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I purchased a van from JRAS in 2008 when they were located in Montgomery, AL. I really needed a vehicle at the time because I was catching a ride. Little did I know that I would be wasting my money on a van that would not work. There were issues with the van with the ignition (starting up) when we took the test drive. The salesperson said that it was a simple fix. I made the down payment but was did not take the van that day. I had to make arrangements to come back another day. When I returned, the salesperson said that the problem had been fixed. I made reassured that the everything was ok so I took the van from the lot. A few days later when I went to visit my Mom, which was an hour and 1/2 away, the van stopped beside the road! I had to have it towed back to Selma. I contacted JRAS and they said that I needed to get it pulled to the lot. I had to pay for it to be pulled to Montgomery.

I actually went back to pick up the van because they said the van had been fixed and I couldn't get my money back. Over the next few months, the van kept breaking down. In 2009, the van was driven to Montgomery and broke down for the last time. I had to have it towed to the lot once again. This time was different. I waited for the salesperson to call when the van was ready. The call never came! I tried to call the business and no calls were answered. I finally made it to Montgomery to find out that the company was gone!!! No van, no money back, nothing. Now this van is on my credit record and working to try and get it released from my credit.

Just rite auto deals. Unknown how they have been in business more than a month. Purchased a work van. For work. After I signed the contract I was told I wasn't allowed to take "their" van out of state. When I did they repoed it. Cost me $800.00 repo fee to get my van back. I decided to put my wife in charge of making the payments. When she was late by one day they repoed it again. I was forced to file bankruptcy because they refused to even talk about resolving the issue. They then decided they would talk to me. I agreed to drop them from the bankruptcy if we could resume the loan. **, the owner waited until I was in Boston and he repoed it again. They will now not allow me to get my belongings out of it. They won't even talk to me.

Just Right auto deals in carrollton ga. is the worst of the worst. The car I got from them started breaking down on me within 3 months of getting It. They cut my car off once saying my insurance had canceled and I was stuck at work. They said I had 30 mins. to have proof to them or they would come and get it and it'd cost me $600 to get it back, and my insurance was fine. My car broke down more times than I can remember and not once did they offer to come and pick it up and take it back to their shop. They are the most rude people I have ever met. They wound up getting the car back after making triple what the car was worth from me. I'm telling everyone right now, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! Don't make the same mistake I made. I don't care if they try to give you a car, you'll wind up putting more money into it than what it's worth. They need to be shut down!!!

I bought a car a year ago, they told me after 6 months of not missing a payment, I could upgrade. When I tried then they tell me a year, meanwhile, the car oil rings need replaced and they won't hold up to the warranty. Said it doesn't fall under it. When tried to talk to them about it, they said I could pay them 400 odd dollars or someone else. I will never buy another car from them. I have already replaced the brakes a month after I bought the car, then the starter. And add oil weekly.

I would not go to Just Right no matter what. They lie to get you in a car. The cars are equipped with shut off switches and they will cut your car off in the middle of the day while you're at work, school, gas station, etc., and make sure you're stranded with no regard for you or your family's safety. Your notes will change and they add on whatever charges they like to keep you paying a lot more than those "rebuilt junk cars" are worth. Don't waste your time or money. Want the highest interest rates in Georgia? Go to Just Right Auto Sales, horrible. I just filed bankruptcy and Just Right does nothing for people who have filed bankruptcy. Go somewhere else, anywhere else.

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They have unprofessional staff. I spoke with the salesman before I filled up paper work. I explained that I needed a SUV family type or minivan. The entire time, he was talking to someone across the room about football and totally ignored me . After completing the paper work, I asked him if there was anything else he needed. He said no but quickly asked me to leave a deposit down on the car. I looked at him and told, "For what car? I haven't looked at what's on your lot yet." He began to laugh. Two days later, I get a call from him that I was approved for 2006 Dodge Durango.

I drove there to find out that my paper work was not completed by him and that they needed more information that I didn't have on me. The store manager asked me to go get it from home and come back. I told him, "No,I live 1 hour away." He then started try to sell me some other car behind the building that looked like a flood car for $10,000. I told him, "Never mind. I'm not in need of a car that bad, just looking for a 2nd car for our family."

I called them to discuss purchasing a vehicle with the Tax Refund Loan Program. I did all of the paperwork over the phone, and by email. I got a call telling me the estimated amount of my tax return, and that they could help me with getting a vehicle. I spent over 2 hours on the bus, to get to their location to pick out a car, to be told that I needed to have $500 for a down payment, even though their ad on their website, and in an auto magazine said that, I could use part of my tax refund for a down payment.

Their response was, "we need you to invest in your auto". Hell, you just got all of my info, know how much tax refund I'm getting, and then said, "I'm sorry". Buzz was not as much help in person, as he was on the phone, when he was trying to make a sale.

Forgery of documents, Bill of Sale signed by finance manager, not buyer.

Paperwork was shown to buyer for vehicle costing $7,995.00, but the final Bill of Sale contract signed by manager was $18,151.65 for a 1996 Ford Taurus with exempt mileage. The company tool trade-in vehicle plus down payment and bi-weekly payments until Al Attorney General voided the contract and removed it from credit report. The company continued to refuse to give the consumer back their money, picked up the car (driven less than the 300 miles as stated in JRAS policy for return), plus kept the consumer's money and car.

Kevin **, the company's legal representative, refuses to return the money or car. Mr. ** stated that since the attorney general got involved, they have to shut down all stores in AI Tennessee and Florida and re-opened them under a different name. Therefore, they do not have to return the consumer's down payment, payments made or trade-in vehicle provided for the now voided contract.

JRAS received down payment, bi-weekly payments, a trade-in plus their vehicle returned in same condition with 152 miles driven by consumer all on a voided contract, a Bill of Sale who the finance manager Nina signed the consumer's name into. The consumer thought she was purchasing the vehicle for the $7,995.00 presented by sellers, final total $18,151.65. Yes, I said eighteen thousand, one hundred fifty one and sixty five cents.

I was scammed and believed to be purchasing a vehicle for $7,695.00. But instead, the finance manager signed my name to contracts, traded paperwork I signed for $7,695.00 with papers financing $18,151.65. She also told me that I gave up my right to the three-day return as stated by law. Then, I had to register the vehicle to drive it for work so she also signed my name on the Bill of Sale for a total price of $18,151.65 and faxed it to the DMV as I waited to register the vehicle. They refused to return any of my money paid into their company then and still refuse now stating that they closed down the stores in AL, GA and TN after the AAG got after them and so they do not have to return my money now either. Bad company doing really bad business with a new name and registered under a new owner. Someone should stop this company from starting up after screwing people under new names just to do it all again and walk away with the vehicles and the money. Thieves is what they are, dishonest, liars, cons, forgers, scammers and God only knows what else they have done to the general public.

In October of 2009, I purchased a 2000 Lincoln Town Car from Just Right Auto when they were located in Conyers, Ga. I really should not have bought it because I felt something odd about the steering. When I ask the salesman about it he drove the car and said they would keep it and have it checked out and give me a call when it was done.

Well they kept it over the weekend and called me on that Monday saying the car was fine. I was also under the impression we had a longer warranty, which I found out was not true after taking the car in with a problem a month later. The really bad part is the car continued to have a slight steering problem and began to make a squeaking noise so I took it to a reputable auto shop to have it checked out. They came back and said the car had a control arm problem and was unsafe to drive, and the problem had been there for awhile just waiting to break.

When I asked them how long this problem might have been there they told me at least a year, remember I had just bought the car in October2009 and this was March 2010. I called Just Right Auto hysterical because they sold me a car I had been complaining about that could have killed me. They sent a tow truck after telling me to bring it in and I continued to tell them it was unsafe to drive. I sent the paper with the diagnosed problem so they could not say they could not find it.

Well lo and behold they kept the car over a week called me and said they had checked it out and found nothing mechanically wrong even stated sometimes mechanics will tell you there is a problem just to get your money. I asked a second time AJ assured me the car was fine the squeaking noise was because the car is old they lubricated it and the noise was gone. Well the noise was gone but the problem was still there. We continued to drive the car and guest what the control arm broke when my daughter who was driving hit the dip in the street if she had been on the interstate or driving faster it would have been a different story. The car hit the street so hard and dug in; it made a deep groove in the street.

Now they have the car and after a month and a half sent me a letter with a proposal. I have been calling to get clarity on the letter but the contact person will not talk with me I have left my name and number several times no call back. There should be something done about this company who takes advantage of people before someone is killed or seriously injured. My daughter is still traumatized behind this incident and close call. I ask for something in writing stating there was nothing wrong. Not only did they not give me anything stating there was no mechanical problem they gave me backs the car on a Saturday. When the mechanics were not there nor any of the people I had spoken with how deceptive is that.

I purchased a car from Just Right Auto Sales last April 2009 and it's one of the worst experiences of my life. Now, I've bought used cars before (as well as new ones), but I've never had as many problems with automobile as I've had with theirs. I've heard that I'm not the only one who has had bad experiences with their vehicles. Every other month, it seems that something else goes wrong with this particular 2000 Buick Regal LS that I bought; i.e. left front brake vibrating, ignition, parking brake cable coming loose, air conditioning not working, right rear window not going up, left rear window not going up, driver's side window not going up, rear-view mirror not attached and car not starting in mornings when the weather is slightly cold.

When the car was still on warranty, I took it in to have some of the earlier problems repaired, some were done, some were supposedly done. Once they kept the car for two weeks, saying that they were checking on my problem of it not starting when the weather was cold in the morning. I had to go get my car when the loaner car that they let me drive broke down and wouldn't start. The loaner car broke down! When I went to get my car, the repair tech said he couldn't find anything wrong with the car and that he "started it every morning," and yet when I tried to drive my car home, it wouldn't start because the battery was dead. My thought was how can the battery be dead if he "started it every morning"? The left brake that they supposedly fixed when the car was under warranty is still having the same problem. The rear view mirror that I paid for them to fix is back down again. The other problems are on-going.

It's not that I expected no problems with a used car; it's just that every other month it was something going wrong like clockwork, like it was known by them that these problems would happen, like it's all a part of some scheme to rip-off customers (who come to them because of credit problems) with repair charges on vehicles that they are already being overcharged for.

The repair manager/technician that was supposedly did the work on my car is no longer with the company. In fact, the location that I bought my vehicle from in Chamblee on Peachtree Industrial has closed down. So now I have to deal with the location in Duluth. I talked to the General Manager there, Anthony **, known as A.J., who referred me to the repair tech there who says that they have no loaners available (which I'd need in order to get back and forth to work). He also said that in order to find out why the car will not start on cold mornings that he's have to duplicate the problem which would be hard to do (now that the weather is warmer). The problem was happening up through April every cold morning. In fact, I came close to losing my job because of the car making me late to work too often. The other problems they said they'll fix, but of course I'd have to pay the price. I told them to just let me get another car from them, to just take this car back. No response to that suggestion.

As far as I'm concerned, Just Right Auto is just that a scam and a dealership that preys on financially challenged customers with overpriced, poorly serviced vehicles that they can make even more money from with the inevitable repair costs that will occur. A friend of mine said her sister just told them to "come get your car," after the vehicle she bought from them kept breaking down on her for months and left her stranded on the freeway one night. Since I don't have another car to fall back on, I can't do that but I need to do something. Can you or anyone else there check them out?

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