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Going to Infiniti of Coconut Creek is worse than going to a proctologist. The only person who enjoys it is the giver. No loaner vehicles available and no courtesy customer drop off until 12-1p. I was at the dealership at 8:15a. Decided to walk home in 90 Degree weather. This was like going to Burger King and being advised no burgers available. Car dealership have no cars (WOW) or service available to get its customers from point A to B. Meanwhile the recording while on hold indicates that they provide their Valued Customers with loaner vehicles. Well I might not be classified as a valued customer, considering that we currently have 3 lease cars with them.

Satisfaction Rating

It is with great sadness and anger that I am writing this review. I had such a nice customer service experience when I visited and leased TWO automobiles on Sept 30. Since then, it has been a nightmare. I traded in my car which had a loan on it. Today it has been 28 days and they have yet to pay my traded in car off. I received a 30 day late today on my credit report due to the neglect of their promises. I have called and requested to speak to someone in the finance department 5 times over the past 4 weeks. The receptionist either took a message and promised a callback or transferred me to his VM. He never called me back.

When I called the sales rep who leased us the car, he kept asking for a 10 rating on the survey. No one seems to care and for that I am now considering legal action due to the negative rating on my credit due to the dealership's lack of care for a customer who leased two cars. I only wonder how bad it would have been should I have only leased one car.

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The statement that hindsight is 20/20 is not an over-statement. I read the Internet reviews on the QX60 after the fact. There is a hint of comedy and tragedy in the statement that I made in the showroom as I was completing the paperwork for my new lease. I boldly stated that the QX60 was a superior car to my 2006 Lexus Rx400h. I guess I put my entire foot in my mouth. I was appalled and aghast at the amount of issues pertaining to the transmission on the QX60. I leased the 2015 QX60 on October 7, 2015. I leased the vehicle based on the wonderful experience I had with my previous car which was the Infiniti FX 35. I surrendered the 2012 FX35 on October 7, 2015 and leased the new QX60. On October 19, 2015 after numerous days of the car stuttering and numerous phone calls to the Coconut Creek customer service, I returned the vehicle back to the Coconut Creek Infiniti dealer on October 19, 2015.

On the same day (October 19, 2015) I was advised by the service representative that the vehicle needed a new transmission. Wow. There are no words to describe the travesty of driving a vehicle for less than two weeks and being advised that the vehicle needed a new transmission. Many of the reviews have pointed out that the vehicle will completely stop, it stutters and stalls in traffic as you attempt to accelerate. Who am I? I am a mother to a wonderful six-year-old little boy. I am a daughter. I am a Social Worker. I am a caretaker. I am a granddaughter. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am a human being. I am every person because we all matter. I have no desire to drive a vehicle that has a clear history of dangerous cause-and-effect relations while driving. The transmission is the backbone of the vehicle. What happens when the vehicle stutters in traffic like it is been doing all week and someone runs into the back of my vehicle?

The danger is exponentially increased that something bad or tragic could result when you have a transmission defect. I will stress again that it dramatically and exponentially increases the chance of a serious accident. What happens if you are on a divided three lane major cross street and you are in the turning lane to make a left into a public shopping center, a school, a church, any public place and you have to cross over three lanes from a stop setting (because this is when the car stutters when you attempt to accelerate) you have to cross over three lanes of oncoming traffic and that is when the car stalls out is when you're accelerating and you get hit doing 20 miles an hour by traffic of 60 miles an hour? What do you do? A fatality for a price of my life, or my child's life, or someone else's life. Is it really worth it.

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Infiniti of Coconut Creek are the kings of creative marketing. They publish deals that do not exist just to get you into the dealership. Once you are there, they mention that the deal published is not possible. I left the dealership with a sour taste on my mouth. Then I got a call from the Business Manager (Michael **), insulting me about my decision on not picking them. Not sure how these people are hired and trained. I guess they have not realized that they are not the only Infiniti dealer in South Florida or that Infiniti is the only brand offering entry level luxury cars. My experience with this dealer was horrible. I got so upset that I started disliking the brand because of a few Infiniti of Coconut Creek. I would recommend people to look at other dealers across town that will give you the right deals and treat you well.

Satisfaction Rating

I previously filled out a complaint that Coconut Creek Infiniti leased me a damaged/repainted G35. I am very pleased to say that Rick *** (manager), took care of the issue and swapped out my damaged car to a brand new G35 at the same price with nothing out of my pocket. I have since owned two more Infiniti's and Rick has taken care of me ever since. Thanks, Rick. You da man!

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Satisfaction Rating

Nightmare at Infinity of Coconut Creek. I bought a very nice Infinity I30 last week with very low miles. I have been looking for weeks for such a car. I called the dealership and spoke to one of the sales managers, Omar, and he said the car was still available. I asked the price and was told the amount and accepted it point blank. I told them I could not disappoint my wife again because a month previous another Florida dealership sold a car out from under me after arranging to see it. I told Omar that I even flew down to Miami and hopped on an Amtrak to get to Tampa to see the car. On the way to the dealership, I called, and they said they had sold the car that day to someone with cash. First come, first serve, they told me.

Omar and Rick the other sales manager assured me that they would not do such a thing and that they were a professional Infinity dealership. Well I can assure you that is just what happened and worst. After accepting the price I filled out paper work galore, credit card authorizations, buyers agreements, all signed by both parties. I told them I was not financing and would be paying cash. I even told them that if I had to, I would pay by cash, traveler's check, bank wire, certified check. After the sale was completed by Mark the salesman, Omar the sales manger informed me that there would be an additional $899.00 service fee. I asked what the money was for and why it was not mentioned before I had agreed to the price of the car. He said it was for the dealership and that although the car needed only detailing, the cost was the cost of doing business there and I had to pay it. I agreed to the fee discussed and most of the money was taken out of my credit account by the dealership's finance department.

I went ahead and arranged shipping and went to the bank to withdraw additional funds to cover the final costs the next morning.

My salesman, Mark was off the next day but something told me to call. Call it a gut feeling. No one was available to talk and I left message after message for Rick, the salesmanager, that was in that day. Later the finance manager called and told me my car was totaled in the Infinity parking lot. I was in shock. My wife started crying and I quickly stated, I don't care just sell me the car. The finance manager stated that he was just delivering the bad news and that he would refund the purchase money. I told him that I did not want the money back and I want the car I had signed and paid for.

I finally got to talk to a sales manager Rick the following day by not giving my name. He flatly told me the car was sold the night before for cash. I tried to keep my cool but could not. I asked him to get my car back. He told me it was not my car anymore and that my money would be refunded. I asked what happened to my signed agreement of sale. He told me that just holds the price and not the car. That is lovely, I said. There is truly no honor among thieves. He went on to say that he decided that cash was more important and that I could have backed out of the deal. What is he talking about? I think he was transferring as the physiologists say.

My poor salesman did not even know that this all transpired until he returned to work the next day. He was still under the illusion that he sold the car and would be paid a commission.

I lost several nights' sleep and my wife is still not right. When I mention the dealership to her she starts crying. This was truly the nightmare from Infinity of Coconut Creek.


On Monday, June 20, 2011, my 2006 Infiniti FX35's automatic steering column adjustment was making a grinding noise when it raised and lowered. My husband called and spoke to a service rep at Infiniti of Coconut Creek who was knowledgeable about it and indicated that the gear probably just needed to be adjusted and lubricated and would cost an hour of labor ($135). He took it to Infiniti of Coconut Creek and dealt with Steve **. The car is 5 years old and has 33,000 miles on it. It is like new, but the warranty had expired. After a discussion with Steve about the expired warranty, he agreed with my husband that an Infiniti, which are supposed to be high-end, reliable, quality cars, and one in such new condition, should not be having this issue. He said they would "take care of it" for us.

On Tuesday, Steve tried to reach me but had my husband’s cell number and proceeded to pitch him an extended warranty for $2200. He also stated that the car needed a brand new steering column which cost $1800. My husband declined stating the same reasons above about high-end vehicles. Later that day, Steve called and said the car would not be ready that day. The next day (Wednesday), Steve called my husband and pitched him an extended warranty again and stated that the cost to repair was over $2000 and that all they could do was "cover the first $1000" and that we would be responsible for the balance. He also said that the issue with the car was a safety hazard.

When he and my husband could not come to a resolution, Steve suggested we call the Infiniti headquarters’ customer relations number and we spoke to Dustin who listened to our dilemma and stated that they would need to contact the dealership and get back to us within 24 hours. We explained that we were driving the car to Orlando (from South Florida) the following Monday and needed an answer as soon as possible. He promised we would hear back in 24 hours. On Wednesday evening, we decided to google "Infiniti steering column problems" because it was illogical that the car would need a whole new steering column.

We stumbled upon a YouTube video of a young fixing the same exact problem with his Lexus 400 himself without having to purchase a single part, only a few basic tools were required. This was a simple step-by-step video that showed the internal mechanism that was causing the problem which turned out to be a gear that slipped out of alignment and wasn't "catching" properly. From this video, we learned that we did not in fact need a new $2000 steering column. On Thursday, we called Steve twice and the customer relations number once, left messages and no one called us back.

At 4 pm, I called Infiniti and asked for the service manager, Mark. I told Mark that they had my car since Monday and since they had not touched it and apparently did not plan on touching it until we agreed to buy either an extended warranty or pay for the balance of new steering column, that I wanted my car back to take somewhere else to be fixed. Mark stated it was his understanding that we declined the extended warranty as well as the new column, so I explained to him in detail (from what I had learned from watching the video) what the exact problem was and left Mark speechless other than "you know you can't buy that part from an automotive parts store." I responded, “Yes, I know,” because the guy in the video said so. I also spoke with a friend who is a mechanic who said he fixed the same problem in his Lexus and that this is not a safety hazard and that people drive their cars for months with this problem until they finally decide to get it fixed or the gear totally strips out and the column stops raising and lowering altogether. I picked my car up and the service department was deserted.

Admittedly no economic or physical damage occurred other than the lack of honesty and integrity of Infiniti of Coconut Creek. They tried to "scare" us into spending thousands of dollars for a safety hazard that did not exist. They lied about needing a brand new steering column. The owner is Billy Pearce and his business practices are disgusting. I know this because I work with one of his former employees. This dealership is all about money and no customer service/satisfaction. We thought people should know our story.


Beware that this can happen to anyone. I purchased my QX56 June 2010, after 2 weeks I started getting Inquiry's from credit secure almost everyday. So I called the dealership and spoke to the Finance Manager and they said ''don't worry your credit will be fine and anyways when you buy a car or a house you can run your credit as many times as you need and nothing will happen to your score.'' So here I am two months later and just received my Credit Report for all three credit bureau's and my score has dropped -22 points so far. They said it can still drop more, what bothers me is that they don't care, it's not their credit. I was at 770 and now I am at 748. It went from great to very good; I have always taken care of my credit. So please be careful with these people because this can definitely happen to you.


I have infinite problems with Infiniti Dealership at Coconut Creek, FL. It's hard to imagine that there are dealerships representing respectable high end used vehicles that will misrepresent the facts just to get a car sold. It is hard to believe such dealerships would not spare senior citizens, but rather take advantage of senior citizens. We are a couple in our mid 70's, who have bought numerous new high end vehicles in our lifetime. We have never been a victim such misrepresentation until we had the unfortunate experience of walking into and negotiating a deal to purchase a car at the Infiniti of Coconut Creek Dealership on W. Sample Rd in Coconut Creek, FL.

After our Lexus started showing signs of its age, we decided it may be best to trade it in for a used high end vehicle in excellent condition. We had two options in mind as "must have" options, a rear view camera and navigation system. On March 23rd, we walked into the dealership indicated above and after being shown only two cars, one which we dismissed immediately due to the bright red color.

The sales representative, Sean P. assured us that the second car was a loaded car in excellent condition, including "must have" options we desired. After several hours at the dealership, a deal was struck and we were ready to have our car delivered to us at the end of the day. Minimal time was spent on review of features by our sales representative. We drove away at 6pm on March 23rd, discovering in 20 minutes that the car did not have a rear view camera as promised throughout the negotiation process. Immediately, upon arrival back to our FL residence that evening, we called the dealership and spoke with Sean P. to let him know that there had been a mistake made and that we did not have the car with rear view camera as promised and included in the price of the car. We told him we were going to return to the dealership the next morning and to please make sure the Lexus we traded in was not sold to anyone.

We drove to the dealership the very next day on March 24th, and met with Gabriel, the finance manager and later with Sean, the salesman who sold us the vehicle and were told that in Florida, there is a no return policy and that the car could not be returned. We were told the Lexus we traded in had already been sold while we were negotiating the deal the very same evening. We did not believe we were being told the truth.

We asked to see the manager and were denied our request, in spite of offering to wait until he was available that day. We were stunned by this treatment. We were misled to believe we purchased a car with features we asked for. We were told our Lexus was sold and we had not even had a chance to give the dealership the title to the car as we believed it was in our Rochester, NY residence. We were under time pressure to make it to my daughter's house in Pittsburgh for Easter. We felt cheated and disappointed. We left the dealership, continuing to contact the dealership to speak to anyone who would listen to us. No one would take our calls or return the many messages left.

Finally, in desperation to get the dealership to take our calls, we stopped payment to the dealership and contacted our son-in-law to help us contact the dealership (see attached). We asked him to follow up on two issues. The first issue was the rear view camera option, which was promised to come with the car and the second being verification from dealership that we had paid the NY State taxes, which they had not given us at the time of our departure.

Geno, the dealership manager, accepted a call from my son-in-law and told him to put the issues in writing addressed to him, which he would forward to their corporate office. He advised my son-in-law to have us return to the dealership with a new check to replace the stopped check and that he would work to resolve the rear view camera issue and the NY State tax payment verification.

On March 30th, when we returned to the dealership with a new cashier's check, Geno offered us a check for $350 to cover the rear view sensors in place of the $3,500 rear view camera option. We were strong armed and intimidated into signing paperwork before we were given the NY State tax payment verification and $350 check. We were told the paperwork was basically a receipt for the $350 check we were receiving from the dealership. We only later noticed that the paperwork actually stated that the $350 payment was to be considered resolution to the rear view camera issue and any other issue that may come up in the future concerning the car. In a rush to get to my daughter's house for Easter and feeling the pressure from the dealership, I signed paperwork, not really sure of what it stated.

We have since discovered that the car has had a previous accident, not reported to Carfax. On April 9th, we went to the Infiniti dealership in Rochester, NY to ask about the phone feature in the car. The first thing the salesman said to us was whether we knew that the car was been painted with a non matching color on the entire passenger side (see attached documents and photos). He told us that the white stripe, originally on both sides of the car is now only visible on the driver side, making the paint job over the original color more obvious. The Infiniti dealership in Rochester also told us that the cost of the car should have been around $19,000 vs. the $24, 848 we were actually charged taking the paint issue and options included into consideration. Not surprisingly, we were never told about the paint issue and did not have a chance to closely examine the car at delivery due to the hasty delivery process at the end of the day we purchased the car.

In addition to all of the misrepresentation, we have not yet received the title to the Infiniti G35 Sedan VIN #JNKBV61E27M723437. The dealership has been harassing us with calls to send them the title to our old Lexus. We called them the day we arrived back in Rochester from FL (via my daughter's in Pittsburgh) to let them know we went to the department of motor vehicles to order another title because we had trouble locating our original copy in our home in Rochester, NY.

We feel cheated and robbed. We have never faced and experienced misrepresentation such as this in our entire adult life. We have attempted to notify Consumer Affairs at Infiniti, but have been told that the Consumer Affairs dept at Infiniti only focuses on complaints regarding car performance and not dealerships. We are hoping this information can help spare other senior citizens from such a horrendous experience. Furthermore, we would like to be made whole by adjustments made to our purchase price considering the misrepresentation of the car sold to us as "loaded" and in "excellent condition".


On October 4th, 2008 co-owner of our 2008 Infiniti EX35 was in a car accident, which they were rear ended. The vehicle was still driveable and was driven to the dealer which we purchased the vehicle from which is Infiniti of Coconut Creek. I contact the dealership before the vehicle arriving to ask about their body shop. They informed me that they do not have a body shop on premise but send all body shop customer to Proway Collision in Delray Beach, FL. They then gave me the contact number of the body shop. I contact the body shop and they picked up the vehicle from Infiniti of Coconut Creek later that day. After the vehicle being in the body shop for over 2 months I finally received it back just before Christmas.

Fast forward about 1 year. The back end of my car where the body meets the bumper, the paint is peeling off in chips. I contacted Infiniti of Coconut Creek and they informed me that I needed to contact ProWay, which come to find out is no longer in business. I informed Infiniti of Coconut Creek that the body shop that they sent my vehicle to is no longer in business they informed me that they could not do anything about the vehicle and that I would need to contact my insurance company. My insurance company informed me that because the vehicle was not sent to one of their recommended body shops that they do not guarantee the work and the Infiniti of Coconut Creek should take responsibility.

My insurance company (Mercury) contacted Infiniti of Coconut Creek and they were informed that they will not guarantee the work that the body shop they sent me to and that they inform there customers that they do not guarantee the work. I was never told that by Infiniti of Coconut Creek because if I was informed of that, I would have asked my insurance company to provide me with a reprutible company. I am now stuck with a 2008 Infiniti EX35 with painting chipping of the back and Infiniti of Coconut Creek will not except responsibility for their actions and sending a customer to a body shop that they do not guarantee. I do not believe that I should be the one paying for my vehicle to be fixed. I am not the one that pointed me in the direction of the low quality body shop. If anyone could help me, I would like to file a suit against Infiniti of Coconut Creek just to pay for the repairs of my vehicle. Thanks


I originally went into the location to look at a used G35 but after speaking to one of the sales reps Larry Karlin we ended up putting a deposit down on a 2008 G37. While there that night and talking to Larry he showed me the new 2008 QX56 and I fell in love with it. About 3 weeks later I came back and bought the QX56, everyone that night was very nice and very professional. About 2 weeks later the G37 came in and once again we were back at the dealership purchasing another car from Larry. Everything at this point was great; Larry was extremely helpful and very kind and I thought that the chocolate baskets they sent were a nice touch. I was very impressed and had already started referring people to Larry and the dealership.

On September 29th my temporary tag was almost up and I was headed out of town so I called the dealership to find out if my new tag had come in yet. At this time they informed me I needed to come in to fill out some paperwork. Although not understanding what paperwork, I explained I was headed out of town and to please have everything ready as I was in a hurry. When I got there, nothing was ready! We spoke to Janet who had originally done the paperwork and she explained that they had not been able to get the deal approved and so they had to redo all of the paperwork. I asked why no one had contacted me, but she had no answer for me. Ironically, I had been driving my car for 30 days and the financing still wasnt complete. At this point Ali the Finance Manager came over and asked why I was so upset. I explained the situation and he just told me I didnt need to be upset about it, I just needed to fill out the paperwork. The conversation went down hill from there, Ali was extremely rude and seemed to have no people skills at all.

Janet printed out the new contract for me to sign and got me a new temporary tag. As I was walking out the door, she came running out because she had to print it again in order to change the start date on it since my first payment would have been due already. This was now the third contract I signed.

A couple days later I got a phone call from Janet saying they are missing a $2500 check from the money I put down on the cars. After doing research on the checks I had written to Infiniti it appeared that they had taken the $2500 deposit we put down on G37 and posted it towards the $5000 we put down on the truck. Therefore the $2500 check that should have been applied to the G37 we had purchased was now missing. At this point Janet accused me of not giving her the check the night I bought my truck. I explained to her I did give her the check and in fact she put them in the file with my paperwork and I had the carbon copies for both. She later explained that Ali was upset and needed me to bring in a new check. After much conversation back and forth I had to submit a stop payment on the check and pay via credit card over the phone with Larry.

At this point I was at wits end with Infiniti of Coconut Creek. You would think that after you drive off of the car lot with a car you wouldnt have to deal with the finance department on a regular basis as I had to do. Then the real aggravation started! I get my welcome letter from Infiniti Finance in the mail on October 15th along with my first statement. The statement shows that I owe two months of payments. The next day I call Infiniti finance and explain that I just received my welcome letter and my first statement. They said that the contract that they received from dealership showed my first payment being due on September 29th and not October 29th. Although they didnt understand how my first statement would require two payments that is what they had in the system. They told me I needed to contact the dealership to have them fax over the correct contract. I contacted Janet once again and spoke to her about the situation. She asked me to fax over the welcome letter and the statement showing the two payments being owed and she would get Ali to sent in the correct statement to Infiniti Finance.

I went home that night and completed the survey that we had received for the purchase of the G37 as I had already returned the one for the QX56. I put into the survey how disorganized and rude the finance department was at the dealership, and specifically named Ali. At this point I figured this feedback was necessary since I was still dealing with the finance nightmares of purchasing my truck and had found Ali to be very unprofessional in our dealings. About a week went by and I called back to find out Infiniti Finance had received the correct contract. They had not! I went back into the dealership since my problem was still not resolved. When I spoke to Janet that night she told me that Ali had read my feedback on the survey and was ****** and had said he was not faxing the correct contract to Infiniti Finance for me. At this point I was irate. I spoke to Bob, one of the managers, and he said he would take care of it. About a week later I received a letter from one of the credit bureaus saying I had requested the status of my account and there were no late payments showing for Infiniti Finance. I was happy to know it had been resolved, or so I thought!

About 4 or 6 weeks ago, my credit watch program notified me that my credit score had decreased by 90 points because Infiniti Financial had reported a past due balance. I was just beyond upset at this point as this was now affecting my future. Once again I called the dealership and Infiniti Financial. At this point I was told that both Ali and Janet were no longer with the company. Although not surprised, I knew this was going to be more aggravating having to explain the situation to someone new. I was told that Sandy Alexander was the new Finance Manager and they would have him call me back first thing in the morning. By noon the next day I still had not received a phone call so I called and once again spoke to another manager who said they would track Sandy down and have him call me back.

When Sandy did call me he seemed annoyed that he had a note that said he was suppose to call me back and didnt. He asked if he had spoken to me before and told me he would call me back. I explained that I called the night before and was told they would leave a note for him to call me in the morning. He said he didnt know anything about it. I gave him the information and he quickly started telling me it was impossible that I would have signed 3 contracts and that they would have sent the wrong one to the finance company. I told him to pull my file and he would see that was the case, he then told me I was being demanding and rude. When I asked how I was being demanding, he said I told him to pull the file, I explained that might be a good place to start as he would see all the contracts in there. He told me that it was 2008 and he didnt understand why I was dealing with this now. He said he was not the manager back then and wasnt the person that I needed to be dealing with. I explained I had been trying to deal with it for months and I spoke to the sales manager who told me that Sandy would be the one to take care of it. He said they were just pushing it off on him and he knew nothing. Once again dealing with someone with no manners and no willingness to help me, which seemed common in the finance department, I decided to hang up and call back to speak with Bob the manager I had been dealing with previously. Bob was not in the office so I got sent to another manager Rick Namm who said he would look into it and call me back. The next morning I drove down to the dealership again and Rick pulled my file and found all three contracts in there and kindly faxed the correct one to Infiniti Finance. He was the first person in months that had been helpful in the least!

As of today April 24th, almost 8 months after purchasing a car from Infiniti of Coconut Creek my problem still exists. My credit score is still down 90 points, my statement I received this month still shows 2 payments due plus $354.80 in late fees and Infiniti Finance still has no answers for me. I am sure if they had received the correct contract the first time I contacted Infiniti of Coconut Creek it would have been easier for IFS to correct the problem.

Before writing this letter I pulled Rick Namms card out to get the address and found it funny that the slogan on the bottom of the card reads, Its easier than you think!? I would have to completely disagree after what I have been thru with this company.


I went to lease an Infiniti 2008 M35 from Infiniti of Coconut Creek on December 30, 2007. We negotiated a lease offer and we agreed and shook hands with the Sales Manager Rick Yudri?. The dealership inquired about mine and my wife credit score and we co-signed the deal. Unfortunately, we couldnt take the delivery of the vehicle as the car was not ready for delivery on December 30, 2007. We were told to come on December 31, 2007 at 9:30 by our sales agent Michael Mignott? .

We reached the dealership and to our surprise that despite spending more than 6 hours at the dealership on December 30, 2007 and negotiating a lease and signing all the paperwork for our credit inquiry, the car dealership changed their mind and asked for approximately $1,600 more before they give us the delivery of the car. We were treated very rudely by the Sales Director Joel Gomez? and he asked us to sign a new deal for $650/month lease plus taxes. Our original agreement on the lease was $650/month including tax.

This is despite the fact that the dealership pulled our credit on December 30, 2007 and we also gave a deposit on our credit card of $1,600.

When we refused to sign a new deal which is $1,600 more than our original agreement and complained the Sales Director Joel Gomez? that we will complain to Better Business Bureau, we were threatened by the Sales Director Joel Gomez? that he will call the police. We never threatened any damage of the property and were with my 4 year old son who had to go through 5 hours of grueling with us, because dealership did not intend to honor the agreement we struck to. Mr. Joel Gomez told us that despite the dealership pulled the credit and has us sign 30 papers, and also taken our deposit, we dont have an lease agreement.


I leased an infiniti G-35 Oct/20/05 from Coconut Creek Infiniti. I recently found out the car was re-painted and with body work done to several parts of the car. The trunk of the car is starting to rust and the rest of the car has air pockets in the paint that will start to peel (according to the body repair man at the infiniti dealer). The service department at the dealer told me that the factory warranty was no good now that the car was repainted.

When I purchased the car, I asked the salesman if there was any chance that anything was wrong with the car or had previous damage. The salesman assured me that any previously damaged cars were sent directly to the auction and not sold at the dealers lot. I was also told that the car had a full factory warranty which turns out not to be true. I informed the general manager about my problem who assured me that they would switch me out to a comparable car. When I went in to take care of this, one of the general managers told me that I would have to put another $5000 down on another car to keep my payments the same or have my monthly payments go up $110 on the same car that I have.

I informed him that there should be no reason why I should have to put out more money because of their mistake. He gave me two choices, either put down more money or keep the car I had. I feel this is a case of fraud considering they told me nothing was wrong with the car and also sold it to me with a factory warranty that is not good.

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