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I bought my 2004 Infinity from Empire Nissan. I took my car there for service and any issues I had. The car made an engine noise while the car was still under MFG warranty. The dealer checked it out and said it was low on oil. They also said they topped it off and asked me to bring the car back if it made the noise again.

When the noise started again, the Nissan Dealer checked it out and stated the car was using oil. They told me they had no loaner cars and my extended warranty would cover a rental car. Since I work in Los Angeles, this was necessary.

They told me they called out a person from the extended warranty company and they would be out in a few days. The dealer stated they had to remove the engine pan for inspection and the compression test showed low compression in several cylinders. They said they think the rings must be bad. The extended warranty man came out, looked at it, and said oil consumption was not covered on my warranty. How he came to the conclusion it was oil consumption with nothing but removal of an oil pan and low compression he never tested I have no clue.

The Nissan dealer said they would replace the engine for me for just under $10,000. I nicely asked them what the next move would be since I was not going to replace an engine that has 70k miles on it and I still owe $10k on the car. The service manager said he knew the service manager at Infinity Montclair. The car was towed there. Another week and a half later, they said there was no issue with the car. Now low compression, no oil consumption, and no codes; all is good from what they can tell. I have always had synthetic oil used with every oil change. The oil has been changed regularly.

When I called Nissan to ask about a copy of the notes they took during the time the car was there, Matt, the service writer said he turned the notes over to the extended warranty company and there were no notes in the system after that. He told me to contact my warranty company for more info. When I did, they said they have no notes in the system other than a few calls from Nissan.

All I am asking for is the $980 the rental cost me. Matt is the gentleman who told me I was covered, The service manager said the rental will not be an issue. Every time I called for an update, I told them I was paying for this rental and wanted this handled. The extended warranty company will not cover the rental, since there was nothing wrong with my car. Nissan said the engine needed to be replaced.

Please contact me if you need further information. I purchased the extended warranty, and the car was still under MFG warranty.

They told me I would not need a down Payment with a cosigner. The first time we signed papers they came to my house and met my mom at my housr to sign the contract, they sold me a $2500 warranty when the car had factory warranty. The GAP was supposed to be 300 not 7oo. the car they sold me was a demo for a very high price and I know i should have paid more attention with the contract but trusted they did what they said until an attorney that I know looked over the original contract. we never got copies of the second contract since they could not get my mom financed with a 700 score,

the collections person told my mom she had to return the car or she would find herself in court, my mom is in bad health and ended up in the hospital for high blood pressure, they never called me to discuss anything. just my mom. she was the co signer, not only did they call my mother but told various family members my business they did not need to know about, now the finance manager is calling and harrassing us at work and wont stop. we are without a car because my mother does not want anything to do with cosigning again. They told my mom I wrote bad checks in her name and my mother will not speak to me, my account has closed due to this


After several trips to Empire Nissan for an engine knock in my 2005 350Z (57,000 miles). Empire Nissan Techs have failed to correctly diagnose the problem. They have replaced my transmission as a fix. The noise was audible and vious enough for the transmission replacement, but proved a wrong fix. Recently, Empire Nissan Techs replaced the crank pulley as a fix, even after a Nissan Motors Specialist visited the dealer to examine my car and found nothing wrong.

Once again, this fix has not made the original knocking noise go away. After all my visits and wrong repairs, I was advised by the head tech at Empire that my engine noise is normal because all 350Z engines are noisy. The service manager, Roy S previously stated that they (Empire Nissan)would correct whatever the problem was, even if it meant replacing the engine. After advising Mr S that my engine is still knocking, I was simply ignored.




Can I get a car now, not damaged?!!!!I was proud to be a Nissan owner but due to the defect on my rims on my 06' 350Z car, my car scraped on the freeway @ about 65 mph! It's not the same perfect car anymore, plus it's against my religion to buy a damaged car!

The service and drag of time to pay off the car and get back responses are horrible!!! To buy the car, everyone was always smiling, friendly...but after, no one wants to deal with u! That's how I feel. My 1st time experience with my dealer seemed great but after reviewing my contract a week later, I was tricked! I now have a file opened through consumer affairs #5841221, asking for what's fair and right, the same car I purchased 1st time at a dealer, not a damaged car caused by Nissan's defected chromed rims, not my fault. To top it off, I didn't even agree to pay for rims when I bought the car due to my tight budget, but Issa at Empire said it's included. I said that I can't pay for any extras and want just the car for a good price. To find out later, my contract said I paid $1895 "factory chrome"...I was dissapointed, felt cheated and lied to!

Now, regional specialist Bimal isn't even returning my calls or messages. I spoke to 5 reps and so far only Jen Marik calls me back, thanks...at least she makes me feel like Nissan cares. Bimal contacts dealer (who hussles customers and tricks them) but doesn't make effort or time to contact me, whom has been driving a rental car for 2 weeks and 2 days now, this fustrates me and stresses me, making me impatient and having lack of sleep! I hope that there is someone out there reading this and praying for me.

At my request, please forward this to all regional specialists and have someone who cares for customer happiness and fairness handle my file promply. I know accidents can happen but thank goodness no one was hurt during this accident besides my mental stress! Maybe there should be a "recall" on these chrome rims so no one experiences what I did!!!! Please help!

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I bought a 2000 Nissan Frontier way back in June of 2000. The first 60,000 were great and like clockwork, everything started following apart (after warranty of course). At 63,000 it needed a new clutch. At 95,000 it needed a new transmission. At 101,000 I had to get an exhaust manifold replaced. At 117,000, I replaced a transmission bearing. Between 95,000 and 125,000 I have replaced every component of the airconditioning system.

Now, I also own a 1989 Izusu Trooper. In the above mileage listed for the Nissan, I replaced nothing but standard items maintenence. The Trooper now has 235,000 on it and I'm the original owner!

I buy cars for keeps, take care of them and drive them a long time. I dont drive crazy. I would never reccommend this truck to anyone for any reason unless I had an axe to grind with them. The only reason I keep this truck is because its paid off.

Shame on you, Nissan and thanks for letting me vent!


I purchased a new 2005 Nissan Altima from Empire Nissan on 6/13/2005. On 8/19/2005 we had the car serviced for various repairs that comes with purchasing a new car sometimes. One of the major repairs was a loud rattling noise that appears to be coming from the vent area on the passenger side. The noise appears to be coming from the blower. When the blower is turn higher the noise gets louder, even pressing the accelerator makes it worse. I have taken my car back to the dealer 6 times for the same problem.

In September it was there 2 times, October 2 times and once in November. Each time upon receiving my car the noise is still there. I request to talk to the service manager which is Mr. Don Harshfiel. He expresses to me all positive things that he would do to correct the problem. He requests to have a rental car for me while a Nissan expert checks my car out throughly. Upon receiving my car the noise was still there. Basically I was told, "There is nothing else we can do. Try not turning your blower up high and basically this is something that you are just going to have to live with."

I was furious and asked to talk to the manager over Empire Nissan which is James V. Rocco, General Manager EM. Mr Rocco had a talk with me and the service manager and suggested a rental car be delivered to my house and they would takle my car back to the dealer to be repaired. Mr. Rocco says, "If we can't repair it we will give you another car." On 11/7/2005 my car was checked out by Nissan and I was told, "There is nothing else that can be done and they will not be servicing this car for the same problem again. As a consumer I have rights under the laws of California.

I purchased a new car for $23,530.95 and it has been with the dealer 6 times for the same problem. I feel as if I am getting the run around with my car. Mr Rocco was very professional but he did not keep his word. Why should I have to be dissatisfied and inconvienced with a new car? I feel this matter should be taken care of immediately. I have exercised complete patience with this dealer. Bottom-line my car needs to be repaired or if it can't be repaired, then give me another car.


I purchased a used 96 Nissan Quest mini-van about nine months ago. It seemed to work fine until approximately 6 weeks ago. It was taken to the Nissan dealer for repairs and is been there since. The problems haven't been fixed because they apparently dont know the cause of the problems. The parts that were reported to be non-working were replaced (700.00) and yet they want to replace even more parts. I'm confused and unsure if should have to pay for all this parts? As of now I want to know if I'm able to take this truck back to the dealer, and get my money back for my payments or if the can trade for another truck, or basically anything that will end this problem.


We went to Empire Nissan in the Ontario Auto Center on Sunday Sept 3, 2000 to look at the 1 at this price item. We were floored when they actually had the item. While working on the deal We were informed that we could have the car at the agreeded upon payment of 549.99 a month, 60 months, no money down but we had a slight problem.We were being told that we were upside down on our car. We owe 13,080 for pay off and blue book is 13,800 to mid 17,000. I inquired how I could be upsided down and asked for the report.

I noticed that the salesperson had doubled my mileage. I ask him to correct this error. He corrected the mileage and presented me the report again.I was still upside down. This time the salesperson switched my car from a 4X4 to a 4X2 thinking I would not notice. After having them correct this error I was informed that Nissans practice is to offer 3000.00 less than low blue book.I am having a hard time with this.I'm sure you get these all the time. I feel violated and I really worry about the next Person going into the show room. Needless to say I believe I was we had a verbal agreement at 549.99 and that my car was not upside down at all.