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I bought a new 2010 Honda Insight from the dealer two weeks ago. I specifically asked if he got a loan approved for me before signing the agreement. Greg specifically said that he got the loan approved through Honda Financial Services. I got the car with $2000 down. Two weeks later, I got a letter in the mail stating the sale is being rescinded because they couldn't obtain financing. He flat out lied about having my loan approved before I signed. I want them to be held to the original contract, keep the vehicle based on the terms I signed and when they delivered me the car.


Requested emailed quote on 2008 civic hybrid. Received quote on Saturday which was good for 5 days. Went to dealership on Monday and was told they would need to add $1800.00 dealer markup which had not been included in my written quote. Was told that Friday they had changed policy and internet person was not told. I called Sal the manager on duty and explained what had happen. He said he was sorry but that he would look into it. He also said he could see what I was upset about. He called me later that day and said if he could add $498.00 to the deal for wheel locks and mud flaps he would do the deal. I told him over the phone I would need to put in company name and he said no problem. That is I would guarantee the loan the rate would be 7.08 percent and if I did not guarantee the loan it would be 9.5 percent. I said fine. I came down and gave all the information to the finance manager Alex and he ran my credit and got a score of in the 780's and said everything looked great. I told him that I was going to need it in company name and he said it would need to say my company and my name of title/registration. I told him I did not want my name on the title for insurance reasons but I would guarantee the loan and he then said he would have to charge the higher rate. I told him then I would just pay in cash. He then said he would need to mark the car up since he was not going to make the money on financing. Again Sal came in and said he would try to get my financing through Honda and that he would call me the next day at 11:00 am. After not hearing from him I called him around 4:00 pm and he said that his boss the general manager said they would not sell the car without putting an additional markup on the vehicle of $1800.00. My complaint is that I believe this is fraud. I was made offer and accepted the internet offer. Then was told no they would not honer their offer. They came back with counter offer and again I accepted the counter offer and then when they could not keep my name off the title was told that they would need to charge me an above sticker fee so they could make money if I wanted to pay cash. Again, I was told that was discriminatory and illegal, I don't know if that is true but I do know that it is not ethical in my opinion. I believe that these types of practices are illegal and I turned in a complaint to the DMV for them to investigate and find out if they were violating the law. I don't have a problem with dealers wanting to add on dollars above sticker prices if they can get it. I don't think it is smart in the long run to do but it is their choice. My complaint is that they make offers without disclosing that they are going to do this until you have had your credit ran and have wasted lots of time. They should disclose this on the email and then buyer beware.


So a couple weeks ago I took my 2004 Accord Coupe for a major service at 100K+ miles. They charge me over 200 dollars and tell me everything looks fine, except I need a brake fluid flush (typical way to pad the repair bill). Of course my fluid looks clean. Funny thing is I notice that my coolant level was near the bottom and they completely missed it.

Over the next few weeks I keep having to get jumpstarts because my battery has died.When I go to an independent Honda shop they test the battery and tell me its defective (its only a 18 months old). I call back Santa Ana Honda and Johnny Marker, the Service Manager calls me back and promises to make it right. I go back and he replaces the battery and tells me he'll give me a free service in the future.

When I go to get new brake pads from the parts department his employee tells me he authorized me to get a whopping 10% off! Hot damn...I'm supposed to be excited about 10% off brake pads that run 65 dollars when their sold online for 42 and Santa Ana Honda gets them for about 20 bucks.

I have had an awesome experience at Kolbe Honda in Reseda and Corona Honda. Stay away from this place. I work two jobs and go to school at night. Theres no point paying so much for a major service when all they mostly do is check items then neglect to check the battery and not even notice my coolant level was low.


I was in the market for the 2006 Honda Civic EX Sedan Manual. I had received a quote from another dealer but called Honda of Santa Ana to see if they had that car in stock. Amazingly they did, I had heard that Honda doesn't make too many of the model I want simply because Sedan and manual isn't a very popular combination. So I spoke with Abraham Rodriguez and told him my situation, that I have a price quote and asked if he could match the price or give me a similar deal.

He seemed hesistant, like he didn't hear me at first, so I repeated myself, eventually he told me he would see what he could do by talking to his manager and he would give me a call back, and he made an appt to see me at 2. Two hours had passed and I did not receive a call, so I called Abraham, he picked up but said he was busy and asked me to call back in 15 minutes, I gave him 30, and when I called back I told him that if he can't match the price or give me a similar deal then I don't want to drive the 35 miles there, so he said ok and told me to bring in the price quote.

When I arrived, I brought the price quote and he looked it over and said ok, we proceeded to go into the dealership. From there he had his assistant Victor help me. Victor brought me a piece of paper w/ a price on it and told me that is how much they usually sell it for, and proceeded to write the quote price I recieved in an available box on the same sheet. He asked me, if they gave me that price I would purchase it, and I agreed and signed the paper. 20 minutes had passed, and now Abraham comes to me, and tells me that he's called around and finds that nobody else has this car, therefore his standing price is going to be the one that was originally on the sheet. This was ridiculous to me, that price was more than a thousand over my quoted price, and he had told me to come in to make a deal.

I told him what he said was untrue, because earlier I had called another dealer, and the dealer told me he could get the car in 2 weeks. I reminded him that he had me travel the distance and he told me that we could make a deal and he was unmoved, offering nothing but a blank look. He left the table, and I thought he was going to see if he could drop the price a little but instead I saw him walk to another table with another customer. That was what I went 35 miles for, broken promises and empty words, to top it off I sat through traffic heading back too.

Abraham Rodriguez wasted my time, my gas, and my patience, after that experience I'm left unsure if I want that car anymore, but for sure I will not purchase it from this dealership. I would like to let people know to not deal with Abraham Rodriguez at Honda of Santa Ana. Abraham Rodriguez is the reason why car dealers have a bad reputation.


During the mid-afternoon of April 25, a salesperson by the name of Omar called me and quoted my wife and me 18,000 and some change for the new Element we looked at the previous day. I told Omar that I would be in there later that afternoon.

When we arrived at Honda of Santa Ana around 7:00pm, Omar was gone, and John S. decided he would take over the deal. He first said that he could not find our paperwork, and we would have to undergo the application process over for a third time. He mentioned that it was no big deal and wanted to find out the car we were interested in buying. He took my wife out to the lot to find the car she wanted. He came back with a price that was 5,000 dollars over the price Omar quoted me.

When I said that Omar told me the car would cost 18,000 and some change, he insisted Omar made a mistake and wanted to continue with the deal. I told him that if Omar made the mistake; then, I will wait to talk with Omar and he can fix the mistake. John S. became angry when my wife and I got up and left.

As we--my children, wife, and I--were entering our car to leave, John S. and the general sales manager yelled and ran after us and told us to not come back and [they] did not want our business. We asked for the general sales manager's card, but they refused to give it to us.

My wife and I felt very embarrassed by the treatment, and we were shocked we were treated in such a way based on our decision to do business with whom we spoke with originally. We were with our children, and we felt it was exptremely unprofessional considering the circumstances.

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About 2 weeks ago, I brought my car into the Honda dealership to be fixed.

It was shifting very hard. the car is a Chevy Malibu but since I bought it from the Honda dealership and had purchased their extended warranty, I needed it to be fixed there. Anyway, Honda told me that the problem was a maintenance problem, and that the warranty wouldn't cover it. Therefore, I paid $412.00 dolars. Honda told me the car was now fixed.

Upon driving my car home from honda, I found the driver's window to be broken. In addition, the car still had the same problem. I took the car back a few days later ( as I needed to take off a day of work ). I had already paid a glass shop to fix the window. The car was there at Honda for another 2 days in which Honda then advised me that they were not able to fix the problem because they don't have the neccesaey equipment for Chevy cars and advised me to pick it up and take it to a Chevy dealer. ( However, thet did not refund my money nor tell me where or which dealership to take it to.

I took the car today to A Chevy dealership near my home and Chevy conveyed that Honda would need to submit a work order so authorization could be obtained from my warranty company. I've made numerous calls to Jeff, the service manager but always ended up with his voice mail. I've left many messages for him but as of yet, he has not returned one call. In addition, the chevy dealership has also left messages for Jeff at Honda, and they too have not heard back from him. So, my car continues to sit at the chevy dealership...And I am having difficulty getting transportation to go to work.

@412.00 paid to not fixed. $40.00 for broken window....and $$$$given to my separated husband in order to rent his car to go to work.