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I own a 2005 Nissan Quest van with a little over 65,000 miles, on the top of my van there are two rusted areas from which the roof leak into the van when it rains. Nissan local dealership in Coral Springs sent me to the shop that does body work for Nissan. I spoke to Tim he right away said they do not repair that problem but instead replace the roof, and the cost would be $3000.00. On 11/24/2015 I called Nissan 1-800-647-7261 extension 7 and Spoke to Bert. He said he would pass on my complaint. The next day Marisol called me from Nissan, I explain that my van is only 10 years old, should not have this kind of problem and that I thought that Nissan should take the responsibility/accountability for the problem because if the roof is rusted-out so that it is leaking at 10 years then that can't be my fault. She said because the van is 10 years old there is nothing they can do for me.

On 12/01/15 Tim gave me an estimate of $3,318.55 the estimate includes that there might be possible Windshield breakage when removed, Panel Roof possible additional damage after removed, Roof Headliner possible damage after removed. All will be additional cost to me. On another visit to the dealership still pleading for some assistance with cost of the repairs, Anthony (filling in for the Manager, Brian) spoke to Tim once more while I was in his office, Tim gave Anthony the new cost of $3,017.83 which he wrote on the estimate. I am asking for your assistance in looking into this problem for me.

Satisfaction Rating

Worst experience ever. They sent me an offer in the mail to come trade in my car. I called them, spoke to many different representatives who each one told me something different. I waited all day on them to pick me up because my car had an issue and I couldn't drive it. Until I went myself only to find out they couldn't trade in my car. Stupid people and worst service ever. I have never been so disappointed in life, I wanted to cry! Don't even waste your time go there because they don't care about people!

Satisfaction Rating

I bought my car from this dealership and went there for service. I had few issues that I mentioned to the service advisor and I was assured that they will be taken care of. They told me that it cannot be done in one day and asked me to come back again on Sunday to pick up the car. I went back on Sunday (after calling in and getting a confirmation that my car is ready) only to find my car was not done yet. I went and saw my car and it had panels taken out from the driver’s seat side, it was dirty and wasn't even cleaned yet. I was told that I need to come back again on Monday and they will keep my car ready by Monday for sure. They couldn't give me a rental as it was Sunday so I had to call a cab and go back home.

I came back again on Monday and I was handed over the keys and I made the payment. When I opened my car, I saw the carpets were extremely dirty, the issues I had mentioned in my car to be fixed were not fixed. It had a rattling sound from the front right wheel and the issue with my seat was not fixed. It was exactly as I had given them. I was super frustrated by now! It seems in this dealership people do not care about their job. They do a shady job and really just care about taking money from the customers. I have still not received my car. It is in the shop for fixing issues which I had gone there for in the first place. I am not going back there again!

Satisfaction Rating

Went to the dealer because I saw a car on the advertisement. They didn't have it. He came with a new car, no price, no info. Mike the salesmen was absolutely the worst, lazy to help me out, didn't get me any option. By the time I was in the office, Omar didn't offer me any deals or explained anything, no break on the price. They took advantage that I am foreign and I was heavily medicated, so they ripped me off. I am just a waiter and they took me for a good amount of money. Shame on them.

Satisfaction Rating

High pressure sales and everything changes when you hit the finance office. Also they lie about your credit score. They say it lower than it really is. They do this to pressure you into buying additional warranties at the close. "You'll qualify for a lower rate" if you buy all the chit you don't want. Shysters and wanna be mafia dealership. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

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Satisfaction Rating

If you don't do what they want, prepare to be belittled and ATTACKED! That is what I left this establishment feeling like yesterday evening. I went in to ask some questions about letters I was receiving in the mail on a frequent basis, asking me to come in because they were interested in purchasing my car. I arrived at 1:50 and walked around the showroom for about 8 minutes before anyone approached me to see if I needed help.

The young man that approached me was very nice and brought me to a table and asked me what brought me in. I showed him one of the many letters I had received from them and told him that I really don't want or need anything new, but being that my lease will be up in a few months, I wanted to see if this would be an option. I would only sell them my car if they could put me in another just like it, in a different color, and at a reasonable payment close to what I have now. I also stated I did not want a brand new car or another lease and that really liked my car and just was inquiring to see if this was a possible option.

I was left sitting at the table for a good 20-30 minutes before he came back... to show me a brand new car with payments double what I was making currently. I reminded him that that was not what I came in for and that it's fine if they didn't have a used one just like mine because I would just keep what I have. Next, he brought over another gentleman came over to have me sign a form for the credit check. I told them both that I knew I didn't have a perfect score right now due to a period when I was unemployed and that I highly doubted they would come back with a number I could work with, and that I did not want to waste their time with going through all of that paperwork for me to just say no. The gentleman then assured me that this is what he does and that he could work his "magic."

By this time I had been there for 3 hours and had waited about 45 minutes before a third representative came to speak to me! I had to remind him as well that I am not trying to buy a brand new car as well. Because each salesman that was now working with me at this time was not communicating to the other anything that each of them had discussed with me, and all three of them now were doing their own thing in terms of what they were trying to get ME to do!

To make this long story a bit shorter, I ended up in a back office where the third sales rep decided to contact the bank and draw up a lease buy-out deal.... Once again, not what I told them I came in to do today! So he gave me the numbers and all, which didn't seem bad, but I was so hungry and tired at this point I did not feel comfortable signing anything in that mental state. I was frustrated, tired and hungry, I had been there since 1:50 pm and it was now 6:30 pm!

When he saw that I wasn't budging on my decision to not do it at that very second, he brought back in sales rep #2 who began to pressure me in a very unprofessional manner. He made comments along the lines of, "your mother, father needs to give you some advice... Your thinking is not normal." I was already frustrated and at that point no longer even wanted to sell my car at an establishment where salesmen talk to me like that! I am almost 30 years old! My father needs to give me advice?! I told him that my mother recently passed and that I was tired and hungry and ready to go home. He then tells me that he's tired and hungry too, it's part of the business, and that I need to hold on!

At this point I knew if I stayed any longer, I was going to become just as unprofessional and then some. Not ONCE did any of them even offer me a bottle of water the 5 hours I was in there, and now he's telling me how he is tired and hungry too!? He then walks out and comes back with a fourth man, named Alvaro! I remember his name because I specifically went back in after I walked out in the end just to get his name. He walks in, doesn't introduce himself, tells me I shouldn't be trying to wait for a better deal because I won't get one.

Mind you, I never told him or any other representative that, but he and his associate were basically telling me based on my credit, this is what I better do.... Sales rep #2 with his smart mouth then tells me that "Nissan won't even sell you your car with that credit score." That is when I heard my voice start to elevate and knew it was time to go! I repeated myself very sternly, saying that I wanted my driver license back, that I would not be making this decision today, and that I would like to go home. Alvaro, with a very rude tone, picks up the stack of documents, moves them to the other side of the desk very "matter of factly" and just walks out! No one says, "Here is my card ma'am, I'm so sorry we kept you here all day insulting you. Why don't you think about it tonight and give us a call."

This is just the diluted, shortened version of all that took place during these interactions with these representatives. I have never in my life experienced this type of treatment at any other establishment. This is the second time I have had problems with this particular dealership. The first was earlier this year when I moved to Florida and went in for an oil change. Once again, they saw MY car and wanted it! When the rep realized I was not going to go for what he was offering, he left me at the table! He never came back and said "I'm sorry this didn't work out, but here is my card", or "please come back if you change your mind or when you are in the market for a new car". He literally walked away, never came back, helped another customer!

Satisfaction Rating

In 2010 we bought a Nissan Altima. The buying experience was good except that were given a white pearl car instead of a white car, but that was ok. 1 month later after my daughter was driving the car I have noticed a line on a paint on the front bumper. Same color as the paint. I also forgot to mention when I bought the car they washed it for me and make it face the grass area away from the dealer which I could not see the front of the car. Also they did a very poor job on the wash.

Then finally after 5 years my daughter had her car first accident. Went to 2 different shops which they both told me this car front end had been painted before which means it did have some accident then I remembered the line of paint in the front bumper and it struck me that I have been cheated when I bought my Nissan Altima 2010 new. Was actually not new or had any accident and it was fixed and painted poorly. Also several years later a friend of mine bought a Nissan Altima from Coral Springs Nissan dealer and found out that the back of the car is full of fire ants. It took him several trips back and forth to the dealer to get rid of this problem. This is my experience with Coral Springs Nissan dealership.

Satisfaction Rating

I went in to Coral Springs Nissan to buy a new car from Mary ** who is a great person. She will go to all length to get you the best deal without any pressure. I traded in my 2014 Altima S that I got from performance Nissan when she worked there and got a better deal here. The finance man David was great and made sure that I got everything that I needed for my new car. The staff was very nice and they helped put this together. Thank you all very much.

Satisfaction Rating

Long story short.... I brought in my recently purchased 2013 Nissan Certified Altima for its first service at Coral Springs Nissan. My service was ONLY for a free first oil change and car wash. The service from the start was horrible, as no employee even acknowledged I was there even though I had even made an appointment for service. I finally got help, and left my vehicle. I received a call shortly after that my vehicle was ready. Upon arriving about 20 minutes later, it took about 20 more minutes of standing outside for them to pull it up. (Remember THEY called me stating it was ready). The service guy pulled my car away from the covered service area and had my Fiance walk into the pouring rain when there was a completely empty covered area to pull the car into.

NEXT- My vehicle had SCRATCHES on the trunk, spoiler, tail light, rear bumper, and loosened the left side of spoiler. I directed this to the Service Manager ** and he took 100% responsibility on their behalf. He stated WE AREN'T THE ONLY ONES THAT THE CAR WASH MACHINE MADE DAMAGES TO OUR VEHICLE. However he said to give them a chance to make it right. Our vehicle was then sent to their body shop, Broward Collision to be repaired on their behalf. 2 days later, went to pick up my vehicle and, THE SPOILER WAS PAINTED NOWHERE NEAR THE COLOR OF MY CAR!! THE BUMPER WAS "ATTEMPTED" TO BE BUFFED, AND HAD SWIRL SCRATCHES THROUGHOUT ENTIRE BUMPER! Clearly a HUGE screw up.

** admitted that once again that they had totally dropped the ball, and had not even done a "quality control check" before calling me to come get it. Once again he said to leave the vehicle and it would be fixed with brand new parts from Nissan. I advised him that I needed to speak with the General Manager in which he was not in until the next day at 9:00 am. I was assured I would be called. Well by 10:00 am the following morning, still no call was made to me. I then called myself and was transferred to G.M. **. He had no clue as to what was going on besides a piece of paper with my name and phone #. He said he did not call me and would CALL ME BACK because he was in a meeting... Upon his return call, I went through the time line of events from their mishap. He said it was totally their fault and would give me a few options, BUT he would need to call me back.

A few hours later his call back was this. Option #1 replace my vehicle with an identical car, or Option #2 give me a new vehicle and I lose my GAP coverage and Extended Warranty coverage I purchased just 2 months prior when I bought the vehicle which was $2,200. I told him that is not fair to me. Why should I throw away the additional coverage I PAID FOR just two months ago?!! ** said that's because he'd already be taking a loss (Not my fault!).

Later that night my fiance and I decided to go personally to the dealership to speak in person instead of playing phone tag. ** walked us outside right away smiling and says, "Here's your car fixed right." But then proceeded that he is upset that it was fixed because I never gave consent to start the repairs. I questioned him about the 2 options again about a different vehicle because now my car has been painted, and pulled apart and devalued. He then got very confrontational, and ignored me, only directing his questions to my fiance. He then asked to go over our paperwork and see what vehicles he had in his rental fleet for us. I told him that I will not accept a rental in replace of our damaged vehicle. ** claimed that our car was a rental as well, which I informed him that the Carfax showed as a 1 owner LEASE before we bought it with about 4,000 miles. He claimed that he, nor his managers have ever seen that and had no idea why...

We then went back into our options of another vehicle and ** started throwing out numbers as if he was trying to make a new sale, and he would be using our money from the GAP coverage and our extended warranty to make it work. I said that is not acceptable and I am not losing what I had paid for. He then went back in his computer and started looking for an ID ENTIRE vehicle to ours.. He said there was only 1 but he needed 48 hours to locate the vehicle... We left the dealership and came back 2 days later.. The "identical" vehicle was clearly not identical from very first glance. The rims were black (ours silver), no rear spoiler I automatically said I would not even look at it... They offered to start mixing and matching parts to look like ours. I advised, "No," because it was supposed to be IDENTICAL FROM FACTORY.

Last resort was our original vehicle being fixed with new parts and BROWARD COLLISION giving us a check for a few of our car payments. I inspected our vehicle, took the check, and WILL NEVER RETURN TO CORAL SPRINGS NISSAN. I was treated with attitude the whole time, through 1 week of this nightmare. In the end the only ones to give anything in compensation was Broward Collision. Coral Springs Nissan, ** the G.M. are the biggest scam artists I have ever met. I was also not granted my request to speak with the President about the matter... Very very sad..

Satisfaction Rating

I visited the service department 3 times for same problem. The first time, no problem was found. The 2nd time, coolant reservoir cap was replaced (it still smelled). The third time, no problem was found; smell came from the reservoir. I am not satisfied with these answers. There is something wrong. Every time my wife smells it, she thinks the car will catch a fire. There is a technical issue that Nissan doesn't want to correct. I am Master ASE certified tech. I work for C ... max. for 15 yrs.

After a lung cancer, I can't work on cars anymore. They think the customer makes it. No! The customer does not make the problem. I bought 5 vehicles from them. At my last visit for driver door window and coolant smell, they adjusted the window (it was making a clunking noise). The regulator is going bad. They said that it was an adjustment and no problem with the coolant smell. I received the vehicle with dirty fingerprints on panel (beige) steering and seat covers still on driver seat. I am very angry. I spent $60 for cleaning. I will complain to the Nissan Customer relations and no more Nissan.

Satisfaction Rating

I took my Nissan Rogue to get my window fixed. Twice I was told to come back and the part was not in. The 3rd time I called, the window was still not in. But after being put on hold for 7 minutes, I was told they were going to call a glass company to come in and install it. I was working with the service manager Jim ** at this point. He said he would give me a "really good deal" for having to come back so many times. And they were nice enough to wrap my window with "tape", not Crash Wrap because they didn’t have any. The day I brought my car in, I asked numerous times how much it was going to be, and numerous times I was told, "Don't worry about it. I told you I'd take care of you. I'm not going to make any money off of this." That day I also had my oil changed and tires rotated and asked them to look at my brakes, as I knew there was something wrong. I signed for nothing nor initialed anything.

Long story short, I came to get my car, and both my mother and I asked about my brakes and were told there was nothing wrong. A few days later, I received multiple calls from Kelly, the service advisor, harassing me to come in and pay an extra $165 that they forgot to put on the bill and I must come in. I called her upset; first of all, that wasn't my problem if they made the mistake. And second of all, no one looked at my brakes, as I took it to my best friend's independent shop and found out I needed complete new front rotors. Jim called me with a cocky, arrogant attitude and told me I didn't have to pay the bill but "that's not right" as if I was 5. He then got abusive, and once I told him I was going to call Nissan Corporation, as I couldn’t believe they left me with an unsafe car, he basically said, "Fine. I was going to take care of the $165, but now it's going back on your account. And I was going to give you new rotors for free, but now I'm not. Thank you," and hung up the phone.

I spoke to Philip, an assistant manager, since the general manager of sales, Doug **, was out of town, and he couldn’t believe all this happened over $165. He did offer to come get my car; however, at this point, I trust no one over there and had already had my friends pick up the car to fix it. He promised to call me back the following day - but of course didn't. Why would I expect that from Coral Springs Nissan? Both my sister and I own Nissans and will be selling our cars as soon as possible. Ridiculous behavior, a macho Italian attitude along with emotionally abusive behavior. No customer should have to go through the experience I did, and without an apology!

Satisfaction Rating

I recently leased a Nissan from this dealership. Of course, it was all smiles and helpfulness from their sales staff. During the process, I specifically stated where the license plates were to be sent. After a month, they never came, so I called several times. One time a "Jenny" returned my call. Then, I called her back every day for a week with no response. Finally, on the day my registration expired, I took off work to go to the dealership. I was treated rudely by someone over a telephone (yes at the dealership) and told "your problem". Now I am on expired tags, dealing with "my problem". Before this, I would have recommended this place to others. But now I see that they are just like the rest of them out there.


With two lease cars coming due for termination, I am shopping for 2 new cars. When I reluctantly went to Coral Springs Nissan, against the advice of numerous friends who have had bad experiences, I asked to be informed about the Nissan Juke. Was there a lease program or was it sale only? The salesman said that there was no lease package, I could lease the auto, but he could give me a better deal as a sale. I asked to test drive the auto. He was irritated at the request since he said are you going to buy and I said I don't know. During the test drive, I had to ask the man to please explain the details of the car.

He was unfriendly and curt with the details. I literally had to ask about every single item. No information was volunteered. He let me drive around the block and then told me to go back. When we returned, he said just leave it here I will park it. I got out of the car and he said would you come in and shake my bosses hand. I said, "No thank you." I am not interested. He then said, "Thanks." You can't even come in and shake his hand? Thanks a lot for wasting my time.

Being verbally assaulted by a salesman is clearly unprofessional on any level. Doing your job is never a waste of time. People have the right to shop around without fear of being embarrassed in front of an entire sales room of customers and staff. Extremely unethical and unprofessional.


There is no need to go into length. We went there in 2008 and were told, after 3 hours, that the salesman would wait until my husband came before he got serious with making offers. We went back in today, reluctantly, and after telling the salesman I was not interested in the car, I was told in a sarcastic tone, "Thanks lady for not even coming in and shaking my boss' hand. How rude and what a waste of my time!" Who says that? The sales manager then would not get off the phone and address the issue and proceeded to run me out by giving me his business card and a half ** apology. Never again!


I am writing to register a major complaint against your general manager, Dennis ** at the Coral Springs Nissan Agency, West Atlantic Blvd., Coral Springs, FL. My husband is a 69 year old gentlemen who has major medical issues, one being a heart condition. On June 8, 2010, he was confronted by Mr. ** who appeared violent, extremely confrontational, with flaying arms, and told my husband to 'get out of the showroom or he was going to call the police.'

Please take a moment to allow me to explain the happenings and experiences with this agency. We are leasing a 2010 Murano SL2WD. This transaction was made at the end of April or May 2010. Our primary requirement when making this purchase was a navigational system as we are retired and do quite a lot of traveling. The vehicle shown to use had no GPS but we were assured one would be installed. Again, we depend on this system in our travels.

To our surprise a Garmin GVN53 was installed with a remote control. Our previous car, 2008 Toyota Highlander, had a factory installed GPS with a touch screen, which was very user friendly. The Garmin was installed as we were told we would lose our back up camera if the traditional Nissan system was installed.

We were not given an option to eliminate the rear camera nor were other suggestions made, the Garmin was just placed. Coral Springs Nissan had our vehicle for 2 weeks while the GPS was installed. Why? I'm not sure, but if I'd had to guess no one was knew how to install and make it work. When we picked up the vehicle, we were given little instruction on its use as the people at the agency had little knowledge of it.

We tried to use it but it didn't work. We finally decided the batteries in the remote had to be replaced. This seemed highly unusual as it was new. But after changing the batteries and speaking with the person who actually installed - he did give us a demonstration, we were on our way. I was not happy with this system but was willing to give it a try. As my husband was going through medical problems we hardly used the car, let alone the GPS. The evening of the 8th of June, we turned it one and once again were confronted with it not working. We concluded the remote controlled drained the batteries almost as soon as they were replaced. Since picking up the car, we have gone through several packages of batteries.

We decided to drive over to the Nissan dealership at approximately 6:15 p.m. My husband was approached by Mr. ** and asked his advice on how to handle our problem. He said 'call Garmin'. My husband said you we didn't pay Garmin as you were responsible for installing it. Mr. ** sarcastically said, "Then what did you ask me for? I told you what to do "My husband said there was not need to be a smart alec about it. I'm the customer and I have a problem. Other sarcastic remarks were made and my husband answered in kind. This went back and forth for just a few moments when Mr. ** said 'get out of here - I'm throwing you out.

Again my husband said we have a problem with our new car purchased from you, and was told "If you don't get out, I'm calling the police," my husband told him to do so. He walked to his desk, I believe with the intention of calling the police when Mr. ** who was also standing there suggested they go into the service department and see if there was a way to straighten this problem out. The serviceman said to come back in the morning and he would call Garmin. My husband did return and no one at the agency could figure out what to do. He was told that he was going to direct our problem to the second of command at the agency and he would call him. This never happened. Instead 2 days later, the Garmin installer called and met my husband at the Nissan agency. He gave us two refurbished remote controls and said once we returned from our vacation, he would replace them with a new one. We do not want a this non-factory installed system. We are both seniors who travel many miles per year and cannot depend on its performance. The remote control renders the system helpless as this is the only way to get it to work, I am so sorry that I purchased this car.

The treatment my husband received at Coral Springs Nissan was totally disrespectful, demeaning and unnecessary as well as frightening. My husband had to go home and take several different medications to return his blood pressure to normal. We leased the Murano from this dealership and had we know the type of people you employee and the type of service you do not provide, we never would have entered the door. We had many different options when selecting a new car. I regret making this choice. We are dissatisfied with the GPS we have in our car and don't know but hope you can remedy our problem. I can kick myself for being talked into this car. Also, Mr. ** needs to take a class in anger management as well as dealing and respecting people. He would never work for me. I look forward to hearing from you.


On 1/9/10, I took my vehicle in to have the front strut mounting recall serviced. On 1/16, I took my vehicle back to Coral Springs Nissan due to me experiencing a shivering from the steering wheel, especially when stopped, a light on drive and A/C running.

I was told by a service adviser that the shivering/shaking is because I am using regular gas in my vehicle. He stated that this is unrelated to the recall. Even with no engine light on, we would have to tear it apart before finding the problem and it doesn't guarantee we may find one.

Let's keep in mind that my vehicle is a 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5, purchased in 9/6/2009. It should run like a brand new car! {lease help me get to the bottom of this.


On 8/10/2009 I went with my father to Coral Springs Auto Mall (Nissan) to purchase a vehicle. I was there a few days prior to that as well to look at my different options and at that time spoke to the sales representative, K. Haynes, which helped me to look at my options. I should mention that at that time I currently had a car already leased through Nissan which was in the final stages of the lease. The car I was coming in to get for a second car which had nothing to do with my current lease.

After speaking to K. we went back and forth between which car I was getting and since it was a second car for my wife since we just had a baby and she needed a car to have at home, I was looking for the cheapest possible solution and to get a simple car. Kiki found me an almost base Nissan Sentra and after looking at the numbers it looked like a good deal and something I was interested in. I also advised Kiki at the time that I want a good deal since my current lease is in the final stages and I will be happy to lease another car from her in the next few months. K. went on to say that in that case why not just get both cars now since Nissan always pays for the last few payments of an ending lease.

At that time there was no talk about a special program, or dates, or minimum month or anything of that sort, it was pretty much preliminary talk about the subject. I thought about it allot and consulted with my father which was with me at the time and we came to a decision that if Nissan will pay for the remaining months, and I can get a good deal on two cars, then why not. We started looking at a new Nissan Murano to replace the Nissan Murano I was currently leasing and didn't find really what we wanted. I did not really want a black colored vehicle and the model wasn't exactly what I wanted.

K. went to the computer and came back to say that there won't be another Murano like I want for month and it's a shame because we can work out a good deal. I was thinking back and forth since I wasn't really pressured to replace my current vehicle. In the end I spoke to my wife and father and compromised and decided to go for it. K. was very nice and the manager who came over to talk to us, B. Fyfe, was very convincing and I decided to go for it. I do want to mention that K. asked me exactly how many months I have left on my lease and I told her I think its 3 month but I'm not exactly sure.

At that time B. Fyfe didn't want to have a future problem I assume and he told K. to go call Nissan to find out the exact details before we start the paperwork. I asked over and over about fees that I may have and B. told me after looking at my vehicle that it is in perfect condition and I will not have any fees except for miles over which I understood and agreed with him. I should also mention that both K. and B. both stated that I'm fine since Nissan covers the first $500 regardless so even on the miles I will barely pay. K. came back after about 25 min and said that we are good to go and everything is fine. I then went on and started the paperwork. I do want to mention that I have been purchasing cars from Coral Springs Auto Mall for years and between me and my father we probably purchased 10 cars over the years so I had full trust in the crew and in the institution.

As you know the paperwork is a dreadful procedure, allot of signatures and small print, and it was late, and the person who had me sign it was his first day so everything was kind of slow and wasn't really explained well but it was fine because again I trusted the deal and was happy with it. About two weeks later I received a letter in the mail from Nissan stating that I owe $3706.35. Of course I was shocked to see that I was charged $2640.95 in month of lease that need to be paid, $855.60 for mileage and some other minor fees and taxes. I immediately called K. asking her what's going on and she told me "don't worry about it, just fax it over and I'll take care of it." I figured it was a mistake and faxed it over. This was on 8/26/09.

I called K. almost every day after that to get an update. Most of the times she did not pick up or when she did she said it's being worked on and she will call me back. I have never received a call back from her or anyone else in Nissan until today. Finally after two weeks of trying to call K. I decided to go to Nissan with my father to understand what's going on, this was on Sep 10. As soon as we walked in, B. saw us, walked over to us and the first thing he said is "just to let you know I don't have 3 hours to talk now, I have a floor to run" I already started to have a bad taste in my mouth. It's interesting that when we bought the cars he had all the time in the world to talk to us and always had a smile on his face. Now when there's a problem, he does not have time.

We talked for about 20 min explaining to his the problem and he said that he heard about it and that from what he understood we gave wrong information so it is our fault. He did not remember the time when he told K. to call Nissan to make sure were ok and kept throwing at us that they have a signed document that we signed at the time of lease. There probably a document like that but I do not remember anyone telling or showing that I signed anything that have to do with this and again who reads every word in a lengthy contract after sitting there for 4 hours. Regardless, he was very rude, pushy and defensive, which I expected and told us that he will see what can be done and will take it to upper management. He told me that he has my information and that he will call me within a few days. I should mention that in my some of my phone calls that I did get in touch of K., she admitted that she made a mistake and some of the fault is on her and that she never called Nissan. I don't know if that's the information she relayed to her bosses or not but that is the truth and I can testify that anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, the next day, no phone call from anyone but at 4:41 PM I receive an email from A. Martorano stating that per B.'s request he went over the complaint, he cannot find any wrong doing, and since Nissan has paperwork signed he cannot help me. He stated in the email "I have no interest in paying out any MORE money on your lease return." I don't know what "more" money he is talking about he did not pay 1 cent. At this time this is the situation, I went to buy a second car for my wife; I ended up getting two cars since I was led to believe it is a mistake not to do so based on the fact that I can return my current lease with Nissan with no penalty. Now I have 2 current cars to pay for and another $2640.95 on a car I don't have. A car that I would of kept with no problem and waited another few months and then made the switch.

Why would anyone in the world return a car, get a new one and pay for both when he did not need to or have any reason to do so? My old Murrano was perfectly fine, I did not try to get something better or special after all I leased the same car just new. What happened here is that K. made a mistake, probably not intentionally, but she made a mistake and did not call Nissan to make sure all the details were good for the deal. Now, no one wants to take responsibility for mistake and it is easy to turn their back on a customer. This is not ethical and not the way I thought of such a large corporation such as Coral Springs Auto Mall.

I thought that in the end Nissan would compromise and decide to pay for 3 months since that is what the program offers and make me pay the remaining two which I still would not be happy with , but instead the denied everything, threw in my face a document and escaped all responsibility for their sales person's mistake. I ask you to help me here in the case and do the right thing and the ethical thing here.

Last thing is, as a business man for 7 years running my own business, and my father owning physical therapy clinics all over the Broward county area for the past 15 years, I should tell you that we were shocked that not even a phone call with an explanation was given to us. After B. promised that it will be taken care of and not just overlooked and promised to call me back, there was no phone call; all we received was just an email. I am sorry but a customer that has been buying cars from [them] for the past 15 years should have a little more respect than that.

I have been talking to T. Martorano, VP dealer operations over at Nissan for the past few days trying to come to a fair resolution but he will not consider anything I was saying and plain and simple kept saying that "I have the necessary documentation confirming such, signed by you." He said he will not budge and will not share responsibility. He finished the last email by telling me that "Our communication is now over. I am Done" All I am asking for is for Nissan to take responsibility and pay for what their representative K. promised me ; Nothing more, I cannot and did not intend to pay for 2 cars especially when I don't have one.


Before my current purchase of a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder, I was leasing a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. I received in the mail a letter with a $1000.00 incentive check. It stated that as a preferred customer that I could come in and trade the older model Pathfinder for a new 2008 model and even have a lower lease or loan payment. I should have known this was not going to happen. I realize now that this was a ploy to get previous customers in to move your new car inventory as the auto business has slowed with the economy.

After speaking to my salesperson (Al Shalaby) regarding the new car purchase, it was understood what I was looking for and the price I was will pay. After several days of negotiations a price was agreed.

The payment was a little more than the amount I wanted to spend, however I accepted the higher payment as now I was going to purchase the Pathfinder and no longer lease. I came in on February 14th to sign the documents. At that time I was informed the loan was being financed thru CitiFinancial.

Several days later I received a call from CitiFinancial regarding the loan. They gave me all my loan information and asked for my insurance to contact and list them as a lien holder.

Here is where the problems begin. On Saturday February 16th the audio system in the new Pathfinder would not work. I drove it in to the service area on Saturday and was told to come back on Tuesday as they didnt have time to look at it on Saturday. The service rep was Sam Reyes. I did as he asked and came back on Tuesday morning, missing 3 hours of work. After taking the time to look at the audio system I was told I need a new one.

Sam told me it would take 2 days and he would call to bring it back and fix it. I had not heard from him after 3 days so I called. He said it hadnt come in yet but by next week he would have it. This went on for 2 weeks. I finally got ****** off and told him I couldnt believe that Nissan could not ship him a new audio system. I told him I wanted this resolved by Friday. I suggested that he take the system from another new car on your lot. (Too bad he didnt think of this). He told me he had to clear it with his manager. Low and behold the next morning he called to ask me to bring the car in. I left work and again lost almost 3 hours to sit and wait until the audio system was installed.

Not at any time from when I signed the documents until last night did someone call me that the original loan had not been processed. I received a voice mail from Eddie. He didnt even give me his last name. He called last night March 17th. I called him back and he told me we had to sign some additional papers as he forgot to have some of them signed.

My husband and I made arrangements to come in at lunch today. Eddie told me he wasnt going to be there. We could just tell someone that we were here to sign and someone would know what to do. Very unprofessional!!!!
Once we arrived there, we had to sit for hour for someone to figure out why we were there.

The gentleman that was helping us (Bill) was very nice. He had to break the news that 1 month after we picked up the car, the loan was now being financed with another company, and it had different terms and a larger payment.


My wife and I went to Coral Springs Nissan to purchase a Nissan 350Z, we were upfront with the salesman about how much we can put down and what we wanted our monthly payments to be. After speaking to his manager, he came back with some figures that were comfortable for us, and the process was started. We sat with the finance manager and he told us that HSBC Bank already approved us, we signed all the contracts and we were on our way thinking that the car was ours. Two weeks later, they called us stating that the bank wanted $3000 more down on the car. I went back and returned the car and picked up my trade in, now, I've spoken to a few people at my office and found out that this has happened to at least 3 other people.

I was devastated because I thought the car was mine, I've always loved this car and they just took it from me. It's almost like loosing a child. There's was no way I could come up with an additional $3000 for the time frame they were asking and I already told them what we could do for a down payment and I was comfortable with the monthly payments they showed me.

Took my car into the dealer for an oil change and some minor items. Got talked into $1000 work of work (clean fuel injectors, repair cracked motor mount and new brakes).
3 days after I got my car back, was driving down the highway and engine started making terrible racket. Drove into my work parking lot and called dealer. Dealer sent tow truck and had car (2004 Nissan Maxima) towed back to dealer.

Service rep, Sean, said no worries, my car was covered under extended warranty, repairs would be covered.

A couple of days later Sean called and said he needed our oil change receipts, not to worry, just standard operating procedure, I was covered under my warranty. (we hunted and found all the oil change receipts we could find - unfortunately - could not find all of them.) My husband took receipts over to dealer. 2 days later they called and said, "I'm sorry, but due to poor maintenance your vehicle won't be covered under your extended warranty and you need a new engine." WHAT!!!!!

That car is 3 years old, 50,000 miles and has always gotten regular oil changes. Just what does it cost to replace the engine??? Well, just making a ballpark guess, the service manager told me $6800. Of course I was very, very upset and he told me I could take it up with Nissan North Amnerica. I called and talked to a very pleasant young lady who said someone would investigate my claim and call me back. (this is Friday,) On Tuesday, "Rudy" called and said he had researched my file and it was found the engine had oil sludge. Oil sludge indicates poor maintenance and my warranty would not be covered. And according to my receipts I have a 10,000 mile gap with no oil change receipts. I am so mad I could scream.

I ask Rudy what can I do...I know that car has been take care of and had all it's required oil changes. He basically tells me there is nothing I can do and I ask him to have his supervisor please call me back.

I never heard back from the Nissan North America customer advocate supervisor and car is sitting dead at the dealer. I don't know what to do. But I am certain Nissan won't help a bit and could care less if I obtain an attorney.

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