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I bought a car from them in January of 2010, it was a 2002 Monte Carlo Ls. I put 1400 down and my payments were 170 every two weeks. I had the car for 3 weeks and the check engine light came on. I took it to their so called mechanic and they said they couldn't do anything about it because of my warranty, so I fixed the problem on my own. Two weeks later the car COMPLETELY BROKE DOWN. Vacuum hose, spark plugs, spark plug wires, EGR needed to be blown out, brakes, and every sensor you can name I had to replace.

A subtotal of 1,789 total dollars spent on top of paying my car note, on top of car insurance, on top of rent, water, gas, etc. And the customer service was absolutely HORRIBLE AND AWFUL. I have recordings of blatant disrespectful and unprofessional customer service. I will ride the Marta bus before I give them another hard earned red cent of mines. I will do everything in my power to deter anyone from buying a car from this rat hole. Avoid at all cost... I would rather go to Pars Car.

My husband bought a 2005 Toyota Camry from Autosmith in 2011 at an interest rate of 25%. His payments were $450 dollars. The Odometer was turned down. The car radio never work. This company is a disgraceful business. Must be closed down.

My car was stolen from me so I needed a car. I put money down on a 2003 Nissan Altima. The car seemed fine after I drove off the lot with it. The next day check engine light came on. It was the catalytic converter. They replaced it then I thought the car was ok. Long story short, I have replaced alternator twice, valve cover with gasket, 2 tune ups in less than a year. Still having problems with the car. Paying more than what the car is worth. They're too unorganized. Never received my $400 for paying one-time payments. Overall Autosmith is a scam dealership. Hopefully they will go out of business soon.

My husband purchased a car from Autosmith, the car seems to be a good car (so far only had it 6 months). I know it was way over-priced, but we were desperate and our credit was shot. They offered us if we pay on time for 6 months we would get $400 in free repairs at their shop. Six months later we paid on the day they told us every 2 weeks religiously, and then after six months we asked about this. They told us a new rule went in effect that the payment had to be paid before 4 pm and that on one day we paid it at 4:01 pm so we were considered late. I checked my cell phone records and the latest a payment was made was at 3:55 pm and the call was only 5 minutes and they gave us a confirmation number before we hung up. We have called all the way up the ladder and everyone has told us "too bad! !" Beware of false promises and changing rules!!!

We were in a situation where we had to have a vehicle - in a neighborhood where bus doesn't run with two newly pre adopted small children. Had a nice vehicle given to us by my sister. My birthday was coming in a month, had to renew tag within a month. Granted, we are responsible for not being more vigilant, but I feel we possibly should not have told them our problem, because they took advantage of the situation. But we could not for any reason get the car to pass emissions. So we had to have a vehicle as soon as possible and our credit wasn't that good at all so we heard of Autosmith and how they report to the credit bureau, the 18 months warranty etc.

First they sold us on idea that our credit was so bad that we have to accept a higher rate from this invisible - come to find out there was no bank. It was their own entity. We feel now that a bank would have warned us about this company. While viewing the overpriced vehicle I saw black gook on the tires. They assured us that it was no brake problem, that the brakes had been changed. Still concerned about this because you could hear this noise, still see black gook on the tires after washing. Took the vehicle to their recommended repairman before the 18 months warranty went out. They tell us they don't do the brakes. Finally really not believing what Autosmith said about the brakes we had them checked. Not only were they bad, they were worn down to the steel. We had to hurry and have them completely changed out. Then the black stuff and sound stopped.

We were told that they were nothing like a buy here pay here company, but their tactics turned out to be the same. And now we cannot even trade this car in. We ate being told that we seriously upside down, vehicle is worth only $2500. We owe now 16,000. This vehicle will break down before we can even pay for it. Got more but over my word limit.

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I got a car from Autosmith last month because I had just got in a car accident and needed a car for work. They sold me a car for 14,000. Finance will be 25,000. Not more than 2 days after I got the car, I noticed the car they sold me is only about 5,000. They told me I had to go for an interview with their bank. I had told them about the overprice, she said call the dealer. I had called them and told them I want to return it. I also called their bank, a 1800 number - the lady said take it back. When I did, they been giving me the run around. Call the manager, only he can take it back. At the end, I called the bank the lady said take it back to the bank. All I advise you is don't get a car from them. Read all these reviews. I wish I had seen them before going there. Don't make the same mistake I made.

I purchased a car from Autosmith in September 2012. The salesman picked me up from my home and I was taken to the dealership. I requested at that time a copy of the Carfax and a copy of the 51 points inspection. I was told by my mechanic that I was basically driving a death machine because the car shocks & struts were completely gone and the amount of money it would cost me to have them fixed is the same amount money Autosmith wanted. Autosmith had the car reprocessed without any warning (pick up in early morning at 5:00 am). I also referred two others persons to Autosmith and now I'm sorry I did. Please make sure if you purchase an auto from Autosmith that you have them complete the 51 points inspection in front of you as well as a mechanic.

I purchased a car from the Autosmith Dealer that I found that they had problems with their 3-day policy and when I tried returning the vehicle, this dealer would not give my money back and was very rude about the whole situation. I have brought attention to the highest level of this company and they still will not solve this problem I'm having with them. I have called the Lemon Law for Georgia. It seems I can't get a return call. I have searched for measurements for help and I was referred to the Attorney General's office. While I'm still waiting for a response from them and the BBB, I thought that I may even share this issue with you also.

During my waiting process, I have still tried to find out ways to help me get out of this vehicle. In the meantime of still having the vehicle, my car payments are being made but it has been up and down within the period of one month. I'm very frustrated and angry, I do know what to do. I know that I have been stiffed on my money and been locked into this car situation. Now I'm feeling like I wish I had not ever purchased a vehicle from down here in the state of Georgia. Every legal aspect here wants to do things on their time and can't care less of customer's satisfaction. I am tired. I bought this car in March of this year and pointed out the problems with company within their policy and I still can't get my money back or for that matter swap with another vehicle of the same value. This whole situation has been a headache. Can someone please give some assistance on helping solve this problem?

I've talked to several lawyers and consumer affairs agencies, and I'm just so tired of telling this story. I do want consumers to know that AutoSmith is not concerned about your hard-earned money. They’re interested in the short-term sale, and the short-term profit.

This company, with its poor ethics and poor salesmanship, will continue to prey on desperate individuals who don't take the time to gather information and do sufficient homework on companies before they decide to patronize these businesses.

Long story short, my car is sitting outside of my home right now, transmission is just about gone. I have taken my car to AutoTune for the same problem 6 times, and even though it's still under warranty, I don't believe these incompetent mechanics will fix my car.

I have to work, and the finance company will not allow me to defer my payment while I get a rental car because the product they sold me in is non-working condition. They still expect me to pay my car note, get a rental car, and pay my deductible.

These folks are crazy. For customer service sake, if you love yourself, you would not mess with any company like AutoSmith. You can do so much better. I wish I would have known this. Now I have to fight tooth and nail to show this raggedy company that they will not take advantage of me because I am a hard-working, law-abiding citizen.

I purchased a car from Autosmith in December of 2009. Everything went fine and I really enjoyed the experience, except the manager at the Union City location who was tough to deal with. I was told by him that if I made my payments on time for a year, I could refinance with a better interest rate. Now, I've made every payment on time and wanted to refinance it.

I've called everyone in that organization, but no one would help me. I finally made it to Darrell Ache, the owner of AAC and he was a complete **! He made me feel like I was a beggar or something. First, he lied and said I was late on some payments and it wasn't until I fought him did he agree. Then when I said I wanted a better rate, he said the manager at the Union City dealership was lying! Can you believe it? Anyway, he said that if I wanted a better rate, I'd have to find another bank or trade the car in. What a complete **! Anyway, I am looking for a new ride now and won't be back to Autosmith. Biggest bunch of liars I've ever met.

I have a lot to say about Autosmith/Automobile Acceptance and I have similar stories with the other people on this site about mechanical issues with a car I got from them. However, I have to say something else.

Just because I lost my job in February of this year, they repossessed the car that I had, not because I was behind in payments, but because I was unemployed. I was not behind in payments, and I was still making payments. They called my former employer, just like they would always do, just to see if I was still working there. For whatever reason, they did that every 1st and 15th. They put out a repossession order on the car and demanded that either I pay the rest at once or to fax over two paycheck stubs, three references, etc., just to get the car back. They wouldn't give the car back just because I was unemployed. I tried to explain to the dumb lady I was speaking to that I had money in savings and I could pay for the car as I agreed to every 1st and 15th. But she didn't care.

I want people to know, that they will repossess your car in a second and put it on your credit report in ' two seconds' flat. They don't care.

I purchased a 2004 Hyundai Sonata on January 9th, 2009 at $11,090 only to find out when I decided that I wanted to trade it in that my car has a salvaged title and that the value of my car was only $610. I have had issues right from the start with my car from the engine light being on, not being able to pass emissions and being sent to the clean air folks by their mechanic in order to be able to put a tag on my car.

When I found out that they sold me a salvaged car, I contacted the dealership and spoke with Julie and her first question to me was, "Aren't you the same woman that called me a couple of weeks ago? I told you that you had to contact the GM." And I responded to her with, "No, I wasn't but do you all make it a habit to sale salvaged cars?" And in turn, she began to back peddle. I have been trying since June 1st to contact this gent Mike ** only to not have any of my calls returned as well as calling Julie back only for her to put me on hold for long periods of time with someone else coming back on the line telling me that she would have to call me back. I am confused, lost and extremely frustrated because I am paying $11,000 for a car that I really shouldn't be driving my family around in according to several mechanics that I have just randomly stopped in their shops to just get advise about my situation.

Is there anything that I can do to resolve this issue? Also I strongly advise anyone looking to purchase a car to stay as far away as possible from AutoSmith, because they are very dishonest and they are selling cars that should not be on the road at all according to the research that I have since been doing on salvaged vehicles.

I bought a 2000 Denali from auto smith of Marietta in mid July 2010. I left the lot at 8pm with absolutely no gas in the truck and was given $10 for gas. When I got up in the morning to go to work, I had a flat tire and the door handle was broke. Auto Smith had me call their repair shop which was auto tunes in Riverdale GA (less than 5miles from my house) and they contacted someone to come fix the flat. When I arrived at the repair shop, the mechanic started my truck but the keys were in my hand, I asked how did he do that. He said, he was able to start the truck without the key. I called a few people I knew that work on cars and was informed to take it back. I called the Marietta location and told them I wanted to trade it in for a different vehicle and was told no by the finance manager Julie.

Ever since then, I have had problems. My visor was broke, the leather was messed up on the steering wheel and one of the works at their auto shop told me that my truck never been to their detail shop because they wouldn't have never sold it with the leather messed up and the way the truck looks. I have brought the truck to the shop 2x about my gas gauge and was told nothing was wrong with it. I have brought the truck in a 3rd time this month, December and told them the truck acts as if it doesn't want to accelerate, and it jerks sometimes when I'm at a complete stop then start to go again.

Now, that I'm telling them I want to trade it in, now they found a problem with the gas gauge. They said, it's my cluster that needs to be replaced but they want me to pay for it. I told them I'm not paying for it and I've been telling them from day 1 that there was a problem. Now they said, I have to go through finance again in order to get approved for financing.

I went to Autosmith in late September of 2009 to get an SUV. That day, I left with a white 2004 Ford Explorer. When I took the car for a test drive, I noticed that the engine light was on. The salesmen told me that it was most likely a minor problem because the car hasn't been moved for a while, and that it should be off before we return to the dealership. We returned to the dealership with the light still on. I then asked him if he could get it checked out and he said it would be no problem. But I had to wait a week so they can pick it up from my job and drive it to their work shop in Riverdale, GA. He even gave me a "promise" document saying that they would do so.

Before they took the SUV to Riverdale, I was on a full tank of gas; they returned it empty. The engine light was off but they did not give me any papers specifying what was wrong with the SUV or specifying that anything was fixed. Ever since then, about every two or three weeks, the engine light would come on. I would call the work shop in Riverdale but they would tell me to give it time and that the engine was "setting" itself. The engine light recently came on and I had planned on taking it on December 10, 2009, but when I woke up on the 9th, the car wouldn't start. So about an hour later, it started and I decided to take it to Riverdale that morning while it was running.

By the time I got to Riverdale, the light was off. I told them the problem so they went and checked it out. They said it was a sensor on the engine that wasn't acting right. When I got the SUV, it came with a warranty for 6 months for the engine and transmission. But the part on the engine that needs to be "fixed" is not covered on the warranty. Having said that, they told me I had to pay $100.00 out of pocket to fix what they said they already fixed the first time. When I asked them what they fixed the first time, they said they fixed a pump and I still have yet to receive the paper work saying what pump, what was wrong or anything like that.

So now, I am back at step one with the same problem. I plan on going back to Riverdale on the 15th with the "$100.00" they said I needed. I understand that it was a used car, but I shouldn't have to pay for something that was wrong since the day I bought it. I think it's wrong and I feel like I'm getting ripped off. This is not a dealership that I would recommend to anybody. Hopefully, someone within your company can investigate Autosmith because I have a feeling that I'm not the only one getting ripped off.

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