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This car dealership has been the worst experience that I have ever had. They did not follow up like they said they would and after speaking to them and negotiating a price on a car they then changed their mind??? Really. Then I tried calling the GM Brady for several days and he never returned my phone call. Then the salesperson Tom continually failed to return my call on a consistent basis. What a nightmare. Don't ever trust them EVER!!! They should be run out of business.

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I purchased a 2013 Nissan Sentra last year. I recently realized that there is no manual in the vehicle. I called to request one and was told that they don't sell that year any more and they do not have a manual. I was told that I can download it online or they can order one and I would have to pay $30 for it. I said that this is bad customer service. I have bought cars before and I have never had to pay separately for the manual. My number was taken and I was told that the person who sold me the car would call me back that day. It has been three days and I still have not received a call. Bad customer service!

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I bought a used 2011 car back in may 2014... 8 months ago! When I bought my car I had to take it back a week or so later because the oil was never changed! I bought the car with around 50000 miles on it and every time I have change the oil it's always been SUPER dirty BLACK when I've been changing it with synthetic oil! The last time I had my oil changed I wasn't even due for an oil change but my check engine light had come on! I took it to two different reliable auto shops that work and know a lot about the type of car I bought! The oil ended up being changed twice to make the light go off! Last week I was 1000 miles away from an oil change and the light has come back on. I got the oil change again and the oil is BLACK again!!!

I have my mechanic clean the throttle body because it's COVERED in carbon and my oil looks like it's been ran for over 30000 miles when I only went 6000!!! I called EAST CHARLOTTE NISSAN and they tell me to bring it in so they can look at it! They pressured me into flushing the motor "which I've always been told is bad and not to do so", So I refuse so they say they are going to "check it out" and will call me! I had to call them SEVERAL times, with no response from anyone. I finally kept calling and spoke Spencer (service manager) and basically has told me there is nothing they will do.

I am woman, and have never felt so taken advantage of by a company before. I have since found out that there was NO SERVICE record on the truck. There could not have been any oil changes, done on this truck. I was told there was a very good maintenance history on this truck. I am now left with a truck that was abused and never taken care of and I don't know what to do because if I trade it in I will be doing the same thing Nissan did to me, sell a car knowing it was poorly maintained before I purchased!!! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS DEALERSHIP TO ANYONE BECAUSE OF THEIR UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES.


On or about 6/14/2010, my daughter and I went to east Charlotte Nissan and she purchased a new Nissan Cube with me as a co-signer. The payment she agreed to was about $358.00. A few days later, she got a call to come back in and sign another contract, which she did. For this one the payment went to about $414.00. Still in her budget (because she loved the car).A few days later she got a call to fax more documents. A week later she got a call to fax some different documents .The next week received another call to refax the first set of documents. Another week passes and a call for more documents. Still, she has no financing.

On 8/15/2010, we went to the dealer to return the car, but John ** told her she was financed with a company called Santander and proceeded to have me sign a contract telling us they already had her signed contract and just needed my signature and that my daughter was still the primary buyer. On or about 8/16/2010, we went back to talk to John ** and he gave us a song and dance and then told my daughter her payment was going to be $424.00. When she balked at that and tried to return the car and he told us it was a done deal, take it and leave. When we asked to speak to his higher up, he sent in our original salesman and he told us basically the same story: take it and leave. On about 8/20/2010, I talked to a rep from Santander and was told I wasn't financed through them.

We went back to the dealer on 8/23/2010, asking our salesman for an account number for the loan with Santander. He said they wouldn't get the loan number for about 10 days. When I tried to turn over the keys to him to take the car back; he sent in the assistant general sales manager, who proceeded to show us a paper that he said had the account number on it but wouldn't let it out of his hands. I proceeded to call Santander and just so happened I got the rep I had talked to earlier. I explained to her what was going on and she agreed to talk to Chris ** the general sales mngr. After he made her wait 30 minutes, I went into his cubicle and handed my phone to him.

He proceeded to read off the loan number off the paper we couldn't touch and she told him that number was for an expired loan application. He proceeded to get belligerent with her and said that he proceeded to get belligerent with her and said that he would spend his $299.00 and get the loan approved and have the car reposed. At that point, I walked out of his cubicle because he wouldn't take the keys. I went to the salesman's cubicle and put the keys on his desk and my daughter and I walked out. If this doesn't sound like strong arm tactics I don't know what does. I am also sending a copy of this complaint to the Nissan regional office and the Nissan cooperate office. This dealership should be held accountable for these actions. In particular the finance manager and the general sales manager and the owner of the dealership.

Due to three months of running my daughters and my credit trying to get financed, we are unable to buy a car. There have been almost 15 inquiries.


I took my car to East Charlotte Nissan because it continued to cut off. I was told it was the cam sensor and that it would be $119. I also purchased the 60k mile maintenance to change out all of my belts. At that point, I told Stan I want to know everything that needs to be fixed on my car. He said "okay, total cost is $843!". He called me and told me I needed a belt (which would be included in the maintenance package), driver window, rear brakes and there was pulsation due to brake wear. I agreed. When I picked my car up, I heard noise in the front end of my car so I called them back. They said bring it in. I took it back and was told the cold weather can do that, that's why you hear it sometimes and then you don't.

But I was then given papers saying I need front end suspension work (a motor mount and upper strut mounts). I went back to work feeling confused because why did they not say this last week? 3 weeks went by and at this point, my car sounds like a 16 wheeler. I called them back and again, I was told to bring it in. I did. I drove with a mechanic and he said he heard it as well. We went back to the shop and I left my car there. Stan called me and told me I need an alternator and some belt! What? I then talked to Mike the manager. I asked him "how do I come out of this with more problems than I had bringing it in?".

The maintenance package clearly states all of these things were going to be inspected but that couldn't have been done. At this point, he says "we do visual inspections". I couldn't and still can't believe this! I paid all of this money for them to look at my car. Furthermore, I (the customer with no mechanical background) have to tell them (the mechanics) what to look for! That is what Mike the manager told me.

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I purchased this brand new 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. At 51,000 miles, my fuel level sensor went out, and was replaced. At 82,000 miles, it went out again, and was replaced by Nisstech at a cost of $425. A week later my IPDM sending unit went out, making me stranded, and cost over $400. Five miles later, the service engine light comes on, and a diagnostic test reveals that both catalytic converters need to be replaced at a cost of $2,000. I cannot get an inspection, because the service engine light is still on. I have had front brakes replaced with squealing results.

I took it back to the dealer, they grind the rotors down, which is something you should never do, and after a few months, had the same problem. I have had a metal body noise since the first 3,000 miles of purchasing this vehicle brand new. I have wasted countless hours of my time, going to the dealer to have this problem resolved, to no avail. Five years later, I hear the same noise, not to mention how the gas mileage changed from 350 miles a tank, to 250 miles a tank, after less than one year. I will never purchase anything Nissan makes.

I have owned lots of cars in my lifetime, and have never encountered these kinds of problems. I have spoken to lots of Nissan vehicle owners, concerning their experience with Nissan dealers, as well as their satisfaction with the purchase of their Nissan, and the results have been the same, regret. Because of the poor quality, the vehicle broke down, and kept me waiting for someone to come and get me in the middle of the night. I spent over $30,000 dollars for a vehicle that continually cost thousands of dollars, and is still broken. How do we, as consumers, cut our losses, and how can we be made whole?


The gas gauge and gas range indicator on my 2009 Maxima were not appropriately reporting the gas remaining in the tank. Late 2009, I took it into the dealership for service and they resolved the issue, via part replacement. In February 2010, the issue occurred again and they resolved via part replacement, again.

As I was driving my car the next morning, it suddenly stopped. It had no steering, and the car wouldn't crank. On the asphalt, beneath the drivers seat, there was a large wet spot. Each time I attempted to crank the car, the gas poured out of the gas line, just beneath the driver seat. The car would not crank.

I returned to the dealer, via AAA, and after listening to a condescending Service Manager, they finally agreed the gas line probably was not connected.

Per the Service Manager, the clamp connecting the gas line had come off. There was no method of testing that, East Charlotte Nissan could have completed to circumvent this from occurring. This was just one of those things. They assured me that they had tightened the clamp this time and I should not lose my trust in their work. Well, two weeks later, I still have the issue with my gas gauge not accurately reporting gas remaining in my tank. I know this because I have realized no more than 310 miles on a tank, when everything worked correctly. However, I have driven 230 miles and the gas gauge is on 1/2 tank and the range indicator reflects more than 200 miles.

I inquired upon a Nissan at the East Charlotte lot about 3 months ago. I ended up purchasing a car from another dealership. I continue to receive solicitation emails and calls which are breaking into my daily routine.

The first 3weeks I called and emailed this dealership and nothing was done. I filed a complaint with Nissan consumer center. Nothing was done! I just received another email yesterday through Wachovia. It is getting ridiculous and I need this to stop. May I get assistance?

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