    My gf has called them for the last 2 days being put on hold for ridiculous amounts of minutes and being told by a woman named Debbie that someone is gonna call her back. Not one call has been returned in 2 days... So she called again today 24th just to be told by Debbie that it hasn't even be processed yet and this is supposedly Selena's job. This is what I have to go through to get back $262 dollars? Really? Do your job Selena!!! It really is a shame because now you lost a potential customer. I'm expecting this matter to be resolved TODAY!!! Thanks KIA!!! The worst!!! And the only reason I checked one star is because it wouldn't let me leave no stars.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 19, 2017

    I will be going to small claims court to get a refund of $869 after catching & confronting the finance manager of deceitful and dishonest behavior. My Grandson, 19 years old and in the Army, was charged $800 +tax for a key replacement which he never wanted or asked for. A KEY REPLACEMENT!! I as co-signer, never received or signed the sales invoice. After separating me from my Grandson, he tricked my Grandson into signing the sales invoice without my knowledge or consent. He kept us there for hours under the guise of waiting for the Insurance cards. This is a tactic he uses that keeps you wondering around the showroom and is able to get my grandson alone.

    When we sign the loan agreement the $869 is not listed or disclosed. After going home and doing the Math the loan amount doesn't match the purchase price less the down payment. DO THIS AT THE DEALER AND WHEN YOU DON'T GET AN ANSWER, YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG!! We go back the next day and speak with the General Manager. He can't figure it out by looking at the papers that are in the files. He comes back from the finance dept. with the sales invoice with the $800 key replacement listed on the sales invoice which my Grandson signed. I explained what happened and he asks us to come back tomorrow as the Finance Manager is not in.

    The Finance Manager writes up a cancellation of purchase of the key replacement and signs it, gives me a copy, and says the credit will show on the bank loan as I won't receive the refund separately. This is fine as far as I'm concerned. However I'm still waiting finance manager!!! See you in small claims court!! General Manager: If you want a reputable and honest dealership finance managers like this should find another line of work. But you know that!!

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    21 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Dec. 21, 2016

    I went to Generation Kia to just simply take a look at some cars, and trucks. Me and my wife were met by David **. David had made the car buying experience the most stress-free experience that one could ever want, needless to say my wife is very happy with her 2016 Kia Sorento. I was so impressed with the experience I brought my son Tyler to look at some trucks at Generation Kia. David had taken very good care of my son as well, and my son purchased his very first truck. I am very pleased to had gone to Generation Kia.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 12, 2016

    On or about Feb 18, 2016 we went to the dealership to lease two cars. We had two leased Nissan autos which needed to be traded in. Our sales person, **, was very positive and tried to work with our wishes. We provided him with the Nissan Account statements and he said he would get the payoff amounts. We left after a full day at the dealer going back and forth to stay within our financial means. When we returned for pick up we waited several hours for the finance dept to have our paperwork ready even though we had a scheduled appointment which I had to leave work early to make on time.

    After such a very long wait, at closing time, we signed, left with the new cars, leaving the two Nissans in their hands. Both Nissans were in excellent condition without wear and tear or excess miles. Although our payments were at the very high end of what we could afford, we were happy with the new autos but still frustrated with the handling of the transaction. The gentleman did try to throw in some spare key replacement package to be nice and smooth over the deal. The finance department seemed very unorganized and overwhelmed. We spent way too many hours waiting around while nothing was being done.

    Flash forward two months later, I start receiving certified letters from Nissan demanding payment. The Kia dealership did not pay them off immediately and not completely. Although Nissan has records of providing payoff quotes, neither payment matched the quote given. In addition, payments were made late and additional fees were assessed. Plus, there was reported damage to the front bumper which was now being added to the amount due. I tried calling back and forth with the sales manager, **. It took me two weeks to get a copy of the checks which were sent and paid. I have been trying to contact the general manager, **, but he has yet to return any of my calls or even take my call. He is never at one location so I have to leave messages at the three different dealers. To make matters worse, our sales person has been out since the day we took ownership of the cars, leaving me with no middle man to reach out to.

    At this point, I am left with two new cars with hefty payments in my possession and hefty balances due on two other cars which I do not even own anymore. I feel very betrayed that the correct payoffs were not paid. I have purchased many cars in the past and have traded in numerous vehicles and have never come across a situation like this. I should have known to be extra careful when it took so long for our paperwork to be produced by the financial guy. This deal was dishonest and seems fraudulent.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 5, 2016

    I am writing you to let you know that I am truly perplexed by the shoddy treatment I have received by the service department at Generation Kia. Around two weeks ago, my 2014 Optima LX broke down without any warning on the side of the road with the odometer reading 27000 miles. The car was towed to Generation Kia where the following events took place.

    The service department requested all maintenance records which were provided and which were complete. The Kia service department removed the valve cover gasket and the Service Manager stated that engine suffered a catastrophic failure from sludge buildup in the engine due to poor maintenance (lack of oil changes). Interestingly the car had just been in the shop at 25000 miles for a battery replacement (warranty failure). On the receipt Kia stated they replaced the battery and checked all fluids as part of the standard sixteen point inspection. At this point no problem with any fluid including engine oil was indicated.

    Despite the above facts, the Kia Service team is refusing to stand behind its warranty and more importantly its loyal customers. Worse than that, they were rude to my fiance by not returning her calls and by accusing her of being the reason the car broke down and threatening to have her arrested if she did not return the loaner car she was entitled to. A Kia Representative still has not called me back. I am considering legal action including starting a class action. I am contacting the local media to see if they would be interested in broadcasting this story and I am also considering a protest outside the dealership this weekend. The 100000 mile warranty is a lie, plain and simple. Kia should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 26, 2016

    Had a great experience at Generation Kia last week. I own a K900 that I leased from this dealership 2 years ago and my lease is up in 6 mo so I went to shop. I see the bad reviews on ConsumerAffairs and I don't get it. Everyone there was very accommodating and nice so whatever may have happened there in the past certainly is not the case now. We spoke to the finance manager who was also very helpful. Though I am not ready to lease a new car yet when I am I will certainly get one from this dealership. Keep you posted...

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 13, 2015

    Bought my car new, issued me a wrong spare key and messed up my address for the reggy and title, flat out refused to give an itemized bill of sale and then I found they gave me a package I didn't ask for and charged me. They don't return phone calls, once the sale is made they forget about you. My only advice is stay away unless you like being taken advantage of.

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    Original review: Oct. 7, 2015

    I bought a car from you guys back in January. A "certified pre-owned" car. We have had the worst experience ever and we haven't even had the car for a year yet. First off when we bought the car it came with ONE key. The reasoning behind it? Because the person who traded it in only gave in one key. I’m sorry. How is that my fault? Luckily we fought for a second key and after a lot of back and forth we received another key, because if you ask me, only having one key is insane.

    Fast forward to now. Last week Tuesday my wife was driving home from work and felt like while pressing the gas the car wasn't going as fast as it should be. She then pulled over because the car started making an awful rattling noise and was jumping really bad. We have a newborn, a NEWBORN that was in this car. Once she pulled over, she gathered herself and then tried to see what was wrong with the car. The car wouldn't move even though it was in drive. Wouldn't move at all. Pressing on the gas DIDN'T MOVE THE CAR AT AL!!! Now mind you, we have a newborn. The car is suppose to be a safe car. If my wife and child are getting stuck on the side of the road, on the parkway, how is that safe???

    She then had to call a tow truck company and wait hours on the side of the road with a newborn until someone came to pick up the baby. Now I understand there is nothing we can do with the wait for the tow truck, but because they sold us a car that had this problem, well unfortunately it is Kia’s fault. We had the car towed to Kia in Smithtown because it was the closest Kia to our house. We found out that this whole ordeal was an engine problem - an engine problem from a "certified preowned car".

    This is why we went through a dealership so we would be buying a safe car for our family that we wouldn't run into problems with ONLY 45,000 miles on it. I am beyond frustrated, high disappointed and my family and I are completely inconvenienced. We then found out that we couldn't even get a rental car at first because we didn’t bring it to the Kia we bought it from, which was Kia Big 3 in Bohemia, NY - Generation Kia.

    A week later, a whole entire week, someone from Generation Kia said we could have the car towed to them by calling Kia Roadside. Well we then called Smithtown Kia and they stated they already ordered the engine so that was no longer a smart option. Why wouldn't someone tell us that on day one? So basically for a week we have been getting the runaround. Finally Kia said they would get us a loaner car, that it was in our contract. And we would have a loaner by lunch time.

    At 4:22 pm yesterday we still did not have a loaner car. They also told us that we will have to come out of pocket for it - 500 dollars out of pocket - another inconvenience to our family. Yes they said that we will get the money back but to be out of 500 dollars is completely mind boggling to me. Finally, someone we talked to told us to look up the used car lemon law. Well it looks like if we don't have our car back within 15 days that we should be getting a replacement car - so we don't have to take our Sportage back. Because honestly my wife doesn't feel comfortable with this car anymore and either do I. I just would like you to know we are very disappointed and something has to be done.

    This is one of the worst experiences we ever had to deal with and without a new car, and someone that is high up and (can actually do something) - personally calling me back. We will be using social media and every other resource we have until something is done to correct this and make my family once again feel safe in the car.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 3, 2015

    I purchased a Kia Soul from Generation Kia in Bohemia. When I first went in to buy the vehicle, they gave me a very low quote for my trade in, completely ignored the price quote I was e-mailed and tried to charge me a unimaginable amount for interest on my loan. I walked out in anger. Their salesman, Michael **, contacted me and indicated they wanted to make things right. They gave me a fair price for my trade in, gave me the car for list minus a $2,000 manufacturer incentive, and a decent interest rate. They showed me the figure and told me the monthly payment.

    I agreed and signed the contract the next day, only to find out they charged me $2,000 over list price to get to the $155 per month figure. I called them and they indicated the $2,000 was for a special package I purchased for all weather mats, and oil changes for two years. Mind you, they told me they were giving me the mats and oil changes gratis for buying the vehicle. I told them I would never agree to $2,000 for what they gave me. The finance manager lied and said he never told me they were for free, and I owed the $2,000 for them. I am so frustrated and angry with this dealership. I now see so many complaints against them. Why isn't anything done to stop them? Please have someone contact me and I will provide receipts, sticker price, etc. Thank you.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 10, 2015

    Last week, my husband and I went into Generation Kia in Bohemia, NY looking for a new Kia Soul. Our salesman informed us that there was a Titanium gray Kia Soul at a neighboring showroom that we could purchase. He stated that it was critical for the sale to be finalized by Monday, Labor Day, as the 0% financing would expire. After several days of discussion, we decided to buy the car. My husband and I returned to the showroom on Sunday, September 6th, to see if it had already been sold. We were happy to find out that it was still available. We canceled our afternoon plans so that we could stay at the dealer to sign all the paperwork, and left a DMV payment. Our salesman informed us that we could pick up the car the following day which was Labor Day. He told us it would be ready at about 11 am, and that he would call us when it was on its way.

    On Sunday evening, the salesman called to tell us our car would probably not be in until later on Labor Day, as he was unsure what time the driver would be able to pick it up. He assured us we would receive a call early on Monday, Labor Day. We canceled an afternoon boating trip we were invited to on Labor Day, in order to pick up the car. On Monday, Labor Day, at 3:00 pm, he called to say that there was no driver available to bring the car since it was a holiday. He asked us to pick up the car on Tuesday. On Tuesday morning, our salesman called, stating that the Titanium car had been sold to someone else, but that he could switch it for another car in a different color -- White. I was not happy with this color choice and was very disappointed. My husband and I decided not to purchase the vehicle.

    When my husband went to Generation Kia to cancel and obtain a refund of our DMV payment, he was told by the manager that the entire series of events was our fault. We shouldn't have expected a car to be delivered on a holiday, as they are short staffed. He offered us a more expensive car but offered no apology. He was argumentative and did not acknowledge the poor treatment we received or the time we wasted at the dealership on a holiday weekend. For five days, we had been told of the availability of this car. How is it possible that no one at the dealership checked whether the Titanium Kia Soul we were purchasing had already been sold at another showroom? I would never go back to Generation Kia and would not recommend this dealer to anyone. Stay away!

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    Original review: June 16, 2015

    Went in Looking for a USED Kia Soul but after they didn't seem to want to budge on their asking price opted to negotiate for a smaller priced Accent (used). Priced at 9,999 I decided to offer 9100 so we could just get the ball rolling. Of course it seems the salesman always has to go to their boss for any type of approval (a back and forth game) - they came back with this. $9,100 plus $349 prep fee and $375 doc fee. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Never EVER accept any ridiculous fees such as those (just a simple doc fee $75 should do) - NOTHING ELSE. They continued to used the doc and prep fees as negotiating terms. It was time to walk... Don't waste your time here.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 2, 2015

    This dealership LOVES to waste your time. I'm 8 months pregnant and came in with my husband to look at a particular used vehicle (2014 model) for our growing family. Someone was looking at it when we got there, and we made it very clear to the salesperson that we didn't want to test drive it or negotiate if the woman was buying it. He insisted nothing was happening. We drove it, wanted it, and began negotiations, and lo and behold, the woman signed her contract before we could seal the deal. Instead of apologizing and telling us that he'd let us know if something comparable comes in, he snidely said "Well a $300 deposit would have been all it took to save the car for you."

    The next day I called to make sure the sale hadn't fallen through and to let them know what a negative experience it was working with them, and the guy told me his manager wanted me to come in to discuss making a brand new vehicle work for our budget. I gave him ALL my bottom line numbers and told him I would not go any higher, and that I really did not think it was possible for them to get that low on a brand new car with the retail prices they were showing on the website. He insisted, saying that he wanted to make it right by us after the negative experience. I drove down there, and after an hour of waiting for them to get the numbers, they came in WAY higher than what I clearly stated I could do. It's absolutely unacceptable to do business like that, especially making an almost full-term pregnant woman come down to the dealership to scam her for a second time. If you want even marginal service, go elsewhere.

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    20 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Oct. 31, 2014

    This review is an overall of the services I have received from Generation Kia and the entire Generation team. After purchasing my 2010 Kia Soul in East Meadow Kia, from my salesman Ken. Who was extremely kind, but had NO follow through whatsoever ever. I purchased a "service" agreement. Which basically means. Pay more and still get charged. I then bring my car for its first service to Generation Kia Medford, they made promises to fix said items, "even though, I am not their customer". Then they opened in Bohemia, I am still tied to Kia through this service agreement. And after some fighting some of the issues have been fixed.

    LAST TIME I WENT FOR SERVICE, THE MASTER MECHANIC TOOK CARE OF MY CAR, THEY FORGOT TO TIGHTEN THE LUG NUTS ON MY TIRE!! Then when I called the service rep asked if I had the window down!! Really!!! I brought the car back. He tighten the lug nuts and said, "Wow that's weird." Then Vinny the newest manager called to say how sorry he was after I called and said I wanted to speak to someone!! They need to remember that people's families life's are involved. If you don't want to do the job correctly that's fine, just don't work for anyone but yourself!

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    15 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 8, 2014

    I brought my 2012 Optima in to Generation KIA for warranty repair on Sept 2 for what I thought to be a transmission problem. About 90 minutes later they called to inform me that 2 sensors had failed, and while they had one in stock, the other needed to be sent overnight to the shop. They assured me the car should be finished by sometime the next day and it was covered under warranty. So far so good. The next day I didn't hear from them at all. I decided to wait until about 90 minutes prior to the close of business on Sept 4 to contact about the status of the car and the service manager told me that the part had not yet arrived and he was expecting it the next day, and he assured me that my car should be finished by the next evening.

    Sept 5 again no contact, so I call them once again about 90 minutes before the close of business. This time I'm informed that the wrong part arrived and he had reordered the correct part and expected it the following day. This time I asked the manager to arrange for a loaner which he agreed to provide on Sept 6 if the car wasn't ready by then. On the 6th, once again all day goes by and I finally call at about 3:45pm. The individual I spoke to tells me the manager is off but he is aware of my case and a loaner is waiting there because once again, the part didn't arrive. I then asked him that since it was so close to the end of the day, was anyone going to call me at some point to inform me of the status of my car? His reply was he was told to call me around 3:30pm to 4pm. Mind you I called him at 3:45!

    Well I did get a loaner, but still 2 days later, I have received no contact from them regarding the status of my car. I'm not going to badmouth anyone there as they all were nice when I spoke to them each time. But I am left with a feeling that nobody really cares enough to pick up a phone and tell me what's going on, and find out exactly why this particular part is so elusive. I'm very disappointed in their customer service based on an unacceptable lack of communication on their part. I don't understand how in the day and age of FedEx and UPS that any part can't be expected to arrive overnight and I am left to wonder what underlying problems exist with this dealership or KIA's supply chain management to create such an unnecessarily delay.

    My own research revealed that my independent shop that I normally deal with for maintenance claims he could have the part overnight at the latest, so what's really going on here? I was intending to trade my vehicle in for a new model within the next month or so because this happened right about 3000 miles before the expiration of the warranty and I would like to get a vehicle with more of my preferred options. I really enjoyed my Optima and would have liked to upgrade. However, based on this experience, I will be returning to Hyundai for my next vehicle.

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    Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: Aug. 19, 2014

    I would like to provide an update to my experience I had with Generation Kia, located in Bohemia, New York. The owner, **, personally contacted my wife directly and asked her to come down to his dealership to address the issues we had with our lease agreement. ** was very apologetic and said that if he known what had happened he would had fixed it immediately. He then proceeded to release us from our 48 month lease and rewrite the lease for 36 months. Our monthly payment remained the same and our residual value increased approximately $3,000.

    This is actually the deal that we negotiated. However, we signed the original contract, and ** was under no obligation (legally or otherwise) to redo the contract. But he did and made things right. For that, I commend him. He has restored our faith in Kia. When we purchase our next (our 5th) Kia, it will be from Generation. Thank You.

    Original review: July 10, 2014

    On June 7, 2014, My husband and I negotiated a lease agreement with Generation Kia for a 2015 Kia Sorrento LE (our 4th Kia in 12 years). After several hours of negotiations, my husband negotiated a lease payment ($390 per month for 36 months) and a down payment ($2,000) with the Patricia ** (sales person). However, when we went out to verify that the car we were about to lease had the options we wanted, we discovered the vehicle had a 4-cylinder engine. When we first looked at the vehicle, we explicitly stated that we only wanted to look at 6-cylinder vehicles. However, the sales person was intent on selling us the 4-cylinder vehicle without our knowledge. Crisis was averted, and we mistakenly gave her the benefit of the doubt by chalking it up to an honest mistake.

    Now it gets better. Patricia ** indicated that there were no 6-cylinders on the lot. However, she discovered that a vehicle, which was previously sold, was returned to stock when the buyer's credit was not approved. She checked on the vehicle. She discovered it was the model we were looking for and it had a 6-cylinder engine. We were back in business! The 2nd car had a sticker value of approximately $2,000 more than the original car we had chosen. My husband indicated that he would increase the monthly payment by no more than $15 or else the deal would not happen. The monthly payment of $405 was agreed to, with the same down payment of $2,000.

    I then signed the contract (the car and the credit are under my name) and we were on our way. However, to our total shock, disgust, and embarrassment, when we received our first monthly bill, we realized that the lease was for 48 months!!! We have never heard of 48-month lease. My husband negotiated in good faith for a 36-month lease. At no time did the Patricia ** nor the James ** (sales manager) indicate we were signing a 48-month lease.

    When we confronted James **, he indicated that the only way to get the payment we wanted was to go to a 48-month lease. So instead of telling us there was no way they could meet our asking price (he knew we would walk away), he changed the terms of the lease and hoped we wouldn't catch the change. The change in the length of the lease was NEVER verbally communicated to us. By the way, ** (the owner) was there and knew exactly what was happening. This is how he runs his business!!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 5, 2013

    Agreed on a price only to find out I was billed for hundreds more than the agreed price. Was told the car came with the balance of the warranty, only to find out at delivery that we had to buy warranty on a 2-yr-old car for $1900. Car came with one Key and was told we had to buy a new one for around another $200. Car wasn't even detailed or cleaned properly on delivery from "The Dealer"... come the blatant FRAUD... Car was advertised with 27637 miles, written on the DMV form as 27,856 miles. When we left the parking lot we discovered it had an odometer reading of... 29,286 miles!! Talk about BS after BS...unreal. PEOPLE...STAY AWAY!!!

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    Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: Aug. 18, 2014

    Update as promised. A few weeks ago, a manager from Generation Kia reached out to us. Since he had no clue as to what had transpired during our visit to his showroom, I was more than happy to update him and advised him to go to his video to get a better understanding. After hearing me out, Mr. ** understood how we felt during our ordeal and how we were mistreated.

    He too came off extremely disappointed as to the lack of service that was rendered to us. But to get to the chase, after speaking to Mr. **, he came off as someone that understood our concerns and that he could not do enough for us to get us back to a satisfied status. His commitment to his customers was of his concern so much so, that at the end of our conversation, he extended himself and his service dept and had an additional piece of equipment installed in the vehicle at NO cost to us. He also extended himself to us by giving us his direct number if and whenever needed (Hoping never to have to use it except to say hello) Just wanted to share an update status to say, Generation Kia in the end came through. As quickly as we had noted a complaint, I had to just as quickly say...Generation Kia...I will recommend your showroom but first will have them meet Mr. **. Thank you!

    Original review: Oct. 26, 2013

    On Oct 19 went to this dealer with my son and my husband. We spent three hours there if not more inquiring about a vehicle. Took a vehicle on the road test and then decided we go move forward with it. Now we stepped into a circus event. After spending three hours or more negotiating a price on a vehicle we noticed how things are starting to change and get a little choppy with price. We went in there intending to get a lease vehicle which they say they offer leases. We explained to them the times that we were looking for and they were fine with it. Andrew who has the patience of a saint kept running back and forth, back and forth getting us pricing. When it was being decided that it was going to be a lease they asked us if we had a vehicle that we were driving which we told him we did it was a Camry. We were then told because it was a Camry that we would get a $500 credit towards the lease.

    Well needless to say it was now time for us to wait for our approval. Andrew called us and told us we had been approved for the lease. When we get there they tell us they need insurance info in which they call. As they are getting the insurance information we keep asking them to give us the terms on this vehicle and all of a sudden we are realizing is no longer a lease but it turned into a retail vehicle. We are sitting in front of the finance man Michael ** who tells us that we can't get a lease because of the credit we have and that it would be a retail. I'm only asking about the $500 credit for the Camry. He has no clue what we even talking about. Mike the finance man says it is no $500 credit. So here comes now the lies!!

    All along from the very beginning we are told until that night it is a lease vehicle which magically turns into a retail vehicle and there is no $500 credit. Mike goes and tells us that we owe him $200 for the final down payment which is required for the deposit. All along they knew what they were doing they kept telling us it was going to be a lease for 36 months, they gave us the lowdown monthly payment and then magically it turned into a retail with a higher monthly payment on a longer term. The way they were acting this is not the first time they have done this game... this is the bait and switch.

    After we got the vehicle they called us up in a day or two and explained to us that we owe them more money for the down payment and that they were short funds. Mind you, we have the keys, we drove the car home, took the car to work and they call to harass us saying that we owe them money. Their finance department mid-calculates and we got a call from the finance guy Mike saying he's going to come and pick up the vehicle. Such a bunch of rude idiots there. Nothing but thugs. They harassed and threatened us when the error was on their end. They all mislead people and then do the switch bait game.

    I will never ever go back to Generation Kia, never recommend anybody. Do not go there. Rude and incompetent. The manager if he even cares needs to review the video tapes there and start firing them. I am sure this is not the first time that they miscalculated and put the blame on the customer. FIRE THEM ALL and start anew. Customer service is not in their vocabulary.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 24, 2013

    Generation Kia had this guy, "Albert", working for them, a supposed financial expert. After being in there for 7 hrs with my pregnant girlfriend, he finally tells me I have 2 options: 1) finance the car for X amount, or option 2) lease the car and pay almost $600. I tell him that neither one will work because not only are the payments too high but a lease would not work for me because I travel a lot. I thank him and tell I'm sorry for the time he has wasted. He tells me to give him a moment, comes back and tells me that he has another option. He tells me that since my credit score is not high enough, they can't get better rates, but if he puts me on a lease for 6 months and make my payments on time, in 6 months time I could buy out the car and my payments would be a lot lower.

    I tell him that it would still not work because I had a budget of $400/mo., so he tells me that they (Generation Kia) would send me checks to cover the remainder of the $585 monthly payment and that I would only pay $400 out of my pocket. I signed the contract, didn't think of asking him to put that in writing for me at that moment, and so we leave with a brand new car. I then remember about that deal, called him multiple times to ask him to put that in writing fo me, never did and never got back to me. I let it slip through my mind.

    Then 6 months passed, went back to the dealership asked for Albert, and got told that he was no longer with them. After asking several times why he wasn't there, somebody finally told me that he had gotten fired, and was now being pursued by police because they had pressed charges against him. So I tell them the deal and they tell me there's nothing they can do and were even shocked about the 3 checks that were sent to me. They tell me that my best option would be to get another car and return the lease. So now, I get in touch with my financial institution, and they tell me that if I return it, I'm going to have to pay them a lot of money (over 5 grand). Bottom line is, I got screwed, and there's nothing they (Generation Kia) can do.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 16, 2013

    This place is a scam. They tell you what you want to hear to get you to buy a car. They lied about everything and violated the TILA (Truth in Lending Act). They didn't tell me the APR and lied about the monthly payments. I went back several times to get justice and they just tell me there is nothing they can do for me. Well now, I have a lawsuit pending because of their illegal behavior. This place will lie and cheat you. Please do not go to Kia Generation to get a car.

    15 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 29, 2013

    I recently purchased a used car from Generation Kia in Medford. I saw this car online and it was advertised for 11,000, on my bill of sale it was selling price of 12,538. After viewing my statement from the financial institution that I am financing the car through, it said my pay off balance was 12,325. I put down 6,000 in cash so it didn't make sense to me at the time why I was financing so much money. When I went there, I spoke with a finance manager named Scott. He said that he has to speak with his general manager. His general manager called me that Monday and explained that I purchased a 5 year plan for window etching that cost me 3995. I never signed anything for this and it was never explained to me and I have no paperwork on it. The day that I picked up my car I was told that they had did the window etching but no one told me I was paying so much money for it! Scam artists!!!

    13 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Sept. 20, 2012

    I was inquiring about a vehicle and I was told by an internet sales agent (Felicia **) that the vehicle was here. She was very vague on the phone and assured me that the vehicle was there and said I had to come in to get any information on the vehicle. I should have known from the unprofessional and rude demeanor she gave off on the phone that I should have stayed clear of this dealership! I went to the dealership and was approached by a salesman. He clearly had no idea what vehicle I was talking about, said the vehicle wasn't here and then showed me other vehicles. I picked out a vehicle and decided on the Kia Optima. They started the paperwork and sat with Al. Everything seemed to be going well. I left a deposit (biggest mistake ever!) and took the vehicle home. The next day, I got a phone call from the salesman saying the deal didn't go through! I was under the pretense that it did! Why else would you let me take the car home?! All in all, I didn't buy my car there! It's a waste of time and it takes forever to get your deposit back! Debbie is so rude and seems lazy when giving deposits back! Never again!

    7 people found this review helpful

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