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BEWARE of the SERVICE DEPARTMENT. Brought our Toyota Sienna in for an engine check light. Was told we needed 2 oxygen sensors for $870 total out the door. When we arrived to pick it up the bill was now $1250+. Service Manager, Shawn, was rude and obnoxious to us. Stating he was there/overheard when Brizzy the service writer called and told us the new charges only for him to immediately find out she never told us. Shawn now informs us the car is not fixed (needed parts) and if we don't pay the bill he will not release the car. So we paid only to find out the car was in the same condition as when we dropped it off 2 days before. Additionally, they damaged the lower dash panel which houses the mirror control panel. It was hanging down and we could not get into the car without pushing it up and taping it into place. Shawn said he would order a new lower dash panel.

When we returned to have the car repaired a week later and pick it up, it appeared to be repaired only the mirror housing in the new lower dash panel was loose and the mirrors were making a loud grinding motor noise that wouldn't stop. Having not left the service area yet, we went back to talk to Shawn who now states that we burned out the mirror motors and it was over $1500 to repair. We left disgusted and called the GM Al ** who claimed innocence but said he would accept $760 from us to fix the mirrors. We have faithfully serviced here for over 6 years always paying what needed to be done to keep our Sienna properly maintained. It is clear that they did the damage causing the mirror motors to immediately burn out in the service drive before we left. We are seeking legal action now.

I bought my car from Ft Myers Toyota (located on Fowler). I have a contract with them which I pay every month for the basic maintenance. At the time nothing and I mean nothing was wrong with my car but as soon as I started taking my car in for maintenance, they will always mess something up so I'll take to pay extra to what I'm already paying a month. They do the maintenance but they would leave some bolts out under the hood so something else will go wrong. I've taken my car to 2 other companies to take a look at my car and they both told me the same thing (someone is tampering with the car). Toyota in Ft Myers are bunch of freaking criminals.

Went to the "FAMILY STORE" Fort Myers Toyota to lease a car. Won't bore you with all the details, just the chase. When I went to sign the deal the finance department had padded my bill with a $299 charge for "Life Lock". You can get Life Lock for a free trial then $10 a month. I declined and the finance guy said everyone has to take this. This along with another sleight of hand trick padded my monthly payment by an extra $35 or 40 dollars per month. Doesn't sound like much, add it up over 3 years and see how much this dealership is making in hidden charges. So be aware!

On Aug. 21st I agreed to pay $30.00 to have my car's codes read and was told it would be an hour test. Four hours later I was told to get a ride home. Aug. 22nd I was told I needed a $1,200.00 TCM and I told them I didn't have $1,200.00 now and if they put the hood down that I'd pick up my car and drive it home. On the 23rd I was called and told my car is not drivable. I told them I drove it in and now I can't drive it out? I agreed to purchase the TCM and it was ordered. They put the new TCM in and said it was bad and ordered another one. They put the new one on and then told me my ECM is fried and needed replaced @ another. $1,500.00.

After TWO-MONTHS I give them $1,769.65 and pick my car up. Within 5 blocks the car is doing the same thing it did TWO-MONTHS earlier but I have $1,769.65 less money and a car that they tell me "it's up to you how much more money you want to spend to fix it?" I've sold Toyota's years ago and I've been around cars my whole life. I refuse to be treated and talked to like I'm stupid. I have tried to talk to Toyota to keep from having to do this and I'm frustrated. I was told to go to for help and I found another customer that this happened to also. They had her car for THREE MONTHS.

I took my Toyota 4Runner in with one side of my AC blowing hot air. Knowing they would surely come up with a dozen other "maintenance" things to do in order to rack up my bill. I also asked for an oil change and to wash the truck, which is advertised as complimentary. I told the gal that I had a check engine light on when I brought it in and she reassured me the mechanics would find the source of the problem. $755 later, I get my truck, (dirty) with two lights on now, and completely discouraged. As I was taking time off work, obviously costing me at the same time, I called back to tell her of the situation and requested a rental car while they fix it.

When I got there, I asked to speak to a manager, so she reluctantly called someone and I hear her say, "Yes, it's the same one, I know I already got her a rental. I don't know what else she wants now". Never did see a manager, so not wanting to lose any more work time, I took the car and when I came back, my truck was still dirty, lights were still on and nobody was available to talk to, conveniently. Two weeks later, and my AC is blowing hot air on the same side even after they "ran dye" through the system. I have lived here for over twenty years and I have always bought Toyotas. I have NEVER had a good customer service experience at that location. The bells, whistles, coffee, donuts... Just service my car the way I'm paying for it to be serviced! Never Again!!!

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I took my car in because it was bucking and stuttering at a stop light or stop sign. I ran very well otherwise. I was told I needed a bunch of work. But they could make the engine run good without stuttering or bucking with just a few of the things they said it needed. So I gave the okay to do some of the work that would fix the problem. When I got my car back and after paying $440.00, I noticed right away that it was no better than when I came in. I came back to the service writer and he said that he told me this repair would fix the engine light and that I would have to replace spark plugs and wires and replace the valve cover gasket. I told him that I had just replaced the plugs a few days ago. (I am a mechanic now retired. Worked at Wallace Int Trucks in Ft Myers for 18 years and at Shoreline Int. Trucks in Milford Ct. for 10 years) so I do know something about car repairs but not enough about cars to do diagnostics. After talking with service writer, mechanic and someone who was introduced to me as service manager, I left very dissatisfied and angry.

When I got home, I replaced the spark plug wires and the car ran better but still bucking at stop light and stop sign. I was in the process of replacing the valve cover gasket when I broke the PVC valve. I noticed that the PVC valve was clogged so I replaced it. Car is now running very well, no more problems with engine. I come to the conclusion I was ripped off because I fixed the problem with a valve that cost $6.99. I have been a Fort Myers Toyota customer for 20 years and have always been very satisfied with the work I received and the 10 cars that I have purchased in the last 20 years. I received a call from someone at FMT. When I told her what happened, she said she was sorry and someone would call me back. Three weeks later, no one has called to explain why this happened to me. I have owned Toyotas for a long time and will buy another when the time comes. But I think I will go elsewhere for my next Toyota.

We went there at 5 pm on 3/12 and got out at 10:30 pm. The salesman took our plate off our old car, which we just renewed in Dec. 2012. They gave us a temp plate and registration. Three weeks later, there is still no call for new registration and plate, so I called and had to go to New Cars and pick this stuff up. Then a week later, I got a bill wanting 83 dollars more for registration. Next, I asked for a Carfax but didn't get one till I called and asked for it. They faxed it to me two days later.

Salesman never told us it was in a front end collision. They marked the car up 2000 dollars, and I got a buyer's guide but there was no warranty or warranty check but someone wrote 60 days on it. And on the back, it states they have to disclose this information which I never did and neither did they. I got an extended warranty, had 30 days to cancel and the Used Cars finance manager wouldn't let us after two times. So when I went to New Cars, the finance manager cancelled it for us which was 3000 dollars and added 100 dollars on our payment.

I made an appointment with service on Sunday. No one called to let me know that Fort Myers Toyota couldn't do anything because Hyundai isn't open on Sundays. So I talked to the service manager and she promised me an appointment and a rental car the following Sunday and I got the same answer as the Sunday before. Why do they say service is open seven days a week? I even made an appointment for nine on a Thursday, but when I got there, they said he was in a meeting till ten.

I took my 2010 Corolla to Firestone for oil change. They informed me I had an oil leak that would be covered under my powertrain warranty to take it to Toyota. I made the mistake of going to Ft. Myers Toyota. I waited 4 hours for them to tell me it was leaking but they did not know from where. They put dye in and told me to come back. When I returned, it was the crank sensor, not covered under warranty and they needed to order part and would call when it came in. I asked how long repair would take and was told one hour. They never called so I called a week later. I was told the part was in and scheduled an appointment for Sat. at 2:00.

When I arrived, Dia, the service tech, met me with "I hope you are not here to get your car fixed. It is too late, etc." I informed her I had made an appointment the day before and they had said it was fine. I asked to speak with the service manager. When he arrived, Dia described me as a belligerent customer and he refused to speak to me. The part has been replaced but not sure car is fixed. I will have Firestone check. Keep away if you want any kind of service. Rude, rude, rude.

I went to buy a vehicle. I was pre-approved, but they said they could get me a better deal. They pulled my credit 5 times to lower my score and then put me with their finance company at high interest rate. I battled for a year to get a better rate. In the meantime, I broke a leg and had no work. (I am a realtor.) Finally, they agreed to lower the interest rate to 3 1/4 interest with first payment due on July 18. I had a family emergency and went to NJ. I got back and found paperwork overnighted to me on the16th and was due back on 18th. I got paperwork on the 23rd. The truck was repo-ed on the 24th. Nothing came certified from Toyota ever.

I know I cannot work with no car. So no job. I have been put through a nightmare over this truck. They are rude at dealership and also at the finance company. I will lose my house now. I cannot work without a vehicle, and they also have padded bill with added charges for items that came with the vehicle already. Also, I told them I did not want Gap insurance, and I was told it was removed. It was never removed. I am scared; I do not know what to do about all this mess.

I owned an 07 Camry that I bought in 08. I am a long term Toyota owner, and that was my 8th Toyota. When I heard about the pedal problems, I went into Toyota and told them 1) I did not want any local mechanic cutting my gas pedal, and 2) I felt unsafe driving the car around, especially when my children and young grandchildren were here. I went into Toyota over three days to discuss my concerns. Two sales reps, one named Bruce P. and another named Brian, along with the Sales Manager, convinced me to buy a new Toyota, a 2010, that they assured me had absolutely no pedal problems. I bought the car on January 30, 2010.

On May 6, 2010, I brought the new car in for its 5000 mile check-up. At that time I was told by the service department agent that the new car had exactly the same problem as the old car - safety recall 90L - and that the gas pedal would have to be cut down. I told him absolutely no, under no circumstances. The whole point of buying a new car when I did not need one was to avoid having non-factory staff "cut" or replace the gas pedal. I left the car there and returned to work to try and figure out what to do. The Sales Manager, Rick P., called me and offered me a new car, a 2011, which according to him definitely does not have any gas pedal problems, for $3,000. I told him, no, I could not afford another $3,000 after just laying out some $10,000 in addition to the $12,000 they gave me on the trade in.

During the day of May 6, I sent the owner of Forty Myers Toyota a fax explaining what happened and telling him that nothing was to be done to the gas pedal. I also went back to Toyota on that day around 2:30 and rented a car from the Hertz office on the grounds there. At 4:18 (phone calls are tracked in my office) the service area staff person (do not know his name) called me and said they would not cut the pedal down, but they would put in a completely new pedal if I wanted, and asked if that would be okay with me. I told him no, absolutely not. Again, with all due respect to local staff, the whole point of buying a new car I did not need was to get factory installed equipment on something as important as a gas pedal.

On Friday morning, May 7, I was called by the Service Manager and informed that a new pedal had been placed in my car. I asked who authorized that, and he said he did not know. Later that afternoon Rick P., Sales Manager called and said that they had determined that I authorized the replacement of the pedal when I came in to rent the car. I told him that was absolutely not true. So, I spent $22,000 (trade in plus cash) on a car that has exactly the same problem that my previous car did, even though I was assured it did not.

The dealership says they were not informed until the beginning of February that there was a problem. If this is true, then there is an even bigger problem; surely Toyota knew that the cars had the same problems as the previous recalled cars. I was lied to, and I was lied to well. Now they are not telling the truth about authorization to replace the gas pedal in my car. I want the money back I paid for this car. I want restitution that will make me whole. I have been a loyal Toyota customer, as have been my children. My present car is my ninth Toyota, and my daughter was about to buy her third. She has stopped the transaction.

I need help. I cannot afford to buy another car and I am afraid to drive the car that I presently own. Toyota sales staff outright lied about the condition of the car I was buying. I want to know how they had authority from Toyota to sell this car when they apparently knew full well of its problems. On the first day that I was notified of this, I really was a bit in a state of shock. I could not believe that I had been taken so good by a group of lying salesmen and a sales manager. I have been driving an unsafe car, one that was specifically purchased for the safety of my children and grandchildren. That first afternoon, I suffered an anxiety attack that resulted in my right eye becoming bloody in color. I have also had to rent a car at my expense due to the fact that the gas pedal in my car was cut out and replaced by a local mechanic and that the car has been identified for a recall by Toyota.

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