Bill Byrd Kia

Panama City, FL

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I was lied to the moment I started working with **. When he looked at my income from cleaning condo's last year and my tax forms he said, "you're paying too high interest on your ford escape 2011 limited," with Innovations FCU, I was paying 8%. Then he said "if I can get your percent way below that could we have a deal." I said "yes," so I took their last 2014 Kia Sportage and drove it until Monday. When I went in I had to wait on him which was no problem. He was signing a new renters agreement. (The first thing I told ** was I wanted to get up some figures to what it would cost me...)

We were waiting around and I walked out in the lot to look at cars, I ask him if he thought it would work out he said yes, then I noticed the 2015 Optima EX GDI, it was loaded. ** then said "we can for sure get that through, and it would be easier because it was less and a 2015." So I told him "okay". So it was late he told me to drive it home and I went back the next day, I ask how it was going he said "will get it through." I ask him if they called Innovations and he said "Yes but they did not take it." So he had me fill out to forms for him (**), telling be he would get a good mark and some type of bonus. Didn't really listen so I started to mark. He said if I get excellent he would make something. I think he said bonus. Of course I was happy to do it.

Then when he got me wanting another KIA he came out with the papers but they were 8.9%-- another lie. He had told me the % was higher. He told me then that ** (the one that worked on my papers) had informed him wrong and it was because I had a negative balance, or something like that. And at the start I wanted my payment to be around $400.00 a month, then he comes out with a payment of $544.+ and I love the car so I took it.

Well, I stopped by Innovations to show the manager of the bank what I had trade for, she liked it, then she ask me why I didn't give her a chance, I told her that they informed me that Innovation turned me down. So, she went to their employee that took care of car deals, he checked his computer and there was NOT a call or paperwork sent to them for a request of taking over my car for me. Then today I was driving back from Pensacola, and ** calls me telling me I owed them $53.15 that was the differences in the payoff than what my papers told them, So I paid it but they should have paid it. If they really called Innovations they should have known.

Bought a new 2012 Kia Optima and from the time we have had it until this current date every time we go on a trip the tire trouble indicator light comes on - it blinks for 10-15 minutes and then for 15-20 more minutes it stay on without blinking. Have taken it in several times and on only one time has it been reprogrammed and that didn't help. Even had nitrogen put in tires - a recommendation from service department and were told this would help. WRONG!! Now it does it when we are driving in town. It seems no one cares and have even left comments on 2 surveys that have been sent to us and no response. And try to find a phone number for corporate headquarters - forget it. For this one reason we will never buy another Kia of any kind. Love everything else about it.

On Monday I put my wife's 2006 Kia Sedona in for 4 new tires a 4-wheel alignment, cut the front rotors, and oil and lube. Everything is fine except the new tires I paid for look like used tires. It looks like they took them off of another vehicle. They are dirty, marked up, scratched and look like whoever had them before rubbed a curb or something. They are not neat tires. Also not one tire has valve stem caps. They didn't even try to clean to try and make them look new. I know what new tires look like and these are not new. I paid for new tires, I expect new tires. My wife hasn't used her van all week because she's been sick. I didn't notice them until I used the van on Saturday. I have pictures to show if you need me to send them. Thank You.

I bought a car from them. The car had been in a accident and they did not disclose this information to me, even though I and my brother-in-law asked for the car fax report twice. Three mechanic professionals have told me the car has been in an accident. It has a Kick up on the right side. It is bent up and been in a wrect. The lower part of the bumper is broken, but has been rigged up to keep it in place. I was taken advantage of.

I ordered a carfax report 11/10/08, and found out the car had been in an accident 4/3/08. I don't want this car, I have been cheated, but I want to keep my good credit. I am a veteran, and I don't deserve this, especially on veterans day.

Nothing has been done to solve this problem. I need an attorney, but I don't have much money. Someone please help me. I have learned an important lesson, and will never do busines with Bill Byrd Kia again. I will give everyone my honest opinion of Bill Byrd Kia.

I bought a blue 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser from Bill Byrd Kia in Panama City, FL, 10/30/08. At that time me and by brother-in-law asked Mr. T and another business manager for the carfax paperwork on the car. My brother-in law thought they had provided me with a copy of the carfax report. They had not. Later, I called the dealership and told them about the engine light being on. It was on before I even left the dealership, but I thought this was normal, until the engine light stayed on. I took the car back to Bill Byrd for their service department to fix it. I believe this was on 11/6/08.

The mechanic and Mr. T said I needed to take it to Buzz Leonard, because it was a warranty situation. I live in Chipley, so it was closer to take it to Bob Phorte in Marianna, FL. At that time one of the employees (I know who said it, but I don't want this person to get in trouble), said "Bill Byrd Kia would do anything to sell a car" and he/she said "I guarantee you will never get that second key (cost - $140) they promised you." Any way, after many lies from Bill Byrd Kia, I ordered my own carfax report, which said the PT Cruiser had been in an accident 4/3/08. Mr. T said on 11/10/08, that this was not disclosed to them because the dealership does not receive the entire report, and the business manager had printed the car fax report but forgot to give it to us.

I had to pay Bob Phorte Chryler, $172.83, because the warranty does not cover this kind of damage caused by whis car that was damaged in a accident reported in Fulton County involving a front impact with another motor vehicle. They said Bill Byrd should reimburse me this money. The Bob Phorte mechanic showed me where the car had been damaged. He said this could cause me many future problems, long after the 36 month warranty wears out. I am fortunate enough to work at a technical training school. I took the car to be looked over by 2 intructors 11/11/08 - the licenced body shop instructor and the licensed Automobile technician instructor. They both agreed the car had been in an accident and there was damage that would cause problems and cost me a significant amount of money later.

I was told by Bob Phorte Motors, that rental/fleet cars like the 2007 PT Cruiser Bill Byrd Kia sold me are ofter sold to dealerships when the warranty is about to go out. On 11/20/08 Mr. T admitted that this car had been bought at an aution. This ruiser had nearly 30,000 miles on it, and 36,000 miles is the length of the warranty coverage. After numerous phone calls and lies, I feel so cheated. It is a shame, that I (who have served my country, and am an honorably discharged U.S. Air Force veteran, would would have to deal with a horrible situation like this and write this letter on Veterans Day. I don't pllan to ever do business will Bill Byrd Kia again, they have truly destroyed my belief in the general honesty and goodness of people.

I am greatly disappointed. The general manager "Johnny" told my Reverend brother-in-law that I "cussed" him, which is another lie in a long line of lies. I am not a cussing person, (ask any of my friends and acquaintances). I am a single mom of 6 years, with 3 school age children going through a divorce. The only way I could respond to Mr. Johnny, was to call him a "jackass," although the rude way he talked to me warranted worse language than that. Bill Byrd Kia used Unfair and Deceptive acts and practices toward me. They are guilty of verbal deception and giving false information about this vehicle, and I have the documentation to prove it. All I can say, is that what goes around comes around. We reap what we sew. If there is anyone out there who can help me in this matter please contact me.

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I brought my 2001 KIA RIO (odometer 76,555 mile) car to Bill Byrd KIA Panama City Florida, where I purchased the car for a torn boot and clicking noise on the front left CV joint. I was very specific about whether or not it was covered under the 100,000 miles or 120 month warranty. Dawn **, the Service Advisor brought my car up on their computer and orally told that, yes the car is still in the warranty period and that they would make the repair, so I told them to go ahead and fix it. However, once they started to take the shaft off the car, they broke a number of items and now say they will not cover any part of the job. I would not have let them work on the car if they were not going to honor the warranty and would have replaced the CV joint myself. I feel I was mislead. They are only offering me a 15% discount on the total price of the repair.

KIA headquarters called me today October 1 2008, and said that they discussed this issue with Bill Byrd KIA and as Bill Byrd KIA is independently owned HQ, could not get them to honor the warranty but HQ did admit that Bill Byrd KIA was deceptive and should have verified that the warranty was intact before working on the car. KIA HQ was going to issue Bill Byrd KIA some type of notice, that's as far as I got with HQ.

From the beginning, we have had trouble with this van. We bought a Kia Sedona (2005) in November of 2004. We have not had the van two years yet, and already we have had to replace the motor, and change the brakes and rotors so often I have lost count. Currently, we have had the brakes and rotors changed yet again, and not two days after we had it done, the scrubbing sound (metal on metal) is back. We are taking it somewhere other than the dealership because I have lost confidence (if I had any to begin with) that they can actually fix it. I will NEVER but another Kia product. I have only owned Toyotas in the past, and I will never own a Kia again, even if it was given to me and free maintenance was guaranteed on the vehicle for life.

I purchased a used 2002 Kia Sedona in August 2003. The vehicle had around 26k miles. Since we bought the vehicle the following has taken place:

10/10/03 29181miles- Drive Airbag Module repaired

2/13/04 34k miles- Camshaft Position Sensor replaced/repaired

12/08/04 49567k miles- door handle replaced

12/30/04 49764k miles-engine replaced

2/07/05 50185k miles-engine mounting brackets replaced

3/11/05 51128k miles-RH driveshaft assy. replaced

3/26/05 51568k miles-expansion valve R&R replaced

3/26/05 51568k miles- auto transmission replaced

3/31/06 61044k miles-power unit assy,
accel. cable assy,

alternator (all replaced)

The above were covered under warranty.

Both front and rear Brake service was performed as well but the dealer did not record the service. The following is a new list of repairs needing to be done

63246k miles on vehile

clean & adjust rear brakes

value cover gasket

driver side driveshaft assy.

all 3 catalytic converters

front brakes machined

I have obtained a written quote for the above work in the amount of 4478.40 + tax. I inquired about the Federal Clean Air Act Warranty being up to 80k miles and was told I was wrong. They informed me it was up to 60k miles. I asked what would cause all these damages and was informed that normal wear on the vehicle. I paid for a Diagnostic Service in which the tried to charge me for services not performed and tax.

This vehilce has been a nightmare since we bought it. The above list of repairs shows how much time we have been without the vehicle. On average the vehicle was in the repair shop no less than 3 day and up to 3 weeks for repair. We do not have alot of money and are still paying for this vehicle. The anguish of never knowing if the van would break down with my wife and kids on board has had us both worried. We would have gotten rid of it, if we did'nt still owe so much on it. All I wanted was a reliable vehicle for my family. I buy from a major dealership expecting a quality and dependable vehicle. That's all I wanted. Instead I find myself having constant issues that disrupt my families lives and place them in potential danger.

My wife and I went to Bill Byrd Kia to purchase her a new car. We paid cash for a 17,000 Kia. My mother in law noticed there were no floor mats and demanded they put some in. However, they did not include an owner's manual. My wife contacted this company on four occasions requesting one and my father in law has contacted them twice. They last time, the sales manager laughed at him. I am very upset with the service we have received and will never purchase from Bill Byrd Kia again, nor will anyone I know.

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