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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Driving home from work, pop!!! Spark plug blew out of motor. $900.00 to repair, I'm pissed!!! Truck only has 79,000 miles. I take care of it faithfully. Now, worried other 7 plugs gonna do same thing. MAN UP FORD, take care of your customers. You know you have made a huge design mistake, should fix it!! Look at all your customers with huge repair bills and still making payments on vehicles. For right now, I say, "Screw you Ford."

F250 2000 Super Duty Blew Spark Plug 7. While driving with my kids, it sounded like a gun shot went off and when I looked under the hood, the spark plug blew right out, broke the boot coil everything. Now the truck sounds like an extremely loud diesel (NOT Driveable) I called a few mechanics and all of them are quoting me thousands of dollars saying the head will need replaced. None of them talk about a helicoil fix without pulling the head. I am so frustrated. We have this truck financed and only have 3 payments left and this is what we get!! We drive this for leisure and to haul stuff and it makes me furious that Ford does not have this on recall especially when it is the factory installed spark plugs!!! Unfortunately our truck will have to sit until we can afford to fix it.

I have a 99 F-250 spark plug ejecting from the motor so now I have a pickup on non op that I can't drive. There are thousands of these vehicles out there with this problem. I don't want to give Ford a bad name. I just want my problem fixed. Please I love Ford Motor Co, their vehicles and such. Can you please help?

01 Ford E 350 triton v8 blowing plugs - Blew a plug on my E350, which in turn broke the screw hole off the ignition coil. Had to purchase a Helicoil kit and repair the hole, new ignition coil, and plug. I also pulled the other plugs and reamed them to be safe. Not fun being stranded away from home with small kids.

May 25, 2016 Two days ago while driving at 30 MPH my Ford F150 4.6 truck started popping and shaking. I pulled over and found the number 3 spark plug blew out of the motor breaking the coil over in the process. I have called Ford and there is legal action going on, but it only includes the 2005-2008 not the older ones which have the same problem. I was told to report this to the NHTSA and document this for they are the ones that can start action towards Ford on solving this issue or making them place our vehicles on a recall. I advise everyone to do the same so maybe we can get something done. I have 123,000 miles on my truck and these were the original spark plugs from the factory so they cannot say I Torqued them too tightly.

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2001 F150, Blown out Spark Plug. Same as all the rest... driving, heard a pop then truck started to sound like a helicopter. Drove the 3 miles home, spark plug blew out damaging coil, plug etc. Off to shop tomorrow, estimate $300 to install kit, replace plug & coil.

4.6 liter motor ejecting spark plugs and damaging head - As the literally thousands of complaints found online describe... this is a huge and costly problem for owners of vehicles with this motor. I am different from most as this is not a Ford truck with a Triton motor, but a 2002 P71 Police Interceptor (Crown Victoria). This was actually my take home vehicle for the department of which I retired from. They kindly let me keep this vehicle when I retired in 2006. Since retiring it has been used as a daily driver for the last ten years. Three years ago it ejected its first plug. Heli-coil and new plug installed for 400.00. Yesterday it happened again, and luckily it wasn't the repaired insert plug that blew, but another one on opposite bank. This time it was 391 dollars for same repair. This will probably happen again and again. Ford has known about this defect with the shallow head threading for DECADES now, and it needs to be remedied.

2003 Expedition 5.4 engine, 162,000 miles. Three plugs have blown out on RH cylinder head within 300 miles of one another and then god, within ten miles of home. Luckily I have a home auto and machine shop so I repaired all three and the fourth one for insurance. We had hoped to haul one of my antique motorcycles out to New England this summer but I can't risk having a breakdown (LH cylinder head or blown out repair inserts) that far away from home.

I can only hope that a Ford executive is forced to read these stories someday but I won't hold my breath. I'm at loss as to whether or not to call this defect gross negligence in design or simple stupidity or both. The simple fact that Ford knew that blowouts were happening for YEARS and didn't modify the design speaks volumes about Ford's arrogant attitude. Then to add insult to injury, Ford designed an even worse spark plug configuration that results in one half of the plugs breaking off in the cylinder head.

Add to the two aforementioned defects and the VVT cam phaser problem and 2011-2012 Coyote 5.0 oil consumption problems I can safely say that I will be buying a pushrod OHV stone age tech Chevy Tahoe once I get rid of this Expedition. The saddest part of this story is... My dad's first car was a '29 Model A Roadster. He continued buying Fords for another seventy-five years.

My first car was a '67 Fairlane GTA S Code. I still own my '70 Mustang Mach 1 and my '70 Ranchero GT. I have lost count of the Ford cars and trucks that have been owned by three generations of my family but I am sure that this Expedition will be the last Ford in our possession and our children's possession as we've passed our vehicles down for eighty years. Yes, I own dad's '29 Model A and it will look really weird having a GM vehicle parked in the same barn with it. I could run FoMoCo better than the clowns that are running it today. I could make my barn cat VP of R&D and release better designs than Ford does these days... Okay... spleen vented.

Bought a 2002 Ford Excursion and just found out how despicable Ford is to its customers. Flawed engine with no recall. 6 of 8 spark plug hole have inserts and still blowing out plugs. My first Ford is my last. 95 GMC still running strong, plugs still in engine. "**" Ford and all their products.

Ford Triton Engine, plugs and cam phaser - Anyone with Triton engines, dump it while you can. It is a costly fix and FORD does not cover. They will come up with all kinds of excuses. I did all my ranching and business with Ford trucks, NOT anymore! If you want to be "FORD TOUGH", step it up.

ASE certified tech. for 30yrs. work at Ford dealer when Triton motors came out (ie 4.6l, 5.4l, v-10) they are problems in waiting. Yes spark plug - BIG ISSUE. EVEN DESIGNED TOOLS TO FIX QUICKER. THE BIG PROBLEM IS THE TIMING CHAINS. See Ford thought they could build a modular engine like Mercedes yet do it on the CHEAP. In a Mercedes glove box owner's manual it clearly states that the timing chains are a mileage service requirement. Ford neglected to tell or put in the manual this valuable info. Since they engineered the engine without practical service ability. That means when the slop in the chain skips a tooth or two, all your valves will hit the pistons. Ever wonder why Chevy and Dodge still use non-overhead cam -push rod engines in their TRUCKS?

I own the 1998 Ford Expedition with the 5.4 liter Triton Engine. I was traveling across country from OK to WV. Just me and my dog, like I do every year. I typically drive the 6 hours to Arkansas to my Aunt's, spend the night then leave early a.m. to drive the additional 15 hours to WV. Well, I got as far as Nashville, when I feel the power start draining... and heard loud popping noise from under hood. It started sounding like the muffler had holes in it, it was so loud, and very little power to it. I had to pull off interstate, a very busy interstate, and try to figure out what had happened. Needless to say it turned out to be the # 3 Plug and damaged coil. It blew (183 194 miles on my vehicle when it happened).

All said and done, it caused me to have to borrow money, that I didn't have, as it happened on Friday, August 7th, in the evening. I had to find a motel room for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Had to get it towed to the Ford dealership, where it cost me a whopping 687.32 with a supposed 10% discount!!! So in all, my out of pocket total was over 1,000.00!!! I later find that there is a defect in this engine that FORD KNEW about!!! And there had been some sort of lawsuit in which Ford settled out of court with back in June??? Why, then is the general public not being made aware of this problem, and why hasn't it been recalled so that situations like this could be avoided??? I have been an avid Ford Gal, my whole life, but if Ford doesn't make amends on this one for me, I am on to Chevy!!!

I have a 2004 F150, 4.6 liter V8 Triton engine. The truck has 141000 miles on it. I was coming home from work on a Friday night and heard a loud popping sound from under the hood. The noise sounded like a real bad muffler problem and there was limited power from the engine. Luckily, I wasn't too far from home and was able to limp it home. It was night, so I waited until morning to take a look. At first I didn't notice anything. Then I saw where the #3 plug and coil had come out of the engine block. I had it towed on that Saturday morning to the repair shop. On Monday, after not having a vehicle for the entire weekend, the mechanic confirmed that the plug blew out. It cost me $350.00 to fix. I googled this problem, and found how common it is for the Triton engine.

Now, I have a constant fear that is going to happen again, which seems to be almost guaranteed from what I've read. I'm afraid to travel anywhere too far from home. I was hoping to get over 200,000 miles on this truck. Now, I'm looking to get rid of it. Mostly because Ford refuses to face the fact they obviously sold a defective product, and won't help owners with repairs. I can guarantee I won't be buying another Ford, ever. Chevy and Toyota are looking real good. I can't continue driving a truck, wondering if today is the day that a plug blows out. And I sure don't have the money and time off to be repairing an unreliable Ford truck. That's just wrong.

1999 Ford Crown Vic - This was the first time I had ever even heard of this happening and then to have the tow truck driver tell me that this was common seemed insane. The saddest part is that this is even a Police model! Cylinder #3's spark plug blew clear out taking out the coil on the way out cruising at 45 MPH. Now a shop wants $2000 to replace the head and the Timesert kit attempt to replace the threads is $400. The worst part is that this is so common that Helicoil and Timesert have hits specific to these motors.

I love everything about this truck except for the fact I have had it in the shop 4 times in 15 months. All for the same reason, spark plug blowing out. The third time I had all replaced with helicoil. Now 6 weeks later and my fourth trip to mechanic, I am ready to give up. I will trade and become a Chevy man.

I own a 2001 Mazda tribute. I've blown the spark plug out 5 times, 3 different plugs 2 of them twice. I don't know why this happens but when I called my local Mazda dealership, they said they've never heard of it happening. I told them to look it up on the computer and was promptly hung up on.

In August 2015 my 2009 F150 Spark plug fell into cylinder #2 causing loss of compression. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, email **. Cost me my engine and $6700.00 for new one.

Similar to other comments in blowing out a spark plug. I've owned the truck since 59k, Jan 05; #3 plug blew out at 138k. I've never used the truck for towing or heavy loads. I was actually in cruise control going 60MPH when it popped.

UPDATED ON 02/20/2016: 2002 F150 SuperCrew; Summer 2015, driving about 60MPH in Cruise Control, heard a "Pop" noise, engine light came on, loss of power, truck sounded like a lawnmower starting. I pulled over and discovered the #3 COP broken and HOLE where the spark plug should be. Truck has 139K on odometer and hasn't moved from my driveway since. I won't buy another Ford vehicle in my lifetime and I've owned, 2 Mercury Cougars, a Lincoln LS, and this Truck. They couldn't give me another Ford vehicle after this.

My Ford Expedition Triton 5.4 L 1998 has 184,000 and it just blew out the spark plug on #3. Cost to repair including Tow was $410.

Nothing happen. My husband Edward ** bought a brand new 2003 Lincoln Navigator off the showroom floor from Central Florida Lincoln/Mercury in May of 2003. Edward bought the Lincoln for me for a wedding gift. It is still the only vehicle I own and drive. I had the Navigator going on 13 years. It has over 200 thousand miles, it never had a tune up or any problems with the spark plugs, or engine. It never had any work did on the motor or transmission, just oil and fluid changes. Ever since we bought the Navigator it always switch on without any problems.

I take it to the Lincoln and Ford Dealers workshops and have it service. They each has told me I don't need a tune-up, not yet. It has the original engine and spark plugs. Plus it has all the other original parts that come with the engine, alternator, starter, water pump, except for a couple of belts that was replace, and I am still driving my Lincoln Navigator bought from Lincoln/Mercury of Central Florida in Orlando. I am a happy and satisfied Ford/Lincoln customer. P.S. I had replaced the batteries 3 times.

I have experienced two spark plug blowouts on my Ford 1998 Expedition. The last Ford mechanic told me the "blowouts" are caused by over torquing the spark plugs (steel threads) in the aluminum block. Over torquing the plugs will set up shear cracks in the aluminum threads. No problems 100K miles since. (fingers crossed though)

I love my 2007 HD Edition Ford except that it cost me almost $1000 dollars to change the plugs. That's right ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!! 7 out of 8 broke off and had to be extracted by the local Ford dealer AT $100 EACH. The plugs cost over $100 and the dealer charge was $866. I can remember an engine overall on a small block Chevy costing less. Ford should help pay for their design flaws!!! I may never buy another Ford product… ever. I am VERY disappointed.

I bought a Ford Expedition from my brother-in-law who has owned it. Since new I drive it 100 miles and back. Now warning plug blows shattering coil pack and all. I am disabled, I live on 731.00$ a month. I cannot afford to fix or buy a new car. Ford is even refusing to fix it if I pay... Then I find out Ford has had knowledge of this and never told consumers. I've never owned anything but Ford but I will never buy another. I'm also speaking with an attorney. Under defected product law and recall this follows... not to mention I was under hood and almost got severely injured. I later suffered a heart attack from the stress.

Just turned 117000 miles on 2004 Mustang GT 4.6. My wife was driving the Mustang that day. Heard a weird clattering sound under the hood. Driving on I-95 South in pouring rain. Called wrecker to have car pull to North Fla. Lincoln. Shop manager said #3 plug blew out due to metal fatigue. I said "you got to be kidding." $690.00 later. After talking with other Ford owners, this is fairly common with this engine. Ford rep would not offer any relief. Eventually this will happen again and again. Ford Motor Co. will lose my business from now on. I have owned many Ford vehicles.

Me and my husband have always been at odds about our choices in Ford and Chevy. I like Chevy and he likes Ford. We have jokingly went back and forth for years over this but recently when his 2002 Ford F150 V8 4x4 (which he has babied to death the whole time he has had it) blew a spark plug on his way to work and still skipped after the repair then blew it again and after talking to several mechanic shops we find that this is a very normal occurrence and Ford is refusing to stand behind their products... Well let's just say that I don't think I ever have to worry about him backing a Ford anymore.

I'm shocked at just the people we ended up knowing that this has happened to. This is definitely a money trap that is still ongoing and we are in complete disbelief of Ford's unwillingness to back their products. I can assure you that our next purchase will not be from Ford!!!

One more Ford spark plug failure. I was driving my 2003 F-150 4x4 5.4 v8, with my wife & son with me, when we heard a loud sound, like a gun shot, then my truck started running rough. I found a coil that had broken off & a spark plug blown out of the head. After review of this I found that Ford knew about this problem yet will not do any thing about it. Toyota when they had a problem they did 1 of 2 things, they started out by buying back the trucks that were bad, then they decided to replace to whole frame to keep their customer happy and coming back.

I have worked for a Ford Lincoln Mercury dealership in the past & owned 5 F-150 4x4s, 2 Mustangs, a Cougar, a Thunderbird, a Grand Marque, a Ford Explorer, an Escort & a Pinto. I will now go to Toyota, & Honda for my car & truck needs. My only question is, why is Ford not taking responsibility for a problem that they know about, to keep their customer happy & coming back in a market where loyalty is tough to get?

Ford v8 Triton - The engine is faulty, it stalls, it skips, it sputters. The plugs are expensive to change. Ford knows about it and hasn't responded. Buyer beware, do not buy any Ford. They do not stand behind their products. Ford sold these and laughed all the way to the bank. They will recall faulty door hinges but could care less if your car will shut off during traffic. I am looking for a class action lawsuit to join. I feel like I am stuck with this money pit. I am currently test driving Chevy's. I did test test drive a Edge but it was brand new and shook me to death, that is the day I decided I need a new car company to buy from. I feel unsure and untrusting of Ford. Fool me once, shame on you. Shame me twice, shame on me. I have 2 Rangers, one Explorer, one Expedition. I did have 2 other Explorers and a Focus. I always bought Ford but now I don't think I can without wondering what problems am I buying.

So, I have a 2002 E250 I bought new with 43,000 miles on it, yes 43,00 miles on it. The Transmission was replaced last week for $3000.00. The mechanic said it's common thing for these transmissions to go bad at about 65,000 miles. He said mine is just from age? Now just today I brought it to get an oil change and on the way back a spark plug blew out. I had it towed to the same mechanic. He said that's another defect. So I asked him if there is anything else I should know about this heap of **? Before I fix it again?

Bought plugs because it runs like **. Found out how bad this 5.4 L motor is. Heading out to return the plugs and turn this FORD E250 TURD INTO a Chevy. Don't even ask me about the brakes.

I had spark plug blow out on 5/4/2015 99 Expedition Triton Engine 5.4. I wrote to Ford. All I got was a reply asking for my VIN number. After sending my VIN Ford never replied.