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Lakeland Toyota
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Lakeland Toyota

Lakeland, FL

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48 Lakeland Toyota Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2015

We saw several cars online that we wanted to look at. As soon as we got there I told them what we wanted and what I wanted in payments and so on. Salesman kept trying to sell us cars that were higher than the ones online. I kept telling him no. Finally, see the car we wanted online after an hour of him trying to persuade us. Then we agree on the car and they tells us the price is 13,999 and I said, "No it says it's 9,500 online". This is a way to pull people in off the street so they can sell you something else. After 6 hours of sitting there, not one time offering us a drink they tell us that they ran into a snap on the loan. I will never go back there and I will never refer my friends.

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: July 31, 2015

I live in Ocala, Florida. Drove 2 hours to get to Lakeland Toyota. The salesman had a Camry that we liked. My wife had been in a wreck a couple of days earlier that totaled our first Camry that was six months old. So we went down to Lakeland and drove over to look around the lot. The salesman gave us a Camry just like the one we had before just different color, no wireless key access and no paint or fabric conditioner, same warranty. Ocala Gave us a 2014.5 Camry for 20,900 and they wanted 24,000 for the same car with less on it. I felt like we were taken advantage of. I drove a rental down to Lakeland looking for a deal and got a car I could have paid 3000 less for in Ocala. Shame on me. But you would think if you could buy it for 20,900 in Ocala why can't you buy it in Lakeland for the same amount.

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Rated with 5 stars
Original review: May 12, 2015

I purchased a used car from Lakeland Toyota three years ago. I went in to trade the car in and was unsure if I wanted a new Toyota 4 runner or a used one. I compared a great selection and decided on the new one! I spoke to everyone in the dealership and found all to be very easy to do business with. The financing options were very transparent and straightforward. I was in and out of the finance option in under 20 minutes. I highly recommend this dealership.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 8, 2015

Went in to see a car online that we were interested in, was told when I got there that the car was sold (obviously a tactic to get you in). Afterward I told them that was fine and told them to let me look at other cars within my price range. I had already been pre-approved through my credit union so I knew how much I could and wanted to spend. I told them I did not want my credit ran. Long story short, I saw a car like the one online that I wanted with a little more miles - same model and everything and it was more expensive (which was beyond me). We tried to negotiate and they would not budge very much. So then they started convincing us to buy a new car (did the whole salesmen pushy thing). They would tell us sign in here, do this do that, without explaining; they promised a million things about the monthly payments and interest rate.

Anyway we fell for it because it sounded great to get a new car and be within our budget and interest expectations (stupid on our end). So by this time 4 hours had passed and we were extremely hungry including my 2-year old daughter and nephew so we told them we needed to go eat and we would come back. Of course they did not like that idea so they told us they would get lunch for us (an hour later); they bring it to us, fine. Then we get to the financing part (5 hours later) and the monthly payments were way out of our price range and the interest rate was ridiculous. Needless to say, more pushing and trying to convince etc., but by this time we are 6 hours into this; I am tired extremely annoyed and getting angrier by the minute. We kept telling them we wanted to buy a car but the new one was looking to be way more out of budget. They ignored us and kept pushing the reasons why we should and needed to by this new car.

Finally I got extremely annoyed and up and left the office and left my husband there. They ended up finally showing him a car we wanted with 20k miles in it within our budget. My husband then comes over to our car (where I had gone) to tell me about this deal. As soon as I heard it I got even more pissed and told him we needed to go right now. Why THE HECK wouldn't they offer me this deal from the get go? 6 hours later when I am beyond angry and annoyed you offer me exactly what I was looking for when I came in! And to add on top of that, my husband gets in the car and proceeds to tell me that the General Sales Manager (which was soooo rude to us from the moment he walked into the financing office) ended up telling him (when I walked out) that if we weren't buying a car, we needed to pay him the 33 dollars he spent on our lunch. WOOOOWWWWWW.

First of all, we did not ask you to do that - you were just so scared to lose a sale that you didn't want us to go out and buy our OWN food! UGH. No respect for people's time, they have their own best interest at heart (because if they sell new cars they get incentives). So forget that I just wanted to come here and get a car within my budget, let's just ignore what the customer is SAYING and push my OWN agenda. They would have scored a sale ASAP had they listened to what we needed and wanted from the get go.

Word of ADVICE to whoever hires for this dealership...start hiring salesmen that listen, that can relate to people, that respect people, that understand the difficulties of buying a car and care about making it a smooth process for people. A person people can trust OR AT LEAST hire a trainer that instills these values in them. Definitely not a customer-oriented place, will not ever go there again or recommend it to anyone. Only thing I can say is that I know now what to do and not to do. I definitely learned my lesson and am extremely happy that I did not buy a car!

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Buyer
Original review: April 6, 2015

I purchased a used 2012 Corolla on 2-3-2015... Such pressure... Went in to look and walked out with a car. Salesman is pushy and gets agitated when you want to leave... They took my car to have it appraised. Then the fun began... They kept at me for 8 hours would not give me my keys until I agreed on deal, which I did. Mind you I haven't bought a car good car in 20 years. Said everything checked, car clean. Day after I bought it tire inflation light came on... Ok... No big deal... Had to fill tires every other day. Go in for 5000 oil change and nails in both tires... Then asked about the 2nd key I was promised and was told it would be 24.62... Take it to the service manager and he says it will be 98.00 to cut the key. So I will do without it... Bought a Warranty package for 1400.00 bumper to bumper and was told I didn't have road hazard coverage... So consumers beware...

27 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2015

My wife and I had the worst possible experience I could imagine with a dealership at Lakeland Toyota. It started with a phone call, from the dealership offering a great deal if we bought that day. We did not seek out a car as we were fine with the vehicle we had, however, with the offer we had an idea of a deal that would earn our business. I specifically asked to speak to the sales manager and gave the criteria that I would show up for and it was the only way we would do a deal. I provided my information via a credit app and he said I qualified for the deal they were offering. I told him my payment that I was comfortable with, 550. He said he could make it happen but had to confirm the condition of the vehicle we owned that they called about for the deal, if we brought the vehicle in we would have our deal in 30 minutes. The vehicle we bought new, owned for 18 months only, had 10k miles on it.

The trade would work according to ** the sales manager we had been dealing with so far after we arrived at 6 pm. His supervisor ** had been working on the deal. We were told that it would work, thus I waited, and waited, and finally at 10pm with much back and forth and me going up to 600 for the very good deal we would be getting, I was told we couldn't get the deal as we requested and I said it was time for me to leave. The shock on their faces that I would walk on the deal was humorous but I stressed that I did not need a new car and we were fine with the one we had. I was driving away when the sales manager came running out, we have the deal!!!

So I came back in and spent another hour and a half to get the paper worked signed. Leaving with the new car at 11:30pm with a deal at 599 with no money down. I spent 5 minutes ensuring with the finance guy ** the deal met my guidelines and the payment was set. He assured me it was, but my wife had to sign the deal also, which was news to me but a small hurdle. I was happy with the deal and felt good about it though everything was so difficult getting to the deal. I asked ** for a specific time to show up for the final deal paperwork the next day, which he said to call and let him know when we were heading over and he would be ready. I called and he said we were good to go and he would see me soon.

We arrive at the dealership and are waiting a few moments to go to the table with **. ** is near by and is about to take another customer in front of us though he said we were next and this was planned the night before so I spoke up quickly. I had already spent 5 hours I would never get back the night before so I politely asked for us to be taken care of, as previously agreed upon. He agreed and we were on our path. We are at the table at 6-ish with ** and I was satisfied the deal met with the plan my wife and I had and was guaranteed by the many managers and sales person at the dealership, but the deal had drastically changed.

650 payment and now 1000 down, first time I had heard these number and I had signed paper with a different amount the night before, I was livid. I just spoke to this guy and he knew my very specific arrangement and he did not bother to mention such a drastic change on the phone before I showed up. I explained my frustration to ** and said I want my keys that I was finished with this nonsense. He then hurried to the sales manager area to try and fix it or so I thought. 30 minutes later, a sales manager named ** came out to speak to me and explained that the manager, **, that had made the deal was the only one that could make it work but he was off today.

I said in a much louder voice that this was very unacceptable because I could have been told this prior to coming in and was not and the deal was not met as I was guaranteed it was. He then said I had no right to raise my voice. I quickly explained that a failure in customer service of this magnitude is a very good reason to have a heated discussion with a customer service individual. I then asked again for my keys and again was met with shock that I would not take a deal that was not what I asked for or was promised. I was livid, but not near as livid as my wife. My wife, who still had a key to her vehicle went to the used car lot and pulled our car up and I demanded my plate back from the car we were purchasing.

This was the worst experience I have ever had and VERY STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE AVOIDS LAKELAND TOYOTA. Liars and crooks a plenty. Many hours spent listening to lies, never getting what I asked for, and the complete lack of customer service is mind blowing!!!

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44 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Original review: Feb. 26, 2015

You may want to think again before taking your hard earned money before going to Lakeland Toyota to buy a car and whatever you do before you purchase stick with your gut instinct at all times. The sales associates are manipulative, fast talkers, persuasive, and demanding as far as your signatures. My experience, I called Toyota inquiring about buying a car cash because I wanted to avoid payments and I made this clear. He assured they had plenty used cars for my price and to come on down and he would be waiting for me. I get down there after just getting one of my wisdoms pulled that following day. I was rushed by many salesman's desperate and hungry for a sale, but I was instructed by the salesperson I had spoke with to ask for him and so I did. We did a short greet and he had already picked out a vehicle well out of my price range prepared to persuade me to make payments.

When I asked to look at the used inventory within my price he claimed that buying a used car from there would be a poor choice because there are no warranty and he had picked out a car perfect for my needs. To make a long story short they took my $5000 as down payment and I left feeling horrible knowing I had made a terrible mistake. I went home and cried like a baby and attempted to return the car for my money the following morning but they refused to undo the deal! Here I am a single 27 year old mother of 3 little ones being taking advantage of by men that could care less about the car getting repoed. My payment was $150 over what they promised I'd pay. As an end result my car was repossessed 4 mths after 2 missed payments. $5000 cash gone! Toyota paid in full by me and my loan servicer. I'm stuck with an outrageous balance and a hard hit to my credit score!

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Jan. 9, 2015

Called and told me to bring vehicle in for its 2 year free maintenance. Brought it in and was told that it expired. I've only owned the car for 6 months. Then tried talking me into paying. While I was inside an employee took my car to the back. When I got back in my car you could tell my glove box and center console were dug through. Took an iPod and a credit card.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2014

I live in Ohio, my dad lives in Polk county Florida. I was looking for a car to purchase and he wanted me to look around in Florida. I don't see him much and he is 76. I found a car I liked on the intranet at Lakeland Toyota. I called and talked to the intranet manager, she had me apply for the loan online and verified all info about the 2012 Prius five totally loaded. She said she pulled the keys and all I had to do was come to Florida, sign the papers and drive my new car home. I called and got a last minute flight, it was costly, and flew to Orlando. My father picked me and my daughter up at 1130 am and we arrived at the lot at 1:00. When they opened that Sunday, I asked for the car and they brought me a totally different car. It was a different color, had more miles and no options on it.

I told them that was not the car I purchased. They informed me that the car on the intranet does not exist and they did not have one like that for the same price. Then they brought me a 2010 with some options that I wanted but not all of them. This car was in bad shape on the outside, it had a lot of dents and scratches on it and more miles and a lot older. The manager said he would give me a good deal. This car did not have a buyer's guide on the window. It was getting late and they said someone had taken the car to wash it because they had not touched it. My father and I asked for two hours where the car was and they said they did not know. No one could find it. They made us sit at a table and sign a bunch of blank documents. Then they took us to sign the loan papers.

I kept telling the guy that I wanted to see the car again because I had not even driven it. Finally they brought the keys to us and I was allowed to drive it but the salesperson had to go with me. I wanted my dad to go and give his opinion. But they tried to keep us separated. The sales man told me he checked everything and it worked so we finished up and left the lot after closing time. My poor elderly mother sat in the truck for almost seven hours waiting. When I drove off, I turned the radio on and it did not work. This controls the bluetooth, the navigation and everything. I had a twenty hour drive ahead of me. Toyota said they will not fix or replace the radio and has stopped taking my calls. I guess they feel like they won since I am so far away. That is a shame how they treated all of us especially my parents at their age.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Nov. 16, 2012

I am writing you a summary of my recent experience at Lakeland Toyota located at 1200 W. Memorial Blvd., Lakeland, FL 33815 with telephone number (863) 688-5451 - in an effort to help raise consumer awareness against car dealerships that have misrepresenting and poor business practices. I was very naive and unprepared for what happened to me. Day 1: On Saturday (November 10, 2012), I went to Lakeland Toyota to look around. I had absolutely no intention of driving off of the lot with a vehicle, well I did. And aside from losing my father last year it was the worst experience of my life. The sales managers are too pushy to the point that one of their tactics is to actually take your car keys after appraising your proposed trade to prevent you from leaving without having to speak with them. Every time I said I was ready to leave they pushed and pushed.

Well, to sum my experience up, I told the salesmen and manager on more than 1 occasion I was not comfortable, I wanted to leave and think about it and I had concerns about financing (because my mom was going to co-sign and she was not with me and I was not sure how accurate the payoff I had was) yet they still pushed and said, "Not a big deal, just sit down with our finance guy." Before I knew it, I was sitting in a finance room with papers to sign right in front of me. I briefly looked over the documents (they don't allow you much time) and had concern with the language regarding the payoff. I stopped the gentleman handling the paperwork (Fill-in guy - whom was pulled in from another dealership to help over the weekend) and asked him specifically about the payoff and what would happen if the trade was actually more that the payoff noted on the documentation (the reason for my concern was it was a holiday weekend, I was not able to get an accurate payoff.

The payoff I provided was from the dealership where I purchased my car (trade in) and it was on a yellow sticky note they quoted $19,175.00. Another dealership had quoted $25,000.00 and Lakeland Toyota came up with $19,718.00. I asked him where the number $19,718.00 came from because it was different than the ones I was previously provided, he advised that it most likely came from my credit report. I explained that my car was at lease and my credit report would not show my buyout price. He advised that any person in the business long enough could easily figure it out by taking an balance of my lease and adding some residual. It sounded complicated but he was the professional (mistake, I should have never believed him). He also explained that I would have a few options should my payoff be more than the expected: 1) We can re-write the deal to make it more comfortable; 2) Extend the term of the loan term to make payments more affordable; 3) Just come back and get my car (trade in) (Lie # 1). So based on his explanation, I moved forward with the deal.

Day 2: November 11, 2012 (Sunday), still based on the representation that I could back out of the deal, I brought my mom to the dealership and met with **, Finance Manager. We advised him of the credit union we wanted to deal with and the terms that were acceptable (60 months/1.95% interest/Free Gap and no payments until 1/2013) so he plugged in the numbers and my payments were going to be $443.00 with $1,000.00 down. I thought we were almost done. We went home. Day 3: November 12, 2012 (Monday), my husband and I had the day off of work. We were going to drive to Bushnell to visit my father. It was exactly one year from the day he passed, but we knew we needed to tie up any loose ends, so we drove back to the dealership where I purchased my car (trade in). And I explained to them our concern with the payoff and just wanted to be sure before we moved forward with the deal. He seemed concerned and said it seemed shady that they would let you drive off the lot without knowing the accurate payoff (this was when I started to feel a little anxiety).

He proceeded to call an automated dealer payoff number (banks were closed in observance of Veterans Day) and the automated voice said my payoff was $21,300 and some change which is a $1,600+ difference than what was on the deal we had at Lakeland Toyota. I was beginning to get a little upset at this point because I did not have $1,600.00 to cover the difference and I really liked the car (but I was not willing to pay more monthly payments and was comfortable with the loan terms based on the deal we already wrote on Saturday, so my only choice was to return the new vehicle and pick up my car (trade in). So my husband and I drove to Lakeland Toyota and explained what happened. We spoke to a Sales Manager that goes by the name **, at first seemed very concerned and tried to be accommodating. He began to scramble around (my husband and I assumed they were just trying to salvage the deal) but to our surprise he came back into the office and said that we could not have our car back as we were contractually obligated because the deal had already funded (LIE #2).

I am stunned. First of all, because I could not believe I could not have my car back (I felt as if someone stole something from me). Secondly, the deal took place over a holiday weekend and the banks were closed. I asked him how that could be if the banks were closed, he advised everything was computer-generated (LIE #3). Really, did he think I was really going to believe that? He continued to type on his computer as if he were trying to help and proceeded to tell me that he could not make any decisions and only the GM could help. So I asked to see the GM, he continued to type on the computer as if he were doing something. I became a little more stern and demanded to see someone that could help, he became very loud and aggressive, he yelled at me and said he was trying to help me and I should not talk to him like that (I thought my husband was going to kill him). I explained (very sternly), "You just told me you could not help me, I want to see someone that can." He told me not to talk to him like a child (Urgh, at this point I am in tears because I am so angry).

So in comes the **, introducing himself as the GM (LIE #3). He explained that he could not return my car (trade in) because that is not their policy. I explained to him what the Fill-in guy had advised us. He said that we were advised incorrectly and so I argued that they allow their employees to lie to customers to make a deal happen. He told me he was trying to get in touch with the fill-in guy to clear matters up. I asked him if the fill-in guy admits he said this to me, would they give me my car (trade-in) back. He said, "No". He also insinuated that I called another dealership and that dealership told me to come up with this story just to back out of the deal (we are talking 24 hours from the completed paperwork being done). I am furious he insinuated I did that and we argued for a while, but realized I am getting nowhere. Finally, we leave feeling completely defeated and duped. I went back to the dealership later in the day to pay the $1,000.00 down payment because they never did collect it from me.

Day 4: Tuesday, (November 13, 2012) admitting defeat, have not been able to sleep and no energy to fight. I called **, Finance Manager at Lakeland Toyota (whom has been very kind) asking him where we are with financing. He explained that he had not submitted anything to our credit union because he did not think I would be able to get the promos the credit union was offering if he submitted through the dealership. This frustrates me because of what ** said about not being able to back out of the deal because the deal had already funded. Naturally, I became angrier about the whole situation. I am driving around in a car that has no financing, completely unprotected and this dealership allowed to do this. They have ethical or fiduciary duties, they are allowed to mistreat and lie to customers. They do not have to disclose anything to consumers and it disgusts me that they use this to their advantage. So I filed a complaint with the BBB also on the BBB website. I located the contact information of **, Public Affairs representative for Lakeland Toyota.

I sent him a very stern email and paid him a visit after I picked the kids up from school. He welcomed me into his office and I explained to him the whole story, he seemed to be in disbelief and said, "Well you should have read the contract and left when you were uncomfortable." I advised him of how pushy their sales team is and how they disregarded my concerns and told me everything will be okay (blah blah blah). I asked him if a consumer asks questions regarding language in the contract, if their employees have a duty to be honest (he danced around the question, but seemed concerned this would happen). I also told him about the lies that his sales manager and GM said about why I could not get out of the deal, he seemed surprised when I said I spoke with the GM (turns out Jeff was not the GM). He apologized about the lies on behalf of his sales team and even referred to them as vultures. He said give him a day and he would try to make things right. I asked him what time I could expect follow up, he advised his boss comes in at 2:00 p.m. and I could expect an answer around 3:00. He said, "Have a little faith."

Day 5: November 14, 2012 (Wednesday), instead of waiting for the call, I drove to Lakeland Toyota around 3:00 to pay Mr. ** a visit. I waited for about 10 minutes and he asked me to come in to his office. He asked me to wait there so he could speak with his boss (to be honest with you I am not sure he even really met with him) but he came in the office and I could already tell by the expression on his face that they’re not willing to do the right thing. Again, he said I can pick out a different car, or meet with ** in financing (very upset/crying). I grabbed my son and sat in the new car wishing I could tell every potential customer in the building how awful these people are. I pulled myself together and walked around their lot to see if there was something comparable to what I have that is a little more affordable.

I did find one vehicle that might interest me so I went to one of the sales managers to see if I could look at it. He looked for someone to help and I was waiting in the lobby for 30 minutes (of course I was going to wait a long time because I was no longer priority). I again, became upset and demanded that someone help me finalize the deal I had wasted entirely too much time, lost to much sleep and missed 2 days of school and failed 2 exams due to this issue. **, Finance Manager took me in to his office and explained I needed to go ahead and submit all my paperwork direct to the credit union. Now concerned that I am driving in a car with no secured financing, wondering if I will even get approved and, “What happens if I don't get approved," I asked him. He responded, "You will be fine."

Day 6: November 15, 2012 (Thursday), I reached out to my credit union and am waiting on approval. I still have no idea how unprotected I am and am scared. Day 7: November 16, 2012 (Friday), hoping and praying that today I will have some peace and this nightmare will be over. The reason I am writing this is because it concerns me that car dealerships have no fiduciary or ethical duties to consumers. Their version of disclosing information is shoving paper work in consumers’ faces and vaguely explaining or misrepresenting information. Also, they should have warning signs visibly located in the showroom area, sales offices, and finance offices stating that if you drive off of the lot after signing paperwork, you own the car no matter what (I had no idea). I understand that I might be stuck at this point, but I hope that no one has to go through this experience again. There needs to be laws put in place that protect consumers against such poor business practices. I hope you will back me up or advise me of what steps I can take to put a stop this.

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Rated with 2 stars
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 28, 2012

I went to Lakeland Toyota to purchase a vehicle. I went out on the lot to look at some vehicles that I had in mind to purchase when finally someone had the time to come over and help me and went out to the lot to purchase information of the vehicles I chose. He then came back in to give to the lead guy in the office, who then tried to look up the vehicles online and realized that they were not even in the system to be sold. So he offered me to go and look at a 2002 Toyota Camry that he said would be a great car for me and it had a sunroof and navigation system and everything. So I did go take a look at the car and he only allowed me to drive it around the lot, never on the road. I thought I really liked the car and that I was really getting a good deal, only to learn he just wanted to sell me something that he didn't want to be bothered with anymore. Then he never ran my credit or specified requiring that much information, just that $1200 down payment and a job number. I just thought that was a rush deal.

I learned through a Carfax that the car has been wrecked in the front and is having front end problems. I noticed a lot of issues after I was able to take it off the lot and the deal had been done. I brought the car back the same day of purchase to point out all the damage I found. The dealership stated at that time to bring it back and he would get his technicians to take care of it, only to get there and be told that it wouldn't be fixed and it was normal wear and tear and it wouldn't kill me.

They said I had a 1000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty or 30 days, which ever comes first, but they have not honored that at all. They held my car for 6 hours and didn't do anything after saying they would. They assured me that my car was fine. But I took my car to Tires Plus to get a diagnostic only to learn that the things that I complained to them about were wrong with the car and shouldn't be like that and it’s going to cost me over $1400 to fix. I've been scammed out of my hard earned money to only have no one who’s concerned to help me and this vehicle cost me $12,342.72. Wow, they got over on me big time. Now, I'm stuck and can't get my money back and come up with another $1200 to get me another car. I'm so upset, but please nobody else should go to those people because they are dishonest people. How can they do this to women when most of them are married and have daughters? It’s a shame.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 1, 2012

I needed to add to my original complaint about buying a vehicle at Lakeland Toyota. They could not find the keys to the truck (2003 Explorer Sport-Trac). I waited and waited wondering what was going on. Finally, I was told they could not find the keys. When I got the keys; I received only 1-key with no reasoning for it. Not knowing it was a key with a chip in it and it had to be programmed, I figured okay.

I'll just get another key made. Much to my surprise, these keys cost a fortune to get cut and programmed and you have to go to dealer to get one made. I was not even offered the cost to purchase another key or possibly Lakeland would offer to get another key for me. Slim chance! "Beware of Lakeland" I haven't had a 2nd. Key made as I am sending this. I dread to find out the cost! Please think twice before you make a purchase here. Sad, but true, I have paid more for this vehicle that the average 2003 with over 100,000 miles.

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: Feb. 1, 2012

I went to look at and possibly buy a 2001 or 2004 Ford Explorer (Sport-Trac). I got there and was given a salesman who they said was one of the people I chatted with online. I looked at the 2004 and it was torn up (in bad shape). I’ve seen a 2003, which I don't think they knew was even on the lot. It was in good shape. I took it for a ride and it was fine as far as I could tell. I traded my car in and had a credit of $688.00 that was applied to a pre-delivery service fee that they got away with.

Driving car home in the evening, the inside dome light doesn't work along with top console lights, cruise control, windshield washers and back cab light with back-up light. I think they did not service the truck, except to wash it. They certainly did not do anything to collect a pre-delivery service fee. I called the salesman and told him about everything. I asked him if he could help me out with the bill, maybe split the cost. I went and got prices for all the broken parts. Cost $641. I faxed the bill to the dealer and was told prices were way too high, but they could send me $100. Truck had to go through an Electronic Computer analysis just to fix the cruise control. New total with labor cost $790.00. Stay away from these guys. They will sell you anything and not even blink an eye. Did I get a deal? ** no!

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Original review: Oct. 10, 2011

I was yelled at by a used car salesman. The dealership ran an ad in The Ledger for 50% off MSRP on used inventory. The salesman and manager claimed MSRP on a 2005 Toyota Corolla was $17,900. In reality, it is about $15,000. One way or another, the salesman had no right to start yelling.

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2011

Originally, we were turned down on buying a car from Lakeland Toyota. Poor credit, I guess. Then a few weeks later, we got a call from them again from a person stating he was the manager and that looking over our application, we were definitely approved to get a car. All we had to do was come back. We told him that we did not want to make another trip there only to be turned down again. The so-called manager stated we had already been approved and we would be driving off with a new car the day we come in. All we had to do was just sign the papers. I guess we were fools to believe all his lies.

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Original review: July 26, 2010

I purchased a new vehicle on 7/9/10 at that time my trade in was signed over to them. As of 07/26/10, the trade in vehicle had not been payed off. The trade in vehicle although is listed for sale on their lot. I had to make a payment to insure my credit would not be effected (payment was 2 days late). I have tried contacting the dealership and have received no response. I sent a message via there contact page received a call from manager as he thought I was a potential sale. I made it clear in my message I was inquiring about status of my payoff. When I spoke to this manager and explained what I had sent message about I was blown off and told he would notify someone about my question. I would not do business with this dealership. I am stuck in a bad spot right now and am not getting any answers from Lakeland Toyota.

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Original review: April 3, 2010

We bought a Toyota 4Runner 2003 model. When we saw it, it was late at night. The dealer told us to bring back the vehicle next day to be detailed. When I took it back to get it clean, they gave us a rental car and we left the 4Runner with the dealer for one day. The next day, we picked up the vehicle and saw smaller tires on the vehicle. I asked Toyota "What happened to the tires?" Toyota said, "The previous owner got the tires custom-made and request it back." I said "That's not the way I bought the vehicle." Then Toyota said, "They cannot give some thing that's not theirs." They said, "They put the original wheel back on the vehicle."

One day, when driving my kids to school, the brakes will not stop. I had to put the van in neutral and step hard on the brakes. When I called Toyota, they fix the problem, when talking to the manager he said nothing was wrong with the vehicle after they had fix the problem. After six months when the tire was changed, the right front tire blew out. We called Toyota, they sent a flatbed to pick the vehicle, to bring it back to the dealer to check for damage. We found out the four tires and the spare was cracked and dry rot and that's what caused it to blow out.

We could not trust Toyota dealership in Lakeland. We went to Tire Plus and bought new tires for around $760.00 and we payed the towing company around $180.00. This was unfair because the expense came out from our pocket. I will never buy another vehicle from Toyota again.

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Original review: Oct. 2, 2008

My husband and I went to Lakeland Toyota and found an 06 Expedition. We really liked the vehicle, but we had a few problems with financing. We kept in touch with the salesman and finally worked everything out. During the time we were waiting to hear from the salesman that everything was a go, I went on-line to see if the vehicle was on there so I could show a co-worker. The vehicle price on the internet showed as an internet special for like $6,000 less than what I was in the process of buying it for. When I called Lakeland Toyota about this they told me that was an error on the advertising company's part. They said that the company they were using was making errors like this pretty regular and that they were in the process of switching companies.

I complained about this and spoke with a couple of different people about it. They all told me they couldn't do anything for me. They couldn't take that kind of loss on the vehicle. I asked around work to see if anyone had ever had this type of thing happen and what to do, but no one really knew. They just knew it wasn't right. I was out on break today and a lady I don't see much was out there telling a very similar story that happened to her and her husband and she told me to contact consumer affairs about a bait and switch so I figured I give it a try.

I've had the vehicle for 3 months now so I don't know if it's too late, but I didn't know where to go prior to this. They didn't offer anything for the mistake made. Once everything was said and done. I drove the car home to realize that I only had one key. No key fobs, no second key and the keyless entry on the side of the door didn't have a pin. I went to Ford to have a second key made and they reimbursed me for that eventually, but I had to buy the key fob and I'll have to pay to get the keyless entry on the door working. I found out shortly after purchasing the truck that the 4x4 was broke and I had to take it to Bartow Ford to have it fixed.

Toyota suggested I take it to them instead of bringing it to Toyota. The truck has been out of alignment since I bought it, but I guess that was my fault for not catching it sooner. Honestly, I should have know from the get go this was not meant to be, but I ended up with it anyway. I am just still very unhappy with the whole experience and I'm very upset about the whole thing.

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