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Let's see... my relationship with Gary Yeoman's Ford started when I needed a new fuel cap and a couple of other things. SP that was all settled!!! Great!!! For months, I keep receiving calls about trading my car in. I had even asked to be taken off the list or whatever, but after many attempts of failing, I finally gave in and looked at some cars! Actually, just the one that they would let me look at... a crappy Ford Focus!!! I take about six hours out of my workday delivering food to come and look at this car... didn't like it at all!! The real crazy thing about this circus of a place is I'm a young 28-year-old male! I don't know if this sales employee at Ford thought we could relate because of that reason, because he too was also young!! He asked me to take his drunk friend home that was sleeping in his truck so that he wouldn't lose his job and create a scene!!! Too late for that!!

I was actually kind of pinned in a situation where I had to take his drunk friend home on the test drive I was on!!! His friend hops out of his truck with a beer while the Ford employee is pretty much shoving the drunk guy in the car I'm test driving!!! He attempts to get in the car with the beer... I said, "I can't drive you home with an open beer in the car!!!" The Ford "salesman" is like, "Yeah what are you thinking?" And just flings this beer all over the car and a little on my leg!!! I drive him home!! That's the crazy first part! The second is that I already had my car that I owned in the parking lot at Yeomans Ford because I was having them diagnose what was wrong with my car for a separate problem than the gas cap. So they have put the car back together. It's sitting in the lot. No charges were incurred because they were just looking at it for me!!!

Keep in mind that my car is sitting here the whole time I'm looking at a car and taking time off of work from what ended up being from 3 pm to 9 pm. I decide that I don't want to trade my car, which has a v8, for a dual clutch piece of crap in the first place!! The first "new" one didn't even run right!!! So I was like, "Ok, I'll just take my car and be leaving now because it is now 9 o'clock, and I need to get back to work before I'm off at eleven!!!" The manager or whoever at Gary Yeomans told me that I could not take my car and that I would have to take a taxi home!!! I asked him if he was going to pay for the taxi, and he said "No." So I said "I'm taking my car that I paid cash in hand for and worked my ** off for!!!" He said "You can't do that." I told him that "I had no work done to my car," that "It's not in your system because nothing has been done to it, and it's MY CAR!!!" Haha, they take care of customers???

That was as far as customer satisfaction as you could possibly get! I don't even think you could make up some crazy story like that!! You would have to be a very very very very small child to have an imagination to come up with a true story that I have just talked about!!! Absolutely, I walked out to the parking lot, took my key, and drove out of the parking lot!!! As I was driving home, they asked me if I had the keys to the car I test drove!!! These people are horrible!!! Do not go there!! They get frustrated when you ask questions to answers that they know, but you yourself are too much of a burden for them to actually explain things in a manner that's not consisting of taking drunk people home out of the Gary Yeomans Ford parking lot!!

I'm holding in my hand a letter that they have sent me today, saying they NEED to buy my car!!! Acting like they have the most grand deals ever!!! This all happened a few months ago, and I have asked them to stop contacting me!! THEY WON'T!!! The state of Florida definitely has a law against repeat phone calls or mail!! Looks like legal action should be taken now!!!


This is our second contact about the 2008 Mazda 3 speed. I have heard nothing back from the consumer site. The car has been sitting since 10/23/09 at the Mazda dealer in Little Rock, AR (needs a new engine). The issue is still unresolved. The owner/general manager of Gary Yeomans said today (10/31/09) that they would try to get the warranty re-instated on Monday Nov. 2, 2009. The rest tells why this is unacceptable. On 10/23/09, we called the Mazda dealer (Gary Yeomans) about the vehicle we purchased from them around the beginning of April 2009. The vehicle has an existing warranty which is bumper-to-bumper 36000 miles and a 60,000-mile power train warranty. We were told that we would receive a call on Monday 10/26/09 which never came. I waited until Tuesday after lunch, called and asked for Steve ** (Steve was the salesman). Steve answered and I told him who I was and the situation. He said this was the first he had heard of this problem. I said we bought the vehicle with an existing warranty, but the warranty has been voided back in January before we bought the car. Steve admitted that we bought the car with the 36,000/60,000 mile existing warranty.

When we were finishing our first conversation Steve said he would check into it and call me back. He never called back. So on Wed. 10/28/09, I called Steve back. We talked about that we had a warranty and he said he was working on getting this reinstated. He said he would know by noon, but no later than that evening. He said he would call me back. He never called back. On Thursday, 10/29/30, I called Steve and asked is it fixed. He said waiting to find out about the restatement of the warranty. He stated it should by this evening and would call me back no later than 5:30 pm his time. I asked him what happens after that and he said it will be fixed one way or the other. Steve never called back. I called around 6:00pm 10/29/09 and Steve was gone for the day. I asked to speak to another manager and was transferred to Mr. ** (spelling maybe wrong on last name). Mr. ** said he knew nothing about it, but would talk to Steve in the morning and would call me back after his meeting around 10:30am. Mr. ** never called back.

I called him (**) around 11 am and the first thing he said was, “Steve didn't call you.” I said no, he did not call. He said again, “He did not call you,” and I said no. He said I will go put the phone in his hand right now and tell him to call you. Steve never called back nor did anyone. I called Mr. ** around 6:30 pm on 10/30/09. I told him I didn't hear from Steve. Mr. ** said he would get with his boss and have her call me (no name given). No one called back. I called the owner as mentioned in the beginning on 10/31/09. As we talked, I told him the story about the warranty and Steve not calling back. It didn’t seem to bother that his manager lied to me four days in a row about calling me back. When Steve and I talked on each of those days Tuesday through Thursday, there were no harsh words spoken. He agreed that we had a warranty and talked nice and respectful, but never called back as he said he would.

Continuing the conversation with the owner, he stated that he would see why the warranty had been voided and try to get it reinstated. I told him that they had already found out when and why it was voided. They sold the car to someone who modified the engine output/RPMs. This person took it in for service and they voided his warranty (need to know what Mazda service department voided this warranty). The owner then took it to Gary Yeomans and traded it in. We were sold a car from Gary Yeomans with an existing warranty. The problem that it was voided is out of our control. We would not have purchased the car if it had been modified, let alone a voided warranty. After these many days, Gary Yeomans dealership should be replacing the engine, or giving us our money back to include sales tax, etc. It also concerned me that after 9 days of no action, he could not understand my being upset. I told him my brother is an attorney, not to be ugly or threatening, but to let him know that they are responsible for the problem. I didn’t buy the car from whoever is responsible for the warranty.

I bought this car from his lot with an existing warranty that needs to be honored by his dealership. My brother is an attorney. His name is Gordon Ingle and can be reached very easily if needed. We have e-mails, paperwork on the warranty and have witnesses to the fact that Steve said it has an existing warranty when we bought it.


I purchased a car from Gary Yeoman's in March of 2009. It was a used 2008 Mazdaspeed 3 with 34,000 miles on it. I found the car through the dealers eBay store run by Steve F. I had multiple phone and email communications with Steve over my interest in the car. The car was advertised with a good price, so I e-mailed Steve and asked if the car has ever been wrecked or any work done on it. He replied back that the car was like new, with no defects. I also asked why the car was brought back and Steve the owner upgraded to a Roush Mustang. The car was listed with the existing warranty.

I decided to purchase the car and upon picking it up Steve at the dealership explained to me the cars warranty through Mazda stating the Mazda warranty covered 36,000 miles bumper to bumper and 60,000 miles power train. I purchased the car and now seven months later I take it in to the dealership for a check engine light and the local dealer in Arkansas tells me this car has a voided warranty due to the car was reported with modifications in January prior to our purchasing it. This is not what Steve replied back when questioned about the condition of the car. The dealer in Arkansas assured me that the dealer in Florida is obligated to tell me that the car had been modified and voided its warranty. I was explained my "warranty" by Steve F while in his office negotiating for the car. I have a feeling the cars damage was known by the dealer and they purposefully mislead me to purchase a car with a damaged engine. Under good faith from Steve F and the questions he answered for me I assumed I was getting a car in proper working condition with traditional wear and tear that comes from a car with only 34,000 miles on it.

This car is still in physically the same condition as when I bought it.

The service department at the Mazda dealership in Arkansas informed me that my 3rd cylinder in my engine was completely dead and that it would need a new engine. He priced it at $6200 total. He said the damage did not come from anything apparent in the engine and that it had probably been restored with original parts when it was sold to me. He said all the parts currently on the car appeared to be the factory parts. I purchased this car seven months ago and the car is only a 2008 and now needs a new engine with only 52,000 miles on it.

Im asking for a quick remedy and a rental or replacement vehicle within two days of this notice.


I have a 2005 Ford F-250 Diesel truck and I have had to replace a water in fuel sensor every year since I have had the truck. I just put my 4th one in. They covered the first one and I have had to pay for everyone since. Obviously, it is a defective part, however they refuse to cover it. My truck is out of warranty now, however, the problem started when the truck had only a few thousand miles on it. I have had Ford trucks my whole life, and I think this will be my last.

I keep having to pay anywhere from 80 to 100 dollars to replace the same part over and over.


I purchased a 2000 Lincoln ls from this dealership in AUG 2008. The were advertising this vehicle as a Gary yeomans used car. This implied that the car meet certain standards to be listed as a Gary yeomans ford product. They were selling this vehicle through E-bay as a no reserve auction item. I live in VA, | did my research and found out that this car dealer was one of the largest in FL and was well respected. There motto is taking care of customers. They pledged to have the finest used car in FL with this information I decided to bid on the Lincoln LS. Before I put my bid in I ran the car's VIN through CARFAX and discovered that the cat had a minor fender bender two years earlier. (this info was not disclosed) I asked the salesman "Steve" about the car accident and if the car had any other issues before I placed my bid on the car. I was told "NO".

I then searched their on line pre-owned website listing and found the Lincoln advertised on line "as a Gary yeomans preowned car" for 10k. I was lead to believe that this car was a Gary yeomans preowned car that they were using E-Bay as a medium to reach potential buyers outside of FL. Since the car was advertised of 10K, I felt confident to bid on the car. My bid was for 8k and when the auction ended I had won the car. I immediately contact Gary yeomans ford and arranged for payment. I flew out from VA and stayed over night in FL. I was met by another salesman and was brought to the dealership. The salesman was impressed that I was able to buy this car at such a low price. He told me that their corporate office has allowed them to sell cars on e-bay. This was a new venture for Gary yeomans ford. The car was on their lot and ready to go.

I did not feel I had to conduct an inspections since I committed to the purchase via the rules of e-bay and the car was a Gary yeomans ford preowned car? it obviously met their high standards or it would not have been advertised as such. I completed the purchase and prepared for the long trip back to VA. I noticed that the car did not have a spare tire and the salesman immediately took care of that. This is the point that the all went wrong. I started noticing issues with the car as I drove off the lot. I heard a popping sound as I made my first turn off the lot. As I drove the car onto the highway, I heard wind noise, I tried to play the cd player and it did not function. I tried to engage the cruise control and discovered that was inoperable.

I stopped the car to investigate the wind noised and discovered that the passenger window would not roll-up and seal. I continued my long journey home and made contact with Gary yeomans the next day. This car was purchased as a gift for my twin daughters? I spoke with Steve? and sent a inquiry into the owners e-mail account to let them know what I experienced through this transaction. Long story (complaint) short.. I was told that the car should have never been advertised on the web site and the car was sold as is. The owner (Carlos L) told me that if they sold the car at the higher price they would have fixed the car issues. This violates all principles of best practices for any consumer when they are purchasing a vehicle from a dealership. I was misled and Gary Yeomans Ford did not disclose the mechanical issues and they misrepresented my car as a Gary Yeomans preowned car..

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I originally picked out and purchased a brand new car from this dealer. I bought a new, never owned 2004 Ford Focus which I picked out. Within the first year of having the car, it was in the shop multiple times for serious repairs. The entire brake system had to be replaced twice, a front end repair was made, the fuel pump went out, the car would just lose all power while driving... The list goes on and on. When I finally got fed up with the lemon of a car that they sold me, the dealer made an attempt to "make good" by putting me into a different vehicle.

Well, they put me into a vehicle that I did not chose. It was used not new, but I reluctantly took the car. They sold me a 2005 Ford Taurus. After having the car about a year, I starting noticing some problems in the front end. I thought that it was the tires or possibly the alignment and took it in to have those things replaced. That helped slightly but it was never quite right. So, several months later, when the car was shaking, making knocking noises and really seeming to get quite worse, I took the car into a third party reputable service station. The service station called me on my cell once they examined the car and asked me if I had been in an accident in that vehicle. When I informed them that I had not, they asked if I knew that the car had been in an accident. I was never told such a thing.

As a matter of fact, I specifically asked the dealer at time of purchase if the car was "clean" and the salesman assured me that it was. The service station advised me that it would cost $700 to repair the steering column damage that was obviously pre-existing and had just gotten worse because I was not aware of it. They were also nice enough to tell me that in his opinion, he would not even fix the car, and that he would get rid of it. He said that the car had been in an accident and that it would only continue to deteriorate, causing me greater financial strain. I called the dealer from which I got this car that I didn't pick out, and notified them of the issue. They plainly told me that all they could do for me was try and trade it and that the most they would give me was $3000 for it.

I went on Kelley Blue Book and clearly the trade in value is $4200. The least they could do is give me close to a pay off on my loan and get me into something more reliable and without an accident history. My whole point of going to buy the first car from them in the first place was because I wanted a 2004 new Ford Focus. I got "jipped" out of that and forced into a car that I didn't even want... And now I find out that it's been in an accident. I am making payments on a vehicle that is falling apart.