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I made an appointment for 11:15. Told the guy I was going to lunch down the street and hoped it could be finished when I returned. When I came back at 1:15 he told me that they were still diagnosing the problem. - COME ON - 2 hours to find out why a horn was not working. When he told me the whole thing had to be replaced I agreed. He said it would take an hour to an hour and a half. Which means it could have been done while I was at lunch!!

When I first bought my brand new Tucson at Bob Dance, they lied about the mileage per gallon. The next week my fuel pump didn't show I put gas in the car. I took it to a dealer in Ft Lauderdale and the fuel pump was bad. Next the air was going very cool and then out of nowhere the heat comes on. I have taken this vehicle to Bob Dance so many times and they told me there is nothing wrong with it. I only have 52,000 miles on it. Right before the lifetime warranty expired which was a lie, the hydraulics on the hatch gave out. Luckily, it was still under warranty to get them replaced. The paint job is awful. I have paint bubbling on the front hood. Every time you touch a place on it, the paint chips off. This was addressed during the warranty and they refused to fix it.

I am NEVER BUYING A HYUNDAI AGAIN! My step son told me all the Hyundai’s have issues with the thermostat! Welcome to Korean cars!!! NEVER NEVER AGAIN!!! Ready to trade this baby or sell it for my Miata I traded off for with 15,000 miles and got nothing for from Bob Dance in Longwood!!! UNHAPPY CONSUMER!

A few days ago in March 2013, I co-signed for my granddaughter to buy a car. She wound up buying a 2011 certified pre-owned Elantra. So far the car is fine, but the people in that office have no idea of how business is conducted. They purchased her a first-time Florida tag, which cost over $500.00 because she had never been tagged in Florida. I live in Waycross, Georgia. She has the car in Titusville, Florida, which they know because they sent her the sales papers. They sent me the tag in Georgia. Now she has called them several times and keeps getting the runaround.

I was told by the post office I could forward the tag to her. So I tried this knowing if she didn't get it, it would go back to the dealer. Bob Dance doesn't know who sent the tag, but it came from their dealership. They don't know anything about her tag. Now her paper tag has expired. The paperwork went to the finance company and they sent me the payment statements. I had to call and straighten that out. When you talk to someone there, they don't know anything. I would never recommend them to anyone, and if I could have been with her, we would not have done business with them from the start.

In April of 2010 we bought a brand new Genesis. We loved the car and have a pretty good experience with the dealership, so we decided to go back a few weeks later to trade my daughter’s car in for a newer one. The financing company that we had her car through owed us money after we traded with Bob Dance. They accidentally sent it to Bob Dance instead of us & Bob Dance kept the money. When asked about it, they had no clue as to what we were talking about. My husband called several times & spoke with someone not knowing at the time he was dealing with the GM. He told my husband that the deal we made with them was a mistake from the beginning and he regretted ever doing business with us. He should have been upset right? After all he owed us money that his company pretty much took. (Yea right).

After hearing this from my husband, I drove to the dealership and wanted to speak with the owner. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there so I spoke to the GM. When I told the GM that one of his employees told my husband that he rudely interrupted me and told me it was him. With a confused look on my face I asked, “It was you?” He said yes & I went off on him. I told him that as a GM he should want his employees to treat customers well and to set a good example for them. I said a few other choice words and instead of being professional, he chose to yell back at me. Customers that were in the lobby walked out after I told him that if I had read the reviews beforehand, I would have known not to come to do business with them. Oh & they also added gap insurance after being told we didn’t want it. That was another hassle!

We did contact a lawyer but got this worked out before we have to pursue. The lawyer had also told us that she has had many cases against Bob Dance in the past. Honestly, I still have my Genesis. My lease is up in April but I will not be taking it back to Bob Dance. I will take my business elsewhere and trade with someone who appreciates their customers. The only decent part about Bob Dance is the service department. Joe is great. Very professional and gets you in and out as quick as possible.

Do not do business with Bob Dance! If you do, you will be like everyone else & wish you hadn't. I'm really surprised they are still in business. The only reason they got one star from me is because there wasn't a button for 0 stars!

I had been thinking about buying a new or slightly used car and being a satisfied Hyundai owner since 2004, I decided I would stick with this brand, especially when I fell in love with the Tucson model. My first thought was to visit Bob Dance, only due to its clever commercial advertising and its close proximity to my home. When my boyfriend and I walked in, the salesman CJ automatically went up to him and introduced himself, but ignored me even though I was the buyer! When I made that clear to him and told him what I was looking for, he took us out to the lot, immediately pointing out the newest model with the most features and the highest price. He quickly spewed off a couple stats from the sheet in the window and handed us the keys.

We took it for a test drive, which he did not even accompany us on nor did he look at and copy my driver's license. He didn't even know if it was valid or not! I liked the car and when we returned to tell him, he was busy with other customers. When I gave him back the key, he immediately asked where my boyfriend went to, who had gone to the restroom for a moment. CJ the salesman refused to even sit down and talk with me, the actual buyer, without my man present! I know car dealers will try to take advantage of women but this is ridiculous! After my boyfriend came back, I told him how I felt and we stood up and walked out. Ladies, don't waste any second of your time at Bob Dance!

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I bought 2 cars three weeks ago. One had a minor scratch on the back bumper. Salesman Jaun told us he would call us to make an appointment to touch up. After a week and no call, I stopped by there and the same salesman told me to drop it off next Saturday at the body shop. Well, the body shop was closed on Saturday, so I called him from the parking lot and got the "We have bad reception. I will call you back?" Now, another week later, I called and got a manager on the phone and he said their service dept. won't even look at it. The sad part is, I went, I got the little touch up paint in a bottle with a brush and fixed it! They are total ripoff artists. Don't ever go step foot on their lot! I am considering returning both cars and ruining my credit, just so I can put Bob Dance out of my life!

I went to Bob Dance in Sanford on May 30, 2012 to look at a 2012 Chevy Impala advertised for $14,900. The vehicle was a lease and had 15,770 miles on it. I told them I had my own financing and I wanted to trade my 2001 Mercury Sable in on it. First, they told me that my trade was only worth $1500, but I owed more than that on it. Second, they told me that Chevrolet only gave a 3-year, 30,000-mile warranty. After much running back and forth between the manager and the salesman, and being kept waiting for three hours, here's the deal they came up with. They would give me $5,000 for my trade and nothing off on the price of the new car; and after tax, title, tags, dealer’s fee, and gap insurance that I had already told them I didn’t want, the price of the Impala had jumped up to almost $18,000.

Like everyone else, I should have walked away, but by then they had driven my trade away and had my tag on the Impala. I was them escorted to the finance manager who told me with a straight face that he could get my interest rate reduced down 5% if I would buy the extended warranty for $2,000. He told me that their finance company demanded the extended warranty with financing. Why I agreed, I don't know other than him saying, “This is a no-brainer. You will have five years of warranty instead of three.” It wasn't until I called my son in Oregon that I found out Chevy gives 5 years or 100,000 miles on all their vehicles. This company uses fraud, high pressure, and makes you feel like you are stupid. I would not buy from them again nor recommend anyone else to go there. Liars.

We went in just to "look". Then we saw a ad on the TV saying that the Sonata was $16,999. We asked to see one and the salesman took us out for a test drive on one. When we returned, we were told the "sale" ended that day! Should have known then to walk but didn't. After 4 hours, much paperwork thrown into our faces, we found ourselves sitting in the finance office and we were treated just like Lynda of Lake Mary, FL. It took us till the next day to realize that we had been lied to about the price of the car and that we had been cleverly "misled" about the extended warranty. We were told at the time that if we took the warranty, we could have a better rate on the loan and that anytime in the next 30 days, we could cancel and keep the rate. It took me 37 phone calls to get it cancelled including calling the Hyundai headquarters! They are as unbelievable as this dealership. We wish that we had researched this dealer before we went there. Please do not buy a car from these crooks. They see you coming and promise you the moon. We later met a man that worked there and he left because of all the underhanded dealings. Be warned.

My husband and I went to the Bob Dance dealership in Sanford on 17/12 this week and were met with a very aggressive salesman named Pierre **. I immediately was ready to leave, but his promise of a "good deal" kept me there long enough to call his bluff. After we gave him all our personal financial information, he started to back-pedal on all his promises. The price of the car was higher, and the price of the trade-in was less.

Long story short, we left, demanding our car key back. But in our rush to get out, we forgot both our driver's licenses, which Pierre had in his possession. He did not remind us that he had them when we were leaving nor did he call us right away to let us know he still had them. It wasn't until the next day when I called did he say, "Oh, I was going to call you." What was strange is that when I went to pick them up, he saw me standing there waiting but he walked out of the dealership, past the used car lot, past the chain-linked fence, off the dealership property, and then came back with our driver's licenses in hand. Very sketch behavior!

While I was waiting, I asked another salesman to see if our driver's licenses were locked up in the manager's office, thinking that would be the responsible thing to do. He said they were not there. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone.

We visited Bob Dance Hyundai on February 17th and 18th. On the 18th we, my wife and I, found a demo Hyundai Sonata Limited, which had everything we had been looking for. The only problem is that the dealership was asking too much. After much talk, back and forth, the sales manager said he would reduce the price of the car to $25,900 from $26,888, if we would agree to finance through the dealership. He said the dealership got a kick-back from the finance company, and it could be used to make up for the price reduction on the car. I said I had pre-approval through Fairwinds at 2.95%. He said the best he could do was 3.8%, but I could refinance in a month or two at the lower rate, and we both could make out.

We then met the finance manager who managed to convince us to sign up for $3,170 worth of warranty and dealer services, that I thought were to be handled either through Hyundai or Bob Dance. When I arrived home, I went through the paperwork we signed, and discovered that I had purchased an insurance contract with Fidelity Services. The next day, Sunday, I went back to the dealership and canceled the warranty and services contract. The Finance Manager said he couldn't do anything about changing the contract, but the note with the lender would be reduced by $3,170 and thus the payments would also be reduced when the insurance company returned the money to the lender. I found out later the insurance company has an in-house employee at Bob Dance's dealership. I spoke with him on March 12th. So, why couldn't the sales contract be changed then?

Today, March 13th, when I was getting a loan from Fairwinds to pay-off the lender, which turned out to be Wells Fargo, I discovered that the lender has an early pay-off fee of $75. I again looked at the paperwork I received from the finance manager, and discovered that I do not have a copy of a note, nor do my wife and I recall signing one.

In addition to the $692 dealer fee I was charged, I was also charged $152 for license fees. Since I already had a license plate, a copy of the registration the dealership had, I knew the transfer fee was only about $8, and the title fee would be about $80. So, I was confident that I would get money back. Imagine my surprise when I received a new plate expiring in 2013. The fees paid by the dealership amounted to over $360. I took the new plate back to the dealership, and explained the problem. The new plate was canceled, and I got a check for about $64. Since I expected a check for the difference between $360 and $88, I asked what was going on. The response was that if a buyer didn't have a trade-in, the dealership paid the Florida impact fees (about $400) out of the $692 dealer fee for the buyer. So, buyers without trades pretty much get screwed. Would I buy from Bob Dance again? Never, due to lies, omissions, and deceptions!

I viewed Bob Dance Hyundai website and discovered two Elantra Limiteds for the $18,500 range, brand new. I called the dealership to verify this information and was told that indeed the ad was correct and the Internet price would be honored. We drove 150 miles to the dealership where we were engaged by Juan. We discussed the ad and he informed us that the discussed price was a lease price only. Nowhere in this ad is the word lease to be found or is the process of leasing discussed. Juan's comment was, "Well, that's how they get you." Angered, we left. There is a history of this unfair advertising at Bob Dance and I should have caught it. Beware.

We discussed what if any of the service contracts we would like to have and decided on the basic contract. When we got home and looked at the paperwork that we signed, it had an additional $3000 that we are liable for. Many times, we said no to options he was suggesting. My advice going to this dealer is to take an attorney with you. They have you sign documents while supposedly explaining what you are signing just to find out it wasn't. I would never recommend this dealer to anyone.

I saw and ad online for a Santa Fe for only $16,500 (no small print for $2,000 trade in) like in newspaper. I got there, found one I liked, Joe was the initial salesman, then Juan came in, my truck according to Kelly ** was worth $9,800 (even with the 113,000 miles), now on paper my truck is only worth $7,500. Their Santa Fe is now almost $20,000. I got up to leave, made it to the front door, and Juan said he could get better financing, and get me out the door at $12,000 with my trade. I said okay. The next thing I knew, he comes in and says, "good news, I got you 100,000 bumper to bumper warranty too". After 2 and 1/2 hours of arriving, I finally made it to finance.

The 1st few pages were okay, the price of $12,000 is there, signed about a dozen more, and when I got to another paper, it had $14,000 as the finance amount. I asked the finance manager, and he says it is for the warranty. I was so mad, tired, and had a raging headache. I just wanted out of there. Finally, I got outside, and Joe, the original salesman, tells me he will mail me the floor mats. It has been a month, and I am still driving around with plastic on my floors. They will not return my phone calls or emails. Buyers beware!

I had been looking for a specific 2011 Sonata online, and I found what I was looking for on Bob Dance's website showing a price of $22,500.00. I was preapproved for financing through my credit union, as I know that game. I drove the car, and decided to purchase. I traded in a vehicle that I owed $12,000 on, and they gave me $15,000.

First, the salesman came with a starting price of $30,000.00. I pointed out using my iPhone that the website says $22,500.00. He left, came back and said it is okay for $22,500.00. After questioning me about what payments I wanted, I informed him we weren't talking payments, we were talking sale price. I end up in the finance office with Tarek **. This is where the fun begins.

We went into the Gap insurance, the extended warranty and et cetera. I said, “No, and no thank you”, as I am not upside down in the vehicle, and I put about 7000 miles a year on it. He then says he will match my credit union's rate. I said if you can, go for it. Tarek then came back with a payment of $460, and tried to get me to initial documents. I informed him that the number was not correct at the rate I was getting from the credit union (3.9%). He argued that it was. I called the credit union on speaker; asked the loan officer if I financed this amount, and what are my payments. To which she replied $429. I said, ”Thank you, I’ll call you back.” Well, Tarek smirks now, and not a good one--busted. So, he started tapping away on his computer, and told me he can match that payment, IF I take the GAP insurance.

I'm pretty sure it is illegal. The man just tried to rip me off, and he would have succeeded had I not known any better. I signed and left, with my payments roughly the same as my credit union, but in hindsight I wish I hadn't given them the kickback from the financing. So first, they came at me with an overinflated price, and then the finance guy tries to bend me over. I would NOT recommend these guys. I will be having the vehicle serviced at another dealership, and will never purchase from them again. I will add that I do love the car!

We had a terrible experience with leasing a 2009 Genesis from this dealer and will never, never consider a Hyundai ever again. After we had negotiated with them for 2 days, we got down to signing the papers and suddenly they threw in a $400 disposition fee that no one had ever mentioned before. They said it was to prep the car for re-sale and might be waived if the car was in good shape when we brought it back. They told us that we would receive $100 for anyone that we referred to them who bought a vehicle. We referred 2 people who bought new cars from them and when we asked about our referral fee, they said they gave them such a great deal that they couldn't give us the referral fee. We complained to the Hyundai headquarters and they couldn't care less.

Before we could return the car it had to be inspected at our home. The inspector said that three of the "high performance" tires with only 20,000 miles on them were showing too much wear and would have to be replaced at our expense. We returned the car and it was spotless, I mean totally spotless. Of course, they nailed us for the entire disposition fee as well as over $300 for the tires. If you want to be lied to, deceived and ripped off, this is the place for you.

My daughter purchased a 2009 Mazda on May 3rd. The dealership told her she would need a co-signer for the financing. Her aunt agreed to co-sign. After checking both of their credit, they called and told them to come down and fill out the paperwork. 2 hours later, paperwork filled out, they handed her the keys and congratulated her and off she went. 2 days ago, they called and told her to bring the car back since the financing did not go through. When we left the dealership, they told her everything was done, no problem with financing since she had a co-signer. We have tried to call and speak with the GM, however, they were too busy.

I have sent them an email asking for an immediate call back, as well as I have tried several times to get someone to answer the phone and help. I am being told they are too busy and they do not have a GM. In the meantime, my daughter still has the car (they told her to bring it back on Sunday) and they have her car that was used as a trade. I cannot get anyone to answer our questions. I have purchased 2 cars from this dealership and have referred several people to them. I cannot believe they will not answer any questions. Do they have a legal right to do this?

My wife and I have purchased a Hyundai Santa Fe in 2007 and have been very pleased with the car. We just wished we had gotten one with leather instead of cloth interior. So we went back to the same dealer (Bob Dance Hyundai) where we have purchased four cars from this dealer. Recently Bob Dance Senior has passed away and you can see the customer service go down the tubes. I feel for Hyundai because they have a great product. I'm a local Deputy Sheriff and the salesman knew me from the community, and he sold me my last Hyundai. His name was Makesh. He was very pleasant and tried his best, very professional. We finally worked out a deal after four hours of going back and forth on a 2009 Santa Fe Limited.

At this time, I thought the nightmare was over but it was just beginning. I had to go and see the finance guy (Tariq) as he called himself. I explained that this was my budget due to bad times and this was all I could afford. He kept trying to sell the extended warranty and we told him that we usually trade the car every three to four years and we don't need the extended warranty. After going back and forth for four hours, we didn't feel like arguing anymore. I told him that my Beacon Score was 803 and that my wife was 800 and we should get the best financing. He explained that Chase was the best deal that we could get for that car. I told him that I was a member of Fairwinds Credit Union and he said that they don't have that great of a rate. I told him that I would take the extended warranty because the car had GPS and a lot of electronics but I did not want roadside assistance or anything other than the warranty for the car.

After about five hours of back and forth concepts with excellent credit and repeat customer, this finance guy lied and added in the fine print the roadside assistance, tire mounting and some other garbage. I told him that I just paid $100 for getting my new tag and that I would not pay the dealer's transfer fee because it was very expensive, so he added that on too. I agreed to pay $1673 for a bumper to bumper protection, only to find out that he charged us $2200 for everything. He said, "You guys can cancel at anytime."

After going home after five hours at the dealership, I started to go over all of this paperwork and noted all of the discrepancies so I called the dealer back and nobody would answer the phone. So the next day, I took another day off from work and went to Fairwinds Credit Union only to find out that they could give me a 3.85% loan. I went back to the dealer in person less than 24 hours later and nobody would talk to me. They told me that it was Christmas Eve and there was nobody around who could help me. I told another finance guy that I was going to refinance the loan because the rate was 1.75% better than the rate that he had sworn by and that I wanted to cancel the extended warranty since he slipped in all of this extra stuff.

I came back on Saturday, the day after Christmas, and spoke to the finance guy. He said that he could not cancel the loan because he said that Chase sold the loan through Wachovia and I would have to go through Hyundai before I could cancel the extended warranty. He smirked and said, "I'm sorry." I had a cashier's check from the credit union to pay off the loan and he would not accept this check.

So now I have to take a couple of hours off on Monday to go back to the bank and have them negate the loan and wait until he sends Hyundai the cancellation form. Bob Dance advertises that if you are not satisfied, you can return the car for a full refund. Being in law enforcement, people value what we say about everything and we have to be held to the highest standards. I believe customer service should be held the same. I will tell everyone I know about this experience and Hyundai will be the one that suffers unfortunately.

We purchased a Dodge Dakota truck in June 2005 from Bob Dance Dodge. Last month in October of 2008 we purchased another vehicle this time a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe from Bob Dance Hyundai. When we purchased the vehicle part of the deal was that the dealer would install the cross rails. They claim the cost of these cross rails were $800.00, well after negotiating we agreed to split the cost and they charged us $400.00, which was added to the price of the vehicle.(which by the way was paid CASH just as we paid for the Dodge Dakota) After giving the matter much thought I kept feeling that the price of $800.00 couldnt be correct so I started to check on the internet and found the same part # U8210-B000 fir $183.30. This is a genuine Hyundai part.

Shocked at the difference in price, I decided to call Holler Hyundai another local dealer. They told me they had the part in stock and the price was $258.50. I could not believe it so I called and spoke to the salesman and the floor manager and told them I no longer wanted the cross rails, that I could not believe that this was the way they treated return customers, by lying to them and cheating them.. I told them I wanted my $400.00. He said he could not refund my money and to call the general manager the next day. Well the next day my husband went to see them and the argued back and forth about the refund.

Then the general manager asked my husband if he had done the survey yet??? , he said no so them the manager told him that if he did the survey and allowed him to listen to him while he did the survey he would refund him $310.00. My husband could not believe what he was hearing, the manager said if we gave a bad review on the survey that it would really hurt them. My husband was outraged and left the dealership. I never imagined they would stoop as low as to bribe us. I feel someone should know about there business ethics, so I've turned to you.

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