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Courtesy Toyota of Brandon

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Last updated: Sept. 30, 2017

37 Courtesy Toyota of Brandon Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2017

After a twenty year plus relationship with this dealership, I found out today that they sold me what I thought was a brand new set of Michelin LTX M/S2 tires for my Tacoma in January of 14'. Turns out the tires had been sitting around since 2012 and now have dry rot and will need to be replaced soon, I'm in the last stages of the yellow warning chart now. Only 30K miles on them and they said there is nothing they can do for me and the dry rot is normal. Maybe this is normal and normal procedure for a car dealership but I thought I was buying brand new tires and I was not and they never said a thing to me, Sears clued me in and maybe just maybe two years would make a difference.

It was in their Brandon shop just 4 weeks ago and had a tire rotation, they said nothing about any dry rot or that they would need replacing soon. If you're thinking about buying something from this dealer, please think again, if this isn't deceptive, then I don't know what is. 20 years plus with these guys and this is how they will treat you. I am beyond discouraged and disappointed. That is the world we live in today, cheat your neighbor and customer???

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 21, 2017

I visited this location on more than one occasion, dealt with Shawn, David and management Dan/Danny. They have extremely horrible customer service and are nasty rude people. They have no interest in selling a car, just waste your time by saying "come by, we will give you a better deal", go there and they do not give you a better deal. Promised to pay for my gas, and did not go with that either. David, salesguy hung up on me, when I asked him about a quote.

The manager Dan/Danny, really angry guy, the guy who keeps sniffing as he is a coke head, interrupted while a sales guy was talking to us and started banging his head on the table saying, "you're wasting the salesperson's time", "how much time do you need"? This is NOT how you do business or treat any person!!! They chase you out with their nastiness then bombard you with text messages, phone calls and emails to come back. Um NO sane person will come back with such behavior from the Toyota dealership personnel. Shame on them!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

Rating this place 1 star seems a lot to me because these people only care about themselves. 2 months ago my car was overheated so I took it to this place, they told me I needed a new engine and wanted me to purchase a new car with them. I refused to purchase their car and told them to repair my car instead. I paid these people almost 4k for a rebuilt engine. Not even a couple days later after they claimed to fix it, the car was jerking and shaking which BTW it never happened before. When I took it back for a 2nd time they told me the right axle was leaking and charged me another $700, realized that it could be a lie.

I drove my car to another mechanic for a 2nd opinion. The 2nd mechanic told me that the motor that they gave me is dirty and also wasn't good. When I told the tech that the car cut off while I was driving it, he agreed to look at it again. He claimed that he ran lot of tests for the car but he was able to fix it the issue. Not even a week went by after they fixed it for a 2nd time the car was overheated again. With the one year warranty on the engine I took it back for a 3rd time. Now from what I heard, they voided the warranty without telling me and refused to fix my car.

I paid these people $4000 and yeah I should have been better off with another car but I wanted to fix my car and if they couldn't fix the car, they should have told me, "Ma'am we can't fix your car." They have my money and I still don't have my car. I will do whatever it takes to either get my money back and have them fix my car. I lost my job because I didn't have reliable transportation. Do they care? No! You have a repair on your car? Please take your business somewhere else. Courtesy Toyota of Brandon is the worst place to do business. I called several times, left messages to speak with Chad, he has not responded to any of my messages. They do not value their customers, they only care about what's in their pockets. This place should not be open for business.

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Original review: May 10, 2017

By far, the rudest collision repair group in the Tampa Bay Area. Text services indicated car would be ready on Monday. I called the day after for information and front office indicated won't be ready for a while and ask for Rep to call. NO call. Next day, I called back and when I asked when I would receive communication about the car status, he chose to respond by asking if I wanted a call every 6 hours. How about just returning the one and only I message I had left the day before asking on the status! How about making sure I won't get a phone call one hour before you close to come pick up my car.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 8, 2017

We purchased a 2016 Highlander less than a year ago and the passenger side floor mat kept bunching up, defective. So my husband went to the dealership for a regularly scheduled oil change and ask to have it replaced. They ultimately told him he was lying by saying "it wasn't like that when you purchased the car". This was the Sales Manager, Dan **. He never introduced himself either so my husband asked for his card. And the oil change was done but they for the second time forgot to reset the maintenance light. We will recommend to everyone we talk with not to use Courtesy Toyota. So for the price of a defective floor mat Toyota has lost a near lifelong customer. Don't risk the poor experience! Make another choice!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 28, 2017

I took my estimate from the insurance company to this body shop and had them order my parts before dropping my car off 3 weeks ago. 3 weeks later I still don't have my car but 2 weeks into having it they're saying hidden damages and they need more money. Per my insurance adjuster they have things down that are not accident related. They don't offer loaner cars and I've been out of work now for 3 weeks waiting on my repair. I called the shop to get a date on my repair and no one can give me a date. Not to mention they tell me people are going to call me back and I still have to call them back for response but each time I'm on hold and the person who answers so rude she don't even ask to place me on hold or tell me I'm being put on hold, I just suddenly hear music. I will never use this shop again.

Original review: Jan. 12, 2017

I went to get my car serviced but knew the repairs would be way high and that it was worth buying a car instead. At the service department one of the salesmen approached me. We began the process of applying for a loan for a new RAV4. The salesperson was nice but the person that took over for him, "Felice" was rude. I knew the kind of payment I wanted to make and I was very calm but firm when letting Mr. "Felice" know how much I wanted to pay. He actually asked me why I was so angry and that confused me. I wanted to walk out at that moment but I had spent so much time there already and I didn't want to take away the sale from the original person that began helping me. I am not sure if that was an intimidation tactic on his part but it didn't work. I was able to get the payments that I wanted because I stood firm and did not let this man bully me into paying what he wanted me to pay.

They also got all the paperwork wrong and put the co-owner as the owner. We were given a loan that was supposedly accepted as long as we agreed to a life insurance policy that came with it and NEVER received any paperwork regarding the life insurance policy. I am dreading the day I will need to go for my free maintenance that they promised me!!! In total we ended up spending over 6 hours. Let alone the fact that my friend had made me an appointment to have my car looked at and then we received an email saying that they canceled the appointment with no explanation and they couldn't even explain how that happened. The only two people that was super nice were the loan officer and the salesperson!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2017
I will NEVER recommend ANYONE to this dealership! I took my brand new 2015 Toyota to be serviced at the dealership due the warranty not by personal choice.

My car was scratched while on their lot and in their care, they possibly hit a curb. EVERY TIME I had my car serviced, I had to take it back multiple times because the job was NEVER done right. I had an oil change, found a large oil leak underneath my car the next day. I had an alignment done, it wasn't done properly. The car doesn't drive the same ever since they touched it and the alignment was never fixed after a couple of visits. I had "courtesy" car washes with the services provided.

Not only was the car returned as if they dried it with a muddy rag, the paint has swirl marks that now need to be buffed out. I keep my car in immaculate condition but thanks to Courtesy Toyota of Brandon, my car isn't worth **! They try to remediate the problems when you call and file a complaint but instead of fixing the problems, they make it worse. Their mechanics have no idea what they're doing!!! And their advisors & managers (especially Gary **) are of no help. DO NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH THIS DEALERSHIP!! Trust me, you will thank me!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2016

Was visiting my parents just outside of Tampa. I had an accident while down there and the people at the collision center at Courtesy Toyota of Brandon took the bull by the horns and dealt with my insurance company. They found some hidden damage that you could not see and my insurance company paid for it. The car looks fantastic in fact better than before because they detailed it for me. Having to visit a body shop can't be a pleasant experience but Mr. ** and his crew certainly made me feel better and also feel as though they were friends. Certainly a pleasant experience and I will buy my next vehicles from Courtesy Toyota in fact Mr. ** already gave me a name of a salesman to deal with. Thanks again Mr. ** and to the collision center folks at Courtesy Toyota of Brandon.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 18, 2016

I went to Courtesy to look at a used '09 Kia Sportage. The first person I met, Tom, seemed like a nice guy. We spoke a bit and found out he was from my old neighborhood. He said he had another customer to care for, so he would be leaving me with a good man named Gary. As soon as I met Gary I had a bad feeling. I should have followed my intuition. He turned out to be a real jerk. Constantly making snide remarks. It was a low price and so, I thought to myself, I can stick it out. I found that Tom was always nice and Gary was nice occasionally but loved to say nasty things. They continually tried to get me to buy the car without fixing it first. It was a constant battle. I thought these guys are like a team... "good cop bad cop". After 2 days with these people I gave up and left the lot. No low price was worth the stress, failed promises and abusive words.

Original review: May 24, 2016

We have now had multiple negative experiences in which I feel the service department at Courtesy Toyota of Brandon is being dishonest in an attempt to make money. The first occurred when we took my girlfriend's van in for routine service. The van was just over a year old at the time. After the service was complete, the service manager told her that he had to replace the battery because when they went to move her van to the lift, the van would not start. He claimed that it would not hold charge and was dead. I asked to have the old battery back and he stated that it had already been disposed of and he could not recover it. She was not asked about replacing the battery. It was just done. I found this very suspicious but we let it go. Yesterday, she took her van in because there was a tiny metal wire lodged in her driver's side rear tire.

We discovered this when the tire kept losing pressure and I inspected the tire all around, finding a wire sticking out. She made an appointment for 10:30 and arrived before the appointment time. She explained what we found and was told it should not take long. After two hours, she was nearing the end of the time she took off from work so she let them know she had to go. The adviser told her that it should be done but after checking on the vehicle came back and said to her that they were working on it right now. They were going to patch the tire and it should be $35. She told the adviser that he must be mistaken because her vehicle was sitting right in front of her in the parking lot. He went back to check and told her that they have been very busy and offered to have her return later and have it done for free. She left very upset.

When she got home, I noticed that there were two chalk marks on the tire, a V marking the valve stem and a line about 6 inches away. I thought this was strange since they had supposedly not gotten to the vehicle earlier. She made an appointment for 8:30 for me to return to the service department and have it fixed. I arrived about 7:45 and explained the situation to the adviser. He told me they would repair it right away. After about 30 minutes he returned and told me that there is a nail along the outside of the tire, outside of the tread that cannot be patched. His words: "I know why that line was on your tire now. They marked where the nail was." He informed me it would be $135 to replace the tire. I inquired about road hazard on new tires purchased through them and he said that they offer a year of free road hazard on all tires.

I then let him know that she purchased a new set of tires less than a year ago from this service department so the tire should be covered. After another 20-30 minutes he returned to tell me that he was confused and got me mixed up with another customer. He says that the nail was in that gentleman's tire not mine. He says that they checked all four tires by spraying them and could not find any bubbles indicating a leak. I find it very suspicious that there was report of a nail in the tire until I pointed out that the tire would be under warranty and suddenly he says he was confused and the tire is actually fine. This also makes me very suspicious that the battery that was replaced at a previous visit was also in perfectly good condition (same service adviser). This practice raises ethical concerns about how customers are being treated and how many others are being told their vehicles need service that is actually not needed at all.

I will never take another vehicle here as I do not feel I can trust them to do what is right. I suspect that the tire was actually patched the first time she took it and they forgot to tell her it was ready (hence the marks on the tire). I will probably take the van to a tire place and ask that they remove and inspect the tire for a patch to confirm my suspicions. Please trust the negative reviews on this site and save yourself from similar scams at Courtesy Toyota of Brandon.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 26, 2016

This is service department is a complete rip-off. I went there today for my 30,000 mile service on my Prius. The service rep Wesley, told me that I needed (persuaded me) to have an induction service and other add-ins costing over $250. He made it seem like I was getting all kinds of discounts. This was a total fabrication. When I got home, I checked my maintenance schedule and there was nothing about an induction service at 30,000 miles. I did not need it. But by then it was too late as I had already been ripped-off. I am retired and living on fixed income. This service department cannot be trusted. Do not go there.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2015

Long read but worth it. We negotiated with Courtesy Toyota of Brandon Florida July 2015 for a Prius V based on a dealers invoice. The vehicle had Toyoguard (~$570 invoice), paint (~$399), and a few other added options (~$200). We were told 3 times the car had a heated driver's seat, that it came with the trim line. The car would come from an Orlando dealership. The negotiations went into the next day because we backed out when we got home the previous night. Courtesy Negotiators were relentless (two others called us at home); we agreed on a price at the dealership when we went to get our deposit back. When going over the details I asked to see the invoice we were shown the previous night. That invoice was shredded. When we looked at the options on the car paperwork they put in front of us, the only added option was paint. No Toyoguard or other options. And, the car did not have a heated driver's seat.

When I brought this up to the Negotiator, to me, his face kind of went blank like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. A pregnant pause ensued and I had to break the silence. I actually had to explain what they did was not right. Courtesy Toyota knew the car they were giving us was not comparable to the one we had negotiated for. The Negotiator never denied the tactic used or offered an apology. He did offer an additional $500 off. We accepted (had a lot of time invested). Although we feel Courtesy Toyota knows they used an unethical practice, it is our opinion they were more dismayed they got caught. Do we feel Courtesy Toyota will use the tactic in the future? Based on the reaction we received when confronting them with the issue and the lack of any remorse or acknowledgment, Yes we feel this practice will continue.

Be very careful when dealing with Courtesy Toyota specifically and any dealership/used car company under the Courtesy Auto Group in general. The sales force personnel can move around from one dealership to another within the Auto Group. From our experience and in our opinion, it seems the lack of ethics and the bait and switch tactic could be a learned skill from the Auto Group. If they show you pricing or options info, take a picture of it with your smartphone (VINs as well). Ask to see all of the info (options, cost, etc.) at the meeting just before going in to see the financial representative (loans, warranty plan, license plate, etc.) to sign the paperwork. Compare all negotiated data with current data. Do not be afraid to walk out. It makes life less stressful when you have confidence you have done business with a reputable company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 28, 2015

In May my fiance and I visited Courtesy Toyota of Brandon, huge expensive mistake. So after picking out a 2013 Jetta, we provide our information to finance the vehicle. Our salesman went to the back to work the numbers and came back saying we should just put the car in my fiance's name it will be easier to work with the bank. So we take his advice, after giving both our information, and only put the car in her name. So about 32 days goes by and we haven't received our license plate so I stop by to get another temporary tag as mines had expired. The salesman ask me if we could stop by the next day to fill out more paperwork something was up with financing from the bank. I told him I don't know what my fiance has to do tomorrow but probably wouldn't be able to come in, in such short notice.

On Monday about a week later he calls me and I set up an appointment to come in on Thursday. Thursday fiance was sick so I called and talked to the salesman and rescheduled for Sunday the 26th.This would have been the perfect time to say hey they are picking up the car tonight don't worry about coming in. In the meantime, when I get home at midnight, Thursday the 23rd, I have a letter in the mail dated on the inside for the 17th but stamped by the post office the 20th. The letter stated basically I need to come return the car and turn in the keys, and I will be refunded my full deposit ($1500).

The NEXT MORNING I come out and they have came and got the car. I call they say only thing they can do is give me address to go to tow yard and get my belongings and that the check for my refund won't be ready until Monday. Which I talked to someone name Tim who claims to be "in charge" and was no help. He was the one who rudely said we could come and get my deposit Monday. So I'm out my belongings, money, and car for the weekend. Monday comes around, and I go to pick up my stuff, to my surprise can not get my stuff unless I pay $80. WHAT!!! So I reluctantly pay it and collect my belongings and head to Courtesy Toyota of Brandon.

When I arrive there is the usual run around with the girl at the front desk calling this person and that person and then she starts to tell me something about the check amount. At this point a manager walks up and introduces himself. I tell how this has been one big headache costing everyone money for no reason. He then ask me to come to another building to pick up the check. We get there sit down, and after waiting 10 mins he comes and sits down and starts to say he can't give us the full amount we need to pay for the repossession. I'm thinking, oh really, so because this business has no sort of communication among each other or among customers I am asked to pay again this time $375.

I did end up finding out the bank just wanted my name on the car as well. Remember to start we provided both of our information to put the vehicle under our name. But was told no just put it under my fiance's name. So because of the paperwork being filled out wrong and no communication among co-workers. I got to pay an extra $80+$375 that I am out. The way the situation was handled and the lack of customer service was unbelievable for a company of this size. Neither I or no one I know will never deal with this dealership again.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 10, 2015

When I bought my car we agreed to a payment amount signed by my salesman. When we got to finance, the amount changed up by $25 a month. Then I never received my tag and registration. No one calls me back. 4 phone calls, no returns. Can't drive my car with expired tags. The Bank from my trade in is calling me. They never paid off my loan and now it's shows as a late payment on my credit. OMG, never been treated this bad at a restaurant over a $20 meal. You would think with over $30,000 in business they would be more professional.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 3, 2015

Well I went in today 3/3/15 for an oil change and tire rotation, greeted by **. About 8 am took truck to the back for repairs, 1 hr. later he comes back with a list of thing wrong with my truck #1 drive belt=$217.46, #2 battery was lower than low, his words. I passed on both because i have heard this before from this place. They finished up the work, i paid the bill, and went directly to auto zone to test my battery (good). I asked for a second test, same score. I bought a drive belt $21.00 and installed it myself (45 min), then i went back to Courtesy Toyota of Brandon with my slip proving the battery was good. Manager **, he didn’t know what to say, that maybe their machine wasn't working. What a joke, this is the fourth time I have been ripped off here. My fault for allowing that to happen.

These service advisers are a joke, you cannot trust them. I believe they work by a percentage of the repair. I can’t imagine how they treat the older people or some of the women that go in there, they must rip them off blind, I’m sure. I will not go back to this place and i sure wouldn't want my wife to go there alone. You have been warned, nasty from the bottom up to the top, this is my opinion, go somewhere else. It’s not just me, look at the other reviews, that has to tell you something. I have all receipts to back this up.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 26, 2015

My experience with Courtesy Toyota was so horrible, I learnt a lesson for life, through hard way. These guys sold me an 8K worth of car for 12K, almost all major banks rejected the application for credit on this car in spite of me putting 3.5K down. When the finance guy somehow managed to secure credit from some bank with very high APR (I had a good credit score so refinanced the car same night I purchased the car), the sales guy came out and started congratulating me as if I won a million dollar jackpot. These guys put so much pressure on me to purchase the car, I was almost humiliated and got into business with them. I guess the sales persons here do not have any customers visiting them, so they earn customers by humiliating them.

I am in profession where people keep moving in and out of the job because they come in from different countries. First suggestion I give my new team mates who are looking for car is not to visit Courtesy Toyota. I drove my friends to different Toyota dealership (I don't want to name the dealership name here) if they were particular about Toyota. Do not visit this dealership unless you like being humiliated and getting robbed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2015

I went into this dealership thinking that I was going to get a $500 gift card, but it was just the opposite. They scam me into talking to a salesman about a new car. This is not the same dealership from 5 years ago when I bought 2 new Toyota's (80K). Since then, I now pledge my loyalty to Toyota of Tampa Bay and Wesley Chapel Toyota. I will never step in their dealership again. They are CROOKS.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 12, 2014

After going to almost every Toyota Dealer in Tampa and getting the same run around, I finally found a dealer that was up-front and honest. As soon as I walked into Courtesy Toyota of Brandon, I knew it was a different place. Employees greeted me with a smile and friendly hello. It seem like they all enjoyed their jobs unlike the other Toyota places. I asked for the best price on my trade and new Tundra and that's exactly what I got with no hassle. They beat the price of all Toyota Dealers by almost $1000 in ten minutes. Wow! Great job Courtesy Toyota of Brandon. I love my new truck. Oh yeah, got an extra $500 military discount that I didn't even ask for. Go to Courtesy Toyota of Brandon and ask for Damian **.

Original review: Oct. 29, 2014

When I went to buy a car I said I wanted a Corolla. We went through the whole process and not one time was it mentioned there are several Corolla models. I bought the "cheap one", basic and could have easily moved up and would have. After some research I feel I overpaid for this car. I know for a fact someone who recently purchased the identical car for much less. It has been difficult for me to ascertain the exact cost of the car separate from the finance charges along with other fees in the multiple forms I was given (and yes I did sign them all). I tried to get the name of the manager by phone but with no success. I wrote a letter to "general manager" asking for a break down of the charges but got no response. They may be accurate but I do want an explanation. I am wondering if being a 79-year-old widow (good credit score) played a role.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2014

Xiomara ** was the sales agent. Very nice person but not professional. Xiomara worked hard to find the vehicle I wanted and that I do appreciate. When we found the vehicle we were told the vehicle had several options such as a sunroof and DVD system. The vehicle was at a different location and we were not able to see the vehicle until we signed the papers. I had asked several times about seeing the vehicle but I guess it's your policy to make the customer sign first. Never heard of this before. On our second visit to the dealership after driving an hour each way and sitting there for three hours the vehicle was still not able to be seen. So we sat there for nothing. We totally wasted five hours. Not happy about that.

Also when Xiomara was speaking to one of her co-worker on speaker the co-worker continued to use the f word. Not professional at all. Finally on our last day we were to meet at 3 and when I was on the way down from new port Richey I was informed the vehicle would not be ready until 4:15. Once again we had to wait. We arrived asked to see the vehicle and we were told we needed to just sign some papers first. I had stated I was not signing papers until I got to see the car. Xiomara said it was not ready and we could just do paperwork, again waiting on the vehicle. We met with the Financial gentleman I believe his name was Padro very nice guy. He was asking questions about monthly payments and not a surprise this had not been discussed yet. He went over how much we had to pay per month, we signed paperwork and then we still had to wait to see the car for the first time.

When we finally get to see the vehicle there is no sunroof and no DVD system. When I asked Xiomara her response was "oh I will get a DVD System for you." The vehicle is a gift for my wife for her birthday and it is a nice vehicle but I tried to get Xiomara to get a DVD system for it. I even said after market I do not care. I was told we should have noticed on the test drive by Xiomara. There was no test drive, there was no seeing the vehicle until we drove it home. This is why I would not have my friends use your dealership. I have bought many cars and never had this much headache and waiting and wasted time. I do not know if this is how you do business with everyone but this is how business was done with me.

At 20 days later and many calls later I still do not have paperwork on this deal and my trade in has not been paid off. My credit is being affected by the laziness of this dealership. Not a good experience and very disappointed with customer service. Now 50 days later I have left messages with Xiomara, Padro three times, Palmer **, Jay ** the "Finance Manager", Stephanie, and not one returned call. My tag is now expired and I have to wait for Courtesy Toyota to do their job. This is the Worst dealership in the country.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 25, 2014

On Sunday, January 19, 2014, I bought a certified used Toyota from Courtesy Toyota of Brandon. The salesman, **, was very nice. We had agreed on a price and when asked for an out-the-door cost, he provided one. Then, I went in to see **, a financial closer, I guess. He was very nice and we had a nice conversation as I signed the papers. He explained many of the forms and nothing stood out until he got to GAP financing. I told him at that time that I would not buy a car if I had to have GAP, as I had purchased this on a prior purchase. No problem, he said. He did convince me to purchase an optional service contract, and he also talked about getting me a loan at 2.2%. I did have to put down an additional $4000 above my trade-in to keep my payments around $325.

I signed everything and was taken back to **'s office. He told me I would have to wait there while they finished applying the interior/exterior protection. I didn't know what that was, but it sounded good. A few minutes later, I got my 2012 Toyota and headed home. The next day I was looking over everything and found a GAP waiver for $795, interior/exterior protection for $999, an optional service contract for $1200, an optional maintenance plan for $1000, and tax on the optional svc. cont./maint plan of $154. This is all on a Certified Toyota.

That morning I called ** and asked about everything and what had happened. He checked with ** and said everything was right. I contacted a lawyer and was told that I should take the vehicle back to the lot, leave it there, and demand to have my trade-in returned. Later that day I told ** what I was going to do and he agreed to cancel the GAP waiver. He said he would do it right away but because it was Martin Luther King Day, no one would be in the head office. I called back Tuesday, and ** was off. I talked to ** and told him that I would be bringing the vehicle back. He then emailed me a signed cancellation form for the GAP waiver. I signed, dated, and faxed it back to him from Office Depot that day. I have yet to hear anything since then, even though I did email ** to let me know. I should not have let this happen to me but there should also be a moral responsibility from Toyota and their representatives.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2013

In April 2011, I leased a Camry from Courtesy. In August 2013, Courtesy sent me a letter saying that they would pay off the remaining payments on the 2011 Camry if I would come in for a new 2013 vehicle. We did and we leased a 2013 RAV4. The finance manager assured me that they would pay off the final payments and forgive any excess mileage or wear and tear on the Camry. A month later, I rec'd a call from Toyota Finance saying my payment was late so I explained that I had turned in the Camry for a new RAV4. The dealer had not notified them. Then I received another letter stating I owed over $2000.00 for the balance remaining on the Camry.

No one at the dealership would return my calls. I tried the general manager and left message after message for him. Finally, I called Toyota Finance and found out that Courtesy had told Toyota Finance that I left the Camry there as a voluntary repossession! I am furious and don't know what to do. I can't afford payments on both vehicles. I have contacted an attorney but doubt they can help since I have nothing in writing from these fast talking, shrewd people. As of now, nothing has been resolved.

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Original review: Sept. 9, 2013

I recently watched a show on ABC, The Lookout. It described a tactic known as Yo Yo Financing. In this tactic, the dealership looks for people with less than stellar credit and creates a sweet deal for you on terms and financing using your trade-in to help finance the deal. Then they gladly put you in your new vehicle with registration papers and temp tag on the premise that the finance officer will have no problem getting the deal done in the morning with the banks, once you drive off the lot without a confirmed bank deal. They call you back a few days later with bad news, the deal didn't go through and they now need to raise the financing. You don't agree to the new terms and decide to go return the vehicle and get your trade-in back. Here's where the tactic goes into play. They say they have already sold your vehicle so if you still want the credit, you can use it to sign the new deal at a large interest rate increase or you can choose another vehicle to purchase. Either way you do not get your car back so you are kind of stuck.

This is where my circumstance comes into play. We had the salesman call us with a great deal. We gave him our credit info to pass over to the finance officer so we would not waste our time at the dealership. He said all was fine and come get our truck, bringing mine in to verify the trade in price. Everything was going great, we were even going to refer a lot more business their way, friends with stellar credit, because of the courtesy provided and getting our dream vehicle when everyone else gave us a hassle. Once we got to the finance officer's desk, things escalated. We were given a deal of 6.9% interest with our trade-in making payments affordable. He said he would get the deal done in the morning, so we should just enjoy our new vehicle. While we were in his office the salesman took the plates off my own truck and put them on the new truck asking if I wanted help taking the things from my truck and putting them in the new one.

All of the sudden the show, ABC's Lookout, popped in my head. I refused to drive the new car off the lot until we had firm numbers in hand and I was able to talk to the bank offering financing to make sure the deal was done. Thank God I did that. We drove off the lot in my own vehicle that night, calling the next morning to see how it was going. They told me they needed $5000 down, then they said they wanted 6 months pay stubs or bank statements. Then they said the interest rate would be 9.18%, a far cry from 6.9%. I refused the deal, then proceeded to tell them that it sounded like Yo Yo financing. Of course they denied it and I got a text from the salesman, a call from the finance officer and a call from the sales manager, asking why I didn't want the deal.

I expressed again my concerns that it sounded like Yo Yo financing and instead of a sympathetic ear, I got an angry individual telling me to take my business elsewhere. So this is the deal, guys and gals. DO NOT drive off the lot in a new car until you have a confirmed deal from a bank. DO NOT take the finance officer's word on what paperwork you are signing. READ EVERYTHING. In mine, it had a nice clause in it where I could not sue the dealership for anything and that I had to use Arbitration instead. Also the bank has the right to rescind any deal given within 30 days. If you want to review the program, I watched it aired 8/28/13 on ABC at 10 pm. I will not mention names because it does not matter who the salesman was, only that the finance officer and the sales manager knew what they were doing. They run the show so BUYER BEWARE.

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Original review: June 3, 2013

We worked on tentative price with sales person. I traveled 45 minutes to their location only for **, who is internet sales manager, to inform the sales person that if I wasn't going to pay over $125 more per month as discussed, then he should allow me to take a test drive. Several other rude comments were made regarding the price; the price is the price. I have purchased 5 other Toyotas and never ever received such rude sales management. The sales person actually apologized.

Original review: April 1, 2013

This is horrible customer service! I dealt with some ** Chris ** who was extremely unprofessional. He got upset because I wouldn't accept a $13,000 offer on a 2012 $19,000 car and had a sissy fit! I have purchased two vehicles cash from them but on this visit, they definitely lost a loyal customer!

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Original review: March 23, 2013

I bought a 2013 Toyota Camry on March 16, 2013. The salesperson was fairly new in the business but work very professionally, reliably and customer service devoted (Mike **). Also I received good service by the Internet Salesman (Steve **) and the MIT (Lam **). But at the time when I got my car, I noticed it was only washed not detailed. I spoke with Mr. ** and told me to bring it back so they can be redone and detailed good. On the 23rd, I went to get the service and arrived at 9:50 am. My car was done at 11:15 am but the person who took care of this does not know anything about detailing a car. Maybe he is a car washer or the dealer has to tell customer your car is going to be washed.

The results were dirty, dusty and floor mats had debris underneath, and watermarks are everywhere. Dash was not even cleaned right and does not shine like other dealers do like Stadium Toyota. The trunk was dirty, a complete disaster. He didn't even use the paper mat to protect the inside. This dept makes other good experiences look bad. I'm very disappointed, angry and all other bad words you can use to describe this.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2013

I found a car online that I wanted to buy at this dealership. I got my own finance and went to buy it. The salesman was very nice (he was new and I don't think he is there anymore), but all he had to do was pass me to sign the papers. However, the finance guy, Eric, was a conman. He told me that if I got the extra warranty, extended insurance, etc., it would drop the interest rate with my bank (whom I had my finance through), and I would end up paying almost what I was expecting but receiving much more. When my loan papers arrived, it was a completely different bank than mine and what I had signed! I called my bank and they got it fixed. They told me that Eric had flat out lied to me, and they got the extra charges reversed and gave me the interest rate. Thank you Suntrust! Stay away from Eric in finance!

I brought my car in for its regular service and was advised a tire rotation and wheel alignment, which I authorized. It took about 1.5 hours, and they aligned it wrong! My car was pulling and felt like it was rattling above 40 mph! I made an appointment on a weekday and was told it would be fixed quickly, but my 2 year old son and I waited for over 4 hours for them to fix it. After 2 hours, I started chasing them but couldn't get any one to help me. I just kept being told to wait.

Now I had to bring my car back for a recall on the window switch. I gave them one last chance to service my car. I explained my situation to the nice young man who informed me it would be 1-2 hours until they could tell me how long it would take (which is how long I was told it would take total when I made the appointment), and he was nice enough to give me a 2-hour time frame of completion. A few minutes later, a technician comes in and informs me that I needed a balance and alignment since it hasn't been done. I am livid! These people are either incompetent or crooks, or both! Bottom line - do not buy there!

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Original review: Feb. 12, 2013

Be careful if you bring your car here for servicing. Do your research ahead of time as far as pricing before you walk in. The service dept of Courtesy Toyota in Brandon, Florida is full of con artists. They will tell you things are wrong with your car that are not wrong. When you think you are being honest about something that you think is wrong with your car, they (being the highly trained con artist they are) will tell you that you need to now pay a large amount of money to fix a problem with your car. They go into the backroom, wait a while, talk about how they can screw you over, then come out with a list of expensive repairs that you need to have done.

This is the worst manipulation I have ever received at a dealership. We are filing a report with Better Business Bureau about the people that work here. The nice woman you talk to on the phone, well she is nowhere to be found. What you will deal with is a highly trained con artist. Be careful. Don't go there without knowing prices beforehand. It will be a very expensive situation and you will be disgusted by the dishonest sales practices. I would not put it past these people to do things to the cars deliberately to make sales. Avoid.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2013

The check engine light came on back in November of 2012. It is now February 2013 and they still have not fixed my vehicle. First they said it was the radiator, so we paid over $800.00 to fix it. Then they reset the warning lights and sent us on our way. Within a few days, the check engine warning light came back on! Then we brought it in and they said it's the brakes. We fixed that. They reset the warning light and sent us on our way. It came back on and then it's the O2 sensor. Then it's the AC! The reality is that they don't know what they are doing and simply reset the warning lights after they supposedly fixed the problem! They are liars and cheaters, and charge $100.00 for each visit!

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