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If I was writing a review for the day of purchase of my vehicle in February 2015, this would be a 5 star review filled with raving reviews on treatment and cleanliness of the facilities. But this is a review on the vehicle 3 months after purchase and their handling of the situation. I got pressured into buying a used 2008 Honda CRV when my husband and I were just looking, not even planning to buy for another couple of months. We told them we could not afford much (I'm enlisted military and new to the area, husband had not started his new job yet), so they lured us in with 0 down and no payments for 2 months (more like 1 month after the paperwork was finalized).

Of course, we test drove the car, looked at the history, everything you are supposed to do when buying a car. Yes, I should have taken it to a mechanic, but being new to the area, I don't know any that I trust. 3 months down the line, the AC is just blowing hot air. When we had tested the AC before purchase, it was colder out, so it had seemed to be working. But now, going into Georgia summer, I don't have working AC in a vehicle I pay $300 a month for to drive around in full military gear to and from work daily. When I called Kia of Augusta for help on this broken vehicle I just bought from them, they give me options:

A) Refinance the car to include warranty. Except no banks will do that because it's very uncommon and apparently the car isn't worth that much to them. B) Buy the warranty from the dealership at $1200. I don't have that kind of money lying around, and yes I could take out a personal loan, but that's an extra $80 a month on top of the $300 I'm paying for a broken vehicle. Not to mention I wouldn't be able to use the warranty for 30 days, just to not "look suspicious".

C) Pay them $800 to fix the AC.... Again, do I have that kind of money? No. And that amount is them being nice about it and giving me a $200 break. But what's going to happen when something else breaks in another couple of months. No, I'd better buy the warranty at this rate. D) Trade-in and get a new car. I would do this, except we have literally only made 2 payments on this vehicle, meaning we will just owe more money to pay off this car AND get the new vehicle.

It's just not feasibly possible for us at this point. Moral of the story, just don't buy a used vehicle from them, or take it to a mechanic you trust before buying. They clearly don't check out the cars as thoroughly as they claim to, and no matter how good the deal or the price, it really isn't worth the headache, stress and financial struggle in the long run. If I could do things all over again, I would have never even walked into the Kia of Augusta dealership. I will never buy another vehicle from them again. And I will warn everyone away from them. Kia of Augusta seems to prey on the young and inexperienced car buyers. If anything, I will take this as a bitter, painful (literally, the car gets very hot) learning experience and never trust another car salesman as long as I live.

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Mr ** is a very great consultant. I told him that I wasn't buying today and I was just looking but he treated me as though I was buying 10 cars. That is great.

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My wife and I bought a Kia Sorrento in May 2013. The only stipulation I had about the purchase was that they fixed a rim that was damaged. I have set up multiple appointments and visited the dealership FIVE times to only be turned away every time with an excuse. I CALL EVERY OTHER DAY AND ALL THEY GIVE ME IS MORE EXCUSES. It has now been two months since the purchase of the Kia, and my rim is still not fixed. They have, by far, the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I would never buy another vehicle from Kia of Augusta ever again.


I bought my first new car on February 1st, 2010. It was a Black Kia Soul. On June 1st 2010, I was on an overnight trip to West Virginia from South Carolina. I pulled into a gas station in West Virginia and realized that my entire bumper had fallen off, with my tag on it. On my way back home I called the Kia customer service number and was informed that in order to have my bumper replaced under warranty, that I would need the bumper that fell off, to ensure that there was no damage caused by me that made the bumper fall off. I had no idea where the bumper was, other than on the West Virginia Turnpike. So, the customer representative told me that I need to call the authorities for the turnpike and have them keep a lookout for my bumper (yeah, right).

I did that and then waited until the dealership opened. I called them and they told me that I could bring in the vehicle and they could try to look at it without the bumper, to see if they could make a decision of whether it was covered under warranty. They took pictures and made a report. Then they had to send it into Atlanta to be approved for warranty. They called me the next day, informing me that it had been approved and that my bumper would be in the following Wednesday on the 9th.

I called that morning and it had come in. So I made an appointment at 2pm to bring it in for service. I sat and waited for 3 hours! They finally came and get me around 4:50 and tell me my car was ready. I went out to my car to inspect the repair and right off the bat, I realized that my bumper had been put on crooked. It was extremely noticeable. I informed the service manager about this and he told me that they were closing at 5 and I needed to bring it back in the morning. So, I said okay and just brought it back in the morning. I was the very first customer there. I dropped my car off this time and took a courtesy car. Now, the courtesy car was in the worst way damaged. The visor hung right in your face. The car was filthy. I dropped my car off on Thursday, June 10th. It is now Monday the 14th and I have not received not one phone call about my car. I tried to call and no one answers. I don't know what I should do.


First and foremost, I had an ongoing problem with my electric system which started back last year in November 2009.The dashboard lights would blink in and out, and the right/left rear/front brake lights constantly blow out. Twice, the rear blinker blew. No sooner than I got to the end of the driveway, I had to turn right back around to have them to just replace it again. I was going in every 2-3 weeks for the same problem. I told them it had to be some more than the bulbs blowing out. I suggested that it had to be a short somewhere. I was told every single time that it was nothing, or it was just probably a bad bulb. I stated if that is the case, then what is the probably with the lights blinking in and out on the dash. They said they could not find anything.

I went back again on 25 May 2010 for the exact same problems. I asked to call with diagnostics before doing any work. I was called at 9:10 am to pick out my car. After being told that tell will pull up my car history. As you can see up above, that was not done. I was told when I got there that I had to pay because there was no history/paper trail in the system of the same reoccurring problems that occurred with my vehicle and the person who had been there and was aware of the problems with my car pretended he did not know what was going on. Also, when I asked to speak to him, he was suddenly unavailable (Demond **).

I am so disgusted with Kia. I was told that if it is not in black and white, it did not happen. I am a believer. They did not put any of my car problems in the system. The only thing that they put in the system is the air bag light. My driver side visor was replaced three times and not even that was put in the system. I was under the impression that the warranty was bumper to bumper 10 years 100,000 miles. That's a lie. I see my car is mileage is exactly 60,020 miles. Kia is the most fraudulent company I know. I will never ever buy another Kia ever.

For your information, customer service stinks from the sales reps on up to the manager. I have had my Kia for 4 years and I could count on almost 2 hands how many managers that have gone through that place. I have a 2006.5 Kia Optima.

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On 12/05/07, I purchased a Kia Spectra. My sales person was Hiram Brooks Smith. I left the car the day of the sale because Mr.Smith said the

service guys would clean the car for me. I left the car and the on 12/06 went to pick the car up after I got off from work. I work late and Mr. Smith said that was fine because they had a open gate. After I picked the car up the next day I talked with the new car sales manager (Thorston), and he wanted me to bring the car back in because the contract was not valid. He said that the price he cahrged me for the 2008 would not work out with the numbers.(whatever that means).

After that I was very upset because I knew tht the contract was a valid one and they did not want me to have the car for the price because they made a mistake. I called my local BBB and they said that if I had a contract with the same Vin Number as the car I was driving, then if was my car and I did not have to take the vehicle back to them. I told them that and Thorston said that I had to bring it back. By now I had become sick and tired of the hold thing, even though everyone that seen the contract said that it was valid. The man kept insisting on me bringing in the car but I did not.

On 12/15, apprx. 5:45AM there was a wrecker pulling my car out of my yard. I heard nothing from Kia, so after a couple of days, I called

Thorston and he said that he had to pull the car in because the of the contract. He said that I had to bring in the keys (I had both sets), and he would send me my deposit back to me. I called Thorston today 01/03/08, and he did not answer. I left a message for him to return my call and did not hear from him. My nephew took the keys to him on 12/26/08 and they said they would have my check ready the next day.

My nephew had checked and they still have not given me my money. I gave the a deposit of $800.00 cash. I know that the Kia Dealership gave my a raw deal and it is not fare for them to keep my hard earned money. They were wron for what they did to me. I can fax you a copy of the contract if you send me your fax number.


I had minor problems up until now. My car is a 2002 Kia Rio with 48000 miles. I was driving home and all of a sudden went to change gears in my 5 speed and the stick was floppy. I found a gear, don't know which one, and barely made it home. Luckily I was less than a mile away and as long as no one stopped and I had to change gears I was okay.

When I made it home my husband called and they stated my car was no longer under warranty even though we bought it new someone put it in as used and I had to fax them the sales contract to prove it was new. They know what they sold me and they know everything about the car. Luckily I had the contract to prove it. They still, two weeks later, have not fixed the warranty issue in the computer. Then they said that my roadside asst. was exp. even though when I bought it they said I would have it always. So they would not tow it even though on paid 6 in the warranty manual it says they will because on page 9 section A in the owners manual it talks about your roadside assistance expires after 5 years 60,000 miles.

My car doesn't even have 50000 on it! We took the car to the shop yest. (Sunday) and as of 10 this morning they still had not done anything to it and they were extremely rude.


On June 14, 06 I was told by the finance manager of Kia, Terrace Castleberry to write a check for 15, 198.63 the amount of a car I was to buy. My credit union was to approve my car loan and I was to pick up the check from the credit union and deposit into my checking account. Once I did this I agreed to phone Kia or bring the check directly to the company on the Gordon Highway.

When the credit union re-reviewed my credit application I was denied for the car loan. However Kia deposited my check on June 15, 06 at the time I had 84.00 in my account not 15,198.63 this overdrew my account and into the negative. When I told Terrance what happened he said they should have placed my check in hold and he will check on this matter. After waiting I phone him back he said I would have to speak with the sales manager, Michael. I spoke with Michael explaining what happened he said Kia is not in the habit of taking anyone's money he would check into this matter. I phoned him back to my surpise he went on vocation to Disney Land. I then spoke with Jim another financial manager, he asked for a copy of my bank statement I took this to him on the same day he asked and showed him how my account became overdrawn.

He asked me to phone Debbie the next day since she leaves at 5:00 and she is in accounting. By this time it is June 27, 06 I phone for Debbie she has no idea what I am talking about that I would need to speak back with Jim. I speak with Jim he says Ms. Bright I have been busy let me speak with Debbie and call her back later. I phone back Debbie tells me she can't authorize refunding my money, that Mr. Rozier the General Manager needs to speak with me. By this time I am hopeful that I will get my refund however Debbie tells me Mr. Rozier is out of the office to call later.

I phone later only to find out that he had a doctors' appointment and he has my name and number he will phone me when he comes back. Now here I am on June 28, 06 phone Kia asked to speak with Mr. Rozier he is off today try back tommorow. What can I do? This is wrong and unfair behavior for a business to act in a way which is totally not called for.

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