My fiance and I recently bought a 2001 corvette from the above listed business. David the owner completed the transaction. I asked David during the transaction whether or not the car had been hit and if it had been well cared for. He stated that the car had never been in an accident. We purchased the car based on his word.

Several weeks later we decided we might want to trade the corvette at another dealer. At that time the dealer informed us that the car had an accident listed on the CarFax. When we approached Capital City Imports we were treated with disregard, laughed at. The owner admits to selling the car as accident free. He refuses to refund any money or take the car back.

My family no longer wants the car. We question the safety of the vehicle...We also have had problems with the vehicle. I did not need to, nor would I ever have bought the corvette as a damaged vehicle. I collect classic cars and currently own more than 10 vehicles. I paid cash for the car....I could have had any car I wanted to in that vintage. We were misled and we know own a questionable vehicle worth half of the purchase price. Help?!? estimated damages 5000-10000 us dollars