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Five Towns Nissan Dealership

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Last updated: Oct. 12, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

This dealership is by far the WORST car dealership I have ever dealt with. They are VERY unprofessional, in fact I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. My little sister and I go into the dealership inquiring a newer vehicle for her. We give the salesperson all of the details as to what we want, when we want it, and how. After ignoring ALL of our requests they then try to force us into going along with what THEY wanted us to do (POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE). They then lie to us by telling us what my sister's car was appraised for then comes back with a different price. I myself was once a car salesman so I'm reading between all of the lines and we decide to walk out.

On our way out of the door the salesman harasses us trying to get us to stay in the dealership and now we are livid. The next day we received a call from the front desk girl and she tells us they have found a deal for us. I then ask her what the deal was, she then says "We don't discuss business over the phone. It has to be in person." EXCUSE ME?! I sold cars. If giving the customer what they want over the phone is what will make the deal then give them what they want. I tell her "Listen we live 30 min away. We're not going there to waste our time, if you can get my sister out of her car by appraising her car for the current balance left on the car then we have a deal. Are you giving us a deal or not?" She then hangs up the phone. This by far is the WORST dealership I've ever been to, PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP IF YOU WORK VERY HARD FOR YOUR MONEY. THEY WILL ROB YOU AND LIE TO YOU.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2017

I saw a 2012 Nissan Rogue that I was interested in at this dealership. I called to see if the car was available and was told 'yes' and to come down and test drive the car. It was a Saturday and we got there around 2:30 to meet with the sales guy Carl. We test drove the car and really liked the car. When we finally sat down with Carl, he told us the car was $10,995 and with taxes and fees the final price we will pay is $12,195. We agree to that price and told him we will leave a $100 down and come back on Monday. He try to convince us to buy the car that day and even called his manager over to convince us to buy the car today. We explain to him that we don't have the time to wait for the car today, plus we wanted to contact MCU for the loan and come back with the check. We advise him that we will put down $2,000 and then get a loan from MCU for the remainder $10,000.

Carl then try to convince us that he can get us a better loan and they have MCU on the property and they can do all the paperwork themselves. We told him, "No, we will contact MCU and do the paperwork ourself." On Sunday I called my insurance to get the car binder and on Monday I called MCU to apply for a car loan. When I was finally approved for the loan, we were told that we were approved for two loans. One of the loans was the one I applied for and one was from the dealership. We never gave the dealership permission to run my credit or apply for the loan. They went ahead and did it behind our back and also ran it for TD bank.

When we went back to the dealership that day to pick up the car, I was so upset that they ran my credit without my permission. When we spoke finally spoke to the financial guy he told me that he had my rates and already ran my credit. He then proceeded to tell us that the loan would be for $13,189. When he said this, I was confuse because that is not the same amount we agreed to with the sales guy Carl. As soon as he said that I said, "No, something is wrong". He called his manager and he came in to speak to us because at this point we were going to walk. We went to speak to Simone the manager and he took out the paper and said that the contract we signed said $12,195 + taxes. I told him that Carl said the taxes was included and that the original price of the car was for 15k and it went on sale for 10,995.

Simone then try to break it down and said the $12,995 was the fees included and not the taxes. This was still confusing to me because I could not understand how the fees alone was $1,200 to prep and clean the car. On top of that, the finance guy was saying that the loan would be 13k after we put down the $2,000. So in total he was trying to say the car was selling for 15k in reality. Simone could not explain why if the car was going for $10,995 and he was charging $1,200 for fees plus taxes which in NY is 8.875, why would the total come up to 15k.

If the car is $10,995 and he charge me $1,200, plus taxes, then it should have total $13,277.31. Why would I get a loan for 13k and still turn around and give them an additional 2k as a down payment. They were really trying to rip me off and it's a good thing my cousin realize the whole thing. This place is horrible and I want the two inquiries they made to my credit report removed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2016

Please stay away from this dealership, they are very unprofessional and dishonest. Malik, the guy that runs dealership is Scammer!!! I purchase a car that they clear the check engine light on and then sold it to me. After driving off the lot, within two days the vehicle check engine light came on. I then took it to Autozone to PERSONALLY get the code read. At Autozone, they did inform me what was wrong with the vehicle, and what was needed for it to be fixed. I called the dealership and notified Malik the person in charge. At that point, he told me to take the vehicle in, and they would get it fixed. So I took the vehicle in the next day. They kept the vehicle for a day, they then called, notifying me that the vehicle was ready to be picked up. After I drove the Car, the next day the check engine light came back on. I then called and ask what they did to the vehicle? Was it fix? The answer was "yes", I then asked "why is the check engine light back on?"

The next thing I know I got a dial tone in my ear from Malik. I then return to Autozone to have them read the code again and it was the same problem. They did not fix the vehicle, ever since I cannot speak with Malik to have this problem rectified. I'm returning the vehicle this weekend, and I'm also contacting my attorney to see what lawsuit I can brought against those CROOKS!!!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2015

In February 2013, I traded my 2011 Toyota Camry for a 2009 Nissan Murano, with Five Towns Nissan. I wanted an SUV, and couldn't afford a newer model. The car drove well for about 2 years, but in March of 2015, the service engine light came on, and the car was driving rough. I took the car to the service shop, which is now Rockaway Nissan. I got the car back 2 weeks later. I was told the problem is fixed. I drove the car for 2 weeks and the same thing happened again. To make a long story short, since that time, I've been back to Nissan at least 3 more times.

This final time they kept the car from June 20, it's August 5, and they're telling me the car is repaired. I've contacted Nissan headquarters which have been no help. Right now, I'm sitting with a salesman at this same dealer which is now Rockaway Nissan trying to trade the car for a 2015 Rogue. I didn't want to deal with these people anymore but with the record of the Murano, I'm afraid to go somewhere else. I also don't want to drive this vehicle anymore.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2015

5 Towns Drive Car Dealer. 670 Burnside Ave, Inwood, NY 11096. This dealership is a FRAUD. The advertise prices are bait and switch. The hidden fees are 45% of the advertised price. The word "sticker price" is mentioned in the fine print but advertised price is NOT sticker price. If the advertised price is 10,000 you will also pay $4500 a dealer's fee so you will pay total 14500.00. Stay away from these guys. They are nothing but FRAUD.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2015

On 11/15/2012 I purchased a 2011 Nissan Murano from five towns Nissan (2 weeks after Hurricane Sandy) that wasn't damaged from the storm because it was on ramp in front of the dealer. Fast forward to the present, wanted to lower the payments (which were ridiculously high) so I decided to trade in for a new Rogue @ Rockaway Nissan Car only has 16k miles got appraised for almost $20k but bank (NMAC, who I've been dealing with since 2003) was only offering 9k.

Couldn't figure why UNTIL we saw the CARFAX report stating that the car was claimed as a TOTAL LOSS on 10/30/2012, ONE DAY AFTER SANDY HIT!!! I've been on phone with Nissan NA numerous times with no satisfaction... They gave me contact info for Labonte law group who only take written claims. Mailed them a letter 8 days ago. Still haven't heard ANYTHING. Have to turn the plates in very soon. Insurance about to lapse.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 16, 2015

I was told four different things when financing a new car: If you have low score, we can help you. We was offer four different cars, also I was told the bank would only pay up to 25000 for a car for me with I was ok with. So then I'm looking into cars that are in the 23000 point then I was told, "well, the bank said they pick out this Nissan Altima with was 19000" with was not the car I wanted. I pick a five seater Nissan for 23 and they said to me "no".

What I'm upset about is the sale person. She didn’t want to take her customer on a roller coaster that end up nowhere and you’re unhappy. Then to top it all off, after my bad deal, I bring someone in and I was told I would get 150. Ok I was told 12 different story about where's my check and going back telling me to come in and pick my check up then to get there waiting 2 hours and no check and for the boss to tell me “it's a 150”. I have this in my pocket every day, wow, and these are the things you say to. I’m telling anyone that's looking for a car, don't go to them - very disrespectful and you will walk out with a bad deal.

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Original review: Jan. 23, 2015

In 2010 my wife and I went to Five Town Nissan base on an advertisement they had running that say "good credit, bad credit, no credit you will be approve for a vehicle". I sat down with a sales representative who told me that if I get someone to co-sign for me I can get a vehicle and that person can get a vehicle too. So my wife co-signed for me and was offered a vehicle, which she decided to take.

Five Town Nissan run her information, we were then told they found that she owned a house and her sister co-sign on the mortgage and as such her sister will need to co-sign for her. So we called my wife's sister who came down and co-signed. Everything seem to be going okay, then a few hours later while still at Five Towns Nissan we got a call from an unidentified person from another Nissan dealership telling us we were being scammed in that both vehicles were bought by one person, my wife's sister. We were shocked but more shocked that someone from another dealership has access to our information.

Anyways we didn't believe the person who made the call. I started to make monthly payments on my car so does my wife. A few months later I brought the car in for service, I gave the receptionist the account number for the car and my name. She then told my name is not on the account so I gave them my wife's name. Her name was not on the account either. I became anxious as to whose name is there. When the receptionist told me the name it was my wife's sister's name, I was shocked. My name was on none of these accounts and was never mention in anyway.

So here it is Five Town Nissan uses my wife's sister information to secure a loan for two cars on the same day same time even though she had a loan on another car for herself with another company. The loans came through two different banks and then use my wife's information and my information to determine the monthly payments on the loans. None of this is on the receipts we got from Five Towns Nissan. All along I think some thing was wrong with this issue. I reached out Better Business Bureau; was advised to get an attorney.

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2015

August 23 2014 Me and my wife trade in our Nissan Altima to get a 2014 Nissan Rogue. We went to finances office and we get all paperwork in order and we get thru with our Rogue. Finances office told us they will pay off the balance of the Altima not knowing they were lying to me and my wife. They even promise me thousands dollar to help me with my payments until I refinance my vehicle. So I say ok. They say "When you received your first payment, come in and we will make out a check for you."

So I did. I give my first payment. They tell the boss not in today, he will be back in after one week, call or come back in one week. I keep on calling for over two months for my check not knowing the company will be sold sometimes in December. On to the day I never received any check from Nissan of Five Towns. I went in person in one of Nissan car dealership to get some answers. They tell they can not help me I need to go and speak to a lawyer about my problem. So I say to them "Can you give some information about my record?" When they did I was shocked to know that I was paying for the Altima which I no longer have with me anymore.

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Original review: Dec. 30, 2014

I filed a complaint with consumer affairs about a months go. I purchased my vehicle from Five Towns Nissan a couple years ago. It is a 2008 Nissan Altima. In August of 2014, I went back to Five Towns Nissan and did a refinance on this vehicle. They processed the refinance through another bank. My original bank was Capital One. The refinance is now active with Valley National Bank. I was then instructed by the finance manager to make my next payment to Valley National and that all the necessary paperwork I would need would come in the mail. I left, and as he said the pamphlets arrived in the mail, I made my next payment to the new owner. Then about 2 months later I received late payments in the mail from Capital One. I called Capital One and they said that I still had an active loan with their bank. I was confused because I knew I no longer had affiliations with the old loaner.

I then called the dealership who gave me the run around. They told me that they would take my information and call me back, I never received a call so I called again that week. I then spoke to Phil, he told me that the dealership was undergoing new ownership and the "girls in the back office never sent the pay off information to the new bank." He said he would take care of it and would call me back once it was handled. I again, never received a phone call. I then received another late payment fro capital one. Meanwhile. I have never missed a payment or been late for as long as I have purchased my vehicle. I then went into the dealership. I needed to speak to someone face to face because I was tired of getting the run around. I met with Phil who told me the dealership was going under new ownership and they never sent the pay off to the new bank. They said the deal was closing on November 24 2014, and that as soon as it closed they would send the pay off. I said okay and left.

On a Monday I received a phone call from Capital One saying my car was going to repossession. I was infuriated. Why am I paying the penalty for something I didn't do. I called the bank and explained the situation. The rep told me that she apologized but there is nothing she can do. I explained the situation and she said that my excellent credit had been tarnished due to this mess. I three-wayed the bank and the dealership and Phil and Capital One spoke. He told us that the deal still had not gone through and that it would be closing in the next two weeks. He said that they would create a letter to send to credit bureau and that should clear my messed up credit. I asked what would happen if my car got repossessed. He said he's going to fix tho before that happens.

The following week my car got repossessed the day of a final at my university. The level of stress was unbearable. I went right into the dealership and demanded to speak to Phil. He told me he apologizes and over 100 people had been affected by this. I told him what is going to happen to my car. Apparently it was taken to a lot in Amityville, Long Island. He told me he will send the pay off when the deal closes on December 15 2014, and that the credit will be fixed, "not over night, but it will be fixed." I said I needed a car to get around I have to go to work and school. He said no problem he can give me a rental car. Which he did. I left, with some relief that I at least had a vehicle.

Today, December 29, 2014 I received a letter in the mail from DMV that my plates had been destroyed. I went into the dealership today and they told me Phil no longer works there and there is nothing they can do. They gave me a letter there with the lawyer I should contact with any issues. Why didn't this come in the mail? Why is it that Valley was accepting payments from me for a loan that wasn't officially transferred? I never received a title from them which means they were aware that the dealership hadn't done their part and a lien was still on my car. They gave me information for the dealerships lawyer and my lawyer should contact them. I then called the old loaner and asked where my car was. They said it was at an auction and would be sold today. I have no one to give me answers, my credit is messed up. I NEED ANSWERS!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 23, 2014

I purchased a new car September 6, 2014. My temporary registration has expired. I called Nissan 1 week before my temporary registration expired to talk to somebody about this issue. I was told they were in a meeting. I left my name and number and never got a call back. I again called and left a message and still never got a response. I then contacted the DMV to register the car myself. I was told that because it was a new car the dealer is responsible and they will have to do it. At this point I had a brand new car That I was fearful of driving because it was unregistered. I then went in person and talked to the manager about this issue. She contacted DMV and told me that because it is a new car they have to wait for the title to be released before they can process it.

After almost 1 month I checked DMV and my new car is still not registered. I again went to see the manager and was told that the company is going through changes and the department that does the paperwork is undergoing changes. That was more than a month ago and as of today December 22, 2014 I still have a brand new car that is unregistered. So I again went to Five Towns Nissan and this time I was told that they are under new ownership and they have no access to my records. Also I was told that they have about 30 open cases with no registrations and trade ins not being paid off since August. I was given a lawyer number that is handling all of Five Town's paperwork. I have left 2 messages and have gotten no response. I have had to rent a parking space in order to avoid getting parking tickets. I don't know what else to do.

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Original review: Nov. 4, 2014

Went to Nissan of Five Towns several months ago looking for a Nissan Murano. They approved the loan and said the vehicle had needed some minor repairs. They released the vehicle to us the next day and we drove the vehicle for at least two days, then behold the car gear shift got stuck and wouldn't allow us to put the car into park or reverse. This happened twice. We took the vehicle back and then they told us that they couldn't release the vehicle to us. They needed to take it back and auction it off because the car is too expensive to repair. They told us that the transmission needed repairs and a few other things but the car was not in any condition to drive.

Luckily I still had my 2010 Nissan Altima. So today my boyfriend spotted the vehicle in Jamaica and someone is selling it. He contacted the person and they said $10,000, the same price it was listed for. The person said, "I will give you a deal $7,000." LOL. Boy, Five Towns are the biggest losers and Ripoffs I ever seen. They closed Five Towns Toyota and now they need to close Nissan. They got Rid of the Big haired white guy that used to do the financing. He was a ripoff genius. BEWARE. DO NOT BUY THE 2004 NISSAN MURANO SILVER COLOR!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 6, 2014

My car cut off as I was driving so it was towed in to Five Towns Nissan in April 2014. The service center told me it was bad gas. Then they told me someone put something in my gas tank. They said they cleaned all lines, dropped gas tank & cleaned and put all new parts. When they went to clean my car so I could pick it up, they said it was leaking. They called me & asked me if someone knew that my car was on their lot because some put something back in the tank. I said no. Then they "Re-fixed everything". I don't think they did the job in the first place so this is the 2nd time they did the job. I picked up my car for ONE DAY & it smelled like gas. It cut off on me and it would not start. So it went back for that SAME THING. So that was the 3rd time.

Today is August 2014 and my car is back for the something for the 4th time. They never fixed my car. I told them I want to turn in my leased vehicle. They told me my car has to be in working conditions or I could get a car from them & put the repairs payments in with my car payments, which was way more than the repair cost over a 3 yr lease. The service center people was rude, not helpful - everything was about getting extra money out of my car insurance comp & I told them I need a car to get to work. They gave me a loaner car. Then when I gave them the car back they tell me it was a rental & I owe them $900 for the car that they still did not fix. This is the WORST SERVICE DEPARTMENT. As I'm writing this my car is still at Nissan. All I want to do is get rid of the lease car. It's been over 4 mo with the same problem & over $5000 they got and they want more.

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Original review: April 18, 2014

Bought the Quest 2014 early April 2014. Two weeks into having it, I take the family on vacation just to cut it short because I've had to get a boost 3 times already.... Had to stop on the road and find a Nissan service center because once I cut the car off it wouldn't start back up.... Seems like Five Towns Nissan never maintained the car before selling it to me... Fluids were not all the way filled... Never got an owner's manual. Now I'm in Pennsylvania getting the car serviced with family and bags in the car. I see what people mean when they say Five Towns is all about sell, sell, sell that they wouldn't check it first and have me come back.... not what I expect when purchasing a new car.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 23, 2014

I bought two SUVs there at Nissan Fivetown - a Nissan Rogue and a Cherokee, both 2014. The Rogue gave me problem right the same day that I drove it home. Brought it back. They claimed they fixed it. Now on my way to take my kids to school this morning, the Cherokee stopped in the middle of the highway. Telling me that it needs a transmission service. I took it to **. He took it to service and told me it's ok now, because it needs a software update. I drove it to work this evening and when I was ready leave, the truck did not move and indicate the same message.

I think they know about their cars problems, but they only want to sale, sale, sale and rip off customers in anyways they can. When my wife was telling them about the unjust treatments to people/us, they were trying to calm her down. They need to respect and stand by their products. People are working too hard to earn their money and the fivetown workers/salesman are preying on people by lying to them, by introducing them to some bad deals-contracts and do not want to help or face and solve the problems, since they're already pocketed their commissions. Now, hell with the buyers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2013

This dealership is the pits. I would give 0 stars if I could. I would never recommend it to anyone and honestly can't understand why they are still open. Deal rater has so many poor review and dissatisfied customers. In 2010, I leased a Juke. The payments we agreed upon were not the payments I signed. Truthfully, after being there so many hours and signing so many papers, I did not read everything I signed. It was not until the 1st bill came that I realized that I was swindled. In addition, the agent failed to send the insurance company the documents requested. I eventually had to contact a superior who was no better. The car was a lemon and not even a month after I had it I came in because of two recalls. In all fairness, one time they did offer me a rental.

During the three years of the lease, I had to return more than four times for the same problem among many others. The service staff were rude and spoke in a condescending way. Not to mention, the repairmen did not take initiative to ensure the check engine light was off. I once went in for an oil change, but my tire pressure was low so the check engine light was on. Would you believe that I left the same way? A day later, I called Nissan and mentioned it and was told that I should have said something when I brought the car in. I thought I was being punked as anyone who did any work on the car would see this, especially since they had to drive the car into the garage.

I feel that no one at this dealership cares about the customers from the head down. I honestly think that everyone working there needs to be replaced or receive extensive customer service training. Fortunately, two months before the lease expired, I went to Advantage Toyota in Valley Stream and had such a wonderful experience with Shana **. It was amazing. I would tell anyone thinking of purchasing or leasing a car to avoid Five Towns Nissan at all costs. If you are set on getting a Nissan then I employ you to use a different dealership as this one is for the birds. Advantage Toyota was an overall better experience for me and I trust anyone who works with Shana will feel the same way.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2013

On August 27, 2013, I negotiated a lease deal on the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder. The main reasons for getting into this deal was for the best "in class" 7 pax SUV gas mpg; 20 city/25 highway. I left the dealership without my second key nor the vehicle manual which I was promised to get the next day. 4 days later, I returned to the dealership to pick up my key/manual and to express the worry and disappointment with the 15.9 mpg I registered highway during my camping trip the first 4 days. They basically told me they didn't have the second key nor manual (which comes with any new vehicle) they had promised??!! They once again promised they'd correct shortly. Went back 1.5 weeks later and nothing!!

I started calling; no return calls nor would any manager take my calls. Finally 3 weeks later, I took vehicle in since it was now marking 15.4 mpg; according to them they found nothing wrong with vehicle; therefore they referred me to "corporate"!! Feeling as if they were disengaging themselves from me, the customer, I pressed on and insisted they give me a better explanation. The sticker was promoting 20/25 city/highway. The general sales manager went as far as insulting me and calling me "ignorant" for not understanding. Of course this would be the last straw. Since then have reported the sales staff to their consumer affairs division and there is a current investigation ongoing. I finally received my 2nd key/Manual into the 3rd week after the lease deal. I wouldn't recommend this dealership to my worst enemy. The staff is inept, inadequate and without any doubt... incompetent!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2013

I went there to buy a Nissan commercial van. I negotiated a sticker cash price of approx. 27000 for the van before they started adding nonsense fees like dealer prep fee and another fee I can’t remember, totaling a little over 1000 (dealer prep fee my for... the tray liner was dirty and the tpms was on when I drove off with it b/c the 2 back tires had not been inflated properly... I ended up paying approx. 46000 for this van and they didn't even thrown in a full tank of gas), when we went to do the financing the total came up to approx. 46000 with a payment of almost 600 a month... I started to inquire why... the finance guy is telling us we only put down 5000, when we had our receipts we put down 9900 CASH.

So after that was cleared up and the payments dropped by almost a 100, the price was still 46000... they added on over 8000 in warranties that we had to get if we wanted the new van or if we took interest-alone price with no warranties, we would still be paying the same amount in less time with penalty fees etc. Even with an interest rate of 4.99, there were so many hidden fees and nonsense. But it was after 10 in the night and my wife and I were very tired at that point so we just accepted the offer. I bought a NEW Nissan Sentra from NISSAN OF QUEENS 2 yrs ago and was thoroughly satisfied with them and even paid the car off in 2 yrs with them and was very, very happy with that dealership... only reason I didn't go there is b/c they didn't sell the Nissan commercial vans. I feel in my heart I got robbed and duped by this dealership. I would not recommend to anyone.

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Original review: July 11, 2013

They took my car for a certain amount of money...promised me all sorts of things. When I got MY BILL...IT WAS WAY OVER THE PRICES I WAS QUOTED... THEY DID NOT DEDUCT WHAT WAS PROMISED TO ME FOR MY CAR. I tried to reach them on several occasion to resolve this. The Rep who took care of me was always unavailable or not in. They are the worst.

Original review: July 2, 2013

Long story short - they will over promise and under deliver. They will not respect your time and leave you standing around for hours. Do yourself a favor and choose another dealership.

Full story: I initially was dealing with Francisco. We test drove many cars and finally found one Nissan Rogue that fit my needs. There were many scratches on the exterior; Francisco said that they would be buffed out and the car would be ready to go by Saturday (three days from when the deal was made). I gave him a deposit, signed the paperwork and left expecting to pick up my car on Saturday in the condition we had discussed. When I arrived on Saturday, the car had not been buffed; it had not even been vacuumed! How could I take a car in this state?

We began looking at other cars. I found another that fit my needs though it had a massive scratch on the steering wheel. I said I would take the car if the steering wheel plate could be replaced - Francisco said this was an easy fix and he could replace it. I said I wanted to take the car that day and he said he could get the car ready while I was in Financing. I sat down with Financing and I was told I need to pay an additional $2,000 for the certified plan. I was initially told that this car was certified and Francisco never mentioned there was an additional fee on top of the sticker price - another deception. I paid the fee (what choice did I have?), finished with Financing and walked outside to get my car.

At this point, nobody was willing to help me anymore. Francisco had moved onto another client and finally, his manager Ian had to get involved. Ian was unable to find the keys; after standing in the parking lot for 15 minutes, finally someone surfaced with the keys to the car. We opened the door to find that the car had not been vacuumed; there was literally garbage in the back seat and trunk. The exterior had not been washed. There was a paint chip on the bumper, and the steering wheel was still in the same poor condition. I was told by Ian and Francisco that I could bring the car by in a few days so that they could handle the repairs we discussed. This is where things really took a turn for the worse.

Francisco called to tell me that they would no longer be able to replace the steering wheel plate; the cost would be too expensive for the dealership to absorb. I tried negotiating with them and got nowhere and Francisco and Ian both denied ever promising me that this could be done - essentially calling me a liar. Furthermore, I then had to wait 3 weeks to even get an appointment for my car to be vacuumed and buffed - something that should have been done before I even drove the car off the lot. Their follow-up was very poor; I had to call each time to follow up on the status of the appointment.

Cons: Very difficult to work with - Sales Managers will over promise to close the deal and in the end not make good on their promises - Hidden fees - Under staffed - Poor follow-up

Advice: There are Nissan dealerships everywhere. My family has bought many Nissans from other dealerships and had very pleasant experiences. Not only was this experience unpleasant, but I was deceived into buying a car that I would have never bought had I known the steering wheel plate would be in such poor condition. Trust me, choose another dealership.

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Original review: Sept. 24, 2012

Bad service - I went into Five Towns Nissan. I filled out the paperwork and waited for Fanciso to come back. After he finished doing everything with the car, he then told me the odometer was reset. When I first bought the car, the car had a lot of problems. The warranty has expired so I had to spend money out of my pocket to fix on the car. That dealership is full of **! I am never going to deal with them anymore. If anyone has the CEO of that dealership, please write back. Thanks.

Five Towns Nissan Dealership response

Dear Mr. Ramjit, all of us at the NEW Five Towns Nissan (your car was purchased from the dealership prior to the new ownership and change in professional staff and practices) are saddened to hear of your disappointment. We were just as surprised as you to learn that there may be an issue with the car you are attempting to trade in for a new vehicle. Regardless, that it did not occur during our new tenure of ownership, we are working hard to try to find out what happened. We are anxious for you to experience the positive car-buying experience all of the customers of the NEW Five Towns Nissan are so pleased about. Our Sales Manager has already started to invesitigate and will be contacting you soon.

Original review: Sept. 2, 2012

Five Towns Nissan was Edmund's recommended dealer for best pricing. I was quoted pricing over the phone. I checked with their phone salesperson on the pricing on three separate calls, one right before going to the dealership. Upon arriving at the dealership, they switch you to another salesperson where they try to give you much higher pricing. I wound up having a difficult conversation with the sales manager and he would not honor the pricing quoted. This was a trick just to get you into the dealership. Avoid Five Towns Nissan!

Original review: Nov. 22, 2011

Nissan of Five Towns misrepresented themselves about what they charged me for my loan and the warranty on the car. They charged me an extra $4000 . The fee was for a after sale-- new. Let me break it down for you: $1,000 for a basic warranty that my car is covered for, $595 for destination fee, $720 for points, $565 for preparation fee and $1,500 for a security plus warranty. This is a disgrace what they are doing to people, charging excessive fees to hard working people like myself that cant afford it.

Original review: Oct. 8, 2011

I give them no stars. I decided to finance a beautiful 2008 Altima fully loaded for $18,995 and I gave a cash deposit of $2,500. The sales rep named Jason was really friendly and made me feel comfortable. But once it was time to deal with the finance manager named Lisa, that feeling left. She left me and my dad sitting at the sales rep desk and kept coming back and forth to give me paperwork, instead of inviting me into her office.

After the paperwork was completed and the loan was approved by MCU (for $18,790, 60 months at 5.35% rate). she then came back and stated that I had to go with Capitol One for 72 months at 7.85% because now, the loan amount needed is $20,695. I said, "No way, why did it go up so high?" She stated that it was because she added a $2,000 warranty.

So I called MCU to ask for an increase on the loan and they suggested to remove the warranty. But when I asked Lisa to remove it, she said no (at the time, Jed, the store manager, was present). Then again, I kept insisting that I didn't want the warranty. Lisa pushed the application over to Jed ** so he could look over it then he walked out. I refused to go with Capitol One with the higher interest rate so I collected my $2,500 and left.

When I got home and visited the site, I realized that warranties are optional. So the next morning, I called Jed and said that the website states that warranties are optional. He said that they are, so we went back and forth regarding what happened the night before. In an annoyed voice, he says, "What can I do for you?" I said, "Sell me my dream car without the warranty." He then took my number and said he will get back to me.

Two days later, he had the sales rep call, telling me that the car was sold. However, they can put me in a brand new car with a zero interest rate. I filed a complaint with Five Towns. A guy named Andrew followed up with the complaint but I ended up with no car that's why I am very disappointed.

If the dealer asks you what is the most you can pay a month, don't discuss that--only speak of the price (negotiate), the down payment or trade. Check your contract for hidden fees that you don't need. Always remember that warranties are optional.

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Five Towns Nissan Dealership response

Thank you for giving us your feedback about your experience at my dealership. Lisa is no longer employed by Five Towns Nissan as our finance manager. We have several new finance managers that conduct business with integrity and respect towards our customers. At Five Towns Nissan we adhere to Nissan's Customer Care Promise which is listed on our website We would love the opportunity to earn your business in the future. Sincerely, Your Friends at Five Towns Nissan

Original review: May 6, 2011

On April 28th I went into Five Town Nissan Dealership, with the intention to lease a car. I wanted to go over the numbers before I agreed or signed anything. I provided my credit report to Tariq, the salesperson, explaining I do not want my credit report pulled. The salesperson, Tariq, assured me my credit report would not be pulled.

I did not come to an agreement with the numbers provided; therefore, I decided to leave the dealership without purchasing anything. The next day, on April 29th, I received an alert from the credit bureau that my credit report was pulled by Five Town Nissan, without my authorization. I called and spoke with Tariq. I explained they have pulled my credit report without authorization, and they should send a letter to the credit bureaus with an explanation in order to remove the inquiry. Tariq 's reply was that, he could not do anything about it.

By this company checking my credit report without my authorization, my credit score has lowered, this inquiry will remain in my credit history for 2 years. I feel I have been lied to. I have loss confidence in other companies. I am writing to inform you that I am very dissatisfied with the type of service this company provides. I would like to make sure this company's practices are reviewed to ensure that they are in compliance with pertinent state and federal laws.

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Original review: April 7, 2011

I was asked to co-sign for the trade of a vehicle and unknown to me the dealer made out a loan for another vehicle in my name. I am now stuck with a loan for the vehicle which is not in my possession .The custodian of the vehicle is not paying the note. This is damaging my credit.

Original review: June 26, 2010

I was sold a car for $15,000, that was the value. I put down $5,000. I thought I was only financing $10,000 plus fees. After I paid and looked over the papers, it was $19,370.13. That is such a rip off. I would never ever buy a car from Five Towns Nissan. Also, I didn't have any carpets. Lisa **is a very sarcastic, and manipulative woman. I would never refer anyone to that dealership, not to mention my mother leased two cars with Five Towns Nissan dealership, which also shows they don't have any customer loyalty, and or don't believe in building long term relationships .

Original review: June 8, 2010

In January, I purchased a new 2010 Pathfinder LE from the above mentioned Nissan dealer. In February, I noticed that the paint was bubbling on the hood, roof and lower panel. I informed the dealership and they had the hood and roof repainted.

Last week, I noticed that the brake light went out. I scheduled an appointment and things have gone downhill since then. When the jeep was diagnosed by the technicians, the clock spring needed to be changed, the part was ordered, but the incorrect part was sent. I then had to wait until Friday for the part. When that part was changed then another part needed to be changed.

When the manager spoke to me on 6/7, he informed me that they were looking for a new radio to install and is uncertain how long that can take. At this point, I am in a rental that Nissan is paying for, however a Ford Echo is not comparable to the jeep that I am paying for. I am distraught and reduced to a state of hopelessness. I contacted Nissan's complaint department on Friday and I was told that I would get a follow-up call by the next business day. The representative called me on Monday at 4:30 and left a message, which I have to wait to return on Tuesday. I really need some assistance at this point. The jeep is defective and a new one needs to be issued. Please assist!

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Original review: Jan. 29, 2010

First, I was stupid and naive. Second, the car in question is no longer in my possession but I have paperwork that explains damage. I had three to four months left on a Nissan Altima 2007 lease. I, via the internet, saw that Five Towns’ offering deals. They contacted me by phone and I went in. I was promised payment for remainder of lease about $1600 upon purchase of a car by salesman as part of deal. I saw and liked a 2007 Infiniti; the sticker said AWD. Bill the salesman also saw the AWD on sticker. I purchased the car at $29,000 and financed it for $34,000 with $3,000 down payment. This was November 30, 2009. I found out after that the car was not AWD, a week after to be precise, so I went back to the dealer minus the sticker. I threw it out. I liked the car, but I did not feel I needed it.

That’s when Teddy the finance guy told me I have to wait for the title and they could only offer me a trade in. I received the title in about 3 to 4 weeks and revisited the dealership. I saw an Infiniti advertised on the net for $23,000. Teddy then told me they advertise at $23000 but the car is actually $27000. He said it was done to get the customers in. Then once they’re in then the con is on. I argued with him about false advertising but in order to rid myself of my purchase I left with a bill of sale for another car which I was taking to MCU for financing.

The reason is to get a lower percentage. Teddy’s promise was to get me the lowest rate possible, but the rate on my first statement from TD Bank was 8.5 %. My credit is better then that. I knew I was conned and was prepared to take a loss, so I went to another dealership, Bay Ridge Nissan. They appraised the car and told me the car was hit before they offered me 20 to 25,000 as a trade. I was angry and crestfallen at the same time.

I went back to Five Towns to speak to the manager Chrissy. She was not there. From home I called to speak to her. The receptionist took my call. She told me she was busy but she will give her the message and she will call back. That call never came. I then took the Infiniti to Nemet Nissan. They appraised it, then called me into the shop and showed me the damage to the car. As a result I now have negative equity.

I ended up purchasing another car, payments higher than I wanted and I am still obligated to Nissan for the lease because the remainder of that payment was not picked up by Five Towns Nissan. I know I was stupid and too trusting. I did read everything on contract, but is Five Towns not liable for something? The front side of the car was hit and replaced with parts not original to the car. Please advice as to whether I have any legal grounds or inform consumers to be more vigilant when purchasing a car from Five Towns Nissan.

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Original review: July 12, 2009

I brought my car to check the front end because it sounds like my struts are bad, but Nissan kept me for five hours and then told me nothing’s wrong with the car or they can’t find a problem. They tell me everything under my car is new. I come to find out my struts are bad and the strut mounts were bad also. It is dead wrong when you go to the Nissan dealer when you own a Nissan and they can’t help you.

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