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I am just very tired of trying to get sold $700+ worth of services I do not need. I have a friend who works at another Honda (far away), so I take my car to Fladeboe for oil changes due to convenience. Every service, I get a call about how it needs this service and that service, but when I take it to my friends at the other Honda when it’s time to get the work done, they don't ever see a justification for the service requested. There has also been a time I took it directly from Fladeboe to my friends Honda shop and they told me that parts were left loose.

The prices are way inflated also, I know dealers have a reputation for being expensive, but this place goes above and beyond. Do yourself a favor and get a second opinion/quote on anything this place tells you needs fixing.

Their repair estimate was false/misleading/fraudulent. This business attempted to make money by selling unnecessary parts/service. I took my car in for a repair estimate, and decided not to have my car repaired at this dealership. When I took it to another repair shop (where the part I needed was under warranty), I discovered that my car didn't need a new part, and something had just come loose/unscrewed. This dealership attempted to steal at least $300 from me. In addition, I gave the estimate this dealership gave me to another repair shop, and only half of what was on the estimate was actually needed. Seriously, protection agencies should patrol/constantly supervise/audit and/or close down this business. Stay away from this dealership!

My 2005 Honda Odyssey (45000 miles) windshield whistles when driving 30mph or more. The dealer has redone the windshield two years ago and now it whistles again. The dealer refuses to fix the problem since the vehicle is out of warranty. The windshield whistling causes annoyance and the sealing brackets are getting loosened which will damage or drop the windshield from the vehicle.

I went to see a car at Fladeboe Honda in Irvine that was advertised on Cars.com, autotrader.com and their own website for $12,500 for a 2005 Honda S2000. Once I arrived they told me they would warranty the price that was shown on the internet, however once the guy that was helping us take to the Sales Manager Tim he said that they couldn’t give us the car at that price.

After we drive over an hour in traffic they said that there was nothing they could do! Not just that the Sales Manager Tim T had the decency to scream at my sister and tell her that we were not at a grocery store to honor the prices. My sister started crying because she had never heard anyone talk to her like that and told him not to speak to her in those terms. He was still carrying a very loud voice when talking to her.

The sad part is that that was their supposed to be manager and the sales guy was treating us a lot more courteously!! I never would have expected such bad service and that attitude from a Honda dealer. I was truly disappointed and would not recommend this dealer to anyone! They practice false advertisement, horrendous attitudes as well as sarcastic managers! I will never go there again and recommend no one else does either!

On Saturday, September 5, 2009, I took my Honda Accord for a routine 12000-mile checkup. My service adviser was Oscar. After dropping off my Honda at approximately 10am, I was called by him later in the afternoon to advise me that my left and right rear brakes were measuring 2mm. His professional recommendation was that they needed to be changed and it would cost me $169 to perform the brake replacement.

I advised Oscar I had purchased the Accord brand-new in August 2008. I also reminded him it barely had $12000 miles on it. He argued with me that this was normal wear and tear and that it was reasonable to suggest the brakes would wear down so soon after purchase. I pleaded with him that this is not my understanding of Honda's long lasting reputation for quality products and service. I asked him if it was reasonable then to assume I would need to change my brakes every 12 months. He declined to directly answer my question, but he didn't deny the logic in my question.

I told Oscar to not perform the brake job if it meant I would have to pay for it. I fully realize that normal "wear and tear" is not covered by my lease contract. However, I don't feel it's normal for your brakes to need replacement after only 1 year. I also want to emphasize I drive the car normally and as required, never using any more brakes than needed. I asked him to register my complaint with his superiors and told him I would be filing a complaint if the brake job was not performed without charge. I never heard back from Oscar, and the brake job was not performed.

To conclude, I am fully registering my complaint with all parties. My family has owned Hondas since the 1970s. We've owned Accords that have never necessitated a brake job so soon or any other major service. With this experience, I fully expect my family never to purchase any Honda product again or any Fladeboe product. In addition, I will tell all family and friends about my negative experience. I will take my dissatisfaction as far as I need to, including local and national media, internet blogs, and any other reasonable means to let other potential Honda consumers realize the low level of product and service.

This is not a threat, just a consumer's reaction to your product. I am asking for Honda to replace my brake and realize it is not unreasonable for me to expect products they sell to last for a long, reasonable period of time. I welcome your feedback and comments. This is best done by return email, as I'm extremely busy during the weekdays to talk.

By the way, I haven't even mentioned the horrible experience I had in buying this automobile. I had a conversation with the general manager on the horrible experience back then, and hopefully, that is documented. Later, the alarm had issues and you had to correct that. I should have filed a formal complaint then but have decided you guys have disappointed enough.

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Wow, I have read the other reviews about Fladeboe and I am a little surprised. I have been taking my Accords there for service for about 6 years, and I have never had any problem with the service. My last visit was for a bad battery, no charge to me. Everyone has always been very polite and professional, I've never felt like they were trying to take advantage of me. They always give me a ride to work and the driver will not accept tips.

I think they have even improved their already good service in the past year. They have a great waiting room and always accommodate my time request, and surprisingly, give a great car wash. I think they really try to provide good service, and they are nice people. Even the little guys out front that greet you when you pull up are always smiling and nice, they treat you like you are important. I hope they keep up the good work. I buy Hondas because I don't like to fuss with repairs, and, so far, my strategy has worked. I just maintain them and have little to no problems.

I took my car in for a noise that was coming out of the engine. After paying almost $600 and leaving, the sound is still there. I went back and they told me that they fixed the wrong part that was making the noise and that now the noise is coming from the alternator and that I have to pay another $500 just for the part. This is not fair to me because they should have diagnosed the problem correctly the first time.

I have spent $568 already and nothing has been corrected that needs to be in my car. I have gotten a second opinion and the second mechaniec noticed my car has not been corrected and said it might not even be the alternator (which is what Fladaboe is now claiming it is) and that the car needs to be fully examined to see what the issue is. Fladaboe honda just picked two of the most expensive items that can possibly be the issue instead of carefully examining my car. Fladaboe will not return any of my calls.

I have placed numerous calls to service tech Ryan and his manager Scott. Scott returned my call once and then disregarded every other voicemail I have left him and he is THE manager. If I can not get through to him I do not know who else to try to talk to. I just want them to fix the right part, and not charge me because they misdiagnosed it orginally. They are trying to tell me that my car needed all this work and that they took care of one out of two issues my car had which is NOT true. I hear the same exact thing I heard before any work was done to my car. Nothing that NEEDED to be fixed has been fixed. They changed a part that did not need to be changed.

After much deliberations with Fladeboe Honda I turned them into the Bureau of Automotive Repair concerning servicing of my car. The BOA cited Fladeboe with two violations. 1 for estimate 2 Invoice violation. Complaint # Fl2007009903. I spoke with Inspector Phipip Baker at the BOA 714-961-7940x3103.

Mr Patrick Murphy the GM of the dealership flately denies that the dealership was cited and will not pay me back my money even though in a phone conversation he told me that he was sending me a check for a refund.This was after I comfronted him with written evidence from his dealership that they lied to the court when I took them to small claims court.

We purchased a Honda Fit n July, 2007. We had to wait approximately 3 hours AFTER deciding on our chosen car before the paperwork and 'wheeling and dealing' was finished. The finance manager kept issuing the wrong paperwork and had to redo it at least 3 times (I lost count after awhile). I was ready to forgive this annoyance however, because the dealer, in charge in internet sales, was as nice (and dare I say it) as seemingly honest as can be for his chosen profession, and helped ease us into our first car purchase. We were happy with our choice of car - very much so in fact. However, it was nothing but problems with from the beginning (did I mention their inept finance department?) who hadn't added our details onto their system until just last month, to their rude and unhelpful 'service' department, who took forever to sell us the transmission and brake fluid we needed and then weren't helpful at all when the Fit broke down while my husband was at work (luckily not on the freeway) and refused to see the car the same day because it was after 2pm (what kind of ridiculous hours are these?!?)

My wife took Honda in for FREEEmissions Warranty Extension.

August Spencer the service writer told her as we knew that it was free. My wife told him not to do any other work on the car. August had her sign some papers. We went to pick the car up and there was a $235.00 charge.

We said there must be some mistake. We were shown a piece of paper with my wifes signature that my wife ordered a 15 thousand mile check up and airconditioner service.

We told them that we were assurred there was no charges. They said you signed this paper and we told them that they put it in front of us and said sign and that if it showed it was an estimate we thought that was the charge to Honda.

I said I was not going to pay and they said that if I did not pay now in Cash that I could not get my car back.

The next day when I came back to pay for my car.

I turned them into the bureau of Automotive repairs and they were cited twice.

they still refuse to give our money back.

We got a great deal on our new Fit (the salesperson screwed up), but everyone we dealt with after the sales team left a sour taste in our mouth (especially Finance). The auto detailers did a poor job of cleaning the car before delivery and we had to send it back TWICE.

The Finance lady was very unprofessional in our dealings (yelling at her colleagues in our presence, would not accept a Capital One Bank Draft) and the finance department ignored our agreement to hold the down payment check for 3 days. We were charged $27 in fees for their mistake which they never refunded us for.

A few weeks later they claimed that they redeposited the bounced check but my bank didn't have any records of that particular check bouncing twice. We are still fighting them on this . . . I won't give them a cashier's check unless they refund the fees that we incurred through their mistake.

I negotiated a deal with a Sales person, went in and complted and signed all requested paperwork, and left a $500 good faith desposit on a new Honda Fit that was due to arrive in 2 weeks. When the car finally arrived 5 weeks later, I was told they had mistakenly added $1300 worth of dealer-installed packages they orginally had agreed not to install.

While negotiating with them over these adders, they decided to no longer honor my original agreement. Instead of the discounted price for these two packages they offered my one morning, they decided their new offer was full price for both packages, plus an additional $900 markup on the car price.

I sent an email and left voicemails for the General Manager, who did not respond. When I finally did reach him in his office, he put the General Sales Mgr. (GSM) on the phone, who claimed I refused to sign a Purchase Order., and this is why my original deal was no longer being honored. This is of course nonsense, as I signed everything I was asked to sign and was there 5 weks ago for the sole purpose of buying this vehicle.

The GM claimed he wanted to get my sales person in on this call, and he would call me back in 10 minutes. Of course many hours passed with no return phone call. My repeated attempts to reach the GM during the day came up short. Finally late in the day they had my sales person call me. She informed me they were now willing to honor my original deal, but also informed me they had sold the car I was wating for!

I asked her for the new deal inwriting, via email. She agreed to get this done. The next day (while still waiting for this email), I called and reached he GM, to find out when the next vehicle meeting my criteria would arrive. He asked me to call the GSM in an hour.

The GSM acted like he had never heard of me, even though we have spoken many times, and they had spent all of the previous two days dealing with this issue. Once I got him on the right track, he told me the deal was not what I was told the previous afternoon, but a higher price and the packages would be installed on the car at full price. Once again the deal was moving on me.

I have been paying for a rental for the last 5 weeks waiting for this car. Now I am going to go buy something else.

I have 2 complaints about this company.

The first one stems from the company stealing approx. $500 from me for repairs on a vehicle that I traded in.

The vehicle had been towed to their service dept. and while awaiting approval from our insurance company for repairs, we decided to trade the vehicle AS IS instead of repairing. We made the trade with the understanding that the repairs would be responsibility of the dealership.

We called our insurance company and asked them to send us the check for the damages that were covered because our car was appraised in a condition of disrepair... meaning we took less money for the trade because of it's condition.

We also called the dealership and told them if they should receive a check to return it to us... they reluctantly agreed.

After not receiving the check for several days, we called our insurance company again to discover that the dealership had cashed the check. The dealership has refused to refund the money. So, basically our insurance company is paying for repairs to a vehicle that does not belong to us.

While researching the internet regarding this matter, I discovered that we had been illegally duped into buying an extended warranty for approx. $1500.00. We were told that because of our low credit score that they would not finance us unless we purchased the extended warranty. My understanding is that this is an illegal scam.

We want this dealership to refund the $500.00 that is rightfully ours or return it to our insurance company.

We also want to be reimbursed for the extended warranty that we were coerced into buying.

It is not that serious, but I just wanted to mention that their service is really bad. I took in my car there for service at 7:30 AM. I thanked them for opening so early for our convenience. Art and the other guys at the service desk commentted as well, at leat that is not our choice! I have been to Santa Monica HONDA, Gardena HOnda, and Huntington Beach Honda World service desks, and this was my first time visit to Fladeboe Honda...Gosh, people here are negative..not friendly at all.

To top this, they never called me to tell me about the estimate, or to let me know when my car is ready. I have to initiate both calls. I paid $900+ and walked by ART's desk to leave to pick up my car..I would probably be happy to spend that kind od money if I could see him smile, and said Thank you! Come again! He totally ignored me.

I will never ever bring my car back to Fladeboe Honda.

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