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No better dealers around and I've been to a lot of them.

This is the biggest line of crap that I have ever heard and had to deal with. Lies from the get go, and lies through the sale, and lies and confusion afterwards. I'm probably going to report them to the BBB for false advertising. Told them up front what I wanted, what I had to trade and what I had to spend on payments. I had them run the credit ahead of time before I made the trip into the dealership, walked in and test drove the vehicle I wanted, and said yes, and then the games began.

They came back to me with a payment that was $111 more than I could afford. I told them the conversation I had with my salesperson (Robert) before coming in and now it was just a waste of time. I went to leave and then they tell me they can do the payment I want, then they come back with a payment that is $35 more than I wanted, but only if they get my trade and $1,000 out of pocket. I wanted this for my wife, so I go for the deal. Next thing I know, my trade on the paperwork is $500. I said I thought that my trade was $4,500, they tell me well it works out that way. To make a long story short, they submit my credit and my wife's to like ten different financial institutions (then the refusal letters start flowing into my mailbox) and start dropping our credit ratings, due to too many inquiries.

Then when we go back (because we didn't sign the right paperwork), find out now I'm looking at lease papers? They say: oh, we couldn't make the deal that we originally thought we could and then proceed to sell us the lease. I had been driving this thing for two weeks now. Then they call again and tell me that the papers have to be signed again (because they were wrong? But they will come to my house to do it, they do not show, kid got stuck in traffic in NY). Next time, the kid was in an accident or went home sick was told both excuses after waiting yet again, which one is it? Then the finance manager, Anthony, finally shows up with the paperwork and my tags. This is a month later and the deal sheet changes yet again, he doesn't know why, just sign here!

I have still not seen a payment book or anything and I'm now driving this car a month and a half? I asked for my trade back 2 weeks into the deal, they said we don't have it anymore. I really wanted out of this deal and would have gladly taken back my old car! Worst outfit I have ever dealt with! Never again will they see my money! And everyone I run into will know not to buy there. Plus, I have to refinance my vehicle in 39 months if I want to keep it?

Purchased a used 08 Toyota 4 Runner from Freehold Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep located on Rt 9 Thursday 12/23/2011. As I tested the vehicle I noticed a pull to the left. I made sure the salesman knew about it right away. He (Ken **) stated that it will be taking care of it. First though, he encouraged me to take the vehicle home that evening and just ignore the problem, when I insisted on making sure the vehicle is safe to drive before I take it off the lot he agreed to have it looked at. Then we finalized the deal and wrote a receipt of I Owe You for a wheel alignment check. I wanted the car the following day but he came up with an excuse that they were too busy and I should leave it till Saturday, they will let me know when done.

Come Saturday I didn't hear back from them so I called to find out that the car was done (am suppose to be a mind reader), so I call my friend on Saturday (Christmas eve) to help me get the vehicle, mind you it is more than an hour drive for me to get there. So we get there around 1:00pm and take delivery of the vehicle, come to find out after the first mile away from the dealership that the vehicle seem to have the same problem as before and the pull is still there. Right away I called Ken and all he did was come up with excuses and tell me that the car was done, and then he said it could be me!

Mind you, I had to pull over to call the guy, so now am about a mile down the road waiting to get a call back from him after he checks with his sales manager on what needs to be done next. He did not call back so I called him and left two voice mail messages within 20+ minute time span that is when I decided to turn around and head back to the dealership, only to find the guy sitting at his desk fiddling with his iPhone! At this point I asked to speak with a manager and he kept saying he (Ken) will take care of it, this man a habitual liar from the get go.

Finally am approached by Bill Morgan the sales manager. I explained the problem to him to find out that the service Dept was closed Saturday surprise. I decide to leave the vehicle with them to make things right, and they promised again to call me and let me know of the progress and when it will be done not! I called and emailed Bill Morgan Monday 12/26/2011 to get a response back from the salesman Ken around 5:30 pm informing me that the service Dept. was closed today too! So you have sales people selling vehicles at a dealership and they don't know if the service Dept. (30 feet away) is open or not?

I will escalate this complaint to Chrysler and the BBB soon, I just find it insulting and disrespectful to be treated as if I had brain damage or my capacity to understand is that of a child. Ohh did I mention that this vehicle cost me over $20K and when they handed me the keys the first time it only had 1/8 of a gas tank in it. This dealership and the quality people I have encountered there after the sale ought to be fired and this dealership penalized for horrible customer service. Dishonest, disrespectful, and ingenious.

On April 14, 2010, I was working in the Manalapan area, and my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo would not start. Since I was so far from home, my strongest option was to have the vehicle towed to the nearest dealership for service. I dropped the vehicle off on 4/14/11 and was called by the service department the evening of 4/15/11 indicating that the starter and starter wire needed to be replaced as well as the spark plugs, wheel alignment and tire rotation. I provided the okay to conduct the repairs which came to $1200.

When I came to pick the vehicle up on Saturday, April 16, 2011, I made payment and was provided my keys. As my husband and I walked to the vehicle, there was oil and smudge all over the hood, doors and inside the vehicle where the mechanic conducted his work. The steering wheel and arm rest where covered in residual debris from handling. I returned and spoke to Daniel **, the service adviser, and told him that this was not acceptable as we did not deliver the vehicle in this condition. I also advised that we just spent $1200 at the dealer for repairs and that he knew we were coming from quite a distance. These items should have been checked and completed prior to our arrival.

He apologized and had the vehicle cleaned. On Friday 4/22/11, as I was on my way to Paramus with my kids, I noticed that the vehicle was shaking and making a really strange knocking sound. I called my husband. He drove it, and said he would take it to a service man that repaired brakes as it may be the brakes going bad. When my husband took the vehicle to J&J Tire Service in Newark, the repairmen said that only one of the lugs on the driver side had been thoroughly put onto the wheel and that in fact the remaining 4 lugs where hand screwed onto the tire. He indicated that if my husband had taken the highway, he would've had an accident because the wheel would have come off the vehicle.

The tires were never properly secured on my vehicle when Freehold Chrysler completed my wheel alignment and tire rotation. This is very serious since I'd driven the vehicle a few days to work, and had my kids in the vehicle just the day before. I was emotional and angry at the thought of what careless repair work could possibly have been a tragedy. This dealership is dangerous with zero focus around the customer. Their work and repairs require investigating and inspections on all work done is a must to prevent future mistakes.

My husband and I were told to come in as they promised they had many of the vehicle we were looking for. Only to find out that they did not have what we wanted. When we spoke about ordering one, the salesman, my husband and I had a disagreement about the monthly price. He did not show us the vehicle price and was giving us an unbelievable finance rate at 10%. He was lying through his teeth. We then said we had gotten a quote from a different Dodge dealership, which completely infuriated him. He then called his manager and proceeded to insult me right in front of my husband. He tried to start a fight between my husband and I, saying that my husband was saying one thing and I was saying another.

The salesman told his manager that I was clearly mistaken about which vehicle I was coming in about and continued to be very rude. After he got off of the phone, I asked him if he just insulted me and he escalated things to a loud argument. Another salesman realized what was going on and that we were visibly upset and told Mark ** (the person I am complaining about) "enough" and escorted us out and apologized. My husband and I were very distraught about the situation and were in disbelief about how the salesman "lost it". Mr. ** was unprofessional, rude and blatantly tried to take us as fools. I do not think this should be his line of work and clearly needs to not work with the public.

Customers are meant to be made to feel like they are number one and are always right. That's the thing when dealing with the public! I will never go to Freehold Dodge again as my husband and I had never been so mistreated in our lives! With cash in our pocket, ready to buy, Mark ** clearly screwed it up for himself in more ways than one, by losing his cool. Terrible experience! I would love to speak with someone and further my complaint.

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