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After 35 days having issues after issues with the car, I finally found out the car had a salvage title. The car was reported by insurance to be a total loss so the dealer never disclosed or let us know it was a bad title because the title did not even state that but when I finally went to Cadillac dealer they ran the vin and it shows the car was totaled.

So now here goes my story. I have been through hell with my family my wife and 2 year old kids and a new born. God is watching god I'm hates ugly god will punish and this dealer will suffer and lose at the end. I put down 2,500 on a black escalade so me and my family traveled to New England. For our new born baby... Hold on, let me start by saying the same day we bought the car the transmission went off. Tires and the whole car was in the worst un-safest condition. They let a person drive away with a car that’s falling apart. I have 2 little babies, how the hell can a dealer not care about safety and a human’s life?

They will do anything to make dirty money and I will make sure this gets on tv. I will get this people exposed. Ok so we got to the other state, omg the car stopped running so we took it to Cadillac dealer and the transmission had a leak which means they never replaced the bad one. The shocking part of the story is the dealer at Cadillac told me this car was a totaled, bad titled salvage which means it was written off. Now my question is why did the dealer not tell me this car was a bad title? Meaning the title I signed DID not have anything stating it was a salvage which means the dealer never reported to the motor vehicle about the car so that they can make extra money.

Now the car got repoed yesterday on the 24th. We just had a newborn and now we are stranded with nothing and no money. I only had this car for 34 days, can you imagine?? I pray to God to keep me and my family strong and safe. We don’t have a way to get back to Florida. We only have money for food that is running out. Our families don’t have contact with us for years so we are hoping for someone to be able to help us with money or even pay for a flight ticket so me and my family can go back to Florida, Naples and pick up our money that we put down over 3000.

The owner of the place "Steve" refused to let us take the car out because he's running scared so now we are on the street. When I bought the car July I paid for 3 months until October 10th. Can you believe how money can make people greedy and destroy lives? If anyone can help we appreciate. Here is my email if you want to help my family.. ** Please help if possible. My family is in big need!!!

Satisfaction Rating

I went to first-class auto last Monday 02/10/2014 with my family since I did not have a license and did not want to put my car in another person's name one of the sells man told me he could actually hold the car if I put down a $500 deposit. I gave the man $500 and told him I'd be back in 2 weeks. On Wednesday of that week a female called me and asked when I would pay the rest and pick up the car. I told her myself and the other had talked about it and he had agreed on two weeks. The lady told me they hold a car for only a week and told I had till Friday to either get the $500 deposit back which I had been told earlier that it was none refundable.

I told the girl we had made an agreement and that was not right and she told me they had an issue with another customer about her not coming back and I guess they were being sued and some ** like that. I told the girl it had been two days and it's not like I did not have the money duh, who puts down $500 nonrefundable deposit and not comeback. I said I'd call back. At this point she told me they had the car for me till Friday and denied when I said they had sold it. I called back the next day and spoke with the guy that I had given the money to. We didn't speak much but I told him I would pick up the car the next day Friday, he agreed. The next day we went to back and the idiots said they had sold the car. Not to mention they didn't have me read anything and when they got the money they kept several papers and gave us a little receipt.

After complaining to a bunch of people, I have met people who have bought cars from them - this is a small town. I AM GLAD THEY SOLD THE CAR TO SOMEONE ELSE. I was advised by many to sue but God will punish them soon. I have never written a review but this is not the first time I have been screwed in Naples from motel rooms to everywhere else. I am going elsewhere. FYI I am a responsible person who pays their bills on time. Hope the person who bought it screws you over. People be careful with these people and they seem nice.

Satisfaction Rating

This is the worst dealer ever. Ever since I purchased a car with them, it’s been problem after problem. I have taken the car to their shop and have left it for up to three days, several occasions where they said they would fix it. And when I get the car back, it still has the same problem which means they didn't do anything to it. They advertise that all cars have three years warranty on motor transmission and AC. Well, I have taken my car with transmission failure and all they say is, “I test drove it and checked the transmission, and there’s nothing wrong with it.” That’s a lie because as of right now, my car has completely stopped, and won’t go forward - only in reverse. They don’t want to do anything to fix it knowing the car has 3 years of warranty supposedly.

Satisfaction Rating

Well, let's assume that you've got a bad car. Okay, regardless of what place you buy your car, it can turn out good or bad. But, let's talk about service. Only the people who work somewhere or own the place can affect service.

They agreed to fix everything that was wrong with the car in the first 30 days. On day 29, they were still beating around the bush to avoid a few simple repairs. I got an appointment for Monday at 8 am (at their repair shop a few streets way). No one showed up, so I called the person at 10 am. She said, "I will try to see when I get there; I was on vacation and didn't order your part." So I had to leave my truck there and wait until they fixed it. I could go on forever on what was wrong with the truck, but I want to focus on the service part of my problems here.

The worst part: When I told the manager lady, the same blond girl someone else left a review about, she mentioned rude remarks about my religion and my nationality. Her goal was to point out how people of my religion and nationality are and that this is why I was upset. I have never seen just rude comments towards a client. I am very upset with what this place has said to me. I tried to return the car but they refused to give me back any of my money, including the 2 months I had paid in advanced.

Why religion and nationality matters in a place of business is beyond me! But, go ahead; let's see what your next client thinks about what you did to me. I am a political refugee for religious reasons. The matter is of sensitive nature to me. I was brought to this country for religious freedom by the United Nations. I didn't just decide that I wanted to come here one day. So for someone to mention my nationality and religion as a reason to discriminate towards me is very upsetting and could have some real heavy legal actions take place if I wanted to make a big deal out of it. They don't like Cubans and Haitians; they are ready to discriminate you.

As soon as you pay for your car, things, like smiles and helpfulness go away very quickly. The girl made some nice comments about my religion and nationality in order to sell me the truck, and they promised many repairs. But once they got paid, there were no repairs, no consideration, no respect for appointments, and no respect for my nationality or religion.

Satisfaction Rating

My mom bought two cars from Steve and they both were not what it seems to be. Well my mom's TrailBlazer was fine until a month after she bought it. The starter went out on it, so they fixed it but of course she had to pay money to have it fixed. It started working fine, but trouble started when she bought a 2003 Pontiac Vibe from them. Not even four months later, the Barron went out.

I couldn't put back breaks on the car because it was welded together. After that, the AC went out and they wanted to charge me $328 to fix if. Then my problem continued, so I took it to a car shop and they told me the car was wrecked on one side and the hub assembly was way too loose and it was dangerous to drive the car, but of course FCA wanted to charge us $1200 to fix it!

They came and repossessed the car & now they want to charge us $160 just to get our stuff out of the car. Saying it's the storage fee when they just took the car two days ago.

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Well after a hard six months and a bunch of headaches, First Class Auto took back the Mercedes I purchased back and it's back for sale for the next person to buy, after countless harassment and threats of arrest and a big financial loss on my end. I just wish if First Class Auto was really as friendly and they put themselves out to be, why don't they have an actual testimonials link on their website that people can actually put on there what they experienced instead of a few positive letters that we don't even know if they are real? For all I know they could be made up.

Well, in my opinion, if they did set up a real testimonials page by the end of the first week, it's most likely that it would be bombarded with negative comments, which is why we don't have that option. I also wanted to mention that I was bribed to take down the last comment I posted on here in January about them by saying they would drop charges against me if I did. Even though they committed the crime, since I do not have a top dollar lawyer on retainer, how could I ever compete? I never even got the option of filing a complaint with the States Attorney's office because the officer in charge at the States Attorney's office refused to accept it and would not return my calls.

My advice to everyone out there is be careful. Get everything in writing and ask for it when it comes to the so-called lifetime warranty they offer which when I bought my car was never given anything in writing, In fact, they refused.


We purchased a 2004 Chrystler Pacifica from Steve at First Class Auto. They told us about their 50% "bumper to bumper, life time warranty". When we had the car towed back to them 5 months later because of transmission problems, it took 8 days for us to get an explanation of what the problem was.

On the ninth day we received a call from Steve claiming that we had run over something causing the coolant line on the transmission to come loose. The bill was $470.00 in spite of the "warranty" and we were promised that a full explanation of the necessary repairs would be given when we came to pick up our car. When we arrived, Steve refused to even allow us to test drive the car. He would not even take the keys from behind the desk himself in order to open the hood and show us what had been done until we paid the $470 bill.

After being stonewalled by Steve we called the Sheriffs Office and had no choice but to pay the bill in order to get our keys. Less than one mile from the shop the exact problem started again just as before. We have a vehicle that does not run, a worthless "warranty" and no option other than pay a third party to do the repairs and sue Worst Class Auto for the bill.


I want to formally retract the last complaint I made. I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with the owner Steve. He is genuinely concerned and helpful with my purchase at his business. Gave me multiple options to try. We have been able to come to terms and I am extremely happy with his service. Do not be afraid to work with First Class Auto. They truly care about their customers and selling quality products. All items are resolved. Thanks Steve!


I was looking for a used car and found this company on Craigslist. They had a Nissan Murano that I was looking for and could finance me. I went and test drove the car. No check lights or noises were going on. It rode really well. I went back a second time and same thing. So I bought the car.

The next morning the check engine light came on. I brought it back and they said it was O2 sensor. So they fixed. Check engine light and it came on again the next day. They didn’t know what was wrong so I took somewhere else. 3 mechanics have told me that the engine needs to be replaced. I went back to First Class Auto and spoke with owner. He directed me to someone else and they afford to fix it for half price. Otherwise, I am screwed.

I have a car that I owe $13,700. I already paid $4,000.00 and the engine is no good. I have had the car for 3 months. The check engine light will never go away. What will I do? I don’t understand why the company would want to screw me over.


These people are a joke. I bought two cars from them--one had an overheat problem that they claimed was a faulty sensor. After a few complaints and trips to the lot, they disabled the temp sensor without my knowledge so I would not complain. And the motor blew up the next day. I drove the car for 90 miles since it was bought and he claimed that I overheated the engine and burnt the clutch racing it. In the three days I owned it, I did all that.

The other was a 500SL Mercedes that I bought. They turned off the abs and the airbags and they claimed that they fixed those things. Well, guess what? They just pulled the fuses so it would not work at all. To top it off, they illegally charged me with additional money to finance the car. They illegally installed a GPS tracking device that can monitor and memorize all your activities for one year without my consent.

And to top it off, they illegally filed a certificate of repossession while I had the car and was not behind on my payments! Why did they do that? Well, my car was keyed and I am getting a $9,000 check to fix the damages so they tried to pull that to keep the car and keep me out of the loop on me having to sign the insurance check and keep that as well. These people are **. I have my attorney working on a lawsuit and the best a person can do is spend their hard-earned money elsewhere.

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