Wilde Lexus of Sarasota

Sarasota, FL

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I am extremely disappointed and dissatisfied with my recent purchase of pre-owned Lexus from Wilde Lexus of Sarasota who claims to be an "Elite of Lexus" dealership where customers gets an exceptional service firsthand. I purchased the vehicle online and paid the asking/listing price on eBay. The car was presented/shown and spoken as in exceptional condition for its age. Vehicle was listed as clean and 1 owner trade-in. There was no mention of any body damage or any safety issue ever during the entire sale process.

Upon receiving my car, I discovered moderate body damage to the front and rear bumper, roof and side mirrors. Also, the rubber molding on the driver side door was hanging from the bottom of the door which does not allow the door to close properly which is a great safety issue. Also, I paid Wilde Lexus of Sarasota a hefty $700 dealer fee to process paperwork, and detail/clean the vehicle for delivery. However, no effort was made to clean the vehicle for delivery. Carpet, armrest, seats, door panels, and other interior panels had stains that could have easily been removed by simply wiping down with a damp cloth or leather cleaner. Carpet was not shampooed, dashboard was not cleaned, windows/glass has fingerprints all over. Only efforts that I would like to thank Wilde Lexus for is to vacuum the carpet and providing full tank of gas.

I do realize that I was purchasing a used vehicle online and I should have hired an independent inspector before completing the sale, but I thought I was in the great hands and will not be burned by a dealership who is known for customer satisfaction. I have purchased numerous vehicles online from very reputable and known dealership in the US and has never been so disappointed like I have with my purchase from Wilde Lexus of Sarasota. Not only I paid the asking price, plus high dealer fee just to process the paperwork, Wilde Lexus of Sarasota first denied there was any body damage and claimed the vehicle was detailed and prepped for the delivery. I insisted that there is damage that was never reported to me, nor vehicle inspection report was presented to me. Also, vehicle was no way detailed or prepped for delivery.

Then I was asked to submit pictures of damages and the interior. I did what I was told and sales person advised that they will review the pictures and will get back. 2 days later, salesperson emailed me back and said, they have agreed to pay $150 to have the car detailed at local detailing place of my choice. When I asked about the body damage and safety issue, I was flat out told that no other payments will be made. Wilde Lexus now has left me with the car that has moderate body damage and not to mention, it is not safe to drive as driver side door does not close properly. Now I have shell out $1000 in repairs to fix the damages and make the vehicle worthy of driving on the road.

I am utterly disappointed with my purchase from this so called "Elite of Lexus" dealership. Maybe they are "Elite Lexus" dealership when it comes to selling a new car, but not pre-owned or used. I do not recommend this dealership to anyone who is in market to purchase a used/pre-owned vehicle whether it is online or B&M.

We live in Clearwater and drove past both Clearwater and Tampa Lexus to lease our second RX. We did everything online. When we made the drive across the bridge with our trade RX, everything went so as promised that we continued to make the drive for routine maintenance. This is not a stuffy corporate dealership and extremely nice staff.

On 12/20/2010 my wife took her car (2005 Lexus ES 330) for regular service at Wilde Lexus of Sarasota. On the invoice for this service they listed recommended additional services totaling more than $2,000.00. We got two opinions from independent mechanics regarding these recommendations. The first mechanic said none of the services need be done.

The second mechanic said we could change the cabin air filter which was done for $24.42 rather than $95.00 charge Wilde would have made. One of their recommendations was to replace the timing belt. On page 125 of the 2005 Lexus Owner's Manual Supplement it states that the timing belt should be replaced every 90,000 miles or 108 months. The car had 34,146 miles and was 71 months old at the time. Almost six months have passed and the car is doing fine without any of these recommended services.

It is clear to me that Wilde Lexus tried to extort over $2,000.00 from us. They should not be allowed to get away with this.

I bought the car RX-350 on March 31, 2008. On its first day, the tire pressure gauge came on, went back four times, and they couldn’t get it. Finally, the fifth time worked for a month. Then my spoiler came loose. I went back four times; they couldn’t fix it, still same problem. Then my air bag panel came loose hanging in the passenger side. They fixed it 4-5 times. It’s still not fixed. The worst one is when I took my car to fix a scratch and they kept my car for 25 days. I called two weeks later to find out what happened to my car. I talked to Sandy, the manager. She said, “Are you sure your car is here because I can’t find it.” Then she promised to find it for me. Finally, they called me on the 25th day that the car was ready. I went to pick it up. When they brought my car out, the bumper was hanging on one side, not in place and they told me that that’s the way it was supposed to be. I refused to pick it up like that. They took it back for another week and fixed it, right? When I went to pick it up, I was talking to a Finance personnel and I asked him if I purchased a paint guard protection, will they fix a couple of door scratches. He said, “Before we put the paint guard on, we fix all scratches and make it perfect.” So I agreed and bought the paint protection. It stayed them about three days to get it done.

My son and I went to pick the car up. When we examined the car, it was full of scratches all over especially on my hood. We told them about the problem. They said to go back because the service manager wasn’t there and he will inspect the car. Three days later, we went, he inspected the car and told me it’s my fault and there’s nothing they could do. The car was only five months old and those damages are from bugs and rock chips. I washed my car twice a week and those scratches and marks weren’t there. I know. And the service woman said, “Take this with protection paint people, this is not our problem anymore.” So I called them and they told me that the dealership caused those damages, not us.

One week later, we went back to find out what’s going on and they refused to talk to me and I had one more complaint about my rims. They were all chipping, the paint was coming off. They told me that there’s nothing they can do. And I have tire and wheel protection. You tell me, how is this my fault? Where are my rights? Where is the lemon law protection? I contacted corporate office, headquarters every office possible and nothing, all I got back is the money they refunded me for paint protection, but my problems were never solved. How is this fair? Now I go always to Fort Meyers for service because Wilde Lexus ruined my car. I thought Lexus takes care of its customers. Now that Toyota is facing all these problems, maybe someone is watching over us. I’m a very. very disappointed customer. I don't even like the car anymore.

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